Live streaming

Live streaming
Being a gamer is fun. Of course it should be, since videogames are hobbies, fun stuff we do when we just want to relax... after all they are games, indeed. But there are some people that want something more from games, something more than a simple hobby. Maybe they could gain from videogames, make gaming their job! Usually, the first activity that this people try is live streaming. Internet offer a good amount of different softwares and service to live streaming while you're gaming: Twitch is the bigger one, naturally. People can find any game being played in that moment on Twitch, and partecipate in a chat, donate money and a lot of other nice stuff. The streamer eventually might gain something from donation or Twitch itself, becoming a partner. Otherwise there is Youtube Live, where you can livestream directly on your Youtube channel. Both options are very nice, and while in the first you might gain more but it will be harder to start without any viewers, livestreaming on your Youtube channel – if already big – might grant a bigger audience. Of course services and sites like this aren't enough to live stream: you need games, and a personality! Not every game is enjoyable in a live stream, and for some of them you might need to have a strong personality. You need to talk, you need to make your viewer enjoy. It will be almost liek a TV show, and if you don't say anything it would be pointless to stare at a screen while someone else play without nothing much added. Sure there are people that like non commentary let's play, but a good streamer always try to make his followers feel good and enjoy the content. Live Streaming need you to have a good improvisation ability: anything might happen at any time, not just in the game. You might have some of your followers prank you somehow – and in the past there have been very severe cases of dangerous pranks, with people that even called SWAT. It wasn't fun for those streamers. But you also need to pay attention to what happens in the game, and react quickly as the situation request. Of course this might also be good, since if you are stuck on a puzzle or a boss particulary hard your follower might give you tips directly in the chat, without you having to look on Internet for a solution. And there might be moments where nothing happen, neither in the game or in the chat: you might want to start talking to avoid people getting bored, maybe asking question, making your followers feel part of the whole thing. Live streaming can be surely fun, and it surely isn't easy.

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  • Usually you gain views faster
  • With multiplayer games you could even play with your subscribers
  • You have a direct feedback from your audience
  • You can be a partner, gaining some money

  • Extremely resource demanding on a hardware level
  • You need to be a good entertainer and improvisator
  • You can't edit audio or video problems
  • You need to be consistent and have a schedule
  • Different timezones might be a issue for some viewers



Prefer live streaming

The fact that you say there are lots of people watching recorded game-play on YouTube is not a surprise. I read that would happen eventually. This world of video games belongs to my kids. But if I were going to choose, I would prefer live streaming. I'm not into sports either but I do like to watch certain Olympic games. I want to watch live competitions. I would only watch the recorded games if I couldn't watch the live games. (O.o)
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 12-14-2017

One word: Fun.

I prefer the option Live streaming because I think the emotion is always more genuine and the situations are always more fun. Of course not everyone can do it in such a fun way, but it's always something more interesting to watch.
Posted by wiseagent on 11-04-2017

3-2-1 Action! Live!

I prepare to watch a live streaming than a recorded gameplay. Well, even though it is not a game, I will love to watch live! You can feel the tension as the players feel at that time. It's like I am a part of the game. I want to watch also the recorded gameplay but for some reviews about the players not for supporting them for the match.
Posted by blank629 on 11-05-2017


It's good to watch a gamer live stream their game so we can fully get all the emotions, bloopers, and other stuff. Through live streaming, you can see the real person without any cut, filters, or anything so you'll know if that certain gamer is worth following. If you're going to follow someone, make sure that they're giving you a chance to show their true colors. A great gamer doesn't need to filter/cut their videos to only show you their good side but also for them to let us see their downside. It's also fun to see something you won't expect it can happen through live streaming.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 01-16-2018

More Real and fun

My preference goes to Live streaming over recorded game play. The reason for this my preference is because when it's streaming live, it comes with more real reactions and not a prerecorded event which might be boring. But going on Live streaming, there is less chance of misleading the viewers because they get to see you play unlike the lies that can be sold with a recorded game play.
Posted by Martinsx on 02-09-2018


Recorded gameplay

Recorded gameplay
Since Youtube was created, something happened. Ideas were growing, and new types of videos and channels appeared everyday. There were review channels, channels focused on parody, small channel created just for one single video that somehow went viral... and gaming channel. Who know who was the first, but someone one day asked to himself “Why if I record myself playing?”. Whatever was the origin of let's play, or recorded gameplay in general, today are one of the biggest part of Youtube, with some extremely popular channels with thousands of subscribers, not only in English but in any part of the world. And this would allow me to introduce a big part of the Youtube Gaming: is not easy to gain views. There is a lot of offers, and unless someone is really good or can offer something new, it will hardly be considered. But imagine that you are good indeed, you play fun game, you have a lot of views... Is it still that great? For most part, yes, it might be. With recorded gameplays you can cut a lot of stuff, or add some funny effects and jokes. Why would you bother showing your viewers that long walk in a empty space where nothing happened? Just cut it! You realized that you could make a extremely funny joke when you died against that particular boss? Just add the joke in the video, nobody will realize! Editing can play a major part with recorded gameplays. You might even do something more, maybe some fun montages and not simply let's play. Or reviews focusing on a particular aspect of the game, or videos showing just the bosses, or a single particular moment... Anything. There are not the same limits of live streaming, but editing is not that easy as it sound. It requires time, it requires effort, and you need to know how to use the various softwares avalaible. Not every youtubers edit videos, and there are some of them that upload unedited videos, just direct recording of gameplay, without changing it a bit an still have a lot of views. But remember, that effort always gives you proper rewards.

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  • You can edit, cut and modify anything you record
  • Even without having a schedule, your video will be always there to be watched
  • Anyone from anywhere in the world can follow you without problems
  • You can have a lot of different ideas than simple let's plays

  • A lot of effort required with editing
  • It will take time to gain some views
  • Harder to gain money
  • Copyright problems might strike your videos




I don't really like live streams that much. Most of the time you have to watch the user go through loading screens and other stuff which just gets boring after a while. But with recorded gameplay, you can watch the user actually play the game and you don't have to suffer through the boring parts.
Posted by kingcool52 on 11-04-2017

Long time Pewdiepie fan

Pewdiepie has become popular because of his let's play videos of horror games. I find his videos hilarious. He does live streaming and recorded gameplay videos. I like both of them but I find the recorded gameplay videos a lot funnier. In the past, he just uploaded the gameplay he captured with very little editing. But as he gained more experience, he learned to edit the videos and just show the funny parts.

Live streaming has a lot of boring sections, awkward sections and cringey sections. Love streaming of video games are also so very long. I want videos to be sort and sweet.

Posted by limberg on 11-04-2017


As a viewer, I prefer watching recorded gameplays because I can watch on my own time and they are usually relatively shorter compared to livestreams which can last for hours. During livestreams, there is usually nothing interesting happening a lot of the time whereas recorded gameplays usually only feature highlights and interesting clips and I have the option to skip parts that I don't find interesting.
Posted by lilac123 on 11-06-2017

Less stressful

If I had to make a gameplay I'd definitely record it. This way I could inspect everything I did and said, I could record it again or edit it. It is way less stressful for the person playing. Even if you have to take your time editing it is a better solution for me.
Posted by felabruno on 11-11-2017
I totally agree that having to go on a Live streaming when playing could be very stressful because of the added pressure that comes with trying to get things right because people are already watching and getting their reviews ready. Any moment of slip up is absolutely going to affect the reviews people would give. But with recorded game play, making use of video editing software to put everything perfectly is an added advantage over Live streaming.

better commentary

I like recorded gameplay a bit more especially if the commentary is done later on after the game has already been played since the words expressed have a bit more thought put into them instead of just being reactionary. I also like live commentary sometimes but most of the time I prefer something more substantial than just reactions.
Posted by Wubwub on 10-31-2018


I think it depends on the game. But most of the time I prefer recorded games. And I think I have better fun playing offline than in online games. In Conter Strike, for example, I particularly do not like to play online, because players are often arrogant. Anyway, it depends on the game.
Posted by hermessantos on 11-04-2017
I am new to the live streaming of games although I had played interactive gaming where I was competing with another player. If that is live streaming then I guess I had experienced that. But the recorded game play is confusing to me. How can you play a game in Youtube? With the line that says you can modify, cut and edit your video, that really made me more confused. So maybe I have to check it out to fully understand it.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-02-2018
I love recorded gameplay because one can absolutely gain from two sides, as a novice that needs to learn how to play a new game or one record one and get people to watch it and one makes money a great way of learning how a new game is played which makes playing a game very easy.
Posted by lovely on 04-20-2018
I will prefer the live streaming since you will be able to make comment and also get feed back on how everybody can improve their game and in some games you can play for a living to earn daily cash.
Posted by babyright on 05-26-2018