Learning German

Learning German
Germany is one of the most important countries in Europe. It's only normal that its language is also important from a social point of view.

Most countries in Europe have a percent of German speaking people, for some countries, this percentage is bigger for some more insignificant but overall the German language had a big impact all over Europe, except for countries like Russia, Ukraine, and the ex-Yugoslavia.

No matter the reason for you wanting to learn German, you should know that this is one of the best possible choices when it comes to learning another language. Depending on you working field, knowing German can help you a lot with your career.

  • Can be spoken in a lot of Europen countries. A significant portion of them having between 10 and 50 percent german speaking populations.
  • Learning German can help you with your career and improve your CV, Germany is one of the most important EU members, knowing German won't go unnoticed.
  • German can be easy to learn if you already know a Germanic type language, like English for example, being a germanic language native speaker can also help. German ranks number 11 on the Global popularity score for spoken languages.

  • Difficult to learn by Latin-based Languages like Italian or Spanish.
  • Fairly difficult to write, tends to have long and complicated words.
  • From a grammar point of view, German isn't the easiest language you can learn.



Easy German

When I was at school it was a choice between French and German that you could learn but it was never something you had a choice in, it was what you were put in and you had to learn that language. I was put into German which I was very unhappy about because I had French family and French would have been a better option for me. After learning German I was surprised at how simple it was to learn and how easy it was to write a sentence in German because it is so much like English in a sense. My Grandma tried to teach me French but I never really understood it as easy as I did German and gave up.
Posted by Shortie on 03-17-2017

Tried French, it didn't stick

Same for me, I tried French and it didn't stick. I studied the little guidebooks, audio on French and nothing stuck with me even after all this time. Well maybe a word or two, for all the good that would do. However, I found no issues picking up even random German phrases. I don't pronounce the French words correctly; it doesn't feel like an easy or intuitive language to speak either. However, speaking even a few basic German phrases is easy, with coaching. I'd be interested in learning more German as it's close to my other favorite language which is Dutch. I can't speak it, but I love hearing it. I'm trying to pick up a basic understanding of Dutch language atm and find it is a little bit like German or at least in some ways. And, it's fairly easy for me to learn.
Posted by Beverly on 03-17-2017


I'm currently learning German and it has been fun, the language has a way of deviating mindset from the accustomed English fashion. Learning German gave me the opportunity to have little insight on German customs.

The German system is really interesting, getting to know what they call certain things in their language has been fun, I wish to learn German to an extent where their wouldn't be much difference when I speak as compared to a native speaker.

Posted by Jeshurun on 03-17-2017

Learning French

Learning French
French is a cool language to learn. It sounds cool and romantic and it's a very popular language around the globe. In fact, French ranks number 18 on the Global popularity score for spoken languages.

Personally, I always hated French. Don't know why but in school I pleased preferred English over French. Even though I've learned French at least 4 years in school, it didn't really rub off and I can hardly understand the language and I can only pronounce a couple of words. You need to develop a certain spoken fluidity when speaking French that I simply can't achieve.

I always wanted to learn German, but unfortunately, I was only thought English and French in school.

  • French is the official language of love, so if you want to impress the hell out of someone, learn Fresh, or at least learn a couple of sweet sentences in Fresh, that should be enough.
  • French is spoken around the world, in Europe but also in France's old colonies from Africa or even Asia.
  • Fairly easy to learn of if you are Latin-based native language speaker such as Romanian, Italian or Spanish.

  • If you ever want to settle in certain parts of Canada, learning French would be a necessity as some parts of Canada are majority French speakers.
  • Can be difficult to learn if you are born as native Germanic language speaker.




I used to have some French lessons at school. And while I cannot say I liked the language, I certainly prefer it to German. I like the sound of French words, whereas German does not sound so nice to me. I had a German friend who gave me the impression that German is a harsh language, if you get what I mean, in the way it is pronounced, unlike French which is more subtle and elegant as a language. So even if French is really difficult and I hardly remember how to construct a short sentence since I used to have lessons, I still vote for it when it comes to comparing it to German.
Posted by sspi on 03-17-2017

French is the gateway language!

Ooh la la! French is the gateway language to learn if you want to learn other languages too. And if you want to learn other languages faster and better. The French language is always the best language to learn and I would advise anyone thinking of either learning French or German to go with French first. The French language is a fairly easy language to learn as well (if you have a good memory for words). Although it can also be a bit hard to get the accent right! :D As for German well that's not a highly difficult language to learn but it's a fair bit harder than French! The thing about German language, the dialect is not really like any other language. It's the only language that puts alotofwordstogethertoformreallyreallylongwords! And that can just be a complete brain fart from what I remember at school! LOL :D
Posted by idealmikey on 03-16-2017

beautiful and more versatile

I would rather learn French than German. French seems a little more versatile as it is spoken in more countries than German. Also, it is a very beautiful sounding language and has that classic "romantic" appeal that one thinks of in regards to France. I do think that German might be a little easier to learn, but French would be more rewarding.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 03-16-2017


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