Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO
Majestic SEO is a great way to track keywords and a great way to track analytics. This site helps track link data and also have an eye over your competitors on your niches. by SEO, New Media Specialists, Affiliate Managers and web-based Marketing specialists for an assortment of employments encompassing on the web conspicuousness including Link Building, Reputation Management, Website Traffic improvement, Competitor examination and News Monitoring.

As connection information is additionally a segment of web crawler positioning, understanding the connection profile of your own, and in addition, contender sites can engage reasonable investigation of Search Engine situating. Superb is continually returning to pages and sees around a billion URLs per day.

Helps guide you with SEO tactics in order to get traffic from search results. Analyze competitors retrieval of URL information fast

It costs to use Does not support Google Analytics



Moz tolerates too many trash links.

You can literally get a high DA by just letting spammers spam a forum! That's absurd! In that case, at least Moz makes a better attempt to judge backlink quality. In fact, the Majestic vs Moz ranking for one site I have is striking! In fact, I'm going to have to clean up my backlinks and Majestic clearly says so.
Posted by jyy on 07-25-2018

Moz is an online SEO and consulting company which was founded back in 2004 by Samuel Barfield III in 2004. Over the years they gradually built up their reputation from February 2007 where they made a Pro app which allowed members to work on and improve their SEO.

Much and many more years later they built up their respect and credibility and to become a well-known SEO and analytics company online. Moz as a number of resourceful tools which includes the Keyword explorer, which later became one of the leading Keyword suggestion tools. They also have some great features and an open explorer free tool, which is an SEO tool which does provide link data.

So if you need a great analytics SEO tool then check out Moz see what you think. Especially if you own an online business, which you need help to get off the ground.

Unique SEO Toolkit A great number of Resource Tools A great community

The Keyword Campaign Limits Not a cheap service to use



I will go with everything MOZ

Majestic SEO is a fine tool, but I prefer anything MOZ has to offer, I feel like Majestic SEO is more focused on keywords, I think keywords in SEO are a think of the past.

Sure we can still rely on them to figure out what is more popular and help the content go in the right direction but overall it's all about the subject now and MOZ figured that out.

No to mention I'm a big fan of Rand Fishkin and his whiteboard Friday! Overall I have very little experience with Majestic SEO as for MOZ which I use daily, especially their free tools like keyword explorer or open site explorer. Majestic SEO was left behind in my opinion. The top SEO tools at the moment are: Ahrefs, Moz and Semruh.

Posted by Cristian on 11-17-2017


I have not used any of these and perhaps I will not use any of these. They are sepensive services and I cannot afford to use these services. There are so many free tools and programs that can help in our SEO campaign or understand SEO. I am using free SEO tool bar on my firefox.
Posted by vinaya on 11-17-2017
Now we are seeing that SEO which stands for search engine optimization is getting to be big business. The proof are the companies that are featured in this discussion. They provide services such as tools for the SEO needs of your website. However, the service does not seem to be free like the other websites that I had come across. So maybe those tools are appropriate for companies whose websites need optimization.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-02-2018
I think MOZ will be really be helpful for business starters that will need to make their businesses work for a start, I will have to save this page because I will really need the SEO tools from this company when I'm ready to start my site I'm sure they'll be really helpful to the success of my site.
Posted by lovely on 10-08-2018