If you are on welfare, you should be forced to take any job available, ASAP.

If you are on welfare, you should be forced to take any job available, ASAP.
In my opinion when one is relying on welfare, there is really no room for choice. Most of these people tend to be unskilled, and so to a certain extent they can get a job in any sector because there is the need for handymen, cleaners, delivery persons and sales person in so many areas and fields. Even though the pay may not be that high, at least these people can be employed, and can sustain themselves. The tendency is for such people to be a bit picky, because at the end of the day being on welfare is quite enjoyable, so to speak. In many countries the difference between a low income job, and the income one gets from being on welfare, is quite low, and as a result such people feel that it is better to remain idle, then going to work for a rather small difference in income. And this is where the root of the problem lies. These people need to be encouraged to get a job, regardless of the salary attributed to it. And to reduce this idleness, I think that the minimum wage ought to be increased a bit so as to motivate these people a bit further. People who are noted to be unwilling to get a job because of this tendency should be alerted that they may have their welfare benefits limited if they do not cooperate by accepting a job that is offered to them.



Yes, definitely

Yes I agree with this. After all, regardless of the type of job it is, it will still offer duties and responsibilities, which are important for a person as they enable him or her to be active, rather than be idle. Even if the salary is not high, it will still be something. As long as one can work, that is, healthy enough to do it, there is no need for them to choose the kind of job. Those who do not want to cooperate and accept the job that they are given should not be allowed to rely on welfare benefits at the taxpayers' expense.
Posted by sspi on 01-06-2017


I feel that if you are on welfare, and a job comes up that you are qualified for or can do, then you should be required to take it. There are many that say I am not cleaning toilets or flipping burgers. Then they sit back and "wait" for the right job to come along. In my opinion, this is wrong. If there is a job out there, take it and then continue to look for something better. Sure, there are very few out there that want to clean or make minimum wage, but at least you are in the work force and trying to better yourself instead of sitting at home collecting a check when you could have a job.
Posted by angie828 on 01-04-2017


If you are on welfare, you should take any job that is available. As the saying goes beggars do not have choices, you are not in a position to refuge the job offer if you are already on welfare. It does not matter whether the job is not related to your skill and experience, of the job is lo paying job, you will have to take it. You will at least have your own income stream.
Posted by vinaya on 03-16-2018




Encouragement is Paramount but the usage of the word force is detrimental, people shouldn't be bullied around because of their current status or condition. Things can change so fast that the hunter now becomes the hunted, as the say what goes around comes around. Let me site a vivid example, imagine the only job available leads to one being dishonest or dubious, like gang star deals? It a job too, job is something you do and are paid for, so what matters is the payment. I'm shoring up the idea that one should be advised to take on a job that if decent and will help the living standard.
Posted by Trisha on 01-20-2017


Most rich countries have a welfare system in place, in which if a citizen has no job the government would provide him one or in some countries the government would support you by giving you welfare checks. If your a citizen of a country that has a welfare system like this, then your very lucky, and as such should not be picky in getting any kind of job. You got it easy, and you should be thankful that your a citizen of that country.

In our country we only have retirement and healthcare benefits which still needs to be upgraded. Our government can't afford to give out welfare money nor jobs to the unemployed.

Posted by Kakashi2020 on 02-05-2018


The standard of living is important , have a very hard time in once daily work can obscure the level of thinking of the individual , before you know it things must have gone from bad to worst, so their are many challenges we face , but we can overcome them with the right support.
Posted by Trisha on 01-20-2017
Getting a job is more difficult than you imagine. For instance, there seems to be a need for dishwashers. Nonetheless, though, there is even competition for such low-level jobs. In other words, just cause there seems to be work out there - doesn't mean that everyone will get it. Anyhow, though, I sort of see what the writer is saying and I might agree to an extent. For instance, I was at a McDonald's the other day and there literally wasn't enough staff to take people's orders. However, I know so many people just laying around on disability money.
Posted by jyy on 05-19-2017
Yes I think anyone in his or her right thinking mind shouldn't keep depending on welfare alone because times would come when such welfare money wouldn't do you any good, so therefore it's wise to take up any job opportunities that comes your way and use the income made from such job to add with the welfare cash and support ones family and make both ends meet.
Posted by Heatman on 09-29-2017
Nobody should be forced to work where they do not want to, it can even lead to depression.I know humans are very cunny but then people's happiness should be a priority.Don't force anything on anyone if they deem it fit to work, they'll work.
Posted by lovely on 12-16-2017
I don’t believe in doleouts because that is tolerating the indolent people. I had seen that in my elder brothers at home who didn’t like to work and were dependent on my father for their survival. Likewise, people on welfare would be better to be given work. I had read an article during the recession in the 1930 that the US president had allocated a budget for people to dig holes in the morning. In the afternoon, another set of workers will cover the hole with soil that came from it. In other words, it is like inventing work just to give a job to the jobless instead of a doleout. That’s a nice idea to me. By the way, is it Eisenhower the president at that time?
Posted by Corzhens on 01-21-2018