Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar
Who doesn't love musicals? Telling a story with songs was such a brilliant idea when it was made for the first time, that many many different works with the same and different style were created afterwards, and while today maybe it's not the most popular movie genre, on theater musicals are still on the top, expecially on Broadway. Some musicals are so popular that they keep getting staged for years and years before retiring, and sometimes they even come back for a event. Of all the musicals, one of the most popular is Jesus Christ Superstar, that as you can imagine was somehow based on religious themes... altough with a tone that caused a lot of criticism from many religious authorities. The musical was one of the first rock opera, written by Andrew Lloyd Webber (author of many other famous musicals like Cats or The Phantom of the Opera) and Tim Rice (who worked with Webber many times, and also wrote the lyrics of the songs in movies like Aladdin or The Lion King). It actually didn't start as a musical, since at the beginning it was just a album, a collection of rock songs that followed a story, but since the extreme success the album had it was quickly turned into a stage musical, around the 1970. And it became one of the most popular musical ever, indeed, so much that just three years later it was released a movie based on it, starring Ted Neeley as Jesus and Carl Anderson as Judas. Speaking about Judas, the musical is the story of the last week of Jesus, but from the perspective of Judas himself, indeed. In the musical there are no dialogues at all, since it's what is known as a sung-through, where everything is sung. There are a lot of musical numbers, some of them really appreciated by fans, like This Jesus Must Die, or Superstar. Even if you can't see it anymore in Broadway, around the world from time to time there are theaters that still put this historical dramatic religious musical on scene, and people never stop to love it. Sure, if you are a religious person you might not like the fact that they doubt about Jesus' deity, or the fact that Mary Magdalene is clearly in love with him, and for this and other reasons like I said the musical received a lot of criticism. But it's a cult, and any musical lover should see it at least once if they got the chance, or at least the movie.

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  • A classic musical
  • Powerful songs with strong lyrics
  • There is a movie based on it
  • One of the most successuful musical ever
  • If you love rock, you'll probably love this

  • If you are religious you might not like it at all
  • The fact that there are no dialogues might make it not enjoyable to everyone
  • It's almost impossible to see it live nowadays
  • In some parts it aged badly
  • A lot of controversies related to it



This one

It would have to be Jesus Christ Superstar. Personally, I'm not a huge musical guy so I wouldn't enjoy either of them but I would choose this one because as a Christian I would probably like this one much more than the Book of Mormom and I'm more likely to actually understand this one.
Posted by kingcool52 on 12-05-2017

Flipped a two-headed coin.

I pick heads. Heads wins the vote. (Of course, it's heads. I flipped a two-headed coin. LOL.) I only cast my vote for this one because I remember when the musical came out, I was in high school, it was very popular, and the nuns thought it sucked! Actually, they thought it was blasphemous and didn't tell the Greatest Story Ever Told at all! I only heard a few songs from it and they were OK. Not impressive. But if you want me to compare it to the music for the Book of Mormon, I'd pick it because I didn't even know there was a musical for that and also I'm not a South Park fan.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 08-14-2018


I find the story of Jesus Christ Superstar more interesting and all the production that makes it real is very impressive, it's full of great moments (those moments that keep circulating in your mind days later).

The Book of Mormon is good, but not impressive.

Posted by wiseagent on 12-01-2017


Everything about Christmas and Christians is about Jesus Christ. So therefore, any music that is done in the name of our lord using stories of his origin and the rest pleases me so much. Personally, I'm always in the favor of Jesus Christ Superstar musicals. For the fact we just finished celebrating his birth this concluded December of 2017, things are still fresh on my mind.
Posted by Martinsx on 01-03-2018

Am Religious

If the musical is entertaining and does not ridicule Christianity and my belief in God then am not worried. I have not watched the musical and would like to. I vote for it despite all odds.
Posted by stbrians on 10-09-2018


The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon
Every fan of South Park was excited when they discovered, years ago, that the author of the series (Trey Parker and Matt Stone) were writing a musical, alongside Robert Lopez (who recently wrote the musics in Frozen), and about Mormons on top of that! Whoever watch the series know how Parker and Stone are very interested, almost obsessed, with the mormonism, and not in a way of totally mocking it (surprisingly, seeing the tones of the series!). "All about Mormons", the episode of South Park about the theme, was indeed actually appreciated by both the fans and the Mormons... and so a musical called "The Book of Mormon" was something to be really excited for! It came out in 2011, and in just a few weeks it was already at the top at the box office: people loved it! And for good reasons: it's funny, it's clever, well acted, and overall have a nice plot with various satirical tones, but with a final good message that's telling that religions are indeed more about the message, and not the way it's delivered. The story is about, of course, two Mormons, Kevin Price and Arnold Cunningham, that get send to Uganda to share their Mormons culture, but the population here have already many problems on their own... The musical have both dialogues (very funny and even better than South Park, with the typical excellent writing of the authors) and a lot of amazing songs, which in some of cases have also excellent scenographies and choreographies - for example, one have to see "Spooky Mormon Hell Dream" live to believe it! Speaking of believing, "I Believe" is a more simple yet effective song. Or even the opening number, "Hello", is sure to be stuck in your head for days! But sadly, this musical doesn't have a movie (yet?). You either have to go see it in Broadway with the original cast (speaking of Frozen, Elder Cunningham is played by the voice actor of Olaf), or hope in a tour in some of the other cities - altough with a different cast, of course. But it's worth it: it's rude, it's funny, it's effective, it's hilarious... it's everything South Park fans hope for, and even more.

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  • The typical writing from South Park authors
  • Funny and clever
  • A lot of catchy songs
  • You can still see it on Broadway with the original cast
  • Some Mormons appreaciated it so much that they put an ad for their actual book in the playbill

  • Someone might find it a bit offensive
  • No movie avalaible... yet
  • Some parts are a bit too crude or vulgar
  • Some Mormons didn't appreciate it



Book of Mormon

I like Jesus Christ Superstar is terms of the music and am somewhat familar with it, but I think I would like the Book of Mormon. Maybe one of these days I will get to see it. I like the music from Godspell a lot and Jesurs Christ Superstar as well, but The Book of Mormon seems to have a better thems.
Posted by kgord on 12-13-2017


I love musicals. However, I have not watched any of these two musicals. In fact I had not even heard of them. The Phantom of the Opera is one my my favorite musicals, if Jesus Christ Superstar is written by the author of The Phantom of the Opera, I think I will like this musical.
Posted by vinaya on 12-01-2017
Jesus Christ the Superstar, yes he is really is.I love the musical and especially the lyrics, it all comforting and give us the needed hope.The movie is even more awesome.The songs give me really a piece that would help a moody person get back to the right frame of mind.It rocks all the way.
Posted by lovely on 12-01-2017
By far, Jesus Christ Superstar. Not a huge fan for musicals, in fact they can be somehow boring for me, so I'm very picky when it comes to watch them. But, I do like some of them, and Superstar is absolutely one. Lyrics are amazing, full of beautiful messages, music is totally related, it makes you move your feet while your listening to it. The whole production is great, so if it doesn't seem boring or cheesy to me, believe me, this is a good one.
Posted by ballyhara on 12-02-2017
If I am completely honest, I have never been a huge fan of the musical genre. I prefer scary, horror, mystery type of movies. I have not heard of these two movies before so I can't judge them. Perhaps I will take time in the future and check them out!
Posted by Mehano on 12-05-2017
One of my favorite musical play is Jesus Christ Superstar but it is the movie version. The first time I have seen it was on dvd and I became a fan in an instant. The presentation was very fitting and the poetic approach coincides with the music. The lyrics are great and haunting, so to speak, that I cannot help but interpret every line. The ending scene is another conundrum to think of because the cast of the movie arrived in the place in the beginning and now they are leaving without Jesus Christ.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-05-2017
I say no to both musicals. I'm not a Mormon and have no plans to be one. I don't want to support a play that features their mission because I don't believe in them. On the other hand, I also don't fancy rock and I'm not happy that the musical Jesus Christ Superstar is sacrilegious. Some may be misled by the title and think that this is a praise musical. In reality, it is posing a question on the deity of Jesus Christ which is one of the divisive topics in Christianity.
Posted by chatbox on 01-05-2018
The Jesus Christ Superstar classical music are well composed with great lyrics that appreciates the work of the living saviour of the world.
Posted by babyright on 02-10-2018
Both of these are fantastic! Not gonna lie, I'm a big fan of musicals all over and I can't pick a favorite!

It is true that Jesus Christ Superstar is a classic and many people's first experience with musicals, Book of Mormon was a revolution in the musical world when it was released, and has been praised to no end, just like its predecessor, not to mention both have seen their fair share of controversy.

I find I like the Book of Mormon songs a tad bit better, but I cannot safely say one is better than the other.
Posted by VintageRose on 02-22-2018
When I was in college people from the Mormon faith would knock on my door everyday to try and get me to go to their church. No disrespect to any religion, but I found that a bit weird. I also remember the candidate for the Us presidency who was Mormon and that completely disqualified him. I'm not sure about the specific details of the religion but I think that they are supposed to have more then one wive( something weird like that). They also live as a closed community far away from other people.
Posted by jaymish on 10-03-2018
If you love the music of the Phantom of the Opera then I’m sure you will like Jesus Christ Superstar even more. However you may not fully appreciate the lyrics if you are not a Christian because the story is based on the Bible and there are quotations that were changed in the wordings. But the presentation is one great play that I also love the movie that was made with the complete array of the songs.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-16-2018