Latex paint

Latex paint
Latex paint is made from water and some “resin binder”. Water spreads the pigments, and the resin binder ensures that the water and the pigment remain bound. The eventual product forms a thin layer of film over the surface on which it is applied. The binders in latex paints may be melamine, polyesters, polyurethanes, styrene butadiene, epoxy, polyvinyl acetate, or other acrylics. Therefore, it is a synthetic paint even though when it was invented it had rubber latex as its binder. The best latex paints are those that have 100 percent “acrylic” latex used in them. Titanium dioxide is the expensive pigment, which is missing from many paints. Other pigments include iron oxide and carbon black. Silica and clay are often added as pigments in the paints. Latex paints are cheaper, and they spread easily so they save on costs as well. They also dry up fast. But the major problem with them is that they are not highly durable. This is the reason they are applied on ceilings or walls where it is unlikely that they would need frequent cleaning.

a. These paints are affordable; b. They spread easily and also dry up fast; c. These are also easy to clean if they fall on the floor or even if they get dirty. d. They do not burn; e. They do not release any odor.

a. The major issue with these paints is that they do not last long. The film is much too soft so it gets scratches easily b. Require primer for painting over surfaces such as steel and wood. c. They are sensitive to temperatures d. Requires careful curing to prevent peeling off



Latex paint

I think most people tend to actually use Latex paint because it just is the much better option when you compare it with oil based paints. I think the fact that they are extremely affordable for most people make it a great option. But that doesn't mean that it is a low quality paint either, they are great and dry up fast like you said which is just amazing
Posted by kingcool52 on 02-24-2018

Latex paint

Latex paint is easy to clean up. It is one of the easiest ways to paint your walls. It is simply one of the ways that you can get the sort of things that you need. Paint your walls and enjoy the colors, and easily clean up paint drips.
Posted by kgord on 02-23-2018


I believe the risk of easy peeling is worth it when you consider the many advantages latex painting provides. It's cheaper, quicker and easier; not to mention you can clean the mess much faster and the scent won't drive you nuts.

Also, and this is more of a personal taste, I enjoy the way latex paint looks when it's dry; I feel it's something that matches the way I prefer my walls.

Posted by VintageRose on 02-24-2018

Latex paints

Even though latex paint can possibly scratch off easily, and it needs to be touched up from time to time, it is cheaper and easier to work with than the cumbersome oil-based paints. I liked how fast latex paints dry, and you can paint a whole room in the morning and then move the furniture back in by mid-afternoon because these paints are pretty low-maintenance. I have also noticed that latex paints, where I shop for home improvement items, tend to have more colors to choose from and a larger selection of accent colors, etc. I have only worked with oil-based paints every now and then, and based on these experiences, I can say that I prefer the latex based paints much more.
Posted by JoeMilford on 02-23-2018

easier to change

I favor ease of changing the colors than durability because I prefer changing colors more frequently and I like the fact that latex paint is a lot easier to strip away than oil based paints. If I were looking for a more permanent solution I'd go with the oil based option but most likely I will easily get tired of the color and want to change it sooner or later so I'm probably going with the latex based paint.
Posted by Wubwub on 10-27-2018

Latex Paint

It's a better choice for painting houses, rooms, apartments, etc. I've found. Oil based paint is more for artwork or art projects.
Posted by NickJ on 02-26-2018

Latex for Walls

Latex is usually applied on outdoor cement surfaces it's a 100% acrylic paint with excellent hiding, durability and dirt pick-up resistance. It finishes painting jobs in less coats, allowing you to save a lot on time, effort, worry and money.

Latex Paint is intended for interior and exterior painting such as concrete, stucco, bricks plaster, hollow blocks, drywall surfaces, and properly primed wood.

Although in most cases Enamel which is an oil based paint is the best paint to use when it comes to interior wood and furniture painting jobs.

Posted by Kakashi2020 on 02-24-2018

More affordable

Easier to clean and more affordable, I usually go for the latex paints as they also smell nicer after while giving a nice color comparable to the alternative.
Posted by treecko142 on 02-25-2018

Latex Paint

Latex paints are water based paints. It doesn’t smell as bad as those oil based paint. You can also use it in both concrete and wood. Oil base paint can’t be painted on concrete. Latex paint are more flexible.
Posted by thejoyrevolution on 11-21-2018


Oil based paint

Oil based paint
As the name suggests oil based paints have oil as their main ingredient or binder. These oils may be natural oils, i.e., linseed oil, or synthetic oils which are known as alkyd oils. Thinners which are mineral spirits, or turpentine may be needed, and so oil paints are expensive to spread. There can also be odors because of mineral spirits, turpentine, or even alkyd oils. These vehicles can also be toxic so the containers as well as brushes used with this paint need to be disposed of carefully. These paints also take longer to dry. However, the major advantage of oil based paints is that they are highly durable. They do not develop any scratches. Painting oil paint over latex paint could lead to cracking and flaking because of the effects of temperature and varying expansions. Same is true even for trying to paint latex paints over oil paints.

a. These paints are long lasting, scratch proof paints. They also do not react easily with chemicals such as detergents. b. The surface becomes smooth with these paints c. Washing these paints is easier than washing latex paints d. They give a rich look to the surface

a. There can be peeling of the paint if there is some moisture trapped on the wooden surface or even wall; b. Odor can be expected from the synthetic components of these paints. These odors may be toxic as well. These paints are restricted by laws in the US because of their volatile compounds.
c. Though these paints are scratch as well as abrasion proof, they do periodically require maintenance, and such maintenance is not cheap d. Over a period the color may turn slightly yellow e. These paints do not resist mildew.



Oil-based paint.

Oil-based paint is more durable. Latex paint is easier to work with and dries more quickly, but it isn't quite as durable as oil-based paint.
Posted by Anonymous on 02-26-2018


This one really depends on the material you're going to use the paint on, definitely both of these sorts have their pluses and minuses, however if you want durability and something that works on surfaces different than walls or the sort, you should pick Oil based ones, even though they can be kinda harsh, because they are toxic.
Posted by manmad on 02-26-2018


I prefer latex paints. Until we painted our daughter's bedroom after moving into our home, I didn't have much of an opinion, but I was shocked at how little odor there was. I remember people complaining about the smell of their home after painting, and wanting/needing to stay elsewhere until the paint was dry. The low odor also makes it safe for use during pregnancy, there is no concern about becoming lightheaded and falling possibly hurting the baby. Also, oil paint tends to peel in humid areas. Stripping the paint to get rid of flaky areas etc is a must before re-painting, adding to the work involved.
Posted by Rmarsh1984 on 02-23-2018
Honestly? I have no clue, haha. I did paint a few times but when it came to picking the paint and mixing it together, it was all my partner. He made the decisions because he has knowledge about it. I just take the brush and paint! But just from reading the description, the latex paints sound far better.
Posted by Mehano on 02-23-2018
I use Oil based paint. It might be expensive but covers the price because it lasts longer. Oil based paint give a smooth look, therefore, they create a nice look and feel. I like Oil based paint because it is scratch proof and does not interact with chemicals.
Posted by vinaya on 02-23-2018
I like oils based paint than latex paint because the last better and longer,there hardly peel off easily. I have been.using them for most of my painting and there are worth the use.The surface becoming shinning and the end result looks neat and clear when painted good for some finishing.
Posted by lovely on 02-23-2018
We have been repainting our home once every 5 years, I think. But I don’t know what kind of paint we use. All I know is that the paint for wood is not the same as the paint for concrete. I think enamel is for the concrete and it is water based. That’s why when cleaning after the painting, it is only water that is needed unlike the paint for wood which needs thinner to wash off the paint on the hands.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-24-2018
Same. I am also not familiar with Latex Paints and Oil Paints or any other terms about paints because the only thing I know is that there's a specific paint that anyone should use on concrete and that's enamel (thanks to your comment I am able to remember) and another specific paint for wood.
Posted by jaybee19 on 10-31-2018
The PVA latex finish is suitable for the internal part of the residences, which can be cleaned only with a damp cloth. The finish of this type of paint is very good, as well as its coating of the previous layer of paint (if it exists). It dries quickly, and the typical paint odor is minimal.

However, the product is not suitable for wet or rainy areas, and for high-gloss finish coatings, such as a handrail, for example; surfaces painted with PVA latex are also more difficult to clean

However, I still prefer the latex paint because it smells lighter.
Posted by hermessantos on 02-24-2018
gata montes
To be fair as both paints are designed to be used on different surfaces - its not so much a matter of preference for me but more one of choosing the right paint for the right surface - for example - water based paints are generally best suited to walls and ceilings - whereas oil based paints - which are stronger and more durable - are the better choice when it comes to painting internal and external woodwork or metal.
Posted by gata montes on 02-25-2018
I use latex paint because it dries quickly and odorless. The mixture is only water so you can save money from buying a thinner. Another thing is you can paint it to wood and cement. Although it's true that oil based paint last long than latex paint.
Posted by Scarlet on 02-26-2018
I can't really make a solid, educated decision here as I've actually never used latex paints. Honestly I've never even heard of them. All I know is that I've been using oil-based paints my entire life and I've had absolutely no issues with them. For me, the biggest perk when it comes to oil-based paints is the longevity. I hate--and I mean absolutely HATE--the process of painting, so anything that helps me avoid having to repaint my house for long periods of time instantly has my vote.
Posted by Denis_P on 02-26-2018
When I go for paints, I prefer buying the one that is cheap and still got the quality that it deserves. This is the reason I am going to make the choice to take latex paint ahead or every other paint out there. This is the paint that we've used for our walls when we packed in newly to where we are living now and the way it dried up and look shiny within less than 24 hours is something that I can't forget in a hurry.

So, this is definitely the choice for me and one that I'm going to use whenever I get a building contract anywhere around our neighborhood.
Posted by Barida on 02-26-2018
I've been using oil based paints for my crafts and it works for me. The quality of and durability of oil based paints is remarkable. I have nothing against latex paints and i think they work fine too, its just the result that i want for my crafts is within my requirements using oil based paints.
Posted by fishbate on 04-02-2018
To me, choosing depends on what I'm going to paint. If I'm going to paint something that is going to be exposed outdoors, then for sure I have to go with oil based paint. But if you want to paint something for outdoors, you have to use latex based one. Latex smells softer than oily one, and is way more affordable, also most of them are washable, so is perfect to use for house walls and roofs. Oily ones are suggested for doors, crafts, decorations, and exterior items.
Posted by ballyhara on 06-19-2018
The right type of paint is dependent on the type of surfaces that you are going to paint. For concrete surfaces it is best to use water based paint such as latex paint But for wood and steel surfaces it is recommended to use oil based paint.
Posted by bee.rthooyah on 10-27-2018
The right type of paint is dependent on the type of surfaces that you are going to paint. For concrete surfaces it is best to use water based paint such as latex paint But for wood and steel surfaces it is recommended to use oil based paint.
Posted by bee.rthooyah on 10-27-2018
The right type of paint is dependent on the type of surfaces that you are going to paint. For concrete surfaces it is best to use water based paint such as latex paint But for wood and steel surfaces it is recommended to use oil based paint.
Posted by bee.rthooyah on 10-27-2018