Love at first sight

Love at first sight
We are in the season of love, being near Valentine's Day! Some of us are happily married, or have a lucky girlfriend or boyfriend, others are still waiting. And while the hope for many people might be just... hope, it's nice to imagine how things might be going in the future. Of course we never know what's awaiting for us: one day we might go out to work, maybe take a bus, and sit here thinking about the world and its problems. But suddenly, someone appears on the bus right in front of us, walk past our seat and we turn our head to watch them because there is something in them that.. it's just hard to explain. They might be a cute blond girl, a charming guy with blue eyes, or any other characteristic you might want. In whatever way they look, what's happening is fairly obvious: it's love at first sight!

Love at first sight is something that can happen to anyone in any moment, there is no safe place: in my example I explained it just by the physical attractions, since being at first "sight" that's obviously the first thing that it's active. In rare cases you might fall suddenly in love when the other person say something special, something that make you go "Oh!" and after that thinking that they might be the right person for you. It's a pretty unique feeling, almost impossible to explain to those who never experienced... but maybe it's not that deep, and it might be dangerous. After all, the other person might be a complete stranger, and it might be hard to approach them without looking weird in many cases. Besides, it's just a love at first sight: how can you know that the man or woman of your current dreams isn't a jerk, or a person so different than you that it might never work? And finally, you don't know how long your love at first sight will last. Maybe it's just temporary and after a week or more you'll have forget that person. Or at least, until next time.

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  • It's sudden and unexpected
  • It's a simple case of love, without too much risk of pain
  • WIth it you might know new interesting people

  • You don't really know the people you fell in love with
  • Most of the time is pretty short and fade away quickly
  • Almost always just related to the simple basic physical attraction
  • It might lead to some serious life-choice related mistakes



my experience

My experience was that I fell in love at first sight. I think this can really work out for some people, though not all. The brain can be very intuitive and I also believe there was a spiritual dimension which drew me to my partner. We have been married almost 10 years, and while it hasn't been easy at times (what marriage is?), I am so glad we both followed our instincts when we first met. Love at first sight can be real and can truly work out well!
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 01-18-2018


When you meet that special someone you will know that very instant that you mean. There will be an instant connection like no other. It will be as though you have known them all of your love. You will feel and experience love at first sight. It is the best feeling ever.
Posted by Sue on 01-18-2018

First Sight.

In my experience, it has always been love at first sight, I mean if you are meant to be together then there is probably something special that has linked you. Even if you might not know exactly what it is, the gradual thing doesn't work for me, just because when you stay with a person for a certain period of time you'll tend to like them, but it's not the same thing as being in love, even though the two might get confused.
Posted by manmad on 01-20-2018

Guilty as charged

My first lover was love at first sight. I completely fall in love with her the first time I set my eyes on her and I lost my bearings immediately. Her beauty was so captivating that I couldn't hold myself back from approaching her. How lucky I was, she liked my advances towards her as well and the love affair kicked off just fine. Her name was Amanda and we dated for roughly 7 good long years. She is by far the greatest love of my life till this moment.
Posted by Martinsx on 01-27-2018

The 1st time I saw her..

I believe in serendipity...there's a grand design that connects everyone.

When you feel a perfect attraction to someone you just seen for the first time its highly probable that, the person may feel the same towards you. Let's not forget haha for every action there's an equal reaction...that's why if you think your have love ay first sight, then go for it. The odds favor you my friend.????

Posted by Kakashi2020 on 01-29-2018

First sight

I choose love at first sight. What happened to me and my wife was love at first sight. It just gradually turned into love over time.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 12-13-2018


Gradual love over time

Gradual love over time
We all have different people in our life: besides family, we have friends, collegues, neighbours, people we see everyday. With each of them, we have a particular relationship - there are of course someone who we don't like, while our opinion about others might be pretty high and positive. With some of them we spend a lot of time, and we might spend a lot of time with new people we met somewhere. And spending a lot of time with some particular persons might slowly create in us something bizarre, a strange feeling that at the beginning make us feel weird, but after a while.. well, it became clear we fell in love with that person.

Now, gradually falling in love can happen in many cases with different outcome but mainly there are two major cases: you fall in love with someone that don't have a romantic relationship with you (like a friend or a colleague, it can happen, or someone else) or you fall in love with someone that it's actually close to you, almost like a partner, but that you didn't really love (with the proper meaning of the word) at the beginning. In the second case, good for you, that's amazing! But in the first case, that can happen, there might be the typical problems when you fall in love: the other person might not love you back, you might suffer a bit or a lot, and since the love was gradual and slowly increasing it might suddenly explode and never decrease until a very long time. It's not a fun thing to experience. Of course, every kind of love and every kind of relationship have different situations when there are positive and negative things, but in general those are the types of gradual love, with all the pros and cons of the case.

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  • It's deep and strong
  • You really get to know the person you fall in love with
  • If you are lucky, you might have a good future and a good relationship

  • You might suffer.. a bit, or a lot
  • You might end up falling in love with a person you should have avoided
  • It's not easy to go back after



Gradual Love

Not that I don't believe in love at first sight necessarily, but I think the healthiest way for a relationship is to develop over time. You don't know everything about a person on first sighting, so can you really say you 'love' them at first sight?

I much prefer to let my affection grow over time as I learn more about the person I'm growing with. I think that's more natural, and healthier than taking things too far too quickly.

Posted by TheArticulate on 03-06-2018

gradually and long lasting...

I used to disbelieve in love at first sight, but a friend proved that I was wrong. She met her husband at the prom night, and they even had long distance relationship for the first few years, and yet they got married after they were graduated.

Well, though there's a real case that sounds so beautiful, I still prefer to fall in love with someone I already know and gradually build the relationship. I never think I would love at first sight, and I never did too. My husband and I have been knowing each other and have been good friends for years before we started our relationship too. Of course, not everything works out nicely whether it's love at first sight or gradual love over time, we always need to nurture the relationship so it'll last long.

Posted by kaka135 on 01-18-2018

Long Term

As they say quick to gain and quick to lose. Same is the case with the love. You have to go through that gradually. And as the world goes over. You have to understand that love doesn't last forever so other variables do come into the picture. And that's what we have to consider as well.
Posted by overcast on 01-19-2018

You love what you get to know in time

Well, not sure if that's happened to you, but honestly in my case, a case of love at first sigh, ended as quickly as it came. Seriously, it was just very fast. But on the other hand, my best relationships have come eventually, knowing the other one day by day, discovering new things and learning to deal with his best/worst side.
Posted by ballyhara on 01-18-2018


I choose this option although, it is risky when it happens because we're changing a friendship for a love relationship so, we can lose a good friend if the relationship die. I prefer to be in a love relationship with someone who I spent a lot of time knowing him/her.
Posted by cubo on 03-09-2018

Gradual love

Gradual love is true and will more often than not be long lasting. Before you start loving someone you need to know them and all their imperfections, you both need to love everything about each other. That's not something that happens at first sight or on a first date. It's just like a building. If you build it too fast, its foundation will probably be weak and crumble in a short time.
Posted by Tania997 on 01-20-2018

best part

I think getting to know the person is the best part. I've felt attractions before just by looking at someone and could tell I probably could get along with them on some level but I think it takes actually talking and getting along with them to get to the point of love that is fun and what makes for a good foundation. The other way works for some other people though so I think they are both legit.
Posted by Wubwub on 01-19-2018

A better choice.

The fact that most of us ain't ready to make love work is the issue that is causing some issue in many marriages and homes. In as much as I am not totally against love at first sight as long as both individuals involved are ready to take up the challenge of making it work, I am of the opinion that some love at first sight scenarios are mere infatuation which can die off with time and result in manner of abuse. The reason is simply as a result of the partners not taking time to understand the good as well as the bad sides of eachother.

Understanding the good and the bad sides of each other is what gradual love offers in the sense that one could take some time to study the other person ranging from anger level to the way they interact with others before deciding its the right choice falling in love with them. By so doing, cases of being taken by surprise in relationships and marriages won't arise at the end of the day.

Posted by Barida on 01-19-2018

Best foundation

In this section, people will have this great foundation of being in love because you get to really know the person and you already accept his/her flaws and mistakes but you still love them. This foundation will definitely much more believable.

I don't really believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in "infatuation at first sight" wherein you have this attraction on this certain person because of its looks. And after some time, if you get to know them, the attraction will subside because you realized that he/she is not the one you are looking for.

Posted by vivalavanda on 01-27-2018

Stronger love

I don't believe in love at first sight since this is just a physical attraction. What you see on the first sight is the appearance of the person and the whole personality. A gradual love is stronger since the relationship that you have is getting better. You can build a strong foundation by being together.
Posted by superlicca on 11-21-2018

Long lasting love

I prefer this one than love at first sight. I don't believe at love a first sight, maybe attraction at first sight but its not love. However, being friend with someone and gradually fall in love is really sweet and I think since you know each other well you'll be able to make your relationship last.
Posted by nrnlss on 10-26-2018

True love takes time

It is quite risky to trust a love at first sight, I mean you don't even know one other yet. I don't see myself building commitment with a person whom I don't know well. Along the road, there is a great possibility it won't work out as you'll realize your personality and interests don't match at any point. As for me, gradual love over time is geniune love and I will always prefer this one. It's better to start of as friends to get to know each other for the both of you.
Posted by Einalem on 11-01-2018


I prefer gradual love over time because you get to know more about your partner every day. Love at first sight is not that strong since it is only based on the physical aspects. Gradual love over time allows you to appreciate your partner on the physical level and on the deeper levels.
Posted by Klint on 12-18-2018


I have never believed in love at first sight and I totally believe that happens in romantic movies and books,I can't just love someone I just met, maybe I could be infatuated not is too strong a word to use for a total stranger until it isn't true love.I love my love to be a gradual thing,I get to know the person, spend time together, talk about us and the future and generally, check out that we are should be a gradual process.
Posted by lovely on 01-18-2018
I don't believe in love at first sight. This has never happened to me. I can't trust people and I need to know someone better before getting into a relationship with him. I have known my boyfriend for 7 years and we only started dating 3 years back. I had to make sure that he was the one I wanted to spend my life with. Nowadays, we can see many marriages ending in divorces and this is very saddening. I strongly believe that if you get to know the person better before marriage then you can form an opinion whether you are compatible with the person.
Posted by Pixie on 01-18-2018
There is no such thing as love at first sight. The only thing which happens at the first sight is the chemical reaction that attracts us towards the opposite sex as all animals get attracted when they have have a feeling to release their love elements. Just kidding. But yes love as said above is too strong for a word. You can't love a person in on glance. Even when two people meet on dates that isn't either love. Even when two people date and later marry each other. At that moment some couples are confused whether it was just love that got them married or was it just the lust that has diminished once we have the other person's body." Love is beyond bodies it is more of a connection of souls".
Posted by muaaz.93 on 01-18-2018
I don't believe in love at first sight because true love isn't based on appearances but trust and loyalty that you only discover over time. Yes, one needs to be attracted, but love is more than that and it takes time to fall in love with someone. It can easily go when someone is betrayed, which is why appearances are not a good way to decide on matters of the heart.
Posted by Alexa on 01-18-2018
I particularly believe in love at first sight. However, I think this is harder to come by. In my case, it was not love at first sight. My wife and I took some time to create this emotional bond. Anyway, the feeling I have for her is true and that's what matters most
Posted by hermessantos on 01-18-2018
I think love developed over time is the best kind of love. I think lust at first sight is much more common then love at first sight and if you both like each other it could be great, but most likely it is one person attracted to another and that person may not reciprocate your feelings at all. Sadly, that is how it works all too often!
Posted by kgord on 01-18-2018
Falling in love overtime is the best way to get a good partner because it helps you to really know the real character of the person you have fallen in love with.
Posted by babyright on 01-18-2018
I have learned that some of the time love at first sight is something we have to ignore. The reason being Hollywood and other movies has fed that us into our brain. And over a period of time that can be really hard to work around. I think people need to wake up from the fake love and stuff that is being thrown at them. That's what I have learned so far.
Posted by overcast on 01-19-2018
I agree with this analysis. When you fall in lover, you fall in love with the whole person, good or bad. You know the person inside and out and normally this kind of love is the most lethal because you love the person no matter what. Stay away from this kind of love. It is the most painful and it's hard to get over the person. You may never even get over the person in this lifetime. I recommend love at first sight because it is often lust and very shallow. If you need to get over the person, it will take you maximum a month.
Posted by jaymish on 01-19-2018
I don't believe in love at first sight. The love, at first sight, is just an infatuation. Love is different from infatuation. Love is related to emotion and infatuation is just a bodily want. I believe in gradual development iof love. This is what that happened to me.
Posted by vinaya on 01-19-2018
I have experienced both and I prefer gradual love overtime. Love at first sight is exciting and it doesn't lead to pain if the other person does not show interest in you. Love at first sight is like a crush. I still prefer gradual falling in love although there is high risk since a break up will be devastating. But it will still be rewarding if both of you love each other and marry then live together with your future children.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 01-19-2018
So you have experienced love at first sight as well as gradual love. If you ask me, I will say there is no such thing as love at first sight. Love is not a fleeting emotion, love is not physical attraction, love is more than that. Love means you feel good to be with this person, love measn you respect this person, love means you care about this person. Nothing of such things happen when so called love at first sight happend.
Posted by vinaya on 03-18-2018
I want a love where there is no ending something forever, endless, and unlimited. Or that gradual love over time. I want like that kind of love.
Posted by mar06 on 01-20-2018
My advice to the youngsters is to discern if it is love or crush. People think that a crush is only for the young ones particularly teenagers but even adults can still experience crushes. Love is a different animal though. It means not only being together but being one. If that is difficult to understand then that means you haven’t been in love yet. And my take on love is that it is a gradual thing that develops in time. I believe in love at first sight but I think it is more of a passionate crush. Just to be safe, take time and let love develop fully.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-21-2018
Love at first sight can be more exciting than love that gradually develops over time but it can also be something fleeting. Love at first sight does exist but it could be like a first impression that disappears once you get to know the person really well. It happened to me. The guy was my first love so it was both romantic and exciting. I was quite young and foolish when we met. After years of dating, I realized that he wasn't the person I thought he was. I would prefer love that develops over time.
Posted by chatbox on 01-25-2018
I believe there's an instant attraction which can lead to love.I find it hard to believe with people and love at first sight, but I'm not saying it couldn't happen. Love blossoms in certain ways. If it is true love then time will only serve to enhance and deepen the bond that is hopefully being shared.
Posted by cess_08 on 02-07-2018
I couldn't vote for either of the two because it depends on the person/couple's destiny. If one person is destined to meet his/her other half by just falling for him/her at the first sight, then their relationship will work out and there are a lot of cases that it did happen to some successful couples. While the other one, I think it happens to get really serious by taking so long because one side or both is/are making sure that they would choose the right person at the right time.
Posted by mitan143 on 04-17-2018
I choose love at first sight. It is magical. There is something that tells me she is the one for me.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 12-13-2018