Kirkland Signature European Cookies and Chocolates

Kirkland Signature European Cookies and Chocolates
One thing that I adore is chocolate. Valentine's Day is one holiday that I really enjoy because I do look forward to delicious chocolates. If you are in the mood for a variety of chocolate boxes, you must check out Amazon. Right now they are selling Kirkland Signature European Cookies and Chocolates for $22 with free shipping on orders over $25.

This box set features 15 Belgium chocolate covered German cookies. This is a double whammy because everyone know that Belgium chocolate is so good and German cookies! What more could you ask for. This box set makes the perfect gift on Valentine's Day for so many people. Grab a box and take it to the office for your coworkers to enjoy. Purchase a box for your child's teacher, or send a box to give place in the school office. Give to your pastor or priest as a thank you. Order a box for yourself to have on hand when company comes. Give a box to your sweetie as a Valentine's gift. Or serve a box as an after dinner treat to your family. Any way you look at it, you can not go wrong. Simple sweet and delicious.

I have had German cookies before and they are one of my all time favorites. German cookies are full of flavor and taste. They are a wonderful treat for anyone.

  • sweet
  • delicious
  • great gift for significant others, teachers, pastors, priests, neighbors, and more
  • wonderful to have on hand for company
  • better then expected
  • great value
  • enjoyable
  • fast shipping
  • great taste
  • no comparison to other cookies
  • fresh and tasty
  • comes in reusable gift tin
  • distinct flavor profile in each cookie
  • fine deluxe chocolates
  • impressive
  • high quality
  • top notch
  • perfect with coffee and tea *more cookies then expected
  • chocolate hits the spot
  • cookies melt in your mouth
  • excellent
  • arrived in tact
  • best cookies ever eaten
  • crispy
  • unique
  • good assortment
  • yummy
  • 5 star rating

  • white chocolate covered ones are too sweet
  • poor quality
  • cookies stuck together
  • arrived melted
  • tins were beat up *little flavor in cookies
  • cookies were dry and stale
  • poor taste
  • waste of money
  • too close to the expiration date
  • cookies were crushed




I haven't been disappointed with Kirkland products and they are so much less expensive then the other that I think I would go for these chocolates over the other ones.
Posted by kgord on 01-12-2018

Oink! Oink!

Lindt Holiday Assortment Chocolate Truffles is what I thought would be my choice. But then I had the opportunity one time to taste Kirkland Signature European Cookies and Chocolates. If it weren't for the fact that I had to share with others I would have eaten the whole box. Oink! Oink!
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 10-27-2018


Lindt Holiday Assortment Chocolate Truffles

Lindt Holiday Assortment Chocolate Truffles
If you consider yourself a foodie, perhaps you want to invest in the Lindt Holiday Assortment Chocolate Truffles. These are currently selling on Amazon for just under $40 with free shipping. This 20.7 ounce box of truffles has dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, 60% extra dark chocolate, dark caramel sea salt chocolates and milk chocolate sea salt chocolates. The box is certified kosher. The chocolates are all smooth and rich and have a very distintive taste.

One thing I love about these truffles is how they melt into your mouth. Break open the shell on these fine chocolates and the filling will ooze into your mouth. The feeling is like none other. The filling is amazing, rich, sweet, and delicious.

I think that these truffles make an excellent gift. I received some as a Christmas gift last year. Now, I do love chocolate but often times will not purchase a box of them for myself. But when someone else does, that feeling is heavenly. There was no guilt! The chocolates from Lindt are high quality and purely amazing.

  • delicious
  • very high quality
  • melt in your mouth
  • smooth
  • rich
  • tasty
  • elegant
  • variety of flavors
  • perfect for your significant other for Valentine's day
  • amazing
  • nicely wrapped
  • thoughtful
  • decent price
  • well packaged
  • great flavor
  • arrived on time
  • pleasing
  • silky
  • great addition to dessert table
  • gooey
  • tasty assortment

  • arrived melted
  • delivered smashed
  • overpriced
  • chocolate arrived all mixed up
  • arrived too close to the expire date
  • was suppose to contain at least 56 pieces but only had 48
  • chocolate wrappers were wrinkled
  • box was ripped
  • chocolate was oxidized
  • only had sea salt chocolates in the box



luxurious chocolate

I have only had Lindt truffles a handful of times. I don't ever buy them myself, but rather I have either gifted them or find them in a bowl of candy (usually around the Holidays). Every time I eat a Lindt truffle it is such a treat! They are so decadent, smooth, and luxurious. I haven't ever had chocolate that is quite so rich. I love the hard outer shell with the creamy and smooth interior. I haven't tried Kirkland Chocolate so perhaps it is good, too, but I recognize the brand of Lindt and know it's amazing quality.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 01-18-2018

Love Lindt

Lindt, please! We have many different Lindt chocolate's in my country and boy are they good. I really love them because they're always high-quality and they deliver the true taste of chocolate.

I haven't tried these exact chocolate truffles yet but they look absolutely delicious.

This assortment is also an amazing gift for your close ones! Who doesn't like some yummy chocolate?

Posted by Mehano on 01-16-2018


I have a good experience with the Lindt. And so far life is lot better with their chocolates. As those dark chocolates are not something that irritates you. And it is one more reason I prefer to order online if possible.
Posted by overcast on 01-16-2018


I love chocolate truffle candies and have been buying lindt chocolates for decades, and it's one of the best in my book.

Lindt has a great selection of tasty chocolate treats for every occasion and the company has been making chocolates for a very long time. You can't go wrong in buying any of its products. And it's chocolate truffles is a good gift idea for Valentine's Day.

Posted by Kakashi2020 on 02-08-2018

Love it

I tried Lindt Holiday Assortment Chocolate Truffles before when somebody sent us and I loved it. The sweetness of the chocolate was just perfect for my taste. I liked how the chocolate melted on my mouth.
Posted by superlicca on 10-27-2018


Chinese alphabet was amazing and in some ways, intriguing but then, for me English is a lot easier since it is our second language next to our native tongue. English subject is included in our curriculum.
Posted by eavalderama on 01-12-2018
I've made a mistake in posting my comment here. Chinese Alphabet vs. English alphabet. Sorry
Posted by eavalderama on 01-12-2018
I will have to go with Kirkland because of pricing, it cost almost half of Lindt, By the way I have never tried any from Lindt or Kirkland. Furthermore, I am also not a fan of confectionary items, however, my wife likes confectionary very much and I might buy chocolates for her.
Posted by vinaya on 01-15-2018
I am having a dilemma in the choice of the products offered above. Lindt is one of the best tasting chocolates especially the chocolate truffles. But Kirkland is not far behind in quality since I also buy Kirkland products. However, my taste buds is favoring Lindt for its distinct chocolate flavor which is milky and chocolatey. But again, let me say that I have a hard time in choosing so maybe any of the products will be fine if given to me for the coming occasion.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-15-2018