Lined ( Ruled) sheets

Lined ( Ruled)  sheets
Lined sheets increases organization and even placement of alphabets, the lines serves as a guide that gives our write-ups a tone. Lined sheets are mostly used for unofficial documentations, but they can also be used for official documentation if you desire to do so. A good number of jotters and notebooks are ruled, the lines assist the writer in adhering to writing rules, and ensures organization.

Making bullet points is easier when you use lined sheets, the write up is unambiguous and each point is distinctive. When you collect notes from friends, copying the note is easier if their notes have lines, you can easily focus on a line or retrace where you stopped in case of distractions.

Lined sheets increases our ability to pin point certain sections of your jottings, and make changes when necessary. You can draw simple tables with ease, the table structure is easily completed by adding simple lines to the ones that already exist on the sheet. Some lines are vivid while the rest are faint, but the main goal of ruled sheet is to assist us in producing organized write-ups.

Ruled sheets come in various formats, some are largely spaced between lines, while others have small spaces, their are long lined note book and short ones too. Everything boils down to preference, you can easily select the type and color that meets your requirements.

• Ensures organization. • Even spacing can be easily achieved. • Perfect for jottings. • You can easily trace lines with important contents. • Various formats are available.

• Not suitable for official documentation. • Can restrict tables and graphs.



Cleaner look!

I definitely prefer the lined paper, especially if I am writing something like a letter or an essay. I have tried using the plain sheets before but I have always failed miserably. I simply can't control how I write the letters and before I even realize, my letters are all over the place... it looks absolutely horrible.

That's why the lined paper is the best option. It's easy to keep your text in place within the lines that serve as the limit. It also looks much nicer and neater.

Even in high school and university, we always used lined paper to write exams and essays on. I am too used to it to switch to anything else.

Posted by Mehano on 08-02-2017

Lined Sheets

Although I prefer sheets without lines when doing crafts or sketching, most of the work I do on paper is writing. I keep journals, and I find that I write neater and more legibly in journals and notebooks which have lined pages. I prefer college ruled lined paper, and I get a great deal of satisfaction filling notebook after notebook with my thoughts, poems, and ideas.
Posted by Anonymous on 08-02-2017


I prefer lined sheets as they are generally neater and easier to write on. When you have a plain sheet of paper you end up scribbling, and the final result is generally writing that is not straight, or even scribbling or even drawing here and there.
Posted by sspi on 09-29-2017

Lined if I had to use Paper

These day's it's all computers this and that, when I did write I used lined paper. Now it is all word processors all PC Desktop/laptops doing the work.

Which I prefer because you can email your documents to online job sites with your CVS or your letters to companies.

Posted by moneybags82 on 08-03-2017

Better for Clean Writing

I take a lot of notes at work, and I make sure to always have a legal pad for my meetings. If I don't have lined paper to write on, my writing slopes off downhill in an uneven line, which makes for poor organization of my notes on paper. Hence the reason I don't use plain sheets of paper to take notes.
Posted by TheArticulate on 08-02-2017
Jonathan Solomon


When it comes to composing written letters, I do prefer lined. To be honest, I never had the best hand writing in school. I also found it challenging to keep my words straight with writing a letter freehand on a plain sheet of paper. Nowadays, my hand writing has matured and is much better than before. So I'm very comfortable with writing a letter on plain or lined paper. I just prefer lined because I think it looks neater and more orderly.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 09-08-2017

Lined Sheets

I have to use lined sheets to write. I have a terrible handwriting and if I try to write on a sheet of paper without lines it is worse!
Posted by BigDreamer on 08-02-2017

Can't do without them.

These days I write with pen and paper more than I type and print, so ruled sheets are absolutely essential for me. If I'm being honest, without the lines to guide me I write so crooked that you could practically consider it a handicap. I just can't keep my sentences straight for the life of me, so without ruled sheets I would be a goner. I pretty much only ever use clean sheets of paper when I'm sketching or jotting down unimportant stuff like grocery lists or notes for the family.
Posted by Denis_P on 08-03-2017

Lined ~ College Ruled not Wide Ruled

Do people still write on paper nowadays? I thought everybody did everything on a desktop computer, a laptop or a tablet or a mobile.

I joke. Even my teenage daughter still uses pencil and paper. She does a lot of writing. On the computer and manually on paper. When I buy her loose leaf paper or notebooks, I get college ruled. It's not her preference. It's my preference. Since I'm paying for it, I get to buy what I want.

Posted by cmoneyspinner on 02-20-2018

Lined Sheet

You can see that lined sheet has it's own benefits. You can easily make use of them for the math. You can also see the use for the sheet with the handwriting. So compared to the blank sheet, this can make things lot easier. That being one more reason I prefer to have lined sheet. Some of the things that you have to consider for the writing stuff.
Posted by overcast on 08-03-2017

I prefer lined sheets

I have always had troubles writing on plain sheets. I find it neater to write on ruled sheets and this helps to keep my writing consistent. I totally appreciate the fact that we are given lined notepads at work. I usually can't write consistently on plain sheets and whenever I write on those sheets my final works tend to be messy. However, when it comes to drawing or printing then plain sheets are definitely the best.
Posted by Pixie on 08-03-2017

Lined Paper

I prefer lined paper no matter what I’m doing. Whether I’m writing or I’m drawing, lined paper can still be useful. When writing, like majority of people, I tend to begin to slant my words and lines making it start up straight but start falling down if there aren’t any lines. People may complain that you can’t draw over lined paper but you sure can. Lined paper is usually feint so you can just draw over it especially if it isn’t important or just a draft though if it is important, I do tend to use plain paper.
Posted by timstargraal on 08-03-2017


I remember when I was in school this was my favorite, had a clean look and it was easier for me to use. Sometimes, we got require to do homework in plain sheets and it was very difficult for me to make it look good, I remember putting a lined ruled sheet under the plain sheet so I would write my text straight and not get it all crooked. It worked, but it was a bit annoying to do this.
Posted by reginafalange on 08-02-2017

Lined Sheets

With my atrocious handwriting, I have to use lined sheets, when writing anything important, or else no one else would ever be able to decipher it. I grew up in an area where we had "handwriting" classes, but they really didn't stick for me, so lined paper helps me to keep my crazy chickenscratch-looking scribbles under control.
Posted by JoeMilford on 08-02-2017

Lined definitely

I am very disorganized so i prefer lines sheets. The help me keep my writing in a straight line. If i use blank sheets my write tend to be unaligned and that makes my text look very bad.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-03-2017

Guide for improving handwriting

I see that lined sheets are perfect for those children who are just learning to write. They would know where to write because there are lines. There are even lined sheets that are made for younger people and it has red and blue line variations. Not everyone is capable of learning to write properly and linear on plain papers and this is where lined sheets are very useful. The problem as you have said is that it cannot be viable for official documentation, but it is perfect for making drafts.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 08-15-2017

Key for organization

I find lined sheets to be important in my work. I use these sheets to generally jot down notes. It's important to keep notes neatly written so that I can read it easily. Sometimes, you would have to show someone else your notes and it's not a great impression for the reader to have if your sentences are slanted because you do not use lined ruled sheets.

In conclusion, I believe we should use lined sheets for handwritten documents should use. If you are looking to print documents, plain sheets are better.

Posted by fishmonk on 08-02-2017

Better for organization and legibility

My father's handwriting is impossible to read when he writes on plain paper. Even he can't decipher his own writing. It's so much easier for him to write neatly on lined paper. I also find that lined paper helps me organize my ideas more effectively.
Posted by anna on 08-07-2017

Lined paper all the way

I'm a very organized person, so I prefer lined paper. Specifically college ruled paper, because I write neat and small. As opposed to plain paper. Now when it comes to making art or printing something, then I would use plain paper.
Posted by tmccoy on 08-24-2017

for writing

I like to draw so I also like plain paper since it looks better for drawings but overall I think having the lines makes the paper a lot more adaptable since you could still draw on it anyway and if you have to write something on it you could at least be sure you'll be writing in a straight line. I just don't like it when the lined paper is of low quality but the higher quality ones are great and if you get used to it you don't mind the lines at all anymore.
Posted by Wubwub on 10-31-2018


I always have this problem whenever I am writing on a piece of paper. At first, I will have straight lined sentences but later on I will realize that what I am writing is going somewhere above or below. I found it veey annoying that's why I would prefer Lined sheets so that my sentences could be organized and well-mannered.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 11-22-2018

Neat and Legible

I prefer writing in lined sheets than in plain ones. I love my notes when they are neat and organized, it actually helps me study. I don't have a nice penmanship and so having lined sheets is the only way for me to keep tidy notes. The lines helps me to have a consistent size of penmanship, and that is somewhat satisfying for me.
Posted by Einalem on 10-31-2018


Plain sheets

Plain sheets
Plain sheets are mostly used for official documentation, the A4 sized plain sheet has credible dominance over other sheet sizes. They are used in printing project works, the number of printers that prioritizes A4 plain sheet is alarming, it's almost a norm to print on A4 plain sheets. Research work demands a lot of reporting on daily basis, plain sheet offers the privilege, of designing their report sheet to suite their taste.

The flexibilities attached to using plain sheets is highly compelling, you can use the sheet in any order, any side and corner of the sheet can serve as the heading, this becomes handy when you have to input data in table format, you can easily use the longer length for convenience and legibility.

Plain sheets are essential in architectural designs, architects usually use plain sheets for sketches and actual development of their drawings. A Large sized A1 plain sheet is mostly used to implement architectural designs, the sheet offers tremendous flexibilities, which is crucial for excellent architectural presentations.

Plain sheets vary in paper quality, depending on the task at hand, you can easily select the sheet that meets your requirement. Plain sheet plays an enviable role in most academic settings.

• Mostly used for formal documentation. • Invaluable to architects. • Printers prioritizes A4 plain sheets. • Perfect for artistic purposes. • Highly flexible.

• Difficulty in maintaining straight line while writing. • Over spacing of write-ups.



Either creative or disorganised

I'm disorganised, so plain sheets fit perfectly with my personality, if I'm writing in lined sheet I would skip lines and change font size constantly, I might even flip the paper, this behaviour can be that of a creative person or a highly disorganised one.
Posted by joey98 on 08-24-2017

Plain for letters, lined for notes

If I am writing a letter, it should be on plain paper unless it's an emergency and there is none around. The simple fact is lined paper is more for college, work, and notes.

Any formal letters are on blank plain sheets, and so should letters to people in the case of adults. Children may prefer lined paper as they are still learning, but in general the etiquette is a blank plain sheet.

Posted by Alexa on 08-02-2017

Great for business

Plain white sheets of paper are the way to go. Writing letters are now done on PCs and laptops and are printed on plain white bond papers. There's no need for lined paper. If you go to an office and check all their memos and notices and letters, you'll see that all of them are printed on pain white paper.

However, for letters that are handwritten, I of course would easily choose lined paper. It's a lot easier to write on because the lines serve as guides. When I was still studying, I mostly used paper with lines because I needed them to take down notes. But now, I'm in the business world. I'm already working. And when I make letters, I don't hand write them. I print them on plain white sheets.

Plain white paper wins on my book because it could be used both formally and informally.

Posted by limberg on 08-03-2017

Plain Sheets

Here we call them: white sheets. They are my favorites because I use them a lot to draw, this is one of my hobbies and that is why I need a lot of plain sheets. I also like to use them to write by hand, using a pencil or pen. Also, they are useful to print any document or work, they are very common. I only use the sheets with lines to write in the university.
Posted by luispas on 08-02-2017

Plain paper era

I can honestly admit that I haven't written anything on lined paper for decades! Perhaps I haven't used a pen to write in a while as well. Using plain paper is so much of a norm these days that I didn't even think of lined paper as a option these days. Try using lined paper in a printer and you'll see what I mean, better yet don't try that at all!
Posted by Joteque on 08-10-2017
gata montes

No contest - Plain - is more versatile

Although I generally only use paper for business purposes these days and plain is a definite must for that - I've always much preferred plain paper over lined - as not only does it allow the freedom to write as well as - incorporate diagrams, tables, graphs and sketches all on the same page - but it kind of looks way better and somewhat more polished - when there aren't regimented lines detracting from what has been incorporated onto the paper.
Posted by gata montes on 08-03-2017


Lined or ruled sheet makes you feel restricted to some code of writing, unlike plain sheets where you can be as creative as ever. I have plain sheets always when am working in my house or at work. The provide the independence and creativity that I would like when writing or drawing.
Posted by williamk on 08-27-2017


I prefer lined paper when I am writing something because I have a tendency to go downward as I write across the page. Lines make it easier to write straight and it looks much neater. For everything else, I don't mind if it is plain paper especially if it is for printing or crafts. I like the college rule for notebooks since you can get more on the pages although you have to write small and be a little more precise.
Posted by morgoodie on 08-02-2017
It depends what I am needing the paper for. If it something for educational, school work, or personal that requires a note to be written neatly then I prefer lined paper. If it is something freehand, freelance, for fun, to jot or draw I would like the plain sheet of paper (more unimportant). However if I need to jot something down quickly - I don't mind. But regular lined paper is cheaper than plain paper too.
Posted by simplym on 08-02-2017
I usually use only plain sheets to write... But that's because I cheat and I put a lined paper sheet behind it, so I can see the silhouette of the lines and not make a mess while writing!

Best of both worlds, if I say so myself!
Posted by VintageRose on 08-02-2017
Both options are very good and depends on the occasion when you will use them. If you need to write a text, surely the paper template with lines will be the most appropriate. On the other hand, if you need to draw, the model without lines will be the most appropriate.
Posted by hermessantos on 08-02-2017
rose thornes
I prefer lined paper because I'm horrible in writing in plain sheets because I can't maintain the straight line. My friends call my hand writing in plain sheets as a rough road or a letters that are going up to hills. Lol. When I have to write in plain paper I am putting a lined paper under it to achieve straight line.
Posted by rose thornes on 08-03-2017
If I am sending anything that is going to be handwritten then I would want to do it on lined paper. It is easier to write straight and to keep things neat. Of course of something is being typed then you would want the paper to be plain. It looks neater and is more presentable. Both types of paper have their own use and purpose.
Posted by Sue on 08-03-2017
Basically I never write anything on paper, be it lined or blank plain sheets... We live in 2017, emails are just better and faster! I feel like writing is a waste of paper, and in today's world resources are pretty rare so I don't feel good writing on paper. And it take just too long to write them! And send them! And wait for them to arrive... no no, neither of them for me.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 08-03-2017
I actually prefer the lined sheets if I am writing a personal letter or taking dictations. That way, my handwriting is neat and well lined. But if I am printing something that I write on a computer, the plain sheet or we call it coupon bond is usually what is being used as in the office. Formal communications are typed and printed on a plain sheet.
Posted by SimplyD on 08-07-2017
I like lined sheets. It is easier to keep track of what you are writing and what you are doing. With plain sheets of paper, handwriting is always sloping uphill or downhill. I think lined sheets are much better to keep track of ideas and how they are presented.
Posted by kgord on 08-07-2017
as a student in school, college and university I have always used lined note books. When I was a kid, lined notebooks helped me to write in straight lines. However, later I continued using lined notebooks as a habit. After I completed my university program, I stopped using lined papers and notebooks, instead I began using plain sheets and plain notebooks.
Posted by vinaya on 08-09-2017
I agree. Same with me. I also happen to have seen the same behavior. I learned that some of the plain sheets were easy to not organize. And it can be harder to get the hand writing properly done. So it's reasonable to make use of the lined books or notebooks for that matter.
Posted by overcast on 04-16-2018
It's hard for me to vote between lined or plain paper because they each serve their own purposes. Lined paper is preferred for writing and taking notes, which as a teacher I tend to do a lot of. Not only do I use lined paper, but of course I give my students lots of lined paper for them to write with. It always seem they go through two or three sheets each because of course they are still learning and even once they have a first draft of something, then they make a nice final copy. Plain paper is of course what I use when printing documents on a printer. It's also what I like to use when I feel like doodling or drawing. In my classroom, I give students cheap, plain printer paper for them to do drawings. I find that the printer paper is actually less expensive than even the cheapest paper made for students to do doodling or drawing. My students not only love to draw, but they also enjoy using the plain paper to create their own books or comic books as an alternative to writing.
Posted by this_free_spirit on 08-14-2017
Back in the day when I actually wrote by hand, my school required for the presentation of certain essays, for them to be written on plain paper. My hand writting has never been the best, so I really needed the lines. What I used to do is that I had it in the back, so I could see the lines underneath.
Posted by DoveWithGlasses on 08-21-2017
I prefer the lined sheet,your writing would be well cordinated unnlike the plain paper.You can write in an orderly when using a lined papar.
Posted by lovely on 08-23-2017
I am for plain sheets of paper, the challenge of maintaining a straight line when writing makes the experience exciting. Lined sheets are good to use mostly when you are doing a report.
Posted by williamk on 08-27-2017
I prefer the lined ruled sheet because it will help you to know the next line to arrange your letters without making everything becoming mixed up if you only use plain paper. If you use only a plain paper you can even jump or forget a step to follow in your write up.
Posted by babyright on 09-08-2017
Lined sheets are way better because they makes one writing to be more orderly and neat. Those lines would give you directions on how to put your writings thereby ensuring that you do it properly and accurately. So therefore, I would prefer lined sheets for a better and neat writing.
Posted by Heatman on 10-01-2017
I don't think I can really select one from the other. In my office, I use both the lined paper and the plain sheet to work. Iy all depends on the type of work that I was being asked to deliver at that particular moment.
Posted by Barida on 10-02-2017
I can tell you from my experience that lined one are good for the math and English. Otherwise the plain clear sheet that can be done with any books. So you can see that the preference comes in depending on how you choose to make use of the notebooks. That's what I have learned in the process.
Posted by overcast on 04-16-2018
I have used both and I like them all. Plain sheets are good for drawing or making summary or sketches you need. Lined sheets are good for taking down notes because you can maintain your handwriting without much struggle. I currently use lined sheets frequently especially when taking lessons.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 04-16-2018
You are right that a plain sheet of paper is more appropriate for drawing and sketches while the ruled sheet is for writing. It is difficult to write using the plain sheet because you lose the direction. We make fun of the writing that is not straight as if the words are dancing. However we are now in the digital age and writing with hand is not in fashion anymore so I guess the line ruled sheet has lost its popularity among the young ones who are fond of writing love poems and letters.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-14-2018