Is it ethical to domesticate animals to keep as pets?

Is it ethical to domesticate animals to keep as pets?
While some people take exceptionally good care of their animals, a large portion are left in horrid conditions and face multiple levels of abuse everyday. We keep dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish, horses, cows, pig, ect. all tied into a confined area without much freedom. Humans are the only animals to do this. I own pets myself and truly love and care for them, but always get a nagging feeling in the back of my head that it is ethically wrong to capture animals, like snakes and birds, and breed them for our own enjoyment.


If you did not take him to your home as a pet, others will still do. It's better to take him to your home because if you'll let him go outside, it's either he get bumped by a car or treat badly by other people.

I even heard on the news that there are people who captures dogs and cats and use their meat for food consumption which is super scary and saddening.

So, do not feel guilty about not giving your dog a freedom because that freedom can be more dangerous for them.
Posted by agbuyarashel on 11-21-2018
I'm not sure if it is ethical or not. Maybe there's a more fitting term for that. For your concern of feeling guilty of not letting your pet be free in the wild instead, as long as you are taking good care of your pet, I think it is the best place your pet could ever live.They do not need to find food, shelter and many more. All the things that they need were provided by you. I don't think there's something wrong about that. It could only be wrong if your pet lives like in a hell with you.
Posted by gutzman on 11-21-2018
This was a feeling I grew up with about keeping animals in zoos. I thought it was so cruel to take the animal out of its natural habitat and keep it forever more in a cage or confinement. However, as I have grown up I feel differently.

Now I consider zoo's to be a good thing for animals. Some have been prevented from extinction because they now live in captivity.

Domestic pets are different of course. Even so, there should be harsher laws on how to care for animals. A friend has said that I am cruel to have my two dogs live in the house with me. Mainly because he believed that dogs should be out in the wild. I disagree with him because dogs are now domesticated. My dogs are part of my family. I am completely sure that they would prefer to be sitting on my couch in the warm after having a nice dinner than shivering curled up in a hole somewhere.

I know my dogs very well. If they were to get out and get lost, they would become very scared and worried. They would be upset, hungry and cold and probably get run over or something just as terrible. Don't feel bad to have a pet. Just give it love, feed it and give it as much freedom as you can. I think God gave us animals. Use them to the best of your ability. Learn from them.
Posted by JMS on 11-21-2018
It's fine for those that have been domestic pets for a long time such as dogs and cats. Their genes have adapted to being indoors and in the company of humans. But for other animals I would prefer that they stay free in their own habitat because that is where they belong.
Posted by iambeth on 11-21-2018
The fact is that it’s far too late to be having this argument. Domesticated animals are simply part of the ecosystem at this point, and they depend on human beings to take care of them. Release a Yorkshire terrier into the wild and they’ll be torn apart within days. Domesticated animals don’t have the capacity to survive in the wild, so unless we’re ready to wipe out multiple species, our only choice is to accept that domestic pets are here to stay. That being said, as unethically as some people may treat their pets, there a millions of pets that also live good lives with caring people. We have no right to deprive either the owner or the pet of a loving relationship.
Posted by Denis_P on 11-22-2018
I know someone who keeps domestic dogs as pets. It might seem that they are not that clean and may have rabies but they can be cleaned and you can get them to be injected by antirabies shots to get rid of their rabies. The person I know didn't have her dog get injected so I am quite scared a bit but the dog is really melodious so I can't resist not holding her.
Posted by hstinscdln on 11-22-2018
To be honest, I don't get why some organizations like PETA are against the domestication of animals. So what if you take care of certain animals like reptiles and birds? If you are taking care of the animals well and they are also happy, where is the fault in that? They need to realize that domestication and raising animals in captivity is even a good thing for some animals.

Raising wild animals in captivity has even saved a lot of animals from extinction because they are protected from outside harm like the elements, predators, and poachers. Look at the Panda for example. They are very bad at breeding and raising their children. Without humans, they would've probably gone extinct by now because their reproductive rate is so pathetic. Domestication is also a good thing for some animals because they get to live longer because they are safe from most dangers. On average, a domesticated dog lives much longer than wolves (their ancestors).
Posted by axl2468 on 11-23-2018
A pet is a member of the family. It should be given equal importance and should be taken care of as we do with a family member. Vaccinations are a must if you are owning dogs, cats or apes. However, endangered species like snakes, reptiles and birds should be deprived of their freedom. They should be allowed to live their lives freely. All animals have equal rights to live on this planet just as humans do.
Posted by kaushikangara on 11-23-2018
I think it's ethical in a way but the standards for it need to be much higher, in my opinion. For example, I know a lot of people are content with having just one pet, but for me that's not sufficient to be considered ethical, as I feel the animal will feel lonely when left alone and also experiences a lot less in life since they won't grow to have a companion that they can relate to. I also am very much against keeping animals in cages and aquariums, especially ones that obviously would be happier in a bigger space with much more freedom.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-23-2018
Why would you even refer to humans as animals. That statement in itself is wrong already but if you view yourself as an animal then by all means... carry on. The reason the animals were even domesticated years ago was because they were in a way helpful to survival. Now these animals are considered as companions, best friends, some even consider their pets as part of the family.
Posted by knnon on 11-29-2018
There are animals that can be a human's pet some are not. For me it is good to have a domestic animals to be our pet as long as we give love and their needs and we did not make any violence or abusive actions to them. For example, dogs love to have their owner rather than to be on the street looking for their own food in the garbage, nobody to take him for a bath or cuddle them.

Imagine if there are no zoos or rescue department for animals, some animals will be die on their own and no one will take care of them. Human and animals have different level of intelligence. Some animals needs human to take care of them. I know that there are some people who oppose to domestication and pet ownership because it may violate the animal rights. In the world today, some animal seems to be happy with their owners and some animals even you let them go they will go back to their owners. How about some animals needs companion with human? Specially the dogs and cats, if you notice these animals behave well when they have their pet owner than living just on the street. I think having pet is good but not applicable for all animals .
Posted by rubeth1726 on 11-29-2018
Well I think that keeping animals like cats and dogs as our pets is perfectly alright as they are very used to human contact and can be very happy living with there human owners. However it is very necessary to take good care of our pets when it comes to there health and hygiene. There are cases where people do take a responsibility of pet animals and abandon them when they fall sick or when they loose interest in keeping the pet. this is certainly unacceptable and such people should be booked for there neglect. I think that keeping animals like snakes, lizards, tortoises etc. is completely unethical and such animals should be protected by the authorities. These animals can only thrive in there natural habitats and having them as pets will be putting there lives in danger.
Posted by jpk0007 on 12-05-2018
For me theres theres no problem with that, the problem is when you that pet outside alone and neede someone to take care of but you didn't help. It much better to give them extra care they need rather than leaving them alone without knowing if they can survive. There's a exceptional also for me on what kind of animal is that if it is a wild one like snake mayve it is better to get them free after you gave the treatment needed because the wildnin there natural home unlike the dog
Posted by mhingnhormz on 12-09-2018
What do you mean by ethical, is it about humans being ethical to the animals or the humans being ethical to other humans because there are people who are turned off with the presence of pets. Anyway, my opinion is that some animals are born to be pets and we can take care of them to be our companion. This is true for childless couples and also for the old people who have no families to speak of.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-10-2018