Lego painting Easter eggs set

Lego painting Easter eggs set
Less than a month, and finally easter will be here! One of the most awaited moment in the years for both child and grown up, there are a few specific things that you are awaitng related to that day, I'm sure, and one of those is easter eggs! They are basically the symbol of easter, and painting them it's absolutely a lot of fun! And you know what other stuff is fun? Lego!

This set includes both of them: Lego, of course, that are always fun, portraying a classic scene of easter egg painting. It's being sold on Amazon for 28,78 dollars and it just looks amazing. The scene is set in a detailed kitchen, full of all kitchen-like stuff like some jars, a clock, a oven and even some flowers at the window. ON a small table in the center, a bunch of eggs are being painted by a girl with all the necessary tools in her hands. Next to her, a guy (brother? husband? friend? who knows!) accidentally dropped a egg on the floor! And of course there is also a hen, in case they ran out of eggs! The hen is not in the kitchen, of course, but in the small garden included with the set. Exactly: there is even a garden outside from the kitchen!

It's a very nice set, full of small details and extremely colorful. Kids from 7 years and up will absolutely enjoy it (less than that, and it might be dangerous due to all the small pieces) and of course it will be a joy even for all the adults that enjoy and collects Lego sets. Painting eggs is what's Easter is mostly about today, and unite that most amazing experience with the amazing stuff that are Lego is just the best idea people could had.

  • Lots of details
  • Various minifigures included
  • A typical easter scene
  • Very cute
  • Fun for adults and kids

  • Smaller than expected
  • Very high price
  • The eggs in the set are not colored...




For me, the Lego Easter Bunny was just too small a set. You could probably be finished with it in a few minutes and then it would just be boring after that especially for a little kid. But with this, the Lego Painting Easter Eggs Set, you can take your time and enjoy it a lot afterwards.
Posted by kingcool52 on 04-09-2018

Easter eggs!

I prefer this Lego painting Easter egg set as it's nice to let the kids paint the eggs, then we can have the egg hunt on the Easter day. Moreover, I like the kitchen set and also the small garden. It's fun for the kids to build the them. The whole set is also good for telling stories and also for the kids to play with.
Posted by kaka135 on 03-05-2018

For my cousin.

The Lego painting Easter eggs set is one set of toy that my cousin has been demanding that I get for him during the coming Easter period and this review has gone a long way to tighten the reason he made that demand. The thing with this type of toy is that you get to have fun with it even as an adult and that is one thing that I like about it. It doesn't get bored while using it as long as we are concerned.
Posted by Barida on 03-06-2018

More versatile

If I had to choose between these two sets, this one would win. It just looks far more diverse than the other set, and I feel like it would entertain my children for a longer period of time - which is what we all want when we buy a toy, right?!
Posted by amelia88 on 07-01-2018


Lego Easter Bunny

Lego Easter Bunny
Every day, and every festivity in a year have its symbol, and its iconic figures: for example for Christmas there is that joyful red man known as Santa Claus, for St Patricks' Day there are Leprechauns and other green stuff and for Easter... well, for some people - it's not actually present in the whole world, it's mostly a American figure - there is the Easter Bunny!

There is not really anything specific or characteristic about him, it's just.. a bunny, that for some reason became the symbol of easter. A bunny that hide the eggs hoping children will find them with a lot of joy! And since in the other side of this versus we talked about Lego, let's talk about Lego again, and specifically a Lego set about - you guessed it - the easter bunny himself!

This nice cute set is being sold on Amazon for 41,92 dollars, and it's just amazing! Maybe it doesn't have many details, since it includes just a single figure, but it's still extremely well made. It's a bunny with a amazing big orange carrot... The bunny isn't just standing here doing nothing, try to touch it and you'll quickly realize that it's most amazing that it looks: looks those ears? They move! Move them up, sideways, down... did he heard something? Move the ears! Just with them you can make him have a lot of various facial expresion. And of course his arms and legs aren't just simple decorations - they move too! Put the bunny in a jumping pose, and move his arms like if it was saying hello to someone in the distance.

The easter bunny is such a iconic figure of Easter, and it totally deserved a Lego set (or figure) just for him, expecially a figure well made like this. No matter what your age is, you will enjoy it!

  • His legs, arms and ears move
  • Cute
  • Great easter gift
  • Good quality

  • Very small
  • Cost a lot
  • Arrived in a box all smashed
  • Received the wrong item



Easter Bunny

When my son was young, he could entertain himself for hours with legos. Building them offered him a way to engage creatively with the blocks and it was a sense of accomplishment to build these firgures. I think the bunny is a great thing for all to build.
Posted by kgord on 03-05-2018


I think this Easter set is lot easier to solve. And for kids it can be good. As they tend to like the Easter bunny. And so for the festival reason I'd surely prefer that. I personally would choose this set over the star wars set as the star wars set is not that interesting.
Posted by overcast on 03-06-2018

Easter Bunny

I'm picking the Lego Easter Bunny because it's bigger and more in line with the Easter Celebrations. And it's cute and unlike the other toy which has a lot of characters in it this one concentrates your attention to the bunny alone.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 03-04-2018


The bunny looks cuter and a better gift on its own rather than the eggs, which you can make instead of using better materials for a traditional Easter egg hunt.
Posted by treecko142 on 03-05-2018


It looks like the Easter egg hunt is once again in fashion and painting the eggs is one challenge that the children love. We would be buying eggs and boil it well then let it cool before the painting starts. However, we don’t use the chicken egg because that is quite big and easy to spot. What we use are the quail eggs which are small and easy to hide. Those small eggs are so hard to find that we need to make a map of where the eggs are hidden so we would know if there are some more left to hunt.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-04-2018
Both of these seems to be really amazing and even I feel like playing these games. lol. However, if I have to choose here then it will be the painting Easter eggs set. My niece and nephew enjoy egg painting and they will be thrilled to get such a gift for Easter. Moreover, since I have so many things on my list to buy for Easter I prefer this one as it is much cheaper.
Posted by Pixie on 03-05-2018
I think Easter eggs set is not that much popular. And some of the time we have to find the set that is more or less in demand for our life. And another thing is that bunny set seems to be having more demand on amazon and ebay. So I think on that note it'd be possible to see that there is more demand for the easter bunny than the eggs.
Posted by overcast on 03-06-2018
The Easter Bunny will be great Easter fun at least for the fun of it,I just like the Lego set it will be ideal of the kids amusement,there would be a dull moment with it,it will be a fun thing fine the funny the bunny looks cute and adorable.
Posted by lovely on 03-06-2018