Ixora is a well known flowering plant, this spectacular plant retains greenness all through the year, which makes it a prominent evergreen shrub. Plants develop features, inline with the prevailing environmental factors including weather conditions, to enable them withstand harsh circumstances which threatens their survival. Ixora has about 545 species, this figure is alarming, they are sole genus in the ixoreae tribe.

The flowering plant thrives more in subtropical and tropical regions, most of the variations amongst it's species can be found mainly in Asian tropics. This flower has several benefits, the ability to remain evergreen increases it's preference for hedge purposes, you can rely on Ixora in making demarcations, because not only does it prove effective but also beautifies the environment. The leaves are leathery in nature, and the length can be between 3- 6 inches. Not too many flowering plants has the clustering capability found in ixora, this can be seen clearly during summer, as the plant produces astounding clusters within this period.

Some religions consider the flowering plant as being sacred, and they use it during worship, Ayurveda and Hindu engage in this act. Other regions use ixora for medicinal purposes, some parts of India implement's it's services in medications. Ixora are highly resistive, so they require less care for survival, they can easily survive. The propagation can be done through seedling or stem cutting.

• Produces leaves all year in tropical regions. • Has about 545 species. • Can withstand varied weather conditions. • Has perennial qualities. • The flowers are attractive. • They have medicinal applications. • Some religious consider it as being sacred.

• require regular pruning due to it's significant growth rate. • the flowers show up at specific seasons.


gata montes

Ixora - Evergreen with flowers all year

As to me hedges are something that are a permanent feature - meaning they are something that are there in all their glory all year round - the most obvious choice to me would this one - Ixora - commonly known as - Jungleflame or Flame Of The Woods.

Simply because - not only is it an evergreen year round flowering plant - with massive, long lasting flower clusters in colors ranging from - pink, crimson, orange, yellow to white - but the flowers are so truly spectacular - that its guaranteed to look stunning throughout the year.

Unlike Caryopteris - commonly known as Bluebeard - which isn't just a little drab in comparison - especially as - it only flowers for a short while at the end of summer - but it isn't even visible for a large part of the year - as being deciduous or perennial - it either disappears for a few months or loses all of its foliage !

Posted by gata montes on 10-18-2017


I wouldn't mind using the whole water in my house to make this kind of flowers to keep look fresh and shiny. I mean when I look at how the color is going to make my home look different and cool, I think that it is something that makes it really good as well.
Posted by Barida on 11-03-2018



Bluebeard flower adds exceptional resplendence to any surrounding it beautifies, the shrub is known as an excellent hedge flowering plant. Bluebeard survives hot climatic conditions, and has special features which enable it withstand environmental conditions associated with drought. Bluebeard can survive winter, but exceptionally cold regions can make the plant die during winter and resurface after winter. Bluebeard produces a flower with striking qualities, the violet blue coloration of it's flowers remains an interesting feature of the plant, these flowers surface within late summer and last till autumn. Bluebeard flowers have commodious qualities, they are flawless beautifies and have compelling powers towards insects.

Bee's and butterflies have several influence on plant reproduction, bee's produce honey. Honey has many medicinal applications, it is a healthy sweetener. When you have Bluebeard in your surrounding, the ever glowing violet blue flowers produced, has an appealing appearance to both butterflies and bee's, therefore pollination of shrubs within that environment, can be done by bee's and butterflies, furthermore if you wish to build a beehive, this flower can help you in attracting bee's.

Bluebeard thrives more when it receives a lot of sun rays daily, this feat is mostly obtainable in hot biomes, if the plant can receive up to 6 hours of hot sunlight daily, their are higher chances of it's survival, and survival in drought region is seamless.

• Produces an astounding violet blue flowers. • Survives in drought prone regions. • The flower has a compelling influence on bee's and butterfly. • Very reliable when used as hedge.

• Cannot withstand extremely cold weather conditions. • Require good sunlight daily.




I prefer the look of bluebeard. I am not sure it grows in the area where I live, but I think that it would be something that I would be interested in. Many people like blue and think it is a lovely color.
Posted by kgord on 10-20-2017

My love for Blue color

It's only one thing that would influence my decision on making this choice, and it's practically my undying love for the color blue. So therefore, as a result of this, Bluebeard is definitely going to be my preference.
Posted by Heatman on 10-21-2017

Love that it survives in drought prone regions

As someone who grew up in a drought prone region, it's great to see such a beautiful plant like this that can still manage to survive in such harsh conditions. It makes the beauty of it all the more special since it's so resilient!
Posted by amelia88 on 10-29-2018


Although, I have chosen Bluebeard as my choice of flower because of my love for Blue colors, I definitely wouldn't be counting out the beauty possessed by Ixora. It's red color is quite eye catchy and very good.
Posted by Heatman on 10-21-2017
ixora for me,I have always love this hedges. it always looks beautiful and attractive. The color are vibrant and helps to beautiful its surroundings. It nice to have it all year round and it never goes extinct. I just love all the color combination that accompany it.
Posted by lovely on 11-07-2017
As I am staying in tropical country, Ixora is very common here, and my kids always like to pick up the Ixora from the ground. I haven't seen BlueBeard before, they look special to me. I like how the flowers grow and the blue color makes it very nice. Blue is one of my favorite colors, and I wish I can see them somewhere here.
Posted by kaka135 on 01-15-2018
I am fond of flowers and I regularly buy fresh flowers from the Sunday market that we go to every other week. Ironically, we have so many plants at home but they are the edibles like ginger, mint, lemon and other vegetables. My husband is a backyard farmer but he doesn’t want flowering plants. However, we have some flowering plants but not my favorites though so I am planning to put up my small garden of flowering plants soon.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-26-2018
Both flowers are really nice, so I don't have to choose. I'll take both of them. Or any of them since they look really nice and wonderful.
Posted by nrnlss on 10-28-2018