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Kisses 4 Us Fun Flirty Romance Enhancing Kissing Game

Kisses 4 Us Fun Flirty Romance Enhancing Kissing Game
If you're looking for a fun, flirty and romantic card game to play with your Valentine to be that's full of kissing fun too, then you need to give the gift that is Kisses 4 Us that can help you to rediscover the magic of kissing and enhance your relationship together!

Kisses 4 Us is a fun and flirty kissing card game that has many cards that are full of fun things to do together. Whether it's playing a flirty game of Hide and Seek, or something more daring! To being romantic in many ways that usually ends up in kissing!

Whether you're buying this for your husband or wife, fiancée or partner, you'll both enjoy playing it for the romance that it can bring into your relationship together as you learn and realize many ways to enjoy a simple kiss!

Kisses 4 Us is a great game for all players that will bring out the fun and playful side of a relationship or marriage! And if you love kissing, you'll have a lot of fun trying out all of the kisses if you can get one in during the laughter!

With 30 different and unique high quality kiss cards that each describe the different kinds of kisses that there are. All done well in a way that you can both try together.

And there are fun trivia questions on each card with tips and facts too about kissing which will truly enhance and improve your kissing experience.

Plus you can get as flirty as you like by being able to personally customize up to five of your own kiss cards.

And with the Idea Book, you can create your own kisses 4 us, for each other, for all the year round, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and more!

Like it says, this is Kisses 4 Us - A Fun, Flirty, Romance Enhancing Kissing Game!

  • A fun and flirty, romance enhancing kissing game perfect for Valentine's Day, or any night as a party game where you want to do a lot of kissing!
  • Can teach you about all the different kisses there are and how to do them with facts and tips and improve and enhance your kissing game.
  • Lets you create your own kissing cards and has an idea book you can use to keep the kissing going all year long!

  • There may not be enough cards for people who like to do a lot of kissing! LOL




Kisses 4 Valentine's Day!

Kissing is a lot more fun than talking 😘
Posted by Anonymous on 01-19-2017

Communication is great, Kissing is ESSENTIAL

Communication is certainly key in any good relationship but when I kiss my wife, sparks fly! I give the nod to nurturing romance. Love is an emotion first. Kisses 4 Us is cool and unique.
Posted by Anonymous on 01-19-2017


Conversation Starters for Husbands & Wives

Conversation Starters for Husbands & Wives
If you're already married and are looking for a perfect Valentine day gift that can bring you both together and bring out lots of laughter in a fun way to get to know each other again but better, then you need to give the gift that is Conversation Starters for Husbands and Wives.

Conversation Starters for Husbands and Wives is a fun and revealing question game that will surely spark off lively conversation and a lot of laughter as you learn more about your wife or husband's hopes, fears, worries, dreams and joys together.

Perfect for married people! When people are spending a lot of time on their phones and computers these days, they're spending less and less time together and even talking together in person.

So Conversation Starters for Husbands and Wives helps bring you both together by posing questions to ask each other that you'll love to hear and will really get you thinking!

With questions like "When are you most attracted to me?" and "What is your greatest source of stress right now and how can I be helpful". It's a game that can bring you closer together and bring back memories that you may have forgot about.

And although it's a game you would play together in person, you can play it by text message too! One couple send each other the questions by text message even after being married for 25+ years still enjoy the answers.

And although aimed at couples, it can be played by groups of people too. A good party game to play for any occasion really. And they make great questions to ask on long road trips in the car when you need some mental stimulation.

While some of the questions are answered quickly, others provide some real food for thought and can spark and lead to long and lively debates and conversations.

But that's Conversation Starters for Husbands and Wives.

  • Amazing and super cool game for married couples, or even for groups of people to play as a party game.
  • Can be played in person or by text message by texting the questions and answers to your partner/lover.
  • Will bring out the best in your relationship or marriage and reveal things about each other you never knew of or forgot.

  • It may not be what you expect if you're looking for grown up party games.



Very interesting and fun

I think both of these are just great! The Conversation Starters can make a conversation so much more interesting and no doubt that many topics which most likely you would never have discussed will arise. It can be fun as well as romantic and interesting. I think it is a great way to spend some fun and quality time together, especially in this day and age when both spouses work and it is often difficult to spend some time together. Having said that I think that the kissing game can be good fun too, however since I prefer to talk then I would choose this one.
Posted by sspi on 01-19-2017

Couples match

Great romantic conversations are built up gradually and the level at which couples value each other can be a fundamental gear towards starring up a worn out relationship, this card offers more than the ordinary , it goes a bit extra and that's why it's perfect for couples. Are you thinking of starting a conversion without proper clue of what to say, this game could be the perfect solution, you don't have to worry or crack brains, just play the game, it's that simple.

A fruitful conversation could be really rewarding so don't neglect it whenever you have the opportunity to partake in one. Another point to note is that the card contains so much varieties that the couples will be so delighted with each other, and these words could be used regularly in the home.

Posted by Jeshurun on 01-12-2017


Communication is the key to any relationship , building up communication levels gradually can be rewarding, that's where this card comes in , firstly the card is made up of so many words, secondly the words help to foster love and unity among couples, thirdly the card can be played by two or more individuals but most suitably for couples. When we communicate, not all words hit the target, so when couples play this card at least a word is bound to hit the target.
Posted by Trisha on 01-13-2017


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