Inherited racism is not real.

Inherited racism is not real.
First of all, what is exactly inherent racism?

Well, apparently inherent racism means you discriminate people that look or act differently just because they don't reflect the way your group acts and looks. I think the term "racist" is misplaced. Humans are highly tribalists creatures, they tend to form small groups that become the norm in terms of everything they stand for, from the way the act and look to the way they think and speak. This small groups or families tend to bound with groups or families that have similar interests, culture and looks and so one and so on and so forth until whole nations are born and built. They may not agree with everything about each other, but they still have some points in common and will choose those points any day over things they don't fully understand or know. Over people that are total aliens in terms of everything they value. So, does this mean they are racists?

The answer is no. I believe inherited racism does not exist and no matter how "mixed" our cultures becomes we will never be fully homogenized, because people have a deep desire to belong to a group and once you have people forming groups, you will have people forming culture, valuing certain traits and they will act in very specific ways, part of the group.

Humankind will always evolve but we are still too "young" to escape some of our deepest desires, the desire to belong, the desire to feel safe and loved. We should embrace this instinct because I believe this is the very thing that helped us evolve and get to such a point where we are capable of leaving our home planet and explore space.

What do you think? Does inherited racism exist?




There's been many studies concluding that racist is taught, and you are not born with racism. This can be seen by children who are not introduced to other skin tones. For instance, you could keep a child away from a black, mexican, italian, asian, etc and that child will not be racist.

In fact, the opposite is actually true. That child will be more engaging because it's a human that looks completely different from them. They will be more inclined to socialize, and make friends that are of a different skin tone than them. Very interesting when people seem to think that some are 'born' racist, when in fact it's usually the parents of the child that are the racists, and the children would learn this attribute.

Posted by Everett on 12-20-2016


If racism was inherited by a gene, you'd see babies and children hating each other based on their race. This just doesn't occur naturally and negates the entire theory. To think there is a single gene that pre-determines if we will dislike a different colored person is ridiculous. Society and your own personal experiences in the world dictate your level of racism (or lack of).
Posted by FindingJay on 12-20-2016


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I believe people can "live and let live" more than what some cultural conservatives might claim. For instance, I have attended college for some time and I noted that campuses are generally easygoing places, despite having vastly different groups of them. Of course, note, I said campuses have vastly different groups; they are not a melted community of one, even though a lot of people might enjoy some things from other cultures. For instance, a lot of white people in the US like Motown or Bob Marley, despite not being black or generally having adopted black culture.
Posted by jyy on 06-04-2017
Racism, like all social constructs, is inherited from the past.we didn't come up with the labels white and black those were given to us from the racists of the past. We stand on the shoulders of their racism with our own and often we try an further develop the racial rather than diminish it for what it is. A triviality.
Posted by Widad00 on 07-04-2017
I think people will inherit racism. A man who hates someone just because he/she is gay/lesbian may have a great influence on his children. His kids may also dislike a person who is gay or lesbian. Parents have a great infleunce on their children. Sometimes this influence remains for life time.
Posted by vinaya on 08-18-2017
Inherited racism is not real and it's completely wrong way to go about things to. It's not a must that people would always agree with you and your groups norms and behavior, it's never meant to be so and if you force it, then I would regard it as a slavery act. Personally, people should respect one another's decisions and not not discriminate him or her for not agreeing with your own opinion.
Posted by Heatman on 09-29-2017
It appears to me that this is not an issue of racism but more of indifference and discrimination. When you don’t belong to a group then you are an outcast simply because you act and talk differently. Take for instance a guy from the boondocks who enter a university in the city. For sure he acts differently and if he becomes an outcast, that is discrimination, right? Oh well, I may not be politically correct but my point is just the terminology.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-21-2018