Lindt Chocolate Carrots

Lindt Chocolate Carrots
Lindt Chocolate Carrots are exceptionally gaudy because of its packaging, a lot of people like Carrots and so many love chocolate, the quality of this product distinguishes it among parity. This special Chocolate carrots is suitable for children as well as adults.

Kids get the best daily when their parents or guardian make the best available to them. The Lindy Chocolate Carrots contains four piece chocolate wrapped carrots. Taste chocolate like never before, give kids a reason to smile while marking the easter celebration.

The shell of the carrots is made of milk chocolate, nothing could be so enticing like the relishing taste of this carrots. The center of the carrots contains enriched chocolate hazelnut, this makes it a chocolate buster, the whole combination forms a nutritious piece that will make every chocolate lover ask for more.

The Carrots are perfect selection for complementing exclusive gift baskets, because it is an embodiment of quality. Are you working on a project that demands extreme decoration? The Lindt Chocolate Carrots are adorable piece that can add value to decorative patterns, using eatables like this carrots will portray high creativities.

Their is tremendous acceptance for this carrots globally and this can be attributed to its nutritional values and its appealing appearance. The pack has four chocolate carrots that satisfy at least four chocolate lovers.

• very nutritious • Has a relishing chocolate taste. • Can be used for decorative purposes. • Can serve as a lovely easter gift.

• Limited number of chocolate carrots available in one pack. • people without flare for chocolate may not find it tasteful.




Ferroro Richer has good reputation for producing quality chocolate, the processing gives their product a different taste from the rest. The number of their products sold yearly is significantly high. The chocolate usually has extra milk coating, the coating is mixed with chocolate forming milk chocolate.

This box would be good for gift because it has quite a good number inside to go round. The fact that it can serve a mini class room is also a plus. I'm in for doing exploits this easter and its certain many will join me.

Posted by Jeshurun on 03-22-2017

so cute!

I absolutely love this chocolate carrot set! I have a garden and I love anything that reminds me of my happy times in the garden. I think this is the perfect sweet treat to give someone for Easter. It celebrates Springtime. This chocolate would make a great present for children and it's fun and playful. As an adult, I would also love receiving this bright and cheery chocolate. Lindt chocolate is always very rich, creamy, and delicious. I vote for this chocolate set!
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 03-20-2017


Ferrero Rocher Chocolate, 48 count

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate, 48 count
Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolate is a dream come true in the world of chocolate, with such a delightful taste and lustrous appearance, many find the chocolate enviable. It has gone beyond leaps and bounds, through much resilience has made a reputable mark in chocolate world on global scene.

Enjoy chocolate in its purest form with an excellent combination of chocolaty cream garnished with an enticing hazelnut, the chocolate is made such that a crisp chocolate wafer is enveloped in milk chocolate and chopped Hazelnuts.

Entertain kids around you with this nutritious milk Chocolate tasting treat, the pack contains 48 piece and it is basically enough to go round a mini class with students below that number.

The Ferrero Richer Hazelnut Chocolate can be used effectively as gift in marking easter celebration or other celebrations in which exchange of gifts is part of the activities that mark the event. Chocolate lovers will have a very memorable day when you spice up their life with this chocolate box.

The box content is peanuts free, so it is worth indulging, an experience that is truly memorable. Make loved ones have pleasure celebrating easter by sending them this welcoming and enriched chocolate.

• perfect milk chocolate coating. • 48 in a box. • perfect holiday gift. • Has gaudy appearance.

• Each piece is small in size. • Not everybody will find it indulging.



Love them

Although the Lindt chocolate carrots are really very original and they will surely bring a smile to one's face when given as an Easter gift, I cannot afford not to vote for Ferrero Rocher which are my absolute favorites. I love the nut in the middle of the chocolate, and the dairy chocolate coating is just ideal for my taste.
Posted by sspi on 03-20-2017

Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher all the way. I never heard of Lindt Chocolate Carrots, but it doesn't seem to be a very premium Chocolate. At least with Ferrero Rocher you have the illusion of a premium chocolate that actually tastes pretty well and can be given as a gift anytime under every circumstance.
Posted by Cristian on 03-21-2017


It's going a little far to say a chocolate carrot is actually healthy.
Posted by InverElixir on 03-31-2017
I really don't know how to pick between these two. I have tried Ferroro Rocher chocolate and they are one of my favorite chocolates too, but it might be too boring if I give this box of chocolate to someone, as it has been very common to be included in a gift basket here. I have not heard about or seen Lindt Chocolate Carrots, so I do not know how they taste, but I think it would be more exciting for someone to receive that package as the carrots look so cute and it's something more special.
Posted by kaka135 on 01-22-2018
With the mention of Ferrero Rocher, it is one of my favorites and nothing can beat it except maybe Lindt. However, Lindt is very expensive that’s why we seldom buy Lindt chocolates when we go abroad. Especially in South Korea, their Lindt chocolates were exorbitant in prices. Back to Ferrero Rocher, I like it for the blend of chocolate with the milk. And it’s crunchy as well that adds to the flavor when you chew.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-07-2018