Kids should be required to exercise for at least an hour every day

Kids should be required to exercise for at least an hour every day
According to the World Health Organization, kids should be made to engage in physical exercises or sports for at least an hour every day. It is a known fact that obesity has become a huge problem. To add to this, we now have technological devices that make us be couch potatoes - including tablets, computers, playstations and other devices where kids simply sit for hours at a stretch looking at a screen. Additionally kids spend several hours every day at school, sitting for lessons, and also while doing their homework. So this recommendation that kids should be encouraged to devote an hour a day to exercise makes a lot of sense, if you were to compare it to the hours kids spend sitting down!



I agree

I agree because kids spend too much time at home doing inactive tasks such as playing on a computer, tablet or console. Apart from that many are given unhealthy food options as the reality is that many parents are so busy that they often do not have time to prepare proper meals with healthy ingredients. But I also think that it is a bit difficult to have kids spend an hour every day exercising, as there are a number of things to consider. First of all they need to have outdoor space at home, and many live in apartments with no yards or gardens. A good alternative may be to go to a nearby playground or a gym that is suitable for kids, or some center where they teach a particular sports - but again they need to be close by and they need to have their parents able and willing to take them there. So I think that the most feasible option is to set more sports or physical activity hours in schools. In such a way kids can make it a part of their day whether they like it or not, and without the need to rely on their parents' schedules. After school hours dedicated to sports programmes or activities could be very beneficial too.
Posted by EliteWriter on 05-26-2016

In the form of playing

I agree, it should be fun though. They should also not be fed crappy food constantly (IE: McDonalds).
Posted by Lop on 05-26-2016

Exercise is very important and it should start at

Yes, kids need to move and exercise more. The more they do so, the less likely they are to get obese in the future. This reduces chances of developing health problems when they grow older. Old habits die hard, and if kids are not going to get used to exercising and realize how important such an active lifestyle is, then in a few years when they grow older they are going to remain with that lifestyle. The result - they grow more and more inactive, they can be lazy, and they have a good probability of suffering from obesity and related problems.

Parents and guardians have an important role to encourage kids to exercise. They cannot just think that the couple of PE lessons they do at school are enough. It would be great for parents to take up this initiative to exercise with their kids, so that they too can be fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Posted by sspi on 05-27-2016

Agreed upon

I fully agree with this. Exercise is essential for kids. You can easily make exercise fun. Have relay races, play games like Red Rover, Tag or Duck, Duck, Goose. You can also include playground play time as exercise as the child is stretching and just moving. Moving will make them happier and healthier, and will help them do better in school. Being active will just be better for the kids in the long run.

These kids that are cooped up all day long with only a ten minute recess twice a day are really suffering!

Posted by angie828 on 05-30-2016

two sets of 30 minute games.

I agree, but 1 hour straight might be too much for young kids. I'm referring to kids that are like 7 and younger.

If we could set it up so that a kid could get two sets of 30 minute periods where they were active, it would be great for healthy muscle gain and they would be healthier overall.

Today we have gym class for kids in school, but if you're in grade school you have gym class once or twice a week. It's not only until kids get to 6th or 7th grade and higher until they start to get into gym classes everyday. And even then there are a lot of kids that avoid doing anything in gym class because they don't want to sweat or they're lazy. A detention for not participating would change their attitude pretty quick ;)

Posted by Razzy on 06-28-2016
What do you mean 1 hour straight is too much for kids younger than 7 years old? My 2 year old and 4 year old run rings around me all day!

I don't make my kids exercise as such but every day we go out of the house, we walk down to the beach (or rather I walk and they race along) or we walk around the neighborhood and they have races on the grass up the road. Sometimes I let them take their bikes out on the road but usually I wait for the weekends when my hubby can come with because 2 kids that age on bikes can be strenuous on me!

If it is raining they really do spend a lot of time running around the house. Thankfully we have a large house and they have races, play catch etc.

I agree with the principle of it... sort of

Yes I think kids must be active and they should be outdoors, not stuck inside playing games or watching tv.

There are so many overweight and unfit children and there really is no excuse for that. In fact some children are so obese that I would consider that child abuse. It is putting child's life at risk and once a child is fat it will be harder to lose the weight and the child might be bullied and/or ridiculed.

Each parent must take responsibility for the well being and health of their child. There are so many different things a child needs and a parent must make sure that the child leads a balanced lifestyle.

Posted by LynneHuysamen on 07-28-2016

Exercise is Good!

Exercise is always good. For kids in school who are at a desk all day, one hour of exercise is a great idea. Whether it's indoor exercise or outdoors. In my schools when we used to have that recess period, I loved it! I think it would positively affect the child's mood and mental health.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 07-27-2017

I totally agree

Our kids have a lot of energy and they need to consume it in a healthy way and this is doing it by making a sport. A sports activities help our kids to socialize and interact more, keep their body in shape and consume their energy!
Posted by wallet on 07-30-2017

Of course yes

I think that in every aspect it's considered, nobody can argue against the importance of getting exercise on a regular basis, and when it's about the kids, I definitely believe that they do need it even more than some could ever have imagined. The reason for this is that, kids needs to be cared for by those who are to take care of them and by doing so, one would understand that they need more exercise to enable and assist with their growth and development.

For the benefits of having a good body development, proper bone growth and even control obesity in kids, definitely it's of much importance that they are to get exercise on a regular basis as much as they can. There's even more to them getting regular exercise than just for their health, it would even be of a great help in helping them learn how manage relationship and respect one another.

Exercise is definitely of only advantages to kids, as long as it's done in a healthy manner. It will make them more agile, self confident and sharp when attending to things because their adrenaline would be maxed to work quicker than those that are dull because of lack of reasonable exercise.

Posted by Heatman on 09-14-2017

I agree

Teaching them to do exercise at a young age will make them learn the value of staying fit and healthy. Most of us, adults, are too lazy to exercise because we never learned the true value of exercising. If we teach them to kids, there's a chance that they include it in their routine and eventually, still doing the exercise once they grow up.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-19-2017

Should be encouraged

Playtime through physical activity is a great help to kids' normal development and will help promote an active and healthy lifestyle for them that they can hopefully bring until they become adults.
Posted by treecko142 on 04-16-2018




Some people may like to go for a 5 hour ride once a week, and some people may like to do one ride every day. It is all down to the sole person and imposing any sort of compulsory sport will just make the children you are trying to help hate it more and more.

Why is your idea only exclusive to children? I think this would be much more beneficial to adults, of which the majority do NO exercise what so ever!

Posted by hasa1015 on 07-27-2016

Not at All

Children should be able to exercise in whatever way they want. If you force them to exercise for one single hour every day they will grow to resent it, it will become boring and they will not see exercise as fun and enjoyable which can be very damaging to them in their future life. I personally hated gym class in school and it took me many years after the end of it for me to develop an appreciation of exercise and sport as something which I could really enjoy and get in to. As far as children go though they should just be encouraged to play outside a little more, there is no need to prescribe them set amounts of running in circles.
Posted by Natty on 08-01-2016


I agree with this, because many kids these days are overweight are they stay inside all day because of the technology they have. So, I think if they exercise for at least an hour it will drastically cut down the overweight children.
Posted by Sino989 on 05-17-2017
Have you thought that 1 hour is such a long time to require the kids to exercise? That is like taking away more than 10% of their waking hours because if they sleep for 8 hours then they have just 16 hours left and then you want to use that 1 hour for the exercise? Maybe it is the parents who should decide on the issue because obesity or not, the children are really up to make their own life in terms of enjoyments and work.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-06-2018
When I was a child, no one ever had to make me exercise. Exercise was just a part of everyday life. A day never passed where I was not riding my bike, playing baseball, dodgeball, or just pain walking down the street. Today is different. It should be incumbent on parents to require their child to do some form of exercise every day. If children grow up with the idea of fitting some form of activity into their lives, as adults, it will only contribute to their overall health and fitness. We all need to understand and not underestimate everything exercise provides. After we learn and share the benefits of combating diseases and improving your mood through exercise, we will improve the lives of our children greatly.
Posted by msnikki416 on 05-23-2017
Kids should be allowed to exercise their body for at least 1 hour daily. When kids are allowed to exercise their body daily then they will be able to develop not only mentally but physically. They are much smarter and sharper than kids that are not allowed to exercise their body at all.
Posted by babyright on 08-26-2017
I think exercising is a good way for the kids to develop that toughness of mind and body and it is one that they should be allowed to do every day no matter the amount of time spent on doing so. I have decided that when I will get married, I am going to get balls and other playing items for my kids at home.
Posted by Barida on 09-14-2017
I think kids should exercise more but one hour seems a bit too much. Here they have sports classes 5 times a week and they take 45 minutes each so they make less than 4 hours weekly as opposed to 7 hours weekly that you proposed. I think this is a better minimum. We should encourage kids so they will be eager to exercise on their own, not only during sports classes and this way they could do sports more often.
Posted by felabruno on 09-15-2017
I think required is a bit harsh of a policy. I think kids should be incentives exercise yes. Still forcing them to do something most definitely won't help at all and will only drive people away for an otherwise healthy practice. Nothing that's done forcefully is well done
Posted by Marvadaum on 09-15-2017
Since all kids have to go school now, sports must be mandatory because they're sitting all day learning stuff, and that's not something natural for a human to do, in top of that, I don't see how math or languages should be more important than health.
Posted by joey98 on 09-25-2017
These days it is more common to see overweight children and every where from China to the United States, Childhood obesity is a burgeoning problem. Parents are feeding their children nutritious food and children are taking less interest in outdoor activities. They are more engrossed at video games rather than outdoor sports. Therefore, I believe the children needs regular exercise.
Posted by vinaya on 10-11-2017
I know that children also need exercise but to force them to exercise for one hour each day doesn’t sound exciting. Kids enjoy being on their own and to be strict with the exercise is not a good idea for me. Perhaps parents can urge their children to engage in a form of exercise that is enjoyable to them like biking or running or maybe playing sports for their physical fitness.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-10-2017
I totally agreed my kids do this all the time,I make them exercise because I know it will help them to be strong and healthy and also give them the needed stamina and balance they need.Exercising for kids is very healthy.
Posted by lovely on 12-16-2017
I agree with the statement as long as the "exercise" is in the form of fun and playing not like a strict routine like you'd go to a gym. If you want your children to be active you should encourage them to do different activities and participate in them as well. Consider signing them up for sports at a very young age so they get used to being active and they will end up loving it. I am speaking from personal experience.
Posted by Mehano on 12-17-2017
I agree but only if their being active involves playing and having fun. Children should not be cooped up all day but should be allowed to play with friends. Growing up, we lived in a large compound with different families with children my age but my dad never permitted us to go downstairs to play. We could only sneak off when he was at work and we were on holiday. I wish I had been given more opportunity to play and interact with others. Perhaps I would not be finding it so difficult today to be social
Posted by Tehilah27 on 12-14-2018