Is climate change a hoax?

Is climate change a hoax?
Is the hype on climate change a mere hype that can be considered a hoax? I have friends in the political field and they tell me that there is no climate change and that the US and other European countries are only using that issue for their economic leverage. Pollution is directly connected to climate change and they have that thing called carbon allowances (too difficult to explain this). In other words, climate change is just a myth and people are just inventing it. However, I personally have been noticing the changes in the season because the fruiting of our trees have changed in months. So maybe I have to agree that climate change is for real and I think what they are doing about the reduction of pollution is proper.


People are not inventing it and making it up. Scientists have said and proved that it exists, and was called the Greenhouse effect before things got worse with deforestation and more pollution. The earth does need to be protected, as we can see glaciers melting and this causes floods, makes animals homeless and so the whole eco-system is out of balance.

If you think about it, why are people saying it's a hoax. Are they specialists in the environment and science or do they have vested interests in industry? Recycling is important, and a couple of decades ago people laughed and didn't bother whereas now plastic bags are banned and recycle bins can be found nearly everywhere. It can help slow down climate change, but can't turn back the clock.
Posted by Alexa on 05-21-2017