Male contraception - A contraceptive pill for men - Do you agree?

Male contraception - A contraceptive pill for men - Do you agree?
I always wondered why there isn't a contraceptive pill for men to take? I always thought that from a medical research point of view may be something very difficult to achieve with side effects like permanent sterilization or worse. But apparently, such a solution it's on its way for a few years now and we are probably going to see them hit the market in about 3 to 5 years, but it won't be a pill, but an injection that will have a lasting effect of 1 years and essentially puts the painful vasectomy procedure out of business, it will be fast, clean and long lasting.

Because most contraceptives destined to women have a wide range of side effects the male contraception will make everyone happy in my opinion. Women can return to their natural cycle without having any side effects of hormones and men, well, guess we're gonna be pretty happy too.

I'm sure condoms will still pay a big role, especially when it comes to protecting yourself from sexually transmitted diseases, but for long-term couples, the male contraception might be a blessing.

I was a bit surprised to find that certain groups find the male contraception offensive as it somehow takes the power women had in creating pregnancies away from them. And these voices are coming from a rather unlikely source: women. I simply don't get why some people are against it, male contraception just solves a lot of problems, the only side effect will be that women won't be capable anymore of "trapping" men with getting pregnant by "accident".

What do you think? I would love to hear your opinions on this matter.



It really is about time.

It seems like right now it's all down to the women to ensure that they do what they can to prevent pregnancy. All the guy really does is ensure he has a condom and that is it. This really is a big break through and really will give men more responsibility as well to use different kinds of contraception before sleeping with someone and I feel it's about time men were given more responsibility when it comes to being cautious.

Whilst there may be side effects what men will need to realise is that there are side effects for women with the contraceptives they are offered and so in which case a few side effects is better than having a slip up. I mean after all can you really 100% guarantee that every woman is telling the truth about being protected? Probably not, therefore if you know you are you will be in the clear either way.

Posted by Shortie on 05-12-2017

I agree

I think it's a great idea but the only thing that would worry me is whether the man would be responsible enough to keep up with the regular injections.

I have heard of women letting the injection lapse so it doesn't give continuous protection so I guess it would be the same for a man. Considering it is the woman that has to carry the child it would be devastating to find herself pregnant if she didn't want to be because the man had failed to keep up with injections.

It's a great idea in theory and not as drastic as a vasectomy so if a man remarries and decides he would like more children with his new partner he would still have the option.

Posted by littlewitch66 on 05-12-2017

Either way

Either way works fine for contraception because both parties want to be responsible in a way, but to also enjoy themselves without the use of condoms. Though it's still relatively unsafe and can contract STIs and whatnot.
Posted by Atropia on 05-12-2017

Yes for good reasons.

Yes men should be have their own contraceptive pill as it would allow them to have control of when to have children, the same way women gets that choice. A lot of feminists don’t want men to have this choice as a lot of them are extremists who only want choice for women.
Posted by Gaince on 05-13-2017

Yes I definitely agree

The male should be just as responsible as the woman to make sure they are protected against unplanned pregnancies. They wouldn't feel like they were trapped into it and they wouldn't have children to support if that was their choice to do so. Too many men walk away from their responsibilities when a child is born.

If they want to have sex then they should protect themselves. I think it is a great idea. There are two people involved so both should be taking the precautions and not let it all fall on the woman.

Posted by Sue on 05-12-2017

I fully support it

Wow, are people actually against male contraception pills?? That's bit dumb. I know that some are very for the whole ''contraception is a women's right'' but so is the men's right. We are supposed to have equal rights. At the moment, men's reproductive rights are very poor which is worrying.

As a female, I can say from first hand how bad some of the female contraception pills are. They mess you up badly. Not only your hormones but also your body. I'd prefer if my partner would take the pill instead of me. Women's hormones are worse than men's by nature plus it ruins our menstrual cycle.

The only contraceptive method men have right now is the condom. Women already have the diaphragm, the contraception pill, the morning after pill and so on. Giving men another contraceptive option is a big step forward and I fully support it.

Posted by Mehano on 05-12-2017

I support it

I believe that there should be male contraception for a number of reason, (1) this shares the responsibility to both partners, (2) this does stop the "accidental" pregnancies , and trapping men (3) men should have more of a say when they want to have kids. Lets face it every one wants sexual intercourse at one point or another and not everyone tells the truth about being on the pill and this just adds some extra protection to the guys. it honestly makes a lot of sense.
Posted by andre1511 on 05-13-2017

Society needs this male contraception

Male contraception will benefit society because it will reduce the rate of single parent families. Also the cases of men going to jail for child support will drastically decrease.
Posted by kingrichez on 05-15-2017

This can benefit everyone.

"Male contraception isn't fun"? I don't know, I think spontaneity is a lot more fun than having to find a condom in the heat of the moment (if you don't have to worry about STIs, of course!).

I also think that if you were a man who was positive that you didn't want to conceive, wouldn't it make more sense to take matters into your own hands without having to trust your partner's words, as many men have to right now?

As a woman who currently uses BC, I think it's important for everyone to be aware and prepared for the risks involved in sexual activity. I don't think that the fact side effects exist should be enough of a deterrent unless they're truly severe. It isn't as if women don't have libido issues when using birth control themselves, after all, but people don't make as much of a big deal about it as they do with men. Many birth control methods do mess with fertility after the fact for women, too, but it's the price we pay so we aren't paying for a child's presence too early.

I don't know, perhaps I'm not being the most rational about this topic at the moment, but at this point I think it's only fair that men take an active part in preventing unwanted pregnancies themselves, without having to rely on someone else's word.

Posted by Linen on 06-13-2017



I support also condom.

Hello Have a wonderful day.

At the time of sexual life any time any one can fall in love with any girl. They can look for child. Than they can start their sexual or conjugal life or they can go for marry. Any type of permanent solution about men pregnancy can make trouble for any men mind. Facility of condom is that there is no risk and you can remove condom any time. ON my country Bangladesh Ministry of Family , Health and Planning provide free condom to all over the nationwide with a logo of world health organization and United nations and Bangladesh ministry of health, family and planning.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 05-13-2017

I disagree

There could be side effects which could cause disrupt the male sexual function. On the female side, there have been complications which have been derived from contraceptive use. However, in most instances, these complications may be corrected. This is no comfort to the women anyway because it does result in some level of stress and anxiety. The big problem for the men is that whenever there is a disruption in their sexual function it's mostly difficult for them to recover and many don't even recover at all.
Posted by explorerx7 on 05-14-2017
Yes that is my exact opinion! Tampering with the levels of testosterone of men is really dangerous and it might bring about severe consquences, even permanent.

GO Condoms

First of all i m against these contraceptive pills, these pills are found to cause various abnormalities like intermenstrual spotting, nausea, breast tenderness, headaches, weight gain, mood changes, missed periods and apart from these it also causes some long term effects on the body. So when we are of all these problems caused by these pills, we must not stop promoting the introduction of new pills for males but also we must encourage girls to stop using these pills, Instead, it would be lot better for us if we used condoms in place of the pills, this way we will not only be avoiding the side affects of pills, but also reduce the risk of spreading of STDs.
Posted by wikifarmer on 05-12-2017

No male contraception

its not fun. I prefer condoms alone.
Posted by mayorsunky on 05-13-2017

I disagree

I would be devasted to find that taking contraception pills messed with my fertility long term. There are already enough factors that go into infertility so why add another? Condoms all the way.
Posted by AlexHarris on 05-14-2017

It's a Cruel Crude World

Since more crimes of sexual assault (rape) are committed by men, I would be afraid if men took a contraceptive pill to prevent pregnancy, some of those perverts might think that gave them an extra layer of protection which made them freer to commit acts of aggression against woman. Sounds crude. But we live in a cruel crude world.

Besides, I really don't think men would take the pills, even if they were available. Whether he takes it or not, he doesn't have to protect himself against an unwanted pregnancy. The weight of the responsibility of getting pregnant or avoiding pregnancy has always been on the woman and it always will be. She's the one with reproductive organs, built to carry human life. Not the man!

Posted by cmoneyspinner on 06-23-2017


Amid the rapid advance of technology, the medical science is left behind. Ever since I became a woman, contraceptives are always for women. Only the condom is designed for men althouh there is vasectomy which became popular some decades back. Maybe it's about time that the men will handle the contraceptive. I don't know if it's an injection or pill but whatever it may be, it should be designed for the male species.
Posted by Corzhens on 05-16-2017
Women have limited reproductive power, when they reach menopause, they will freproduce no more. Even when they are mensutrating, there are the days when they are less likely to get pregnant. However, an adult man always has his reproductive power. Therefore, I believe we should give more importance to developing make contraceptive pill.
Posted by vinaya on 08-25-2017
I'm all for male contraceptives. Though it's always a norm that only women are offered with contraceptives I guess it's time to have let men experience contraceptives. Contraceptives are not bad it's even helpful to prevent unwanted pregnancy and let them enjoy the things they enjoy to the fullest. We are in the modern world so everyone would definitely be open minded about this.
Posted by DanoCath on 09-08-2017
This is a welcome development after all women have been taking pills for some centuries now so if men can also protect themselves from getting people pregnant then so be it.
Posted by lovely on 11-14-2017
I think male contraceptive for men will be a good idea in helping to reduce pregnancy in marriages , that is if they are not yet ready for a child but i just hope it will not have a side effect on the reproductive organ of men.
Posted by babyright on 12-17-2017
I don't agree with it because like all contraceptives it's not 100 percent full proof plus there's the side effects that one should think about. The best way for me is to create better condoms that are more sensitive and safer.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 04-16-2018
I think the condom is the best contraceptive for the male but I just cannot say about the efficacy of the condom in terms of sexual satisfaction. Take note that the condom is not only for contraception but also for safety and protection against potential diseases that the partner could infect you. With the pill, I have never heard of a contraceptive pill for me but probably that will create a revolution that women will stop taking pills.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-16-2018