Many children learn to swear from TV

Many children learn to swear from TV
Movies aired on TV should be supervised by parents when children are watching with them. There are lots of movies on TV that aired bad words or vulgar words ( the "F" word ) which are often cursed and swear without removing them. My boy who is 10 years old had learned to curse the "F" word whenever he is angry with his homework or when he could not watch his favorite cartoon program on TV.

I had asked him where did he learned those bad words which he claimed that some of the American movie actors are swearing and cursing those "F" words casually. So, he thought it was cool to show off his anger as the actors did.

Thereafter, I would supervised what movies he watches and reminded him that bad words should not be spoken by children because those are bad people with no manners and rudeness. Bad words would offend people.

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I agree, with a caveat

I do have to agree that yes, television is one of many venues available which can teach children the worse parts of the English language.

But here is where I have to ask a couple of questions:

  1. If the parents do not curse, why would they allow ANY home based exposure of bad language?
  2. If there is cursing at home, do not the television shows merely re-enforce that what they hear from their parent is acceptable?
It's a given that children will emulate anything and do anything in order to get a reaction or prove they're more grown up than they are. The TV, radio, computer and even cell phones aren't the only places where a young one will pick up bad habits, but that said, it is the parent's job, no, moreover their duty and obligation to provide an atmosphere of a more wholesome and secure home.

Posted by Anonymous on 06-26-2017
peachpurple I agree with you absolutely. It is the parents duty to monitor the children's activities at home, what they are watching, what they are learning..

I Agree.

Many parents teach their children what the swear words are and when to use them. Most parents I know are careful what words they use around small children.

The problem is that the children are left to watch television and there are a lot of swear words on television. It is also when the children start to go to school and mix with society. Then a lot of values that the parents have taught the child, go out of the window.

The children hear others using bad language and using attitudes and manners that are not pleasant. They don't realise that it is so offensive, they still need to be brought into check and taught when and how to use the bad language.

Posted by JMS on 06-27-2017

Yes I agree but is all comes down to the parents

I agree to a certain extent, but it is important to mention that the way their parents talk matters a great deal too. Generally kids who swear copy their parent/s, who are generally not only responsible for swearing in front of kids, but also for allowing them to watch whatever is on TV. After all what kids watch on TV should be regulated by their parents.
Posted by sspi on 07-05-2017

Yeah. Its true.

At the early stage- children brain stay sharp. Whatever the child see or hear- never forget that. If the child likes any thing than they follow that on their regular life. Learning subjects on TV and good or classical movies are only allowed for those.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 06-27-2017

I highly agree with you.

Yes, Children learn to swear from the TV, since they are watching adults stuff and fightings and violent movies and blood everywhere..
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Not just TV

I agree with the above poster. I think children pick it up everywhere, parents, strangers, especially peers who swear as they are quite likely to copy them.

Swearing on TV is usually later in the evening when children should be in bed although I guess they will hear it in movies their parents may watch earlier in the day. My granddaughter is 10 and she doesn't a swear at the moment. I'm not so disallusioned that I think it won't ever happen when she reaches the teenage years but I hope it will only be a passing phase.

Posted by littlewitch66 on 06-27-2017
Yes, children are alike sponge, they pick up swearing words almost anywhere and anyone especially someone who are closed to them. I hope your grand daughter doesn't utter those words. Best of luck
LOL. When I was growing up there were no swear words on the TV shows and movies I watched. But there sure a lot of adults around me cussing like sailors. But these days I have noted that many televised programs have foul language and I do have to monitor the audio when a little one is around. I don't like to hear it myself so I either change channels or turn off the TV or leave the room or put my headphones on if somebody else is watching the TV and not me.

They sound cute. Don't they?

That's the point. When toddlers utter those words we tend to get amused and quite like to hear them speak that way. That lispy talk can melt anyone's heart and there lies the problem. If that is curtailed then and there things may not reach such a pass.

They hear those words from all and sundry.

Posted by iamawriter on 06-27-2017

Many other sources

I do not think that we should blame kids learning how to swear on the television. Even if you forbid the child from watching any sort of movies, cartoons and so on he will simply learn how to swear elsewhere - at home, friends, at school and on. It is just part of life and growing up. You can not expect them not to learn it at some point.

Instead of over worrying where they learn it, try to focus on telling them why such words are bad and should not be used. If he understands that he shouldn't use these words it won't matter if he knows them or not.

Personal experience: I didn't learn how to swear from television but from my friends at school.

Posted by Mehano on 06-27-2017

Not really

As I've seen and in my own case, kids tend to adopt that language mostly when it's used by something or someone familiar to them like a parent or relative. TV has a decent amount of profanity, but kids don't go repeating every word said by TV programs so it's wrong to just assume TV is the root of all evil.
Posted by AlexHarris on 06-27-2017

In my experience, no.

I can only speak from personal experience, so for the most part I have to disagree. I cannot deny that young children are definitely impressionable and can pick up certain behaviors from television and other forms of media, but I feel the biggest influence is what goes on around them in their actual lives. As a child, I used to play many violent video games and watch movies where the actors cursed, however this did not have any significant influence on my vocabulary. On the other hand, what did spark my use of curse words was adult figures such as my father, uncles, and older cousins using them while around me. I felt detached from the people in movies and video games, while hearing those words being used by people actually around me made me more inclined to use them as well.
Posted by Denis_P on 06-27-2017

Tv isn't all to blame

Yes, I agree to a certain extent. We can't blame it all on the TV because children are a product of their environment. They could pick it up from their friends, their parents and teachers, among others. All adults have the responsibility of minding their language around kids to avoid this sort of thing.
Posted by lushlala on 06-27-2017

More than the television exists...

...and even then, exposure to swear words does not necessarily mean a child is guaranteed to use them. I remember very distinctly being the opposite as a child - I was a person who even the likes of "damn" would cause surprise from everyone involved, because I'd never otherwise swear - despite being in a household that swore often and being otherwise heavily exposed to swearing. That said, I was also taught that it was generally unacceptable to do so. I do swear a fair bit nowadays as an adult, but only in situations where it might be okay to do so (not at work or professionally, for example). It's still perfectly possible to raise a child who doesn't generally curse in this day and age, but there's a lot more than just television to curate and frankly, it is unrealistic to believe you can prevent your children from any and every possible exposure.
Posted by Linen on 07-06-2017

Lets not blame TV

I disagree. Profanity is everywhere these days and TV is just one of the mediums that allow it. Profanity can't be avoided unless you isolate your children forever I suppose. Profanity is on the internet, it's in games, it's in books, it's in their schoolmates' mouths. TV should not take all the blame for something almost everyone has a contribution on.
Posted by arachnophobik on 06-27-2017

there is more than TV

They learn to swear from more than TV, there are a lot of factors, school, friends, they hear it from their own fathers, don't blame it all on TV.
Posted by StolenKid on 06-27-2017

To swear?

Hi peachpurple, I disagree with you, our kids learn to swear not only from television, they learn what they hear around, for example from the other kids, from school beacuse not all parents educate their kids very well. I agree that sometimes television learn our kids a bad behavior and language but not all comes from there!
Posted by wallet on 06-27-2017

Not only the TV has the fault

The home is the first school for the children, so they just imitate everything they see or hear. Most of the time, the behavior that their parents have would be the same that they will have in the future just because the kids do nothing but the same. So the TV can influence a child but not as much as their parents.
Posted by luispas on 06-27-2017

Kids learn from absolutely everything around them,

Kids don't pick up curse words from TV if the TV is set on a suitable channel with suitable programs.

Kids, however, imitate adults and shows around them, because kids are sponges. If their parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents or teachers curse, the kid will end up cursing as well. If these caretakers let the kids watch TV shows unsuitable for their age, then they will pick up the habit.

When a kid turns certain age, however, it's inevitable their language starts changing and they become more perceptive to the dialogue around them. People on the streets, the "cool" movies that are not suited for their age, but their friend across the street managed to download, and even their parents sometimes when they think the kid isn't around. Trying to shield kids from curse words at this age is simply pointless, so the only way to go is to teach them moderation and what proper language is.

TL;DR: Kids are always learning and it's the parents' duty to filter the information. TVs, movies and other media are suited for everyone, so it's just a matter of parental control.

Posted by VintageRose on 06-26-2017

Not just that

The 70% of the things that the kids learn are from the parents and if the parents swear or spend a lot of time cursing and saying a lot of bad words, the most probably thing that will happen is that the kid will learn to swear and it is the fault of the parents. But it is not always the same, because there are many ways to raise a child and when the child have the choice to use those words he can use them or not. I am from a extremely cursing family, but I don't like to swear, because that thing does not make feel better and there are more words to used without getting someone offended.
Posted by BatmanWayne on 06-29-2017
gata montes

Can't Blame TV Entirely - Swearing Is Virtually Ev

I honestly don't think that movies or TV are entirely to blame here - simply because - as we now live in an age where swearing/cussing is generally more widely accepted than it ever used to be - it can now be seen or heard virtually everywhere around us - whether we like it or not.

That said - as its almost inevitable that all parents will - at some time or another - encounter their kids swearing - which to some degree is excusable - as its only natural that they would be wanting to try out the latest cool word they've just heard - even if they don't know what it means - as its all part of the learning process - I do think that its a parents responsibility - when they do catch their child or children swearing - to nip it in the bud so to speak - by trying to educate them - not just as to why its not a cool thing to do - but also by suggesting alternative words or phrases to use - so that their kids will grow up able to get their message across in a more intelligent and acceptable language.

Posted by gata montes on 07-16-2017


The modern age kids learn most of the things from television and internet. The digital world is leaving a great impact on their personality. They tend to observe, learn and copy everything they see on television.

Monitoring and keeping tight control on what kids watch is really mandatory. Moreover it is also important to limit the time of watching television.

Always remember that bad things leave fast and severe impact on a child's personality rather than the good things.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 06-26-2017
Would you believe that the president of our country has the habit of swearing and even cursing? It is a sad situation that our children are in because our president is very popular. In his speeches it is normal to hear him curse and say bad words that should not be heard by children. I am really averse with what is happening especially when I realize that parents are ignoring the cursing of our president.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-04-2018
I learned to curse not from tv or movie. I learned it on the streets. I guess its better to teach kids that profanity is bad because no matter what you do, there will always be a place that you kids will be exposed to this things.
Posted by Neiltarquin on 06-26-2017
I do not totally agree with this, as I believe some kids learn that from their friends. Although TV has great impact on kids as well, some kids really learn a lot (good or bad) from TV, I also see many kids learn from their friends even they have not seen them from TV. Even my kids do not watch TV and they have not say bad words yet, I have heard many kids in playground say that, so I tell my kids about it and advise them not to say so, even if their friends do. I do not tell those are bad people, but as you said, those words offend people and those are negative words that bring negative energy, so it's good that we bring positive energy to the world.
Posted by kaka135 on 06-26-2017
Jonathan Solomon
I agree and disagree with this. In a sense, yes, television plays a major part in influencing children at a young age. Some of these aspects include swearing. However, households sometimes forget to adjust their daily language accordingly and age appropriate for everyone in the room. Children are like sponges and soak up our characteristics knowingly and unknowingly.

To sum it up, children learn to swear from the TV, as well as the household they grow up in. With an unknown variable of socializing with friends as well!
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 06-26-2017
I agree somewhat with this. But children also learn to swear from their parents. I know many kids that look up to their parents and will repeat what they say. I know a little boy that uses the F word quite often because he has heard his dad say it. He uses it in the correct context as well. One day I heard him call his friends F...ers and another day he called a girl an Fhead. Tell me that he does not hear that at home when he is working outside with his dad and his dad's friends.
Posted by angie828 on 06-26-2017
TV has influenced people in a good way as well as bad way. It is interesting to note that children learn bad things more than the good things. These days TV shows and movies aired contain lot of swear words. Since the actors, the adult individuals, are using these words, children easily learn to use these swear words. Apart from swear words, violence on TV has also affected children badly.
Posted by vinaya on 06-26-2017
Bobby Cole
Hmmm....Hi, I'm the initial guy (anonymous) who agreed that TV does play a role in teaching our kids to have an unhealthy language.
It would seem that everyone, including the person who disagreed with the topic is saying the same thing.

Young ones will learn a plethora of good and bad information from any type of media that they are subjected to. Unfortunately, since there are a lot of parents out there who live some of the more precarious aspects of what is seen on TV how indeed does one expect a child to know that there are better ways to communicate or even live for that matter?

Opening the whole world to a child that most television shows are geared toward is at best dangerous. From extremely sexy commercials with scantily dressed women ( reference Hardee's commercial with Paris Hilton) to even some of the language on cable news and all venues in between there is very little that doesn't have to be harshly monitored even for Adult viewing much less a child.

It has been researched and stated that if a child hasn't learned the basics between right and wrong by the time they are 5 years of age there is very little a parent can do to rectify the thinking processes of that child after that primary age.
Parents need to be able to teach by example and not by saying "children do not say those things, that' only for big people" and with that turn off any adult viewing on the TV when the kids are awake.
Posted by Bobby Cole on 06-26-2017
I think that is why most remotes have parental controls so that you can get the supervision over your children that you need. I think with all the crap that is out there, parents need to be extra vigilant with what their children watch on TV, and need to take special steps to monitor it.
Posted by kgord on 06-26-2017
There is so much of this content that should not be for children's ears on the television on a frequent basis. Sometimes they are available where they should have been blotted out and by the time parent becomes aware it's too late. Many of the children will copy these words but they will not say it in the presence of their parent but other people will hear them saying it by chance.
Posted by explorerx7 on 06-26-2017
Many children can hear the swearing words on television, but not only television but in front of their friends, maybe family, friends, radio, YouTube.
Posted by simplym on 06-27-2017
It's not only the swearing that children learn from tv. Over here, tv is the most influential of the media that's why our government's agency on censorship is very strict with the rating of the shows to be at least parental guidance. Children have the tendency to imitate what they see and hear so it is natural for them to acquire new words (good or bad) and new manners. Some even say that tv helps in molding the children's personality. And I believe in that because the culture of the country is greatly influenced by the tv shows.
Posted by Corzhens on 06-27-2017
I think many kids are moving away from traditional values. And they are swearing a lot. And they may not be following the life on the right terms. What I am saying is that people should learn to understand TV is always good option for kids. And the TV ratings are there for a reason. So one has to understand how to make use of the TV ratings and avoid keeping children around if something is not meant for them.
Posted by overcast on 06-27-2017
kids always learn good and bad things from TV or else where, schools, neighbors, what they see in streets, magazines...etc they learn lot of things from day to day but for me all that don't matter what really matters is for you to be there to remind him or her to choose from wrong and right, and always teach them good manners and morals and what really matters in life.
Posted by Clara1993 on 06-27-2017
I feel that is the responsibility of the parents to monitor what their children are viewing on any device. We are also responsible for what we say in front of them. It is our responsibility to teach them right from wrong. Having said all of that we can't be with them everywhere, like on the bus, or at school, or sometimes when they are with their friends. They pick these words up a lot of times outside of the home, especially at school. As far as TV goes, I don't feel like they need to be watching anything that has cursing in it, if they do and they start cursing then that's our fault. All we can do is monitor them as best as we can and when they come home cursing because they'v e picked it up somewhere, we need to tell them that it's not okay. Just tell them that because they hear it doesn't mean that they have to say it themselves. Parenting isn't always an easy job, and most of us have to deal with this at one point or another, the best thing to do is to set a good example for them yourself.
Posted by freebird37 on 06-27-2017
Definitely, TV has its negative influence on children. Bad language is not a rarity in movies, series or reality shows. Quite often it is depicted as something normal and as a matter of fact.Though you cannot blame the only TV. There are a number of other sources, there you can hear bad language. The Internet, which nowadays is far more popular than TV is an open source for prohibited and aggressive content. Besides in many families, it is admitted saying bad words without even hiding from children.
Posted by RosieCheeks on 06-27-2017
I agree that children learn curse words from TV. But I don't think that is the biggest problem. I think children also learn curse words from the people around them. So if there are people around them using bad words, they'll catch on. Parents are a big influence on children too. If the parents are cursing, then the kids will follow because they'll think that it's okay. So we can't just blame television, I think it's the responsibility of the parent too.
Posted by kataomoi on 06-28-2017
Just a tiny bit, but most thing children learn is from experiencing their surroundings. Family, friends, other people and such. Sure, they will catch a word or few on the TV, but if they don't hear it around that much, they might as well forget the word.
Posted by Makefort on 06-28-2017
@Mehano Kids learn new bad words real fast don't they? Mine learned from the TV and his friends at school. However, no matter how much I explain to him what bad words are, why he can't utter them, he gives me one after another questions that I fond it difficult to answer. I was dumbfounded.
Posted by peachpurple on 06-28-2017

Yes, kids learn from people around them or the TV. They are alike sponges, they could absorb almost anything. Kids are innocent so parents had to guide them.
Posted by peachpurple on 06-28-2017
Perhaps, they'll do it around their friends, but this will happen regardless. You can't possibly devoid a child completely of being able to hear swear words. It will happen one way or another. Even if you as parents don't swear and you somehow "protect" them from all forms of media where there is swearing, they'll learn it from their friends at school. I bet most of us did. How do you think kids spoke before there was television? I'm not saying its okay though, better to teach a kid to speak politely while they're still young, its the right way to communicate after all.

But yeah, you can't expect them to not swear at all when they're around their friends. But definitely have them watch something a little more tame and educational when they do watch tv, something entertaining like a wildlife show or a schooling lesson. Cartoons are fine for entertainment I guess. Depends on what the kid likes.
Posted by SashaS on 06-29-2017
Actually, children can learn how to swear not only on Tv but from their playmates too. It's for the parents to tell them and see to it that they will grow up knowing that it is not good to swear. In addition, we as parents should monitor what they are watching and see to it that they are those good shows. As they grow it is also for us to see to it that they will not be swearing anymore.
Posted by SimplyD on 07-03-2017
It has been my experience that children learned swearing first from the adults around them who don't give a care that a child is in the room. When I was a kid television programs were censored. When I Clark Gable said a cuss word in the closing scene of “Gone With the Wind”, it was shocking! But that was in the movies. Not on television. Nowadays, kids can learn to cuss not only from watching television but listening to music too! But a lot of them probably still pick it up from just listening to family and friends talking all around them.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 08-02-2017
Probably not only on television, well if what he/she always do is to watch on the television, he/she will probably learn from those shows he/she watched. But in most cases, children tend to learn, adapt those words to their own from their peers and mostly people around them. I'm quite certain about these cause I too, was very curious and really observant on what's happening around me during my childhood years.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 09-12-2017
I believe generally parents should be in their children lives to really teach them morals and nip all bad character in the bud from all sources.It never only about the television, it could be the social media, youtube, from friends, school,peers etc.parents should always look out for deviant behavior and the use of foul languages to correct the kids and direct them on the right words to use.
Posted by lovely on 02-04-2018
Its true that most kids learn bad words from the films they watch on TV so it is now left for the parents to teach their children good morals by not following what they see that is bad from the TV.
Posted by babyright on 02-05-2018
There are many cartoons today which is not suitable for children to watch. Such cartoons either depict too much violence or the characters use a bad language. Children then get influenced and behave similarly to the characters. Parents must also monitor their kids and ensure they are watching the right programmes. It is a must for parents to monitor the online activities of their children as they may come across bad stuff which will negatively affect them.
Posted by Pixie on 03-18-2018
TV is just one that can influence a child to swear. There are a lot of shows that swearing is like a normal part of a characters' line. If my kids are watching and they hear someone in a show swears, I always remind them that it is not a good word to say. Apart from TV, there's also music, social media, youtube videos, and other people where they can hear swears. I guess a simple explanation that those words are not good to say can help in stopping a child from saying the words.
Posted by mdayrit on 10-19-2018
Many children learn to swear from TV: I agree on this, but there is also an advantage for the children in watching In TV, they can also learn there many this like doing some good act for me as a parents we should be the one whon control what will be they watch, it is part of ou responsibilities.
Posted by mhingnhormz on 12-17-2018