Incredible Statistics of C. Ronaldo and L. Messi

Incredible Statistics of C. Ronaldo and L. Messi
It turned out that the Real Madrid and Barcelona star C. Ronaldo and L. Messi respectively are currently tied on the number of goals and assist that they have managed in their careers to an incredible stat of 812.

C. Ronaldo has scored 612 goals since making his professional debut, along with 200 assist to take him to that 812 figure, while L. Messi has scored 33 goals less compared to C. Ronaldo record with 579 goals with more assist of 233.

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With L. Messi failing to get on the scoreline against Peru as they played out 0-0, C. Ronaldo have just edged over him with 1 goal after scoring coming from the bench against Andorra, which now takes his overall figure to 813.


Personally, I love them both. I don't care about all those Ronaldo vs Messi arguments to be honest with you because I think we should appreciate both these players because they are different but both are great. It's crazy the amount of goals they have scored especially in some big competitions. We will never see two players like Ronaldo and Messi in the future, to be honest with you.
Posted by kingcool52 on 10-09-2017
This is exactly what I am scared of, both C. Ronaldo and L. Messi can never be replaced by any other footballer in the future.

Yes, I can agree that there are still good players out their like, Neymar, Hazard, K. Mbbape etc, but no of them is going to bring what C. Ronaldo and L. Messi brought to the footballing community.
Posted by Heatman on 10-09-2017
Ronaldo and Messi are the greatest players the world has ever seen. However, both of these players have never helped their country lift World Cup. These players seem to be performing goo during the club matches whereas perform poorly when their countries are playing against other countries. I like Messi more than Ronaldo. I hope messi helps Argentina to secure a seat in world cup finals.
Posted by vinaya on 10-09-2017
You have a good point there, they are not as successful in their national team as they are with their club side. But I would really like to point out to you that C. Ronaldo is far more successful with his national team than how L. Messi is in his own national team.

Recently, C. Ronaldo and Portugal won the just concluded Euro competition. Even though C. Ronaldo was injured in the first half of the match, it still never stopped him from assisting the coach. They eventually went on to beat France and won the tournament.
Posted by Heatman on 10-09-2017
They are the best players of football ever, the matches now are more interesting and have more attraction for the football lovers. Personally, I like more Lionel Messi, he seems more concentrated on the game and more stable. I like to watch them playing because they create a unique game and atmosphere on the field!
Posted by wallet on 10-10-2017
The truth of the matter is that you would say that you love L. Messi more over C. Ronaldo but in truth, you love both of them just about the same way.

The reason for this is that both of them never plays the same kind of football pattern and I believe it's the key to the continuity of their rivalry, as none of them is trying to copy each other and this makes each of their games unique.
Posted by Heatman on 10-13-2017
It's amazing what these two lads are doing in the world of football. In as much as I'm lucky to have witnessed the careers of both guys, I think that Ronaldo is the best for me and I wish he continues scoring as well as assisting his teammates in the long-run. I am happy to have learnt of this statistics that they both hold now.
Posted by Barida on 10-13-2017
Those two guys have broken all the records that is still left to be broken and in the course of that, set up records that may take ages to ever be broken again.

As much as I would love to choose C. Ronaldo over L. Messi, the beauty of football the latter offer is still going to make me take on them 50/50. 813 vs 812 career goals with assist is absolutely unbelievable.
Posted by Heatman on 10-13-2017
Messi and C. Ronaldo are the two greatest players of this present time, they are always scoring or making an assist for both club and country and they always try a to out do each other. It is an healthy rivalry between the two greatest players of this modern era.
Posted by babyright on 10-14-2017
Although, there are several good players out in the world, there is no doubt arguing who is better again between these two players because they have offered what I doubt no other players could offer today. We all should just be happy we have both of them in our time today and to also be looking forward to what they are going to offer in upcoming world Cup in Russia 2018.
Posted by Heatman on 10-17-2017
Lionel Messi the GOAT, please you guys should put some respect on that name, don't compare him or put him on thesame sentence with anybody please. It is one thing to be a great goal scorer and it is another thing to be a great football player, and then there is a whole new level of being both. "And it is not world class, it is Messi class" -Ray Hudson. And mind you that Messi is 2 years younger than Ronaldo and has played less games than him.
Posted by Authord on 10-22-2017
This two guy are both famous in their career of having their big number of their stats. Sounds great because watching those kind of player who are very good at their sport are really fun to watch. And I will wait and I am excited to watch their remaining games.
Posted by mar06 on 01-09-2018
Nice to know this great statistics about these two great players I love then both and I look forward to see them play and it always great to see them get their fans excited.incredible to know they have scored same numbers of goals in their lives which is no mean feat.
Posted by lovely on 02-28-2018
When it comes to sports, there are the great players that we cannot deny their talent and skills. Like the players that are featured in this discussion. Ronaldo and Messi are obviously certified cream of the crop players that they can command a high price in the market. That’s the name of the game in the professional league. When a player makes a good performance, his value increases and his home team will be on edge to parlay the offers from other clubs.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-16-2018