Ke.Movan Travel Compact Umbrella Windproof Mini Sun & Rain Umbrella Ultra Light Parasol - Fits Men & Women, Gift Choice

Ke.Movan Travel Compact Umbrella Windproof Mini Sun & Rain Umbrella Ultra Light Parasol - Fits Men & Women, Gift Choice
Travel Compact Umbrella Windproof Mini Sun & Rain Umbrella Ultra Light Parasol, is a dynamic multifunctional umbrella perfect for rainy days. The umbrella is very compact, slim and small sized to fit into your bags, backpack & purse. You can also carry it around with ease, but when the umbrella is opened a gigantic normal sized umbrella is revealed, the size is perfect for personal use.

Travelling with normal sized umbrella could be tasking especially when you have to carry other things along. Taking advantage of this compact umbrella can help a great deal during raining seasons, as you can easily travel with it to your desired destination without hassles.

The structure confer windproof qualities to the umbrella, therefore you can move under fairly strong winds with the umbrella, without deformation of it's shape and size. The alloys used in forming the frames are reinforced, yet they are sturdy and light. The stem design has a polygon shape which proves to be stronger when compared with round stem.

The last rib section was made with fibreglass which have exceptional bending abilities, the fibreglass can bend up to 180° such that wind can't break it easily. The lightweight and ultra slim nature is pivotal when you are travelling with this umbrella, because you can easily place it in your car, Travel compact umbrella weigh just 7 oz, therefore kids can also carry it with ease.

The umbrella offer UV protection, the canopy contains vinyl, UP 50+, prevents sunburn.

• The canopy contains vinyl which offers UV protection. • The stem has a polygon shape which is stronger than round ones. • The rib is made of fibreglass which withstand great wind and bends up to 180°. • Lightweight, kids can carry with ease. • Ultra slim can fit into backpack, purse and bags.

• Very heavy wind might carry it along. • The canopy can be destroyed by fire.



This one is better

I have used this type of umbrella and I like this design very much. Soon there will be a rainy season and I will be needing an umbrella and I might buy this one. Since I use a bike, therefore, I use a rain coat more than an umbrella, however, I find umbrella handy because I can also use it for sun protection.
Posted by vinaya on 03-10-2018

I think this would be good

I am all for an umbrella that is easily portable and can be taken with your everywhere. It is nice to know that these exist and can be an ultra light thing you can take with you on your travels.
Posted by kgord on 03-08-2018

Great Gift Idea

I love pretty umbrellas and parasols. But I never buy for myself. If I were buying a gift for someone, I would pick this one.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 08-17-2018

Love it

The fact that it is windproof makes me want to buy this umbrella. I used to have an umbrella that was not durable and it was just ruined by the wind. Having this kind of umbrella is just practical. It also has UV protection which is great to protect our skin from the sunlight. I also love that it comes in different colors.
Posted by superlicca on 10-15-2018


Upside Down Reversible Umbrella - Automatic Open and Close - with Waterproof Canopy & Inverted Ribs that Folds Backwards - Nice Size for Travel

Upside Down Reversible Umbrella - Automatic Open and Close - with Waterproof Canopy & Inverted Ribs that Folds Backwards - Nice Size for Travel
Upside Down Reversible Umbrella - Automatic Open and Close - with Waterproof Canopy & Inverted Ribs that Folds Backwards, is a complete showcase of how ultra slim umbrella can expand into large powerful umbrella, which provides distinguished protection. Due to limitations in carrying space, people crave for compact items, and affinity for hand sized items is constantly on the increase. This umbrella is a perfect answer to compact umbrella demands.

The umbrella opens instantly at a punch of a button, and the canopy covers up to 42.5 inches when opened fully. You can prevent your valuable items from getting damaged by snow, hail, rain and sleet activities, since the wide canopy prevents liquids and moisture from destroying your materials.

The rib is sturdy, produced from highly refined fibreglass, and adjust perfectly to forceful winds. The umbrella can be folded to 12 inches, a very comfortable size to be carried by hand or placed in bags, backpack and purse. The striking quality possessed by this umbrella, is the ability to fold upwards. Folding your umbrella upwards can be very rewarding, since it helps in trapping water thereby preventing your floor and other valuable items from getting damaged.

Once you get to shelter, you can make it move upwards at a punch of a button, and rain dripping from the umbrella is completely prevented. Comes with a free hanger ideal for drying the umbrella. The weight is 1.28 pounds, and item size is 2.9 × 3.3× 13.3 inches.

• Opens at a snap of a button. • Folds upwards at a snap of a button. • Can fit into backpack, bags and purse. • Strong rib, made of fibreglass, adjusts to strong winds. • Ideal for travelling, lightweight.

• Less UV protection. • upwards folding require spacious in rooms.




I'll go with this umbrella because I have one that's almost exactly like this one and it's great. I've broken so many umbrellas over the years, especially when it gets windy.

This one is better because it's in a nice black color, it folds and you can pack it into the bag. It will literally take no space whatsoever. When it starts to rain you simply pop it open and tada!

Posted by Mehano on 04-06-2018

This One Works For Me

I do a lot of travelling, and after reading about both of these choices, I would have to say that I think that this one would be more appropriate for my needs. I like to travel lightly, especially, so the smaller the objects I carry the better, just so long as they are high quality, durable. and highly functioning. As long as this umbrella could adequately protect me from the elements, then it would be a perfect choice, I think.
Posted by JoeMilford on 03-12-2018

Practical and Fashionable

I live in Austin, Texas. I'll have to pretend that I live where having an umbrella actually matters. So the question is: Is it for me or for a kid? I will assume I'm choosing for myself, an adult. Although one of the CONs is that it has less UV protection, I don't think that's a make or break decision factor. I like this one because it's practical and it's black. Even though it's more important that the umbrella protects you from the weather, it's not like it's a bad thing to consider the fashion aspect. Black is a color that matches with anything that you wear. LOL.
Posted by foxchannel on 04-05-2018

Good to me

Upside Down Reversible Umbrella - Automatic Open and Close - with Waterproof Canopy & Inverted Ribs that Folds Backwards - Nice Size for Travel comes with the perfect size for a family that loves traveling together.

My family always go anywhere that I go and during raining season, I'm definitely sure this is umbrella would be of good use.

Posted by Martinsx on 11-20-2018

The handy, the better.

I choose this one because it is less hassle than the other one. Easy to carry or put inside your bag. And if you are always traveling, this pros is what you really wanted. Less hassle is love.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 03-08-2018

Simple and classic

I like the simplicity of this one. I don't really care for bright, bold patterns on umbrellas - so the fact that this one is neutral appeals to me. It also seems perfect for travel, and since I'm on the go a lot it seems like it's more in line with my lifestyle and hobbies.
Posted by amelia88 on 06-05-2018


I prefer the design of the Ke.Movan Travel Compact Umbrella. I love colorful things and that's another reason I chose this one. Moreover, I also have skin problems and since this umbrella provides UV protection it is perfect for me. Moreover, it is easy to carry it around since it is a travel size umbrella.
Posted by Pixie on 03-08-2018
I would have to say that both options are really okay considering the fact that we are getting into the period of rainy season when we shall have the need to carry the umbrella almost everywhere that we go. This is something that we all have to know and try to do as long as we don't want the rain to ruin our day on a daily basis since we can't really say whent the rain will begin to fall each day that comes around.
Posted by Barida on 03-08-2018
I was the first one to have a reversible umbrella here so you can imagine my pride when everyone was amused. But last Christmas, I ordered several of those reversible umbrellas that I gave to my friends for a Christmas token. They were ecstatic and were wishing for the rains to come so they can use it. The advantage of the reversible umbrella is that you wouldn’t get wet if you get into the car in coming from the rain.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-09-2018
Well with the specifications and features i should go for the upside down reversible umbrella. Although i don't know the price range the functions are very promising.
Posted by fishbate on 07-21-2018