Llama llama Easter Egg

Llama llama Easter Egg
In Easter every kid wants to look for the usual colored eggs, and even if those kids are antropomorphic animals there is no exception: llama llama is the classic series for kids, and this book is about easter. It's written and illustrated by Anna Dewdney, and it's being sold on Amazon in various version: either the board book, that you can buy for 5,99 dollars, or the kindle version avalaible for just 3,70.

The story is extremely simple and it's almost hard to call it a story. It's spring, and not just a random day of spring: it's easter! And of course this means that the day bring a lot of interesting and delicious stuff, starting for example from the classic chocolate bunnies, or the less common but still pretty good jelly beans. And of course who could forget about the main focus of the day, the various eggs: they come in various colors, from yellow, to pink, to green, all hiding in some places waiting to be found. Llama, alongside the other kids, start to look for them, being careful, watching everywhere, until he found some eggs... but not easter ones! Those are the eggs of some birds, laying in a nest, and as soon as the kids find them, they hear a crack and slowly a leg starts to come out from it. It's a easter egg with a surprise! A little joyful bird!

It's a very simple story, like all the others in the llama llama series, but like all the others is charming and heartwarming, and easy to read and understand for very young readers. The drawing themselves are pretty nice and colorful, with not so many details in the background but the characters still look pretty nice. Each page have a very short text, so it's also good to learn how to read for younger kids.

  • Funny and simple story
  • Nice drawings
  • Charming and heartwarming

  • A bit too short
  • Some readers found it too generic
  • Arrived warped on one side




I had to pick the Llama Llama Easter Egg book as it seems like the better book. I really like the pictures and the fact that you thought it was funny and a simple story means it must be great for kids to read and enjoy. It terms of it being a bit too short, it may be for us but I'm sure it would be fine for kids.
Posted by kingcool52 on 04-12-2018


I have to make this option of taking Llama llama Easter Egg for the story book has got amazing drawings that you can enjoy as a kid and it's one that will keep my little siblings busy on a day like the Easter Sunday when we are back from church. Also, the way they took their time to narrate the good things about the stories is one that will even keep an adult very busy not to talk about a kid.
Posted by Barida on 03-07-2018

We have both but prefer this one

The llama llama series is a hit in this house and we have a number of the books, including this Easter one. They are fun for children and we find that it's easy for little ones to keep a track of the story. Plus, there's also a llama llama TV series!
Posted by amelia88 on 07-01-2018

Simplicity Is The Best

Whatever my kids love, I love it also. This story has more appeall to children. Children has short span for attention. Giving them long story can easily bore them out no matter how beautiful the story is. Llama Llama Easter Egg may be short but it suits every kids. I love its story line also
Posted by anchoreztin on 09-30-2018

Llamaaaaa for the win.

I picked this book, because I love llama. They are such a nice animal with fluffy fur, I am also sure that this book is a really great book, even though I haven't read it yet.
Posted by nrnlss on 11-06-2018


Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...)

Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...)
As usual, the focus of Easter are the eggs... and this book offer a mistery about them, a question that will be answered only in the last few pages of the book! The author is Laura Numeroff, while the illustrations are by Felicia Bond. The book is being sold on Amazon in boardbook for 5,65 dollars. You could also purchase the hardcover version, but it's probably out of catalogue since the least expensive price is 713,52 dollars and it probably isn't worth that much.

It's a important night, since tomorrow is Easter! There are a lot of stuff that needs to be prepared, and for this reason Mouse is busy decorating a bunch of eggs. After finally going to sleep, the next morning (that is finally Easter!) he finds a surprise under his covers - a egg, indeed, and to be more precise a yellow one. It's a bit weird, somewhat of a surprise, but he still moves on during the day, to the kitchen... Where he finds other eggs on the counter, some red ones to be precise! He wonders who put them here, but there is no time or way to answer that question for the moment. Expecially since there is another egg, a blue one, in another place! It was a bit hard to notice, maybe, but it's right there under the rocking chair. And speaking about chairs and similar... the sofa is not empty, there are not one, but four eggs! Four orange ones on it! And on the table nearby, all perfectly balanced and still, there are a lot of purple eggs. And since all surfaces are good to put something on them, there are some also on the desk - green ones! The mistery is pretty intriguing: who put all those eggs around in the house? A drawing in one of the last pages seems to suggest something: behind a mountain of eggs, two familiar ears pop up. With a incredible plot twist (well, more or less) it is finally revelaed that the one who hide those eggs was... Bunny.

It's a nice and funny story, and kids might wonder what the answer is... and if they actually understand that the bunny is the "guilty one", they might even feel more satisfied at the end. The drawing are simple and nice, the text is very short and even simpler, and so this is a book perfect for the very young ones.

  • Very funny little mistery
  • Easy to read
  • Cute

  • Never received the book
  • It squeaks... but the sound is terrible
  • There are better books in the series




This is much cooler than llama. I really don't like that story about llama. I more give points this one because it is a mystery but a happy story. Good for kids.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 03-13-2018


I am a children writer, I read children books to understand what other writers are writing about. I also buy children books for my nephew and niece. I have not read any of these books, however, I have read good reviews about Llama llama Easter Egg. This is the first time I am hearing about Happy Easter, Mouse.
Posted by vinaya on 03-07-2018