Lending or Borrowing Money ; Which is your Pick?

Lending or Borrowing Money ; Which is your Pick?
Are you more comfortable lending money to people, be it your friends or a stranger or are you more comfortable borrowing? Personally, I really don't fancy borrowing money from anyone or anywhere, not banks or cooperate individuals.

This is actually because I don't well being a debtor. It deprives me of my peace and rest of mind and body. It practically gives me a push up in my blood pressure should I by accident bump into the individual that I borrowed such fund from.

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What's your pick, borrowing or lending?


I am the kind ofperson who doesn't want to have a debt from . But if I have to choose if im going to lend a money or barrow money to someone, I will choose barrowing money and I will barrow tge money to the people I know like my fruends or family. Its more easy to pay and there is no deadline and no high interest.
Posted by jayken on 10-12-2017
I'm totally agree with you about it, because when we borrow something to someone. We are bound to pressure ourselves to pay the dept to other people. It is more embarrassing when we borrow something to someone, and they could ask it anytime they wanted to. I am once borrowed to someone, but when emergency comes, as unpredictable, I didn't pay my obligation at the right time, that's why they even warn me to pay it, or file a case against me. But I know in myself, if only there's no hospital bills I would pay it on time.

Clearly, everybody always has a thought of helping anyone, but as my experienced, I will not accept any help anymore, so that I don't have any obligation which will fall into another form of problem. I will only minimize my means, and do everything not to get sick, and get other source of income.
Posted by jaysolano12 on 10-12-2017
Maybe you are different from others, because most times these that borrow money or get financial assistance from family members and friends tend to find it difficult to repay such debt.

And the funny situation is that the individual, be it a family member or a friend that lend you such money would find it very hard coming to ask you to repay the money and this most times results in their losing the money.

This is definitely the main reason why I totally don't agree to lending money to any family members or friends for any reason. I would rather freely give the money than lend it out, expecting to be paid back.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
Both of these options are not something that I'd like to do, however I'd go with lending. I mean, if you're gonna do something you're uncomfortable with then at least help somebody. There are people who wouldn't return the money, but that's why you should just lend money to anyone, only to your trusted friends.
Posted by manmad on 10-12-2017
Well, I wouldn't call it lending if your mindset is simply to help out one in a tight situation. When it's money being lend to someone, it's definitely expected to be paid back.

What you probably should call it is offer grant to such individual you really think that deserves your financial help and support. These grants comes for free and nothing attached to it, it's just a philanthropist act of humanitarian work to the less privileged.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
I don't like to borrow money from anybody. If I can't afford it then I simply do without. I make sure I budget so that I am able to pay all my expenses without having to ask somebody else to lend me money. I don't mind lending money to people that I know who will pay it back. If the person doesn't pay me back then I won't ever lend them money again. I have given people money who needed it and never expected it in return. It all depends on the situation. I would not lend to somebody that I didn't really know.
Posted by Sue on 10-12-2017
I totally agree with you, if it's something that I really need but cannot afford it, it's best that I forget about it and move on because should I borrow money to buy such, where would I get the money to pay it back?

Now on the issue of leading money to a friend who later doesn't pay up and you now ruling him/her off from future leading of any kind of money assistance, it's pretty obvious that the financial aid you offered to your friend in the first place have dented your relationship.

This is probably the main reason I don't fancy lending money to friends, I would rather give as a grant or teach the friend how to make money himself.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
I always borrow money when I badly need it. But when someone needs money I lend a help to them, and I had to make sure they would pay it later. I always encounter people who would not pay money, most of the time they would begging me to extend the payment rather they would pay me in time, as a human, I find any ways to understand them, but there's a person who would take advantage towards you. Even so, I manage myself to control my anger toward the people who make opportunity of me.

Clearly, every one of us has a potential to become a provider of someone else problem. This is the reason why I choose both above the topic, where I can become a lender or borrower which will always depend upon the situation you endure.
Posted by jaysolano12 on 10-12-2017
If you always make the habit of borrowing money all the time when you are in need of it, your life would practically be full of debts that you owe different sorts of people and in my opinion, it's not a good decision and financial position one should drift into.

Try as much as you can not be borrow all the time that you are in desperate need for cash. Try and learn not to have everything that you desire and understand that in life, one doesn't get to have all that he or she wanted.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
Who will like to be called a debtor Lol ,I will only remain a lender because I love giving.Borrowing money comes with lots of problems which I detest, one's creditor would be harassing and embarrassing and one will be so helpless, what can one do about it nothing, because one is in a difficult position as a debtor.I prefer to do the harassing than being harassed by anybody, so I save a lot to avoid this kind of problem.
Posted by lovely on 10-12-2017
Haha, my dear not me at all in any way, I would definitely not wish to be called a debtor, as it's not a pleasant word to the ear. Just like you already narrated, the stress that comes with being a debtor is completely embarrassing.

You even have strength to go on harassing your debtors, personally I don't have such energy and that is probably why I'm totally uncomfortable with leading my money out to anyone.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
gata montes
Neither - as having always much preferred to avoid the possibility of needing to borrow money by living within my means - meaning not spending more than I can afford - even though at times it has meant having to sacrifice something in order to do that.

Not only have I never borrowed any money form anyone or anywhere - but I don't lend it either and certainly wouldn't even consider lending money to someone that I knew - simply because - should there be any difficulty with paying the money back - it could very easily cause such bad feeling or even a rift between the two of you - that its very likely that it would ruin the relationship that you had with that person.
Posted by gata montes on 10-12-2017
I definitely think that it's best to be contented with what and any amount of money that you have as your own and not looking to increasing it by becoming a debtor.

Even if the borrowing is for business purposes, I would really recommend and advice that you go about your business programs with your own money, should anything go wrong, not that you are praying for it, it's only going to be your money that got lost and you have no debt to pay back.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
I don't like borrowing, I tend to steer clear the only time I would borrow if I was desperate for cash. But, I tend to lend many times don't always get it back on time but still I lend if I think they need it. I also, hate them payday sites, seen many join them and pay huge interests on the money they actually borrowed.
Posted by moneybags82 on 10-12-2017
Borrowing money is not fun at all because to me personally, it deprives me of my peace of mind with knowing that I'm owing so so person that I'm yet to pay.

And to actually bump into the individual that I'm owing money would really make me to be very uncomfortable as I would be pondering that the person is probably here to collect his or her money when I'm not able to pay it back yet.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
I think this is very tough question. I am glad that we don't have voting for this sort of question. The reason being it'd be really hard to define what can be good or bad for people like us. And we don't know what type of people are around us. It'd be just different for each one of us to learn from. I think lending is good sometimes. And borrowing is good too. I think it'd be reasonable to understand this part.
Posted by overcast on 10-12-2017
Yes, it's truly a tough questions but it doesn't mean that there isn't going to be an answer for it. Personally, I think it is more of what is comfortable with an individual that would determine if such person would prefer to borrow or lend to others as well.

I seriously doubt if there is any good that comes with borrowing money, I mostly see this as consigning one to being a liability in terms of debts. I really wouldn't be advising anyone that I know or have anything in common with to borrow money because, borrowing only pulls you back from progressing in life.

If you have the stomach to forgo your money to anyone that you lend money and refuse to pay then you can keep on with the leading and gradually keep getting poor by the day.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
I don't like neither really. I prefer to work and be able to pay for my stuff. Lending is bad because there is never a guarantee of recieving it and borrowing makes me feel really bad for taking someone else's money with no idea of when I'll be able to pay back
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-12-2017
Your stance is completely in accordance with mine. It's very much better to work for yourself and make money little bit by little bit, in order to be able to afford your own stuffs instead of borrowing to buy what you can't really afford under normal circumstances.

Borrowing to finance a project that you cannot afford, will perpetually make you life debtor and such is very bad for ones image and repute.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
I'm not comfortable also with lending money to other people. I have a bad experience of lending money to my co-employee before. I lend him the money because he promised me to pay back after a week. He wasn't able to pay the money on due that we've agreed and he just keeps in promising until it reaches three months. I was stressed and disappointed because I was saving that money for a really important matter.

Debt could sometimes be the reason of good relationships being broken. So, I'd rather donate money that I can afford to the person asking me to borrow money if it is really for emergency matter.
Posted by vhinz on 10-12-2017
This is really the main problem one faces with leading money to a friend, the problem there is that you cannot really press him to pay you for the the money that you lend him aggressively simply because he is your friend.

It's best to just donate or offer grant to such individual and get on with your life. I had an experience once with a very good friend of mine and after that, I ruled off ever lending money to any friends of mine. You are actually right in stating the obvious that debts is a big cog in the wheel of friendship and relationships.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
I can lend money only to my friends or family but I prefer to avoid it because I don't like to ask them when they are going to pay me or remember them, they owe me money. I think people should not be reminded they have outstanding debts because they are older enough to be a responsible person. About borrowing, I hate that. I can't borrow money because I hate to owe people. Sometimes I borrow money from my friends or family but because I don't have enough cash with me or my debit or credit cards don't work. But when I arrive home, instantly, I transfer them the money they lent me.
Posted by cubo on 10-12-2017
It's best to lend money to a stranger than a friend or family member because it's definitely going to be easier to get the money back from the stranger by using force or any other means necessary.

But if it's a family member or good friends of yours, you should consider such money to be gone with the friendship boat far away at sea because the money is just about 90% not going to be paid back to you. And the truth of the matter is that you cannot make case with a family member or a good friend of yours to pay you the money that you lend to them.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
Since i only let my friends borrow on me money sometimes i don't apply the method of lending since it's like a awkward to make it as a rules of borrowing money if it's my friend i prefer borrowing since they are my friends and i don't let strangers borrow from me. and also i think lending is more applicable on company that offers lending services in which it might be effective.
Posted by tophew on 10-12-2017
Research has shown that a great number of friends tend not to pay the money that they borrowed from their friends. I have actually had an experience once and I'm definitely not looking for another one anytime soon.

Maybe your friends are not of this earth realm if they are all punctual in paying you the cash that you lend them as and at when due.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
To be honest I am not comfortable with lending and borrowing. In the past I lent some money to a friend and he never returned it back. From that day onwards I have stopped lending money to people. I can't trust anyone. I am against borrowing too but sometimes I have to it. I don't like to borrow from my friends or family. I prefer to borrow from the bank. I know that I have to pay interest by borrowing from the bank and I'm fine with it. The problem is that when you borrow from others they end up talking about you behind your back at times.
Posted by Pixie on 10-12-2017
Exactly on note, if it's a friend that you lend your money, consider that money to be gone for good. If the friend actually later comes and repay the debt owed, then you the lender should count yourself a very lucky individual.

The reason why they and most people tend to run away from borrowing from banks is because of the internet rate given to each amount being borrowed and also the request for collateral, as should one fail to pay back, his collateral would be Monetized.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
I only borrowed money once in my entire life, and I absolutely hated the feeling that comes to you when you have a debt. You just want to get rid of it as soon as possible and I honestly hate having too much on my mind. Lending money is almost the same thing, if you don't get it back when you should have you now have to chase the person around and you'll never be sure if he gives you the money back. So I hate both of these options.
Posted by Tania997 on 10-12-2017
Haha, chasing the person around for your money is absolutely hilarious, well it's true in its own way because you have to making unnecessary that under normal circumstances you wouldn't but simply because you need your money to be paid back to you, you will be forced to keep on pressuring the person (Friend) until he/she pays. And if he/she later fails to pay up, then you should count your loss and move on.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
Neither really. I absolutely hate borrowing money from anybody, even my own mother because it just makes me feel uncomfortable and I hate knowing that I owe somebody something. I avoid it at all costs. I don't think that I have ever borrowed money except for one time and I returned it within two weeks. And as far as lending is concerned, I am not a huge fan. I've lent my money to a few friends before and they never paid back. What am I suppose to do then? Ask for the money and put the friendship in a weird position or just let it go? I think that mixing money and friends is bad.
Posted by Mehano on 10-12-2017
Borrowing money definitely perfect in making one feel uncomfortable among or within the residence of the the individual that lend you such money. It will even go to the extent of making you not be your real self when you are around the person that lend you fund. Take for instance, someone who lend you money happens to come where you hung out with friends, his presence would definitely make you uncomfortable that you cannot freely buy whatever you desire to eat, as the watchful eyes of that person is upon you.

And coming to lending money to friends, if you were ever to try it, just consider the money gone and lost as you said because asking for it would definitely put your relationship with your friends in jeopardy.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
I have borrowed money from friends plenty of times. Being on a fixed income puts me into a position that really sucks. I hardly have enough money to get by and when I am in a situation and I need to borrow money it makes it even harder to live as I pay the money back. I didn't ask to be disabled in life its one of those things that just happened without me asking for it. And I wouldn't wish it on no one. I miss having my pockets line with $100 bills. These days my pockets are lined with lint and I am lucky to have a $1 to my name.
Posted by Soulwatcher on 10-12-2017
So sorry to hear of the predicament that you are passing through, well just like I have come to know you from your post on this thread, just go and pen it down somewhere that nothing lasts forever.

Your current situation is definitely not going to be like this forever. With time and hard work, I truly believe that your fortune would really turn around for good. I would suggest that you make freelancing a good part of your job, once you are good it it, it's definitely going to be filling your pocket with money once in a while.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
I hate borrowing! It feels like begging and it is a huge risk to do it, to borrow from people that are close to you. Money can ruin friendships. I have lended money to my one friend once and it was more like helping, but if it was for something that was not needed I'd feel very uncomfortable knowing she's using me.
Posted by felabruno on 10-12-2017
Yes, you're absolutely right, money and debt can ruin friendship so fast that before you could understand what went wrong, the relationship will be far more too damaged and broken that repairing such broken friendship is going to be a mission impossible.

There was a saying that I normally hear back then and it's now that I realize it actually true, the statement goes this way, " If it's not either money or women that causes a friendship between two guys to break up, then such relationship is bound to last a lifetime". It's lately that I found out how money can ruin a long time friendship.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
Neither to be honest. I don't like borrowing money unless it is an absolute emergency. And when I do borrow money from someone I make sure that they are paid back as quickly as possible. Borrowing and lending are definitely one of those things that can damage a relationship, especially with friends. That's why I try not to lend money to others as well because it's just too stressful trying to get your money back especially from friends when they are a bit reluctant to pay you back.
Posted by kingcool52 on 10-12-2017
If it's possible to forgo the need why you wanted to borrow money, I would really encourage that because of the discomfort being a debtor can put you through. It's not a funny experience and I really wouldn't wish you experience such. If you can improvise to deal with the need you wanted to borrow money before for is what I would recommend. Personally it's obvious leading money ruins relationship and friendship, so therefore, it's important to resist leading money to friends if you value your friendship.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
Well, I have done both of these things. It's just a matter of time. When we have money and a friend needs some help then I do lend him a helping hand in any way possible. Similar is the case when I am in some sort of trouble then I expect the same in return from them. People might feel borrowing as a sin but it's not unless you don't give it back according to the terms decided at first.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 10-12-2017
If you lend to a friend forget getting it back. Just dash out the money and go on with your friendship because the moment you seek to get the money back, it would definitely affect the relationship in a negative way.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
Lending and borrowing is a two-way process. If you borrow money from a person, at one time, you will have to lend him money. If you cannot or don't, you will be unable to borrow from him next time. When you lend money, the basic idea behind it will be if you want monetary help in the future this person will be there to lend you. I don't anyone is a fan of borrowing money, however, one has to borrow during economic crisis.
Posted by vinaya on 10-12-2017
You basically understand the principles of borrowing and lending, I really do wish that most erring individuals out there whom are supposedly posing as someone's friend do understand it this way and not trying to take advantage of their friendship with someone by refusing to pay back the money they borrowed, because they know fully well that most time, their friendship with such person wouldn't force him or her to aggressively seek payment of the debt.
Posted by Heatman on 10-13-2017
I don't know if I am a strange person but I never borrow money in any situations and believe me there were times when I didn't have food on the table....I guess I am too proud for this. In the other case, I am a really helping person I always lend money to my friends if they need so, and it did happen to me to never see the money back!
Posted by wallet on 10-12-2017
There is nothing wired about your not or never having to borrow money before for the first time, it's actually a self discipline and it's not that easy to come by.

It's just learning on how to suppress the urge to have something that you are 100 % aware that you really cannot afford at the moment, instead of resorting to borrowing money to satisfy that need. I would really encourage you to keep it up because it's helpful in molding your self prestige, because to be debt free isn't a simple achievement.
Posted by Heatman on 10-13-2017
Its kinda odd but I neither choose any of these as lending or borrowing money from any person definitely makes me sleep harder. Especially when the person I lend a money or even just some things has a bad history of bringing back what he/she owed. That can be applied as well when I borrow from other people. If I'm not 100 percent sure that I will be able to give back what I owe to a person in a specific time, I would never try to borrow at all as it makes me think about it every night when I'm going to sleep. The less I worry before I lay on my bed, the more I sleep sound.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 10-13-2017
The disturbing fact is that there is no way for you to know if one is truly credit worthy or debt ridden, these are two hidden privacy in one's life that no matter how deep you probe to find out, you will always end up with nothing unless the individual in quote makes things aware for you.

The approach they use to come and borrow money is never the same thing when it's time to pay back, they find it practically difficult to repay the money they borrowed without one story or another.

It's definitely good to avoid borrowing as it is going afford you peace of mind and not worrying over settling of any debt that you owe anyone.
Posted by Heatman on 10-13-2017
I don't think lending is bad, but the issue with most of the time that I've lent to people is that I end up not getting my money and that's disturbing for I did that act out of the love I have for those people. So, I don't think lending with the aim of recouping the lent money is a good hope to have. I also don't feel cool borrowing especially when I know that I can manage the little that I have at that moment.
Posted by Barida on 10-13-2017
No one says that leading money is bad, no not at all. The focus point on leading is whom you actually lend your money.

Now if it's a stranger whom you barely know, it's more better because should the individual default in paying you as and at when due, you can easily employ any means necessary to get your money back.

But if it's a good friend of yours that you lend money, 98% of them never pays and as such you have two options, either to aggressively seek payment of your money thereby denting your relationship and friendship with the person or lose your money to still be friends with that individual.
Posted by Heatman on 10-13-2017
When you are borrowing money that means you are in need while when you lend money it means you have more than enough. But whatever it is, I avoid borrowing or lending. In fact, I received a private message in Facebook today from someone who lost her job. You can guess what message followed that prelude. And although I have the money, I declined lending her because it is our policy not to lend money. Why so? We have been lending money to friends and relatives that resulted in a sad experience. Aside from not paying up the money they owed us, they would be out of sight. So lending money is not a good way to help people.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-15-2017
If you can resist the temptation and urge to borrow money when you are in need of something that you can't really afford at the moment, it's definitely going to save the shame and embarrassment for not being able to pay back when time for payment comes.

Between the option of borrowing and lending, I would personally be more comfortable with the latter as long as I have good trust that the person I'm lending to would eventually pay back.
Posted by Heatman on 10-16-2017
When it comes to friends, I'd rather lend than borrow, but of course, I would need the money - otherwise, it would be painful and irritating. Anyway, on the other side, borrowing from people is incredibly unpleasant for me. I would avoid it if possible.

Oh, by the way, while I don't like borrowing from friends, I don't consider it shameful or wrong to borrow from a bank. Nonetheless, they want credit, and who can blame them?
Posted by jyy on 10-16-2017
I'm of the opinion of not lending to friends, especially close ones at that because they are the most likely ones that won't pay back the money and you can't bring yourself to ask them for it since you are all good friends. So therefore, I try as much as possible to to lend money to any of my close friends but if I must, I would rather give him or her for free as a grant and don't expect to get paid back. It's more peaceful and comfortable for me that way.
Posted by Heatman on 10-16-2017