It is better to date someone that loves you than someone you love.

It is better to date someone that loves you than someone you love.
I have been in both relationships and I have found out that It's better to date someone who love you more than the person you love. Actually, I am putting up a case scenario where you are faced with a decision to make in choosing who to be with assuming you have both someone You love and someone who love you so much but then has potential of you loving them back. Do you share my opinion? Let me know what you think



It's true

Unfortunately, it's true. You got to go after someone who is willing to be with you. Even if you don't love the person but she loves you she will make it much easier to be with you and enjoy time together. Now if you go after someone you love but it's not reciprocal this person will create drama and fights and your life will be a living hell
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-31-2017

It is better!

Love as we know is a feeling and once you fall in you with someone that does not love you, then you're at risk of getting burnt in the future.

In as much as I believe that love should be a mutual feeling that exists between two partners, I strongly believe that it is better to date someone that loves you so that with time, you can grow to love the person as well. The regrets you can get when you realize that you've been wasting your time dating someone that does not feel a thing for you can be damaged and because it is one that I have experienced before, I won't advise anyone to follow that part as well.

Posted by Barida on 08-31-2017

Your worth it

It might be better to be in a relationship where the feeling is mutual though it's not always the case.As for me being involved in a situation or relationship that applies both of it.I would choose to date someone who love me more as as for me its more painful going through a relationship which I'm the only one that's putting an effort and investing in the relationship.What's make it worst is at some point you'll start to question your self worth and that's definitely not a good thing.
Posted by jeiyyy on 09-01-2017

Strongly agree

Someone that loves you will make it easy for you to like them and later love them too. Personally, it is easy for me to fall in love with someone who loves me. I mean, this is automatic for females. Someone who loves you will be able to make you laugh and understand you. Women are meant to be loved and so I would rather date someone who loves me.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 12-08-2017


Being with someone that loves you is a lot easier on your own feelings. This gives you the freedom and the assurance. It is mostly because you are the one that has the choice. The other person merely waits. Maybe you will really try your best to love that person. You have the control.
Posted by Yumyan on 01-06-2019




Life works on cost benefit analysis. So love from either side eventually fade away. As you can see that there are some real issues with the love and the whole view of it. I think on that point one has to understand how that works out. That being said, I think it's better to date someone on the basis of comfort and safety.
Posted by overcast on 08-31-2017

From personal experience...

I've been in relationships like this before, and it didn't help either of us. When the partner knows it's not them you wanted to begin with, and never was... I don't think that's a healthy aspect to maintain in a relationship. If love isn't mutually beneficial to both parties involved, it's worthless to me, and I'm not interested in putting someone else through a similar setup.
Posted by Linen on 09-08-2017

I disagree!

You say that is better to have a relationship with someone you do not love but loves you more....what if you will never love that person, it may be the risk as you never fall in love with her and the relationship will break and that person will suffer a lot. I disagree, I don't want to hurt anyone, especially on someone who really loves me!
Posted by wallet on 08-31-2017
I agree with you if you don't love the person, just tell them, because that person loves you even when you do not love them back because the person will suffer a lot for your love. Is a toxic relationship, the ideal thing is to put half and half on the relationship.

Follow your heart!

It's hard to love someone that can't love you back, but once they do, man the hardships are totally worth it. What can I say, the heart wants what it wants.
Posted by Vastor122 on 08-30-2017


From my experience I agree with you, Most of my relationships were with someone who loves me and I always ended up loving them back which is why I prefer to be in a relationship with someone who loves me over the one I love because I think to be with someone you love can be stressful.
Posted by Clara1993 on 08-30-2017
I wouldn't pick any of these two possible relationships. None of them are actual relationships because, for me, love has to be SHARED. It must be mutual or there's no point in even being with the other person. It's a complete waste of time if you're with a guy and he doesn't love you. You are just being delusional thinking he will or that you can make him... love always comes naturally. Same goes for the other option - if the other person loves you but you don't love him back, I really don't see any point in being with him? Why waste their time? Relationship and love is a two-way street.
Posted by Mehano on 08-31-2017
Neither. They're both unhealthy relationships. In fact, I'm not sure you can even define that scenario as a relationship if only one side is actually invested. Love is a mutual decision, not something one party agrees to and the other just goes along with. There has to be a concerted effort on both parties to make the thing work or it simply will not. Even a good effort by both people isn't always enough!
Posted by JaiGuru on 08-31-2017
It would be better to date some one you love. It may sound like a one sided kind of affection but still it would be better creating memories with people whom you have cherished than simply date someone just for the sake of dating. Although I have to admit that it would be better if the feelings are mutual so that whatever memories you have shared together, it will be a viable one.
Posted by Istine on 08-31-2017
You would always have an advantage when someone wants you more than oneself. In the other scenario where you love the other person, what would happen if you don't get the love you deserve in return.So if you don't like anyone but find someone who adores you too much then don't loose him/her because it would be hard to find them again.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 08-31-2017
This is a tough one. Maybe I will be selfish and choose to date someone that I love . For sure, it will be an interesting date for me although I am aware that my date doesn't love me. Maybe I can try my best to be attractive or even alluring so my date will also enjoy the night. And if ever my date falls into my trap then my efforts have paid off.
Posted by Corzhens on 08-31-2017
i think it depends we cannot just say that if you love the one you date he/she is better to love in the long run or the one who love you but yo don't love it because love is very tough to choose between the two you might end up choosing the wrong one you need to be more on vigilant. in my case i cannot say within the two option i just want to feel who is better for me who is with me in better for worse case scenario who will stand beside me when ever there is an argument that's like hopeless so we should choose wisely.
Posted by tophew on 08-31-2017
Its better to date with someone that you love even the person doesn't love you. At least you love the person unconditionally without expecting in return than to date with someone you don't love. It doesn't make you feel better rather than loving someone that brings joy and happiness to your life.
Posted by rogel on 08-31-2017
I don't particularly like either of these options. Life is too short for you to engage in relationships that aren't reciprocated, in my opinion. If anything, fight for the balance in your relationship of feelings. But if I did have to choose one of these two, I would say that I would rather be the person that has less love for the other person than they do for me, but that's playing in a very defensive way that I don't think is a good idea in a relationship. At some point, the guilt of stringing someone along so cruelly will get to you.
Posted by yaorice on 08-31-2017
Love doesn't deserve its name if it's not mutual if she loves me, that's one love, if I don't, that's pity, or in some other cases, comfort. Love serves its own terms, it's self-sufficient. If I ever love and be loved, I'll be the one who loses the most, I'll be comfortable alright, but emotionless, and missing the whole point of the relationship.
Posted by joey98 on 08-31-2017
To some extent, I agree with your statement. To date with someone who loves you is the greatest way to feel pampered by care and attention with no chances of being rejected which are humiliating. However, i strongly believe that feelings of both partners should be reciprocal, otherwise these dates will never end up with something more significant, than just dating for some time and hurting feelings of someone, who loves you.
Posted by RosieCheeks on 09-01-2017
This is a dicey question because I have find it difficult to answer this question for some time now.I think it better you go for the person that loves you.A person that loves you would not want to leave you even with all the hassles and baggage that comes with love.They will accept you without looking back,even if the world should be against you,it doesnt matter to them.
Posted by lovely on 09-01-2017
I would choose to be with someone who loves me more. Since the other one loves you more, he would see to t that the date will be enjoyable and something that of your type. Besides, love can be learned. Specially, if the man is a gentleman , understanding and kind , he will be easy to fall in love with eventually.
Posted by SimplyD on 09-01-2017
I always believe that love is a two way traffic so i can't choose with this one. It is hard to teach yourself how to love if you know for the first time you don't like the person and vice versa, it's also hard to make the person love you. While the question is only about date and not relationship if i am right? i think in dating a person you should atleast be attracted to the person you will date. Cause i don't see myself dating someone that i don't appreciate atleast either by appearance or personality. And with attraction that's where the love will bloom along the way.
Posted by zheh on 09-01-2017
It is best if the feelings are mutual of course, but there is always one partner who loves more. I would rather be the person who loves less because it is easier and benefits you more than the other way around. I have been in both relationships too, and being the one loved less hurts more. You just have to follow your instincts on some of these things and go with what feels right.
Posted by kgord on 09-01-2017
It's better if both persons love each other equally, it's something difficult but it can be possible. If you don't want to be hurt, it's better if the other person loves you more than you love him/her because it's easier to love another person as much as he/she loves you than make another person loves you as much as you love him/her.
Posted by cubo on 09-01-2017
Life with one who loves you as much as you love them. That is true happiness. If I had to choose...I can't hardly. I've been in a relationship with someone who loved me who I fell out of love with and you would think with all the love the tried to give, I'd have...felt loved. But I did not. I wasn't happy and I hurt them. And I've also been in a relationship where I loved someone who didn't feel nearly as strong as I did. And it also really hurts to want to love them so bad and see them not accept or be able to accept the happiness you try to give to them. So equal. Everyone wants to be loved.
Posted by Authord on 09-01-2017
The truth is that it would simply be best to find someone who loves you as much as you love them. This is the only way to have a truly healthy relationship. However, it is also true that this is an incredibly rare scenario and you'd be very lucky to encounter it. In most relationships, one person will undoubtedly love the other more. That being said, if I had to choose which side to be on, I'd rather be the person that is loved more than loves. I've been hurt fairly badly before by being in love with partners who weren't nearly as committed as I was, and it's led me to the other side of the spectrum where now I cannot help but love less.
Posted by Denis_P on 09-02-2017
I think love is so over rated. I have never seen people who are into this type of thingy. You can see that people love out of boredom. And some of the time they want some sort of security in their life. I think apart from parents love I don't think there is much love in their in the world. Most of the people stick to what they like or don't like. And that's something you have to understand if you are serious about someone.
Posted by overcast on 09-02-2017
If I did not like somebody and they loved me I would not be with them and give them false hope. Leading somebody on is not right because eventually you will meet the people who you are attracted to and you will want to be with them. There has to be chemistry between two people in order for a relationship to grow. It can not thrive when it is one sided. Why give up your happiness to be without somebody you don't have feelings for? Life is too short not to be Happy?
Posted by Sue on 09-02-2017
I am of the view, it should be with the one who loves you more. This would actually be an added advantage to you since much of the love comes from the other party. This will basically make her/he to stick with you in almost all you pass through so long as you are honest, truthful, sincere and faithful in the relationship.

If you happen to date someone who you love more, be ready for heartbeat and lots of misunderstanding because the person in quote doesn't have to same level of feelings that you have towards them. Most times, practically all the things you do irritates them, so I would advice being careful with the kind of person you chose in relationships matters.
Posted by Heatman on 09-05-2017
If you want to date someone there should be love in both sides. The relationship will never happen if you love the person, but he/she does not love, or if a person loves you but you don't love him/her. Unless and until two individual feel same kind of emotions, love will never happen. You can never force love to any one, nor anyone can force love to you. Love is a mutual understanding.
Posted by vinaya on 09-07-2017
I also agree with you. I find it impossible to have a good relationship where love is unbalanced among people. Love only really exists when it is sharing and receiving.
Posted by hermessantos on 09-08-2017
It is definitely better to love and be loved in the same proportion. No relationship can sustain itself when one person loves more than the other. From my experience, love can only prevail when both people are loving.
Posted by hermessantos on 09-08-2017
Jonathan Solomon
I'm not quite sure how to vote on this one. What I can say is that when it comes to dating someone, I feel the love and/or affection should be mutual, no matter the situation. Nor do I think one person having a partner that loves them more is beneficial in any sort of way. I base my statement around my parents who have been married for 25 years. When I asked them the secret to long lasting relationships. They hinted towards a few things, but mainly equal love and affection between each other.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 09-10-2017
Well... neither seem good, why would you date someone you don't love? In my opinion that would be hell, on the other hand dating someone that doesn't love you but you love is just as forced and it may feel good at the beginning but as the things advance it would only get worse.
Posted by AlexLapusan on 09-12-2017
I guess dating someone who we love is much better than dating someone who loves us. Let's face the fact, we are more excited and happy if the someone we are dating is someone we love. There's this unexplainable happiness and we can't help to smile. However, if we date the person who loves us but we don't feel the same way as the person do, then there is no real happiness. We should always choose who we could be happy, and most importantly the feeling must be mutual.
Posted by DanoCath on 09-15-2017
I will date someone I love for obvious reason if I date someone I love it is exciting and you feel you are in “cloud 9” hahaha. If you date someone that you don’t love for sure it will be so boring because the feeling is not mutual. You will not find happiness in your heart because you know deep in your heart there is a missing space that only your true love will fill it. I already tried it both before and I really agree that better you date some you love because only your heart will speak the true meaning of want love is.
Posted by honeybabe on 09-23-2017
Yes it is good to date someone that loves you very much, because in that relationship the love between you both is much stronger and you cannot easily breakup easily . The both of you will be able to understand each other very well.
Posted by babyright on 09-26-2017
I don't see any good in both cases. I've seen both kind relationships and many of them didn't last until the end. I have known a relationship that the boy loves the girl so much that he'd done everything for her but their relationship ended because the girl has other man in her heart. I have also know a relationship that it is only the girl that loves the boy and their relationship did not succeed as well. It is still better that both are in love to each other because there's a bigger chance that the relationship will not work out if only one party is in love.
Posted by vhinz on 10-31-2017
Both are unattractive options for me but if I have to choose, I'll choose to date someone I love and see if it can turn into something deeper. To be fair, there is also a chance that he might learn to love me, but whether or not he learns to love me, dating him would at least make me happy. If he fails to return the feelings in due time, chances are I'll fall out of love in the future and move on. I would really hate to waste my time going out with someone when I can't feel the spark and my mind and heart is fixed on another person.
Posted by chatbox on 11-06-2017
If you choose to be with the person that you love but does not necessarily love you back, It will just cause you to be jealous, suspicious, and resentful. You will always be at their mercy as they have power over you. It really leads to a very pathetic lifestyle. It is always best to be with someone if the amount of love you share with each other is mutual. This is a real LOVE.
Posted by cess_08 on 01-28-2018
I agree that there should be mutual affection in order to be happy with someone. However, the question is not satisfied with your answer because the issue is about dating someone that loves you or someone that you love but just a one way affair. Maybe I will settle for someone who loves me because I will be pathetic to be with someone I love but who doesn’t love me.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-01-2018
I believe that love has to be a two way process. Be in a relationship with the person you love who loves you as well. Never be in a relationship for convenience. Be with someone you love. Date for marriage and not just for fun!
Posted by RhealaineS on 08-08-2018
I don't think both are possible, however going out (not officially dating) with someone that loves me feels easier because in time I might love them back, my feelings towards people usually change with how they treat me as a person so things like these are very unpredictable for me. And I've never been in a relationship so I don't even know what I'm talking about.
Posted by ivandelrey on 12-17-2018