Marrying at age 18 and below

Marrying at age 18 and below
Early marriage is dominant in some regions of the world, but the unstable nature of global economies, is reducing the rate of early marriages in some part of the globe. Several factors contributes to marriage age limits in a given society, factors such as religion, political stability, government policies, rule of law and other natural factors.

Religion is a key factor that makes people marry before the age of 18, some religions allow the parents to decide completely on the marital status of their children. Parents who belong to such religion, give their children out in marriage early, as their religion and traditional beliefs permits such. Children often marry as early as 7, though they remain in their parents house till they become teenagers in most cases.

Economies with high mortality rate tend to have higher number of early marriages, as they try to strike a balance in terms of numbers. When the rule of law governing a particular society permits early marriage, young people can decide to marry even before they are 18.

The principles that govern marriage require matured minds, some can easily cope with the stress and pressure that accompany marriage, while others find marital world an entirely different ball game. Marrying before age 18 is ideal if both parties are matured mental, as childhood marriage is the basis for countless controversies in marriage.

• The couples are very active. • Parents are still young even when their children are in their twenties. • Supports fast repopulation. • Parents are willing to support. • Prevents problems associated with late marriages.

• Associated with most divorce. • Affects the lifestyle of parents in most cases. • Handling complex marriage task is difficult.
  • Potential for abuse if one of the partners is more life experienced/older and dominates the less experienced/younger spouse.



Some Can Marry Really Young and Be Happy

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. If you're younger than 18 and ready to be committed, and people try to stop you, it will probably just make you more determined. You think that it's you and your significant other against the world.

I had a friend who said she got married when she was 16. By all appearances, she and her husband seem to be a happy couple. Some people can find the love of their life at a very early age. Some people only think they have found the love of their life and are bitterly disappointed when they realize that what they thought was love was just infatuation, a passing fancy. Some mistake lust for love. (The old and the young.)

In many societies, it is not uncommon to be married as teenagers (16+). I am strongly and even angrily against child marriages (16-). Even though I don't agree with the idea of teenagers getting married, it doesn't mean that it's wrong. However, if they asked me for advice on tying the knot, I would tell them to wait. Why? Two reasons.

Reason 1: Because if you love somebody, you love them no matter how much time passes by. “So Jacob served seven years to get Rachel, but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her.: (Genesis 29: 20)

Reason 2: You see life through a different lens at different ages. When you're 26, you won't see life the same way that you did when you were 16. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. Take your time before making such a serious commitment. Talk about something being worth the wait. Waiting to be sure that you have the right life partner is worth every nanosecond!

Posted by cmoneyspinner on 06-11-2018


Marrying at age 23 and above

Marrying at age 23 and above
Marrying at age 23 and above is a norm in contemporary times, as the marital demands of the society continues to heighten. People believe that marriage is meant for matured minds, so countless councillors and parents advice their children to get established before they delve into marriage. This will enable them manage the tension and complexities that accompany marriage.

Age allow you gain deep understanding of natural phenomenons and people gain experience with time. There is no perfect age for marriage, but many believe marrying as a teenager is not always the best option. They believe that twenties is the best time to marry.

Countries with strict birthrate agenda, have lower number of early marriages, people living in such countries tend to marry in their twenties. Political instability makes things extremely difficult for people living within a given society, so they prefer to take marriage with ease due to the demands associated with marriage.

Countries with lower mortality rate tend to have higher number of marriages in their twenties, since the need for repopulation is low and marriage is held in esteem. Citizens are occupied with other activities that boost their personality, and marry only when they are ready. Marriage is a beautiful thing and age plays a significant role in the Union.

• Couples have better understanding of natural marriage factors. • Helps in controlling birthrate. • Reduces the rate of divorce. • The couples handle things with maturity. • Couples are better established financially.
  • Husband/Wife will usually have independent financial lives, such as own bank account rather than commingle finances

• Some birth defects are associated with late marriages, due to age of the mother and father • Mistakes are handled with severity.
  • More consequences




I think that anyone that marries before they are 18 are most likely being forced or encouraged by family members which is just not a good idea at all. Marrying at 23 or above is a lot better than marrying at 18 or below because you will have more knowledge and experience of the world and therefore more likely to marry the right person.
Posted by kingcool52 on 04-15-2018

Only fools rush in

I don't see the rationale why some people are such in a hurry to marry. There's so much to life than marriage and having kids. Yes, it may be satisfying to settle down with the one you love and have children. But I don't see the point of doing it at such an early age. I think that we should live half our lives single and half our lives married. These are two very different experiences. Being single allows you to be wild and free to do anything you want. Being married would be a huge shift to a person's lifestyle. You will no longer be able to go to late night parties or go out with different people. That's why I'm not in a hurry to marry. I'm 30 years old and I'm still living the good single life.
Posted by limberg on 03-02-2018

Well, I'm already here

Since I'm already 23 years old, I guess I fall into the category automatically. However, even if I were 18-22, I'd probably still choose this option. Anything earlier than 23 is too early for me, and I don't even have marriage plans right now. I think it's good to experience the world and see who and what's out there for you before you settle down. That's just my opinion though.
Posted by TheArticulate on 02-27-2018

23 and above

I would definitely pick this category because 18 or below is wayyy too young. If you're below 18 you're considered as a child in my country so I don't know why you'd ever want to marry that young (as a choice).

You need a certain level of maturity and life experience to be prepared for marriage. I am already above 23 and not married but I am not bothered. Me and my partner are both not huge fans of it anyway.

Posted by Mehano on 02-28-2018

Marrying when matured

Marrying below the age of 18 years is illegal in our home country. The legal age for marrying is 21 years. However, in our home country, a lot of marriages are held while still in the underage. This happens mostly in the rural areas. When you are marrying you should only marry when matured. Well marrying at 23 is still not good because you are neither financially sound nor emotionally matured. Emotional maturity and financial stability are very important to keep the marriage working.
Posted by vinaya on 04-15-2018

above age 23

Some marriages with young people last but many people are not grown enough to get married as teens. I think the best marriages are among those who know themselves well enough to know who they should be marrying.
Posted by kgord on 02-27-2018

23 and Above

I think for men it'd be reasonable to marry after the 23. And that way they can find out more about how the life is going on. And how the things are around. So considering that part you can see it would be reasonable to say it's good to marry after 20s.
Posted by overcast on 02-28-2018

23 and above

18 or less too young to get married. First most of the people dont get matured by that age. I would recommend that even if one needs to get into a relationship then get engaged at 18. You can keep growing then after. As the time passes you would get to know the things better. Would be much more settled into your life. Would be in a better position to have kids.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 02-28-2018

more mature

I think it's better to marry a bit older but I also think it mostly just depends on the personality of the person and what fits them. I've heard of couples lasting and thriving for a lot longer even when they married young. It just depends on the personalities of the people involved, but in general I think people benefit from a bit of maturity when it comes to marriage.
Posted by Wubwub on 02-27-2018

Right Age

Being married in the right age which is when both parties are 23 and above is more appropriate because maturity has already set in. At this age people have experience life in general thus acquiring the necessary life skills needed in starting a family.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 02-27-2018
JB Fernandez

Right Time!

There's no need to rush things like Marriage. It is more ideal to be prepared, emotionally, physically, mentally and financially when you get married.
Posted by JB Fernandez on 02-28-2018


People before 18 aren't mature enough emotionally and mentally for marriage, in addition most aren't working yet so it'll be a really hard time supporting the family. This is also rushing into things as people at this age most likely have only dated 1 or 2 people.
Posted by treecko142 on 02-28-2018

Wisdom comes with experience

I'm 18 and, I like to think, mature for my age (don't we all). I couldn't possibly fathom marrying right now! This is because practically every 18-year-old I know has absolutely no idea what they want to do with their life - most of us can barely decide what profession we might like to pursue, let alone whom we want to settle down with. Considering marriage carries a whole host of legal implications (e.g. asset allocation), financial nuances (the cost of the wedding, tax breaks) and even social changes (friend groups, family gatherings), it shouldn't be a decision taken lightly. Hence, I really don't think one should marry before they have sufficient life experience to know they are actually committed to a person ... Plus, in the USA an 18-year-old isn't even a 'proper adult'! Legally one can get married, but they can't even drink...

Other reasons include: Lack of relationship/sexual experience - A lot of young couples are each others' first times or otherwise don't have much experience. While it can be rewarding to help each other explore sexuality, I think ensuring maximum compatibility (both sexual and emotional/mental) would mean having had more than one partner. That way, you really know what you want and what qualities bring out the best in you!

Narrowed options: Hopefully, one would never let a relationship limit their choices. However, it's undeniable that one has to take their partner into account, which can be pretty restricting to someone as young as 18. Everything from where you live to what your job is will likely be affected by the fact you have a spouse to consider and I really don't think one's freedom should be so impacted at such a young age. It seems akin to parents who express that they had children too young - sure, they love their children and don't regret having them, but it's so difficult to get rid of the "what-ifs".

Lack of finances: Most 18-year-olds don't have enough money to finance their own place, and I can only imagine how awkward it would be for a married couple to live with parents...

Posted by starmz123 on 02-28-2018

I didn't know what I was doing at 18!

Honestly I know not everyone is the same but if I got married to the person I was with at 18, I would have definitely been a divorce statistic! Time gives you a chance to realize what you want and don't want in a potential partner and I think that's really important.
Posted by amelia88 on 09-05-2018

Right choice

I believe that studies should be the top priority of the persons who are below 18 years old of age. There is a lot of things to do at your young age and marriage is something that you don't need to rush. The age 23 and above is the right age to get married. Remember that once you get married and have kids, you can never return the past. So, enjoy your life while you are young and get married when you are ready. I don't think young people fully understand the concept of marriage.
Posted by superlicca on 10-19-2018


Marrying before 18 is illegal in most of the countries around the world. Parents of both the bride and the groom can be arrested if they marry their children at a younger age. children are still in there growing phase before they are 18 years of age. even after 18 the parents should allow the children to make there own choices when it comes to something so important as marriage. once a child becomes responsible and is able to take care of himself or herself then they will be able to make there own choice in regards to there partner. I think marrying after 23 is the best thing to do as one is enough mature to take the important decisions of life at this age.
Posted by jpk0007 on 10-20-2018

Legal age

Why would you even consider marrying a child off?? A child isn't physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared for marriage! Even some people at 23 are still indecisive and still not matured enough for marriage.
Posted by knnon on 12-12-2018


Marrying at 23yrs and above is the appropriate age, why would a teenager or a minor be forced to get married because of norms,tradition or religion.This is why marriages don't last because children are involved no maturity of mind,body and soul. Marriage is a serious institution and as such only matured minds should get involved.if one is not psychologically, emotional to, financially ready for marriage of course which age play a great factor to attained this stability. They shouldn't dabble in marriage.
Posted by lovely on 02-27-2018
When you are 23 I guess you are already matured and your decision is well thought of. I have 2 nephews who married at a young age and one had separated after a few years while the other one is still going strong with the relationship although I know that it is not smooth sailing. For those who marry at an older age I guess the relationship has a better chance of not only surviving but staying long and probably until the end.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-13-2018
23 years and up for me. marrying 18 below is too early for me. there's a lot of things that you can do at that age. You should explore your self at that time, enjoy life alone single, not actually single even you have a girlfriend of boyfriend, beside, you still studying during that time.
Posted by ion on 02-27-2018
I think that the appropriate age to get married is 23 years and above. Nowadays many people prefer to get a job and be financially secure before getting married. In today's world, this is important. Due to the rise in the cost of living, it is wise for both husband and wife to work. I have seen many people getting married at very young ages when they were not yet matured and they regret this decision as there were many things they couldn't fulfill.
Posted by Pixie on 02-27-2018
The right thing is to marry at age 23 and above because the couples to be will be more matured to face all the task and complex situation found in marriages.
Posted by babyright on 02-27-2018
JB Fernandez
I think there's no actual exact age for marriage. As long as the couple is both emotionally and financially prepared, they are already good to be married.
Posted by JB Fernandez on 03-06-2018
Once you are above 21 years old, there is no exact date for marriage. However, before you are 21, you should abstain for marriage. The right age for marriage is when your career has been established and you have a steady income.
Posted by vinaya on 03-06-2018
More maturity often drives people away from marriage. People who become too matured for their own sake. Don't marry at all. That's what I have learned from my experience and that's what I have learned so far.
Posted by overcast on 11-13-2018
I'm still of the opinion that marriage is not something that should be rushed and that's the reason I'm totally against those that feel someone getting married at quite a young is the best way to go. There are lots of things to achieve in life such as ensuring we get the best education, get a good job and impact on lives of those that are around us and getting married at a very young age without achieving those things ain't the best way to go in life.

I'm of the view that we should allow people to get matured, have a good source of income that can be able to provide for them as well as taking good care of their family that they will be building before they think of getting married. So, when those basics are meant, then marriage can happen.
Posted by Barida on 02-27-2018
Honestly? Whenever you're ready to get married. There's no specific set age for one to get married. There's no law which states or dictates one must be wedded by a certain age or time. Whenever you find the right person, and the timing in your life along with finances, job, etc. are all clicking - then that's the perfect time to get married.
Posted by NickJ on 02-27-2018
In my home country, the legal marriage age for girls is 18 and for boys, it is 21. However, these rules are not seriously followed and a lot of people marriage below the legal marriage age. The average marriage age in the rural areas is around 20 and in the urban area it is around 25. I think man and women should get married only when they have completed education and are established in their career.
Posted by vinaya on 02-27-2018
I think we have the same rules. But the thing is that soon the people are going to change to old ways. This is to protect the fertility. And that would be something that is been ignored over the years. I hope that some day we find the right approach towards this.
Posted by overcast on 11-13-2018
I think we have a law here that makes it illegal for a person to marry before reaching age 18. Take note that we have a law to protect the minors so if you are accused of rape by a minor, you go directly to jail without the benefit of bail. That’s why if you are not a minor, it is advised not to have a relationship with a minor for if there is a quarrel and out of anger you are sued for rape, you are doomed. But I know there are minors who are getting married here. They just fake their ages to make it appear they are already 18.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-28-2018
We also have a legal age for marriage, yet many people define this law. It is very common to get married before 18 years in our country. This happens especially in rural area and with girls. IN most cases young girl elope with the boys.
Posted by vinaya on 03-06-2018
I have seen marriages where the girl is younger and the man is older working out. But it all depends on how the things are going to be. And how that can be managed in terms of love and relationship. So we have to understand that for each case things would be lot different. And we have to learn from our mistakes and the choices that we have in life.
Posted by overcast on 02-28-2018
Marriage does not depend on how old you are. My mother was 15 and father was 29, when they got married. It has been 42 years since they got married and they are a happy couple. My sister married at th age of 30 with a man of 32 years, yet they are a nagging couple. There are various factors that help the marriage to remain happy and the age is of least concern. The age is only related to maturity. You should marry only when you are matured.
Posted by vinaya on 04-15-2018
I think woman gets older she becomes nagging. That' is universal. And that is one reason why women should marry young. Because more women marry young, they understand the family.
Posted by overcast on 11-13-2018
Maturity for some people is not about age, but with age comes experience and experience teach you how to handle life. Personally, the right age to marry at age 23 and above. Marriage comes with challenges and it is important to deal situations in a matured way as a a couple.
Posted by cess_08 on 02-28-2018
It is true that maturity does not come of age. Maturity is more related to mental and physical growth. For some people, maturity comes at a young age and for some people, it comes late. Age is just a number. Having said that age is one of the criteria to judge maturity. It is common to consider a man of 30 mature compared to the boy of 18 years. Marriage should happen only when the person is mature.
Posted by vinaya on 04-15-2018
It's not legal for people to be married below 18 years of age in my country so that is certainly not an option for me. At age 18, most people don't have the means to live on their own or support themselves. It's an age when they should be at school in preparation for a career. Even the age of 23 is too young for me, specially if one is just starting a career. I'd prefer to make the most of opportunities and to enjoy the perks of being single before entering into a lifetime commitment with another person. This topic calls to mind the lyrics of Barry Manilow's song 'Sandra'.
Posted by chatbox on 03-01-2018
The government sets legal age for marriage in order to control child/teen marriages. sadly, such laws are not strictly enforced. One of the reasons, why people get married in young age, is because sex outside the context of marriage is not welcomed and young people are in hurry to have sex.
Posted by vinaya on 03-06-2018
I guess it's a little hard for me to make a definitive decision here without seeming culturally insensitive. I understand the concept of arranged marriages, and marrying off your kids at a young age. A lot of studies show that arranged marriages actually end up working out better than "regular" marriages. And yet, while I'm not an opponent of arranged marriage, I'm not a proponent of it either. I believe in two things (among many others): that everyone deserves the freedom of choice, and that teenagers are stupid. If one chooses to get married, I think it should be by their own volition, but also I think that getting married before 18 is a terrible idea.
Posted by Denis_P on 03-02-2018
My mother was 14 years old and my father was 29 when they got married. That was 40 years ago, when child marriages and marrying at the young age was common. MY mother is the second wife of my father. When my father was married for the first time, he was 15. He could have becom a father at the age of 16, however, his wife died during the child birth. She was just 14.
Posted by vinaya on 03-06-2018
I don't like this discussion. This presumes that everyone has a choice of who to marry. This is not necessarily the case. You can't just marry at a particular age because you want to. Most people would like to get married earlier but because of how hard it's become to find the right person they can't . They are people who get married in their late thirties, forties and even fifties. This is not their wish , this is just life. Not many people have the choice and hold off. It's better to get married when you're older. You both know what you want from life and the other person. Statistics suggest that 50% of marriages end in divorce. Most of the 50% are younger people.
Posted by jaymish on 03-02-2018
It is true that when to get married is all about finding the perfect partner. For some people, it comes early and for some people, it comes late. The discussion is about what should be the legal age for getting married provided you already have a partner. This discussion tries to bring forth the result of getting married at the age below 18 and at the age above 23 years.
Posted by vinaya on 04-15-2018
Marriage at 23 and above whether you traditional, cultured or religious everything you do or engage yourself in needs an understanding and when you are 18 or below you still confused about your hormones, body changes, last, desire and love. You more curious, you adventurous and you still need to explore which will have a negative impact on your marriage. Being married unlocks the privileges of having unlimited sex with no fear of guilt and with the pleasures of feeling one another babies are introduced and how can you handle babies if you are babies yourself.
Posted by Vuyani on 03-02-2018
It doesn't really matter. People can marry someone if they really certain that they already found their true love. Age doesn't matter in love, if you don't want to let off the person and sure that the person is the one then do it. However, you should know the factors and responsibilities when you marry the person. You should know how not to rely solely on your parents anymore, you should find a job to provide for your future children. Marriage is not a thing that you will just walk out if you don't like it, so I think the options here don't really matter as long as you are ready.
Posted by vivalavanda on 03-03-2018
It would be best to marry at age 23 and above. Personally, I believe the ideal minimum age for marriage is 26 years old. It's because by that time, most people are already equipped with enough life experiences. They're also likely to be more financially stable than their previous years of age. But the better option could be late 20's to early 30's. You simply have to be ready.
Posted by Steve5 on 04-11-2018
I also think that marrying at the age of 30 and above is best for people because by that time they will finish their education, have a proper career, and financially and emotionally stable. Marriage involves so many things. If you are not financially stable, your marriage will not last long. You also need to be emotionally stable. If you are not emotionally strong, marriage cannot last long.
Posted by vinaya on 04-15-2018
I prefer marrying at age 23. This is because you are grown enough to be able to make choices. You will also be having a job and so you are able to start and raise a family and be able to reduce financial disputes. You can also understand and be able to solve marriage issues calmly.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 04-15-2018
Actually its not about the age but i think its maturity. But of course maturity comes with experiences in life. Therefore its more likely to be mature in your mid 20's. Marrying is not all about love and money the decisions and going through the relationship itself needs maturity.
Posted by fishbate on 06-11-2018
I completely agree with this. What I have seen is that more mature the person is, more they are going to be away from the marriage.And that is what is going to eat them from inside. So maturity wise they should marry younger.
Posted by overcast on 11-13-2018
I'm all for marrying 23 up because that would assure that both groom and bride are both mentally and psychologically mature enough to carry-on a good relationship and to have a family of their own. In my opinion marrying at a young age is more susceptible to divorce and or breakups.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 10-09-2018
I got married when I was already 28 so you can guess that my choice is to marry at age 23. My idea why I chose to marry at that age is because I think that you are more emotionally and financially ready by that time. More or less you have already established a career and ready to have and manage your own family. There's a great responsibility once you entered married life so better prepare yourself first and do not rush things.
Posted by mdayrit on 10-11-2018