Kuuqa Micro Polystrene Styrofoam beads

Kuuqa Micro Polystrene Styrofoam beads
If you have children that love working with crafts, consider trying the Kuuqa Micro Polystrene Styrofoam beads on Amazon. These foam beads are $10.99 with free shipping on orders over $25. Each set includes 14 packages of beads in 12 colors: red, black, white, yellow, blue, orange, rose red, pink, purple, red orange, mixed colors, and green. Each set is complete with about 50,000 Styrofoam balls.

These beads/balls can be used in many different craft projects. They are commonly used to make slime, or may be used to decorate and fill glass bottles. Some have used them to fill gift boxes while others find uses for them in creative projects. Each ball measures about 0.08 - 0.15 inch/ 2mm - 4mm .

  • variety of uses
  • great customer support
  • great for slime
  • kids love them
  • perfect outside activity
  • easy to clean up
  • bright, vivid colors

  • look larger then they are in image
  • black beads have stained hands
  • messy
  • packages may only be filled half full
  • some shipments have been missing certain colors



I used this while a kid.

Honestly, I feel that the kuuqa micro polystyrene is a better option than what we have with the rest. I have come to notice that the customer support when you are having any kind of issues is something that is better than when we are talking about the rest. The paints used is one that is going to last for a longer period of time as well.
Posted by Barida on 10-08-2018


I'm choosing Kuuqa Micro Polystrene Styrofoam beads because it's cheaper by $2. It also comes in 14 packs of different colors and comes at 15,000 pcs. The packaging is just right for my projects.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 02-11-2018


This is an incredibly versatile product, and I've used them before for a number of different craft projects. I'm always a fan when I can buy something and use it for various different things - it makes me feel like I'm truly getting value for money.
Posted by amelia88 on 05-11-2018

Kuuqa Micro Polystrene Styrofoam beads

They seem a good artwork for children. Is the price alright? I thought it is a bit on the higher side
Posted by stbrians on 08-23-2018

Cheaper but better

I would rather choose these because it is cheap meaning that I can buy it anytime I wanted and it is not that costful. In the other hand, it has a lot of uses which we can also use in earning money.
Posted by Gilgamesh on 10-03-2018


Foam Balls for Slime

Foam Balls for Slime
Right now on Amazon, the Winlip 15 piece styrofoam ball beads set is retailing for $12.99 with free shipping on orders over $25. The set includes 12 solid colors: red, orange, white, pink, light blue, yellow, dark blue, purple, brown, gray, black,and green, as well as 2 packs of mixed colors in various sizes and a package of star shaped confetti pack. The solid and mixed color measure from .08 to.32 inches, with a total of about 85,000 pieces. The star shaped confetti pack contains about 4,000 pieces.

These beads can be used in a variety of ways. The most popular is the slime. Other uses include filling ornaments, using them as party decorations, or using as a baby doll filling. They are soft and will not fade. They are also very hard to crush.

I have never used these foam beads before. However, I like the idea of adding them to a glass vase for a wedding or party centerpiece. This would be something that would look very elegant, in which many have never used or heard of this idea before.

  • wide variety of colors
  • hard to crush
  • variety of uses
  • kids love them
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • feel soft
  • buoyant
  • make crafts shiny
  • fadeless
  • great to use as a party decoration
  • perfect addition to an art cart
  • makes a great gift for kids over age 3

  • not intended for children under 3 years of age
  • light, which may cause them to be blown away outdoors or under a fan



Personal experience

Foam Balls for Slime all the way. I have a young cousin that loves this product. I bought her it for birthday along with some other things and she was so happy. She began making the slime right away and she had such an amazing fun. She already wants more the next time I come.

So I can confirm that this product is great for children. They will have a fun time and it will keep them busy for a while. The Foam Balls for Slime is also very affordable so I highly recommend it to the parents.

Posted by Mehano on 08-29-2017

Prefer this one

I prefer the Foam Balls for Slime and the last time we used them to make some decorations for my niece birthday party. Even the adults had some fun using them. lol. From what I have seen I think that children actually prefer the foam balls for slime. We are planning to make some Christmas decorations using those foam balls. I am sure the kids will be delighted.
Posted by Pixie on 08-29-2017


Beads are problematic because kids are both curious and clumsy. Half of them end up swallowed, the other half end up spilled everywhere so that you're finding them all the back to the incident in 1998 where you tipped the canister. Slime is a long-loved childhood experience. They can learn something about the nature of chemical absorbency while they play with a "gross" wad of goo. And since they tend to be water based it won't matter if it spills.
Posted by JaiGuru on 08-29-2017

My preference

If I had to choose between the two I would pick this. I like the colors and the clear description.
Posted by anna on 09-11-2017


I think that this product is so much better for kids or even toddlers. They are soft and fun to play and they make kids laugh a lot. They're hard to crush so this is very good.
Posted by AlexJPro on 08-29-2017

Has Many Uses

I'll go with the Foam Balls for Slime! Firstly because I have nieces who will surely love foam balls during play time. It's will definitely improve their creativity. Also my youngest sister might be interested to use these foam balls for decorating on her best friend's party. If I were to buy a product, I will always make sure that it has variety of uses, affordable, safe and trendy.
Posted by MushyPhilip1822 on 08-28-2017
Feel you here. My cousin bought these cute foam balls for her daughter, and she had a blast doing crafts with them. She celebrated her doll's birthday with 3 friends, they all did the decorations by themselves, and had a great time. The only bad part, was to make them pick all the mess, and because they're super lightweight, it took quite some time to make sure they were all gathered.

Better texture

I think Foam Balls for Slime are more versatile compared to Kuuqa Micro Polystyrene Styrofoam beads. They are very soft and have brilliant colors. The other one might be cheaper but the foam balls have a better texture.
Posted by superlicca on 09-15-2018


I prefer Foam balls for slime I really think that between the two, these will work the best. It makes the slime more enjoyable to play with. It also lessen the accident ofr swallowing by children. I also take it as an attractive and colorful design for a slime.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 10-08-2018

Lessen the styrofoam

I choose this just because of the materials made. I dont really promote styrofoam because it takes centuries for it to degrade. Im not really sure what foam balls are made of. Can someone enlighten me? What I dont like about foamballs is they are really not safe for young children.
Posted by anchoreztin on 08-29-2018

foam balls

I choose foam balls for slime. These looks very pretty. They are nice to be played upon by children. Parents should buy these balls for their kids.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 09-17-2018

I love this!

I have used foam balls for slime many times and it has never disappointed me. Also, my younger sister loves playing using it and I must say that it really isis 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Though there are cons, let's look at the positive side. The pros are much more bigger than the cons. All in all, I love using it.
Posted by theresajane on 10-10-2018


I can't tell which one of them will safe. You can't tell whether a child swallow beads, because most of them curios enough to do such thing, and might getting themselves. atleast, for the moment children will avoid dangerous beads. Most of the manufacturer, do it otherwise doing some sort of surveys, so that it will be their basis of putting new trends of their product at the same time, it is safe to use for every toddler to play with.
Posted by jaysolano12 on 08-29-2017
They both looks great but I cannot decide yet whether what I will choose both of them. I know they their own advantages and disadvantages. And for now I just observe more ideas about different people whether what the will vote.
Posted by mar06 on 01-22-2018
My sister-in-law is fond of making beads not for playing or pastime but for business. She can make different designs for bracelets and necklaces with the beads as primary material. Although it is not that classy and elegant, the novelty in the beads are liked by her clients that she regularly gets orders. She has a big box of beads that she bought from the discount store in the flea market. Now she says that her investment is very minimal compared to the revenue that her beads earn for her.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-10-2018
My cousin loves to do jewelry with beads too. Just like your sister in law, she has a box where she keep them separated by color and size. So, far I hadn't seen her use the foam balls but just the polysterene ones for crafts. She tends to do holiday decorations, our use them for special occasions like birthdays and celebrations. Definitely, she has a lot of creativity when it comes to those, because she makes unbelievable pieces of art.
Posted by ballyhara on 12-05-2018
I will go for foam balls for slime because the look for colourful and can be used for variety of things to beautify would be a great gift for kids and art lovers, it will help in some decoration. and add color to a place,it feel soft and good too.
Posted by lovely on 04-22-2018
Both of them are amazing and look great but most of the children are playing Foam Balls for Slime. Even on youtube, children are using these balls for slime. If I have a kid, I would also buy this for him.
Posted by superlicca on 09-21-2018
Not only children, even the kids by heart love foam balls for slime too I, myself, enjoy it while playing with my younger sister.
Posted by theresajane on 11-08-2018
I think foam balls for slime are better. My younger sister loves it and without any excuses, I also like playing with it too. I also find satisfaction in using foam balls for making alimes.
Posted by theresajane on 11-08-2018