LEGO Bricks Valentine's Day Cupid Dog Building Kit

LEGO Bricks Valentine's Day Cupid Dog Building Kit
Growing up on Valentine's Day, dad always surprised us with a box of chocolates while mom got us a little toy or something special. I always looked forward to this as it was the best of both worlds! However, if you are a parent or gift giver that does not want to give candy to a child for this holiday, consider a this idea. Amazon is offering LEGO Bricks Valentine's Day Cupid Dog Building Kit for only $24.99. Free shipping will be granted on orders over $25. This set features a dog with a pink tongue, a white shirt and a bow tie. His arms, ears, legs, and tail are all poseable. He has a rotating head and has a red heart and a bow and arrow.

The dog stands over 3 inches tall. The kit was designed for children 7 years old and older and comes with 150 pieces. This makes a great gift for anyone who loves LEGOS or likes to use their creativity. Perfect for those children that have allergies to chocolates. Makes a great tabletop decoration when you are done building it or it can be taken down and be rebuilt again and again.

  • decent price
  • 150 pieces
  • ages 7 and up
  • nice gift
  • perfect alternative to chocolates
  • cute
  • focuses on creativity
  • uses fine motor skills
    • easy to assemble
  • came with a few extra pieces in case some get lost
  • great to use as a decoration
  • enjoyable to put together
  • just as advertised
  • from a trusted brand
  • moveable parts
  • cuter in person
  • long lasting/ durable
  • worth the money
  • cuter in person
  • awesome design
  • unique

  • some feel it is too expensive
  • choking hazard
  • not for anyone under the age of 3
  • pieces were missing
  • kids were bored with this kit
  • item went on sale the week after it was purchased
  • too small
  • not as good as hoped for




This puppy dog is really cute! I am not a fan of the bear. It looks more like a squirrel to me than a cute Teddy Bear. The puppy dog clearly looks like a sweet puppy with a valentine heart. Leggos are so fun for kids of all ages. Kids these days eat too much sugar and candy so this would make the perfect gift to engage their minds, their hands, and avoid over-loading them with sugar!
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 01-18-2018

Looks better to me

The teddy bear doesn't look all that good to me and this one looks a bit better. I think if I had the choice I'd go for this one because it is cuter and the teddy bear looks a bit weird. When it comes to teddy bears I guess it is better when it is a stuffed toy and not a Lego set.
Posted by Wubwub on 03-31-2018

The Teddy Isn't Stuffed

If it were a choice between a plush stuffed teddy bear and a plush stuffed dog, the bear would win! But these are Legos. Legos for Valentine's Day? I pick the cheapest toy. The dog wins!
Posted by foxchannel on 02-08-2018


The Lego Seasonal Set #40085 Teddy Bear

The Lego Seasonal Set #40085 Teddy Bear
Legos are a brand that have been around for a long time. They are fun to build with and are excellent for fine motor skills. They promote creativity, teamwork, and communication. Legos foster a love for building, while children work on lateral skills. They can help individuals with communication and problem solving. They allow a child to build patience, have better concentration and more focus. They can also increase spatial awareness.

If you have a child, and are in the market for a new toy for them, why not look into Legos? With the upcoming Valentine holiday, you may be interested in The Lego Seasonal Set #40085 Teddy Bear. This retails on Amazon for $28.97 with free shipping. This kit is for children ages 7 and up and contains 127 pieces. The teddy bear features moveable arms, legs, and ears and has a detachable heart.

This is a great set for children to put together with an adult or by themselves. It is cute and fun, and children will have a blast at seeing the final result.

  • cute
  • moveable arms, legs, and ears
  • free shipping
  • promotes concentration
  • helps with focus
  • can be played with all alone or with a group
  • can be used as a decoration when done
  • challenging enough with 127 pieces
  • did not take long to put together
  • kids love it
  • adorable
  • fun
  • unique design
  • arrived in a timely manner
  • perfect for the Lego lover

  • on the pricey side
  • on the smaller side
  • did not hold child's interest after building


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I am thinking to buy a lego for my child when he grows up. He is just 8 months now. Until then I will have to sideline buying legos. In the mean time I will continue to read about lego appropriate for my kid.
Posted by vinaya on 01-15-2018
Lego is a great brand and I'm sure this teddy bear made by them will be great, I endorse this brand and the teddy bear as well,it will be great having this cure teddy for the kids to play and learn from,at least putting the Teddy together will make the kids innovative and creative, it will make them think outside the box and apply their common sense to building it. Though it pricey but it worth the amount at least with free shipping.
Posted by lovely on 02-24-2018
There is a saying on tv about a tv series that has a line that says with Lego, the child cannot be wrong. Maybe not exactly those words but something like that. Anyway, Lego is educational when it comes to the creativity and artistic development of the child. That’s why I always recommend Lego for a gift and I always buy it, of course. However, it looks like Lego is losing its hold on the children because of the heavy competition with other toys and computer games as well.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-31-2018