Let's talk about dog breeds, and let's talk about one of the most popular one: the Labrador Retriever (or simply Labrador for friends!). Labradors, of all colors - brown, white, black - are one of the most popular dog breed around the world, and they are "used" not only as company dogs, but also for many other purposes and jobs. They are smart dogs that can quickly learn, and they are absolutely friendly with everyone. They can help old or sick people, and many of them are hero dogs that help finding weapons, drugs or stuff like that in airports and similar places. It's hard to say where Labradors were born around Newfoundland, in a time where fisherman used similar dogs to recover fish in the cold, cold seas. Who knows. You all know how Labradors look: a fur with a thick fur, and a tail short and tangle useful to swim around - and Labrador love swimming more than anything else! Like I said they are also friendly: they love people, and expecially they love children. They are one of the better dogs to have around when you have kids. They also very loyal dogs (but almost every dog is loyal), and they would never betray or abandon their owners, their friends. They are smart, but the fact that they are so friendly make them a terrible guard dogs: a Labrador will rarely attack a stranger, and will only bark and bark again. Their only interests is to have prizes or be pet by their owners. Anyway their personality means that they are also very easy to train. While some Labradors have some morphological defects, a "true" one breeded by experts should have some specific characteristics. A round head, giving the idea of a strong dog, with brown eyes (they don't have to be too light), expressing a lot of sweetness, happiness and sadness. Their teeth are important: the upper and lower jaws must have the exact same lenght. And their tail is usually similar to the tails that otters have. Be it yellow cream, brown chocolate or black, a Labrador will sure be a friend for life.

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  • They are so nice and lovely
  • Very sweet
  • Extremely happy dogs
  • Can be trained easily
  • Friendly dogs, love everyone
  • Great swimmers
  • They are very loyal

  • Even after a few years, they will still be puppies... and puppies are hard to manage
  • They can be very destructive
  • They love everyone... maybe even strangers they shouldn't love
  • They eat a lot
  • They have way more energy than you. No matter how energic you are, they'll always have more
  • Can be pretty messy
  • They need some special medical attention, due to some problems they might have
  • You won't be able to leave them alone for too much




I haven't had a lot of experience with Dalmatians. It almost seems like they are a rare breed because I hardly ever see them. I have, on the other hand, had lots of experience with labradors. Every single lab I have ever met has been calm, loving, loyal, had good longevity, and been smart. I always wanted a chocolate lab. They seem to be one of the best dog breeds around!
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 11-20-2017

Love them!

Labradors all the way! I remember how popular the Dalmatians got after the movie, haha. I wanted one myself but I'm glad my parents said no, it isn't my type of breed.

Labradors are just the perfect big dog you can get. They're extremely friendly, great towards kids, not aggressive, not hard to train and just overall amazing for families.

My grandmother has a chocolate labrador and it's so cute. She had no issues with him in over 6 years now.

Posted by Mehano on 11-14-2017

Labradors Are Better

I have always loved this breed of dog, and I am partial to them because I grew up with them, actually. My family raised retrievers for sale, and I remember how hard it was to see people come pick up the puppies, one by one, until the last one was gone. We did keep a few of them, and they are great companions. These dogs are very intelligent and very good with kids. They are gentle souls and just love to be loved.
Posted by JoeMilford on 11-14-2017


Who doesn't love the sweet and friendly Labrador? They're usually cheaper and more sociable than dalmatians and can definitely do the same things!
Posted by Marvadaum on 11-14-2017

I love them.

I'm a fan of both breeds, but I think the Labradors are friendlier and more affectionate to their owners (besides being prettier). I think they are also more protective (a peculiar characteristic of them).

Dalmatians are just nice and fun.

Posted by wiseagent on 11-14-2017


I love Labrador there are countless tales of brave deeds .Whether it’s Labs who were trained to perform certain tasks in dangerous situations, or pets who unexpectedly take risks or go the extra mile to protect their loved ones. Labradors Make Us Better People living with a Labrador is wonderful, but can be trying at times. Staying patient and focused is vital to maintaining a good relationship with your dog, and it’s a lesson that we can extend to our other dealings in life. Whether it’s getting better at waiting for things, or dealing with people at work or in our families. Our Labradors teach us ways to control our emotional responses, which we can put to good use in other ways every day.
Posted by honeybabe on 11-13-2017


I find Labrador more attractive and cute than the Dalmatian because I don't find their spots attractive. It looks like a stain, for me so I will still prefer to have a Labrador. I do find Labrador to be a really stylish dog and looks intimidating so no one will try to do something bad on you or even on your house if you do have one or two. A big black Labrador would be enough for me and I will definitely comfortable leaving my home with that dog since it really looks fearsome so no one really will try to rob your house.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 01-12-2018

i like Labrador
Posted by michaelasullivan on 12-12-2018



Hello Disney fans everywhere! What do you think when I say "Dalmatian"? I think that not only you, but almost everyone, associate this dog with the famous beloved animated movie "101 Dalmatians". Having those dogs as protagonists of a movie gave them a lot of popularity, and nowadays they still are one of the most loved and adorable dogs everywhere! The Dalmatians can have spots, both black or - more rarely - brown. They can be excellent friend and give you a lot of company, but are also extremely smart. Often, if you aren't a good leader, and don't prove themselves that you are the one giving orders, they will see themselves are the true bosses, true owners. Even their eyes prove how smart they are, with their bright colors! They are very big dogs, and have a long head that they rarely lower (like I said, they are smart and it's hard to give them orders!). They have some nice floppy ears that make them look calm dogs, and are funny looking when they move around while they walk. Their tail is long and often curved upwards. But it's not their head, not their body, or their personality what make Dalmatians so famous: it's their fur, their wonderful fur completely white and with a lot of black spots! It's a very short fur, so it won't be too messy around - but in winter the poor puppy will need a small house just for him /her. While they are smart and hardly accept orders if you don't prove yourself "strong" enough, that doesn't mean that Dalmatians aren't nice dogs. They are often happy and friendly, and often extremely exuberant. Sometimes they are calm, other times... not so calm. They can be stubborn, destructive, spiteful... even when you give them a lot of attention and love, it's just how they are made! But they have also a lot of good qualities: they are friendly and protective (even with children), sometime quiet and calm, and very affectionate and loving. They became so popular with the Disney movie, but with good reason: they are truly amazing dogs.

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  • Good for families
  • Very smart
  • Learn everything quickly
  • Very healthy dogs
  • Enthusiastic dogs
  • They can often socialize easily, both with other dogs and people

  • They are very, very, very active
  • You need to be a very good trainer or they won't listen, or consider themselves the leader
  • They won't be happy kept in the yeard: they are a family dog
  • They need constant exercise
  • Can be very destructive from time to time



They are so cute

My nephew got a Dalmatian a few months ago and he is simply adorable. My nephew is a fire fighter so the dog seemed fitting for him. He is a great dog for my nephews girls. Very fun and protective and just too cute for words. He is soft and adorable and just makes a great family pet for them. I would love to have a lab as well but Dalmatians just have my heart.
Posted by angie828 on 11-14-2017

101 Dalmatians!

Ever since I was a kid, I love having a dog in the house. And there is a cartoon about dogs. The title of this show is 101 dalmatians. I love watching it and I also bought the game of it. So I promise to myself that one day I will have a dalmatian. I know there are so many cute breed dogs out there. For me, dalmatians is the cutest of them all. What I like about them? It is there black spot all over the body.
Posted by blank629 on 12-05-2017


I have never raised a pure breed dog. I have always owned mixed breed dog. Labrador and Dalmatian are wonderful breeds, however, I do not have any experience with these dog breeds. I don't know about the habits, however, based on how they look, I want to raise labrador. It looks so lovely.
Posted by vinaya on 11-14-2017
I have some connections with Labrador Retrievers and I find them very friendly to humans just like Dalmatians. What I don’t like in Dalmatians is their susceptibility to diseases. They easily get sick. One vet said that the genes of Dalmatians are weaker than other breed. Labradors are good companion dogs hence they are often used as guide for the blind.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-16-2017
It is my dream of owning a Labrador dog someday.I so love this kind of breed.Labs are so adorable,playful and friendly.Labradors, for me makes a great companion .
Posted by Janill40 on 11-17-2017
For me it is simply a very difficult choice. I particularly love dogs and both breeds are wonderful. I prefer to keep both because I can not choose just one of them.
Posted by hermessantos on 11-17-2017
I'd say labrador's only because Dalmatians don't have as long of a lifespan as Labs do. Not all Dalmatians live shortened lives but the majority according to most experts - don't live beyond 10 years.
Posted by NickJ on 11-17-2017
Well, let me tell you, I have a labrador cross retriever. A kind, sweet dog, great with kids, cats etc etc.... however, a labrador is basically a shedding, eating machine. It does not matter how much food you put in the bowl, it will all be gone. I have tested this theory.... it was all gone, including finishing whatever may be left in other dogs bowls. The shedding - every day I am sure I could make a new puppy with the amount of hair that gets vacuumed off the carpet. The hair is everywhere, I'm sure we have unwittingly ingested loads already. Yes, the dogs sleep inside, however I do not see a reason to own a pet that is separated and not included in the family. I love her, but I would never get that breed again.
Posted by Rhombus on 12-21-2017
I am a dog lover but I understand your concern. Our dogs are also shedding hair and that is evident when we sweep the floor. That’s why we have to sweep and mop the floor twice a day, that’s morning and late afternoon. However, our dogs are small, a Pekingese and a medium Spitz and a pug which has no hair to shed. That’s the disadvantage of having a big dog, it is difficult to maintain.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-08-2018
Labrador puppies are very cute and captivating. And as adults they remain as friendly as before. A popular breed around the world that conquers more and more hearts

If you think dog place is in the yard, preferably trapped in the kennel. If you do not like "sticky" dog, who loves being a member of the family and lives behind you as you walk around the house and lying on your foot when you decide to sit; If you do not have time to walk with him at least 1 x a day for a good hour; If you think that only food and walking solve, you do not have to spend time playing ball, paying attention, brushing;
Posted by hermessantos on 03-16-2018