Is Payza safe? A Payza review.

Is Payza safe? A Payza review.
Payza is an online platform used to send money. But is Payza safe? Do you or would you feel comfortable using it? If one has an email address, they can use this platform. Funds are held in an account until the account holder is ready to use or withdraw them. It is very similar to paypal and can be used for online shopping, payroll services, global remittances, and corporate disbursements. Montreal, Canada is where the headquarters is located, with additional locations in the United States, Sweden, India, England, and Bangladesh. There is a choice between having a personal account or a business account. A personal account allows an individual to send money to over 190 countries. One may even buy or sell bitcoin with their Payza account. One option is to upload funds to a Payza Prepaid card to use wherever credit cards are accepted. With the business card, all of these features are included, as well as the option to send out email invoices and receive online payments.

Payza states that many hours per day are spent focusing on fraud assessments. They verify both personal and business accounts with employees manually checking as well as using software. The company has in place many advanced fraud protection tools. Strict safety rules are used to keep anyone with a Payza account safe.

Payza does not share any information with any third parties. A secure socket layer is used so no information can be retrieved by anyone when transactions are being made.

To keep Payza safe, an individual has a password and transaction PIN. Neither of these should ever be given out to anyone except the account holder. If the account is compromised, Payza recommends immediately changing both of these and contacting their account security team. Payza has a live support chat or one can send in a ticket about any issues they face. Typically a support ticket is answered in a business day or two at the most. Payza encourages account holders to contact them on facebook or twitter with general questions.

One also has the chance to verify their payza account. Verifying an account is an added security measure. This helps cut down on money laundering and anti-terrorist funding legislation. An account must be verified if funds are withdrawn via a bank wire transfer. All business account holders are required to have verified accounts. If you need to update the country of your account, or reset the password, your account may also need to be verified.

If one has a product or service to dispute, the Payza resolution center can be of assistance. A dispute can be opened after you have tried to contact the seller to work out the issue. A dispute can be used up to 45 days after the service is performed.

I feel that Payza would be safe to use. I like that one can verify their account in order to add more security. It seems to me that Payza is very serious about keeping accounts safe. I would consider using this payment gateway. Based on the above review, would you feel safe having funds in an account to use as a way to make payments online or withdraw funds to your bank account?


Payza is very safe as long as you give your account details to accredited cites, keep your password secretive. Often people complain of security on payza when they let a third party have access to their password. On the part of the company , all reasonable steps has been taken to ensure peoples money is safe.
Posted by Jeshurun on 01-17-2017
Sure Payza is very safe
Posted by minutesuae on 02-26-2017
BIG SCAM ! and there CEO is an asshole
Posted by Anonymous on 03-13-2017
I never had a problem with payza . I use it on a daily basis for my businesses and never gone wrong buy it I use paypal as well but mainly payza I use.
Posted by reviews4you on 03-22-2017
Hello Have a wonderful day.

Now a day payza is a safe payment service. Previously it was alertpay. I have been used alertpay for long time. Alertpay and payza is same. Payza have banking service with Bangladesh direct. Every Bangladeshi citizen can take payment from local bank. Payza have worldwide swift transaction method. I mean withdraw to bank method. This service is good and there head office is montreal Canada and you can verify your payza account as an individual also. Every body say before starting payza to get verify first yourself. Once I got hacked payza account and I have described full details to payza customer care and payza had taken all information from me and returned me my account with the standong dollars.

Thanks Centurion
Posted by centjoseph01 on 04-06-2017
Sure once you finally get your business account operational with them it is safe however I can just tell you my personal experience it has been and I'm not just waiting game thus far for 6 months.

All of my identifying information for myself and my business as well as product itself had also been successfully verified and approved within days the only thing that it was holding on was a manual sight review which the site said would take place within five to seven business days... that's laughable... a month after being told five to seven business days still no manual site review ( literally a process that takes 5 minutes max of somebody simply verifying that the privacy policy and POS are there the product on the application matches the product being offered and that there is nothing violating their acceptable use policy or the law on the site) I was simply told that everything is good to go except for the Sig review and they are simply behind on that due to a higher-than-expected demand at that point I was annoyed but accepted that I chose to wait. Two months patiently waiting had come and gone without a review so I contacted customer support again only to be given the same lame excuse when I explain that I had heard that the month before I think we got ruined told me I'm just going to have to wait even if it takes a year. After 4 months of waiting for that review, I got an email from someone who clearly if they had in fact actually visited my website at all was not paying attention. He said that he was having difficulty locating contact info on the website (toll free cyst svc number is in the header and footer every page of the site as well as on, of course, the contact page which is prominently located as the second link in my navigation bar at the top of each page, as well as being listed in the TOs and the order page both presale and post sale) and they were asking for a complete list of all products and services that I plan to sell through them....(I ONLY SELL ONE PRODUCT FOR GODS SAKE AND ITS PAINFULLY OBVIOUS FROM ANY PART OF THE APPLICATION, MY WEBSITE ITSELF AND LACK OF MENTION OF ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE ONE PRODUCT- NOT TO MENTION THE TRADE NAME ITSELF "The Subscription Script" for gods sake!) and that I would be placed back in line to be reviewed again when they hear back from me? WTF?!? nonsense!!! I replied back with screenshots of some of the obvious places the contact info can be found with arrows pointing to the phone number and other contact info (8 screenshots, could have done 3x that many, including one of the home page - ABOVE the fold - first thing you see) and product list one product long , accompanied by the statement that, as had been clearly indicated in my application and is clear throughout my site, that is the only product/servicebeing sold there and the only one I intend to use Payza to process transactions for - reiterated six different times or so in every possible way in order to eradicate any possibility of a response that would include a question that was just very clearly answered , so that even in the event that they were intentionally looking for a way to appear to misunderstand any part of that statement in order to for any reason postpone or stall, there would be no way to do so at all without appearing as though the email had not even been read before reply to Well that was the February... it's now the end of April still no word back from them as far as a II review getting the same lame excuse that they are dealing with a high volume of applications two months after someone pretended to review my site by emailing bogus questions after I had waited for 4 months and those four months after everything else has already been verified all the important legal in business and identification verified for four month already now 6 I doubt I'll hear anything for them for June July or August meanwhile I signed up for they actually offer a lot more I got approved and set up the same day and has been processing great with them Payza is a waste of time for merchant's... meanwhile I can always process for people with payza accounts - but that's totally not An alternative as I can almost guarantee you and you no customer that will be brand new to you wanting to purchase your product will already have ready funded and excited to use a payza account that is already verified and in order for them to pay you his payza before that manual site review takes place which would finally enable you accept payment via MasterCard they need to have an active and verified payza account and the process for the customer to sign up for that and get it transactional ready-to-use is a several day long too few week process 100 times more stringent than PayPal and no part of your transaction can be even started until after they have completely verified to their satisfaction at their snail's pace all of the customers personal identity residence Financial institution information and have verified both checking account and credit card not even one or the other but both and that they are valid and in good standing, then if by some miracle the customer actually went through all those hoops if they can remember how to find your product to begin with then they can purchase from you but don't expect please let you be very helpful about even reminding them or where they will refer to payza from or to have the initial transaction ready to Simply complete ready for them they got to find your all over again just go with
Posted by Aceofallmedia on 04-26-2017
I have been using payza since couple of years and I never have had any problems with this payment service. The only payment processor that works similar to paypal with dispute feature is Payza. Good thing about payza is it is available in the countries where paypal is not available. payza also has additional features which paypal does not have. You can withdraw payza funds as bitcoin. You can also fund your account through bitcoin payment.
Posted by vinaya on 07-15-2017
I have found out that Payza has the local rates which are far more expensive than Paypal. Also the amount of fees for the bank transfer can be expensive. You have to find out if what you do with the payza is good enough on that ground. I think payza is also not much worthy for the regular and serious use of the money transfer. I am thinking about the way payza seems to be working on that part.
Posted by overcast on 07-22-2017
One of the major drawbacks of payza is high transaction fees. Withdrawal charges are even more higher. Another drawback of payza is that it is not widely available. If you want to use payza for online payment, it is difficult to find a merchant that accepts payza. I use payza just because I can withdraw from my local bank and paypal withdrawal is not available here.
Posted by vinaya on 01-29-2018
I've never tried any other online platform to send/receive money aside PayPal. PayPal is definitely the most reliable online platform that you can use for buying and selling things or receiving your payment. It's much faster and much secure to do your transaction at PayPal. I've been using PayPal ever since I started my online jobs. I have no intention anymore to use any other online platform to send or receive money other than PayPal.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-03-2017
I am with Paypal and I’ve heard of Payza. In fact, I was thinking of creating an account there as a backup for my Paypal account but my husband cautioned me because his reason if that one account will be enough. Okay, I relented. As of the latest, Payza has closed down, it’s website in the US cannot be accessed anymore. However, I have read in one forum that Payza is back in operation with their website in Europe.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-17-2018