Is it safe to make your online earning your full time employment ?

Is it safe to make your online earning your full time employment ?
The problem in online earning is that the income generated is not steady, this is because your online income generally depends on so many independent factors and these factors are ever changing, then again internet is full of scammers who just loot you of your time and then pay you nothing. But still Internet is surely a better place to earn earn some extra cash besides your main income, but my question is it really a good idea to completely depend on internet for money ?



I guess yes?

I have been trying to branch out from my full time employment by earning online but it seems so competitive!

However, I do believe it can be safe if you have a lot of options.

Posted by eva.ling on 05-25-2017

Is anything really ''safe''?

I know so many people that make all their income only through the internet. It really depends. If you know how to make it and you're good at what you do then it's safe. Freelance things can wield you quite a nice amount of money.

I think it's far more convenient to do your job from the comfort of your home but of course, everything in life involves risks. I don't suggest you just quit your job overnight and randomly decide ''I will now earn everything over the internet''.

People that earn their income with internet jobs have most likely been doing it for few years before even considering taking it as full-time employment. It's all about skills and knowledge. This way of making money isn't suited for everybody.

Posted by Mehano on 05-19-2017

It's Safe

I would say it is safe to earn money online and you can also be depended on it but before you start you will have to work day and night to find out best paying companies and how do they work. Biggest Brads like Amazon and eBay are the best paying in E-commerce. All you need to do is understand the factors work out with issues rising up. You don't need to be a Techno Savvy but yes you should be able to do with the basic. If you were to have good investment automated software can really boost your earnings. Today I being a Tech Blogger I have made a good amount of money but it has taken a good time to grow and had best paying brands with me. Technology is my passion so even I would suggest you to go ahead and work with something of you passion, because without passion you won't get your expected results.
Posted by Rutpan on 05-20-2017

It's safe

If you work as an entrepreneur online, and things are working out the way it should, I see no reason why it can't be a full time job not mentioning the perks attached with working online. Working online gives more flexibility and does not involve much business risk. I know people doing it that wouldn't ever consider working in another environment that differs from the online environment because it pays a lot and much more suitable.
Posted by HarrySung on 05-20-2017
john franklin

I am earning online and it is my full time employm

I agree to the point that it is safe to make your online earning your full-time employment. I have joined a few article writing website and this the main source of my income.

Basically, it depends on your professional skill levels. If you are planning to earn enough through PTC sites that it is not a good idea to make it your full-time employment.

I am an article writer and I am earning $20 from writing articles for a few websites.

If you are serious about earning online as your full-time employment then you would have to choose a field of your interest and knowledge. After that, you would have to choose a legitimate platform where your payout is guaranteed. It is not hard to earn online but you should be careful about choosing the way.

Posted by john franklin on 05-22-2017
EJ Burg

It is safe

I have been making my income online for years and haven't really had any problems. The trick is really just to know how to identify the scams from the legit. I would say that I have met people who got a bit desperate and fell for every promise made to them online and got scammed but some of these scams are really so obvious that in some cases I would really say it's the people who fall for these scams only fault why they lost money.
Posted by EJ Burg on 06-10-2017



Definitely not!

Online earning is not something I would say should be classed as a full time employment. You need something else in place for when things go wrong and they will go wrong when earning online.

Sites will come and go meaning from time to time you will lose out on work, it's a shame when that happens but all too often it will happen. You also don't earn a whole lot working online and it really depends on what you offer as to how much you may get paid.

Working online is great if you are looking for a little extra cash but when it comes to earning a full wage it's definitely not ideal.

Posted by Shortie on 05-22-2017

Absolutely not

Anyone who has worked online for any length of time will tell you what a risky business it is. I can't tell you number of sites I've seen come and go in the time I've been working on the internet plus the earnings are usually quite small.

I think people should see it for what it is, a bit of beer money to help out with bills or treats but I don't think there are many sites where a full time living can be made, if any at all.

Posted by littlewitch66 on 05-20-2017

No job is safe online or in real life

There isn't such a thing as a job for life, even if it's your own company. Society and its needs change and companies need to adapt. With online work as more people are online the market has become saturated, therefore there is more competition.

As you know with mass production, the costs are then lowered due to the competition, therefore rates will go down and the availability of work. This is very different from a freelancer who works from home as they have a skill set that they promote online but also in real life too, such as writers, and artists.

Many online companies operate on a shoestring and are reliant on clients needing their services. As we have seen many are cutting back, and thus the online worker is at the end of a chain that is dwindling.

Posted by Alexa on 05-20-2017

Nothing is secure these days

Offline jobs aren't really secure any more either.

I think the best thing to do is avoid putting all your time and effort into one source of income. If you have several sources, you have something to fall back on if one goes south. I think this is extra important for people who work mainly or only online.

It is much harder to make a living online these days than it used to be. That is, if you work for other people. Some have good success doing their own thing online. Then again, one never knows what Google changes might do to their business either.

Having many irons in the fire seems to be the safest plan, if you ask me.

Posted by Zyni on 05-20-2017

Just my opinion

This is just my opinion as I'm sure there are people who make full time work out of online work. For me, these kinds of jobs are great for a little spending money on the side, but are definitely not something I would do full time. The tasks I complete online are paid fairly in most cases, but I think they're generally more work than they're worth. If you're willing to go above and beyond to earn those extra dollars from writing and surveys, go ahead.

I do a lot of freelance video and photo work in addition to my full time job, so online money sources would definitely take a backseat to my better paying income sources.

Posted by TheArticulate on 05-19-2017

What is Happening with YouTube Shows It's Not Safe

When Youtube lost $750 million in ad revenue in the early part of 2017 people who were making a living on YT lost 70% to 90% of their monthly income. There was (and still is) so much crying and complaining! People actually felt YT owed them a certain level of income. I guess they thought YT was going to eat the loss of almost a billion dollars. So, no, it is not safe to make ALL your money in one place, period, nowadays, especially the Internet. Look at what happened to MySpace!
Posted by DeeFree on 05-20-2017

Maybe Safe, But....

Two parts here... is it safe to make money online, sure! I've been doing it for years with only a couple of little issues here and there. But there's where the other side of the story comes in...

While it may be safe, I highly doubt that it's possible for full-time work with full time pay. You can work 10 hours a day but just bring in a few dollars when it comes right down to the bottom line.

What it's great for is a little extra spending money, food money, pay a few of the bills, and so on. Note that I'm not talking about things like the popular bloggers who are firmly established and things like that. I assume they're bringing in a full-time paycheck after a ton of hard work and getting themselves established in the blogging community.

Posted by Destiny on 05-21-2017

Shifting base

Online opportunity is a shifting base without notice. It is murder to depend on online earnings. Nothing is permanent there. It is better to have a 9 to 5 job and only do online jobs as a side income.
Posted by iamawriter on 05-20-2017

I Don't Think So

I've 'worked' online as a side thing for almost 5 years now. While I've never had any trouble myself, I've seen a lot of sites go under. They go under without warning and people end up losing tons of money. I remember someone quit their job to work full time on Bubblews. As you can see, that didn't turn out well.

Nothing is ever 100% safe, but I feel like the risks are higher when you work online. Even "trusty" companies run into problems and have to shut down/delay payments. And when they do, who are you going to turn to to get that missing paycheck/money? There's nothing that can be done if they vanish from the internet. Personally for me, I would not go full time online. I'm fine with it being a side job, but full time online employment isn't for me.

Posted by kataomoi on 05-21-2017


Unless you have a regular telecommuting job with a regular employer, it is quite risky to try to make your income online. Online work is treated very casually by most "employers" and websites also often fold up. I would never just arbitrarily quit a job,and think you will be able to make an income to support yourself online. It is unlikely to happen.
Posted by kgord on 05-19-2017
Exactly. It's important for people to remember that just about every online organization you may work for does not consider you and employee. In most every case, you're an independent contractor, so they can drop you at a moment's notice with no repercussions.


Online earning can help you. But there is absolutely no way it can be your main and only job! Jobs like this are always risky: there might be days, or even entire weeks, where you don't have any opportunity, whatever your online job is (surveys? translation? What if there is nothing to do?). Also, even if you happen to be in a lucky month and have lots of work, it will never be enough to live without a proper job. Maybe the only "online job" worth it is being a Youtuber, but you would have to be really, REALLY good and have lots of viewers. And even in that case you never know, you might lose half of your subscribers if you say something bad for them.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 05-21-2017
Well, you're not going to make a living doing PTC sites or surveys or whatever, that's true. There are other ways of earning though, from freelance work to remote jobs working for reputable companies.

Those tend to depend on your skill level and availability. So, if you have a "real" work at home job, it's much different than penny sites, and not impossible at all.

Unskilled, you'll need a lot of sites and a lot of time to make any money. Skilled jobs, you can make a living, but they are not easy to find or qualify for. Still, they are possible.

Don't quit your day job

I do internet work to make extra money on the side. I have done well over the years and made money for extras like vacations and such. I definitely would never quit my job to rely on internet money. Too many problems could arise.
Posted by BigDreamer on 06-14-2017

100% NOT!

No, this is not safe at all. :-(

As much as to make money online is something extremely advantageous, unfortunately does not offer you any guarantee of security. Confirm this by only counting the number of scam sites that currently exist.

Posted by WildSpirit on 07-23-2017

It's a risky affair and should be handled with utm

Online business can be very lucrative and very profitable since you can get tax free money if you are smart.

But easy come easy go. You can wake up one day to a change of trneds or maybe the website you have been depending on have been hacked and thus cannot be accessed. The Internet came with a fair set of challenges.

Posted by bomb2060 on 06-24-2017

Yes it is!

All you need to do is to look for a lasting and proven online investment option.With good mentorship and knowledge to avoid scams, you can make a living online.
Posted by Jameson on 07-24-2017

No, it's not.

Even though an online job can be more profitable (depending on what you're doing) having a fixed job is still the best alternative because it gives you something very important: security. The websites may simply close without further explanation and things would certainly be very frustrating.
Posted by wiseagent on 09-18-2017


It is risky but it all depends on what type of job it is online, I think we all should have more than one stream of income, and I did make the mistake of depending on my online work only as income, and after 2 years my work from home job ended out of nowhere, which sucks because that money was paying the rent, and although I have another work from home job lined up, it's taking longer then I thought for the job to get started, but I take this as a learning lesson.
Posted by kamar19 on 05-20-2017
Jonathan Solomon
This depends on a couple of factors.

What your online business model is? How much knowledge and experience you have in that particular field? Is it a solid enough position to go full time?

In other words, I don't feel this as a right or wrong/agreeable or disagreeable question in my perspective. Because our knowledge depths and skills of earning an income online all range differently.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 05-20-2017
I am not sure what to vote. I can see both sides and each have valid points. I do not rely on my online income to pay the bills, but it is nice to have extra money. Online work came in handy when I lost my full time job and it helped me to earn money to pay some of my bills. I think it all depends on what type of online work you do. For instance, I work on forums, PTC, and GPT sites so I would not be able to earn enough to live on. If you have an online job where you are a customer service rep then that would probably be a safer way to earn online as it would be steadier than the sites that I use. I do not believe any job should be considered "safe" since you can be terminated at any time. No guarantees even with an offline job.
Posted by morgoodie on 05-20-2017
Based on my observation, online earnings can be good but often not good enough. Websites come and go and in worst cases, a website can be gone just like that, no warning of closing down, no explanation. If your livelihood depends on those sites then it would be a calamity when your source of income closes shop for unknown reasons. For me, online earnings should be treated as extra money only.
Posted by Corzhens on 05-20-2017
It depends on the cost of living at your home and also the amount of work available. For instance, someone in a developing nation might live well off 200 dollars a month - while someone in the UK or Canada could only use that cash to pay half the rent. Nonetheless, though, 200 extra bucks a month isn't bad extra money, lol. Anyway, I think a single person could possibly find enough gigs to survive with the online thing, but a family man wanting to support kids should look elsewhere.
Posted by jyy on 05-21-2017
It all depends on what type of online job that you have. I know people who work full time online for reputable companies and do really well. You have to make a full time salary to live off your earnings. I work full time at my job and then I work online just to make a few extra dollars. I find it a good past time but I could never live off my online earnings.

I think everybody would love if they could work from home and male good money but there are few jobs that you leave you with the comfort.
Posted by Sue on 05-21-2017
People may say it's not safe to but whether it may be online or regular work, there is still an amount of risk involved. In this competitive working environment, in many instances, it's as you slip you slide situation. We see where the Trade Union Movement has been somewhat emasculated and many organizations are now hiring workers short-term renewable contract so there is hardly any job stability. If online is where you are able to get work then you have to go for it there and work at it and hope for the best. A good thing to do when seeking to get involved in online work is to do a thorough research on whomever you may be working for. this will probably help you to make1 a better choice.
Posted by explorerx7 on 05-21-2017
Well, it would depend on what you are doing. If you're running some sort of business online and making good money, then I'd say it would be safe to it your full time job, but if you're just on a website that gives you points for doing tasks then I'd say no.
Posted by Sino989 on 05-24-2017
If you can work full time online, I do not see it a problem. Of course, if it is something ethical and not illegal matter.
Posted by simplym on 06-12-2017
I think it depends on what your reasons to want to make it full time also what is your business online? some people have disability which make it difficult to wake up in morning and go to work, others started making money online long time ago that they really good at it and they chose to leave their jobs and invest their full time in online jobs which they think pays better than their regular jobs when you invest in more time, however i think it's good to make money online and if you can develop your own business and make good money from it then why not making it a full time ? after all everything in life is risky and the more risks you take the more your life become interesting.
Posted by Clara1993 on 07-03-2017
It can be your full time employment, but it depends on the job. If you're only making beermoney, I think it would be better if you work regular jobs. Some people get lucky that someone hire them to work online and pay them well. So it depends on what you do. If you want safe, go with a regular job.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 07-04-2017
There is an open minded school of thought that must be portrayed here. Circumstances may permit the the answer to a question that has so many variables that only unique situations will give a suitable fit to this condition. Some people have been unemployed for months, even years. If while sitting home waiting for that job offer to come in through the door somehow, imagine the time, money and opportunities that one could permit if the time was taken to assess the opportunities available online. Even if it's beer money to start out with, because there are opportunities behind every corner. The online arena can offer full time solution to a person who has been unemployed and waiting for a job for a while. How bad would the thought of full time online employment me then when a person has been unemployed at home for a long time? Situations will vary but each one will have to consider what's best in their existing circumstances. We can't be bias because I always say, some of us contemplate on avoiding our worse fears when we have already lived through and prevailed through instances that were even worse than our darkest hours.
Posted by Joteque on 07-10-2017
Depends if it is stable and worth it. Some people tend to make it their full time employment because they are very successful with their niches. But if you are in doubt and skeptical, I suggest you first find a stable one before taking the risks.
Posted by galegatling on 07-14-2017
I've been working online for five years. I was not rich (yet), but I always paid my bills, thank God. The truth is that nowadays there is no more security in fixed jobs, so if you are afraid of risking working online, you will probably be afraid to risk any kind of work
Posted by hermessantos on 07-18-2017
The most difficult part of online work is not having enough works at your hands. If you don't have enough works, you will not make good money. I have been working online since 10 years, however, there are times when I don't have anything to do for weeks. Another difficulty of online work is low payment. Most of the online work pays you poorly.
Posted by vinaya on 08-14-2017
I have burned the ships, so I won't have any choice but earning on-line, when you see so much successful stories, you can't help being inspired, of cause it's going to be difficult in the beginning, like any other off-line job, and the worst thing is, to focus on income in the beginning, and spend some time on learning the mechanisms of on-line businesses.
Posted by joey98 on 08-21-2017
Making money online as your full-time employment would be the safest ever. When you talk about online earning, there must be specifications. This is because some internet gurus are earning hundreds of dollars daily working online while some have been on it for the past ten years, but haven't earned a penny. Making money online for real has a big secret. Once you find this secret, you are good to go. You will be very successful.
Posted by potentialwriter on 11-09-2017
I am not sure myself. I have been considering doing this for the past semester and from what I can tell so far online revenue is pretty unstable and this could mean that it is not reliable. But there could be other opinions about this as well
Posted by Marvadaum on 11-09-2017
I believe very well that you can make your online earning as your full time employment if the money you are earning is enough to take care of all your needs and for that of your family also.
Posted by babyright on 12-27-2017
If it was not safe, I probably would not have been working with it for over 6 years. The great truth is that there is no more stability and security in any kind of work. You just have to believe in your potential, put it into practice and keep yourself always up to date.
Posted by hermessantos on 02-15-2018
We should never put all eggs in one basket so regardless of a person's type of employment - online or offline - there should always be a fallback position. Online work can be as good, if not even better, than offline work if you have marketable skills. What you may lack in security of tenure and company benefits can be offset by the possibilities of earning so much more money than the fixed salary you can expect to receive as an ordinary employee. I would never rely completely on online earning as my only source of income so I had other things going at the same time like an offline business, a part time job, and two freelancing jobs. It's not safe to rely on any single site so I have multiple earning sites on my list. I make sure that each site is worth my time. I make each day count.
Posted by chatbox on 02-26-2018
I have not prove anything yet in my online career, so I can't fully vote on any side yet. But, I have a strong desire to build my own wealth online. There's a lot of good and successful stories I've seen about people who made fortune from the internet. My only advice I can give you for now is to find something you really love and find a living out it. I am sure, somehow you'll find out that the internet and computers will be part of your passion and eventually make money from it.
Posted by gavinci13 on 03-13-2018