Meghan or Courtney?

Meghan Markle and Courtney Love were both seen wearing the same black coat. Who do you think wore it better>

Meghan Markle is engaged to Prince Harry and will soon be a royal herself. She has impeccable taste and style. Courtney Love, widower of front man Kurt Cobain, on the other hand has not always made the best fashion statements. However, both looked elegant and well put together in this Stella McCartney black jacket. Do you feel either one looks better then the other one in this classic coat? Or who do you like better in it?

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I would say neither have good taste in clothing to be frank. It's a coat, and a nice one, but it doesn't suit everyone and isn't that practical. Markle is a bad dresser and her clothes don't fit (samples) and Love has had some bad choices in the past, but has gotten better over the years. I don't think Love really cared before, but as she gets older she seems to maybe because of her child and she doesn't want to show them up.
Posted by Alexa on 02-28-2018
The smile of Markle does it for me for I like those that show that cute smile on the screen. One thing that I've come to notice about her is that she is a simple woman and to read how she is engaged to a prince is amazing. I always tell people that it is not all about how you dress that matters, but the way you carry yourself smiling and walking with that swag that make you look attractive. This is one key aspect of dressing that makes me love people at the end.
Posted by Barida on 02-28-2018
Meghan Markle will soon become a Princess, we can already see royalness in her. He not only looks beautiful but also very elegant. IN this dress she looks very beautiful. Courtney Love is a popular woman as well. She also has a fashion sense, however, when compared to Meghan Markle, she seems to be in the back seat.
Posted by vinaya on 02-28-2018
Yes she is at this time married to a prince now. And she seems to be still attractive on that note. I can tell you that not a lot of women have managed to reach there. Very few of them seem to be good enough on that note.
Posted by overcast on 11-13-2018
I don't know who makes the best fashion presentation. I am sure that Megan Markle looks good in almost anything she wears. Courtney Love may not be the best dresser or be the representative of clothing manufacturers. I just think there are many ways to be well dressed and to look your best in clothing.
Posted by kgord on 03-01-2018
I prefer Meghan because she makes it look very elegant with the way she walks and poses. I love that scarf that fits perfectly with the coat and of course, the handbag. Instead of going all black like Courtney, she switched it up and went with green! She looks really nice.
Posted by Mehano on 03-01-2018
Meghan does sorta look like his sister-in-law. Prince William’s Kate. Long dark hair, wonderful eyes and smile, slender build and apparently bright and charming. I don’t know or care about her heritage. I actually never thought about it. But the two brothers seem to have similar tastes. Good for them and best of luck to Meghan and Harry. I fell in for her when I watched Suits but now Prince would have her. So good for her... hahah
Posted by muaaz.93 on 03-01-2018
I'm a big Meghan fan so I vote Meghan. I'm biased but I think she wears the outfit better. Her smile helps. Courtney makes the outfit look Gothic. It does no favors for her, because she is pale it makes her look like a ghost. Black is not really her color. She needs to break the black maybe by wearing a colorful scarf in yellow, red, pink or anything luminous. She could also have worn a colored outfit inside like a dress to break the monotony. I also think her hair is not doing her any favors. It makes her look unpolished especially with the outfit.
Posted by jaymish on 03-02-2018
Meghan looks so much better in the picture as the outfit suits her better than Courtney. There is variety in her dress compared to Courtney's all black attire which gives it an extra something which just wins it for me.
Posted by treecko142 on 03-02-2018
I think it's quite obvious that Meghan wore the black coat better than Courtney Love. She has a well-proportioned slender body and the coat looked like it was made for her. She looks regal and elegant like she almost always does and she knows how to break the monotony by complementing black with a dark green handbag. On the other hand, the black coat seemed neither here nor there with Courtney Love. She would have run off better with brightly colored clothes because of her light skin.
Posted by chatbox on 03-02-2018
Is Meghan Markle another commoner like Princess Diana? I wonder how she would adapt to the royal family. Just like now, she is already being compared to Courtney Love who is a celebrity in the entertainment industry. Being a member of the royal family will make her be involved in social functions that she will constantly be in the limelight during her term as a princess. And if that happens, I just hope she will enjoy her job and duties unlike what happened to her predecessor.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-03-2018
The two ladies look great but Meghan adding style and beauty to her outfit The outfit. looks well fitted on her than the other that is a bit bogus.I like her Meghan held hers to make the waist line shapy and gives the needed shape to the outfit. All in all the both look good.
Posted by lovely on 03-10-2018
Meghan Markle looks stunning. I can see why she was chosen by prince Harry. She can carry that dress and look like it was made for her. All my best wishes for the royal couple. May they have a wonderful life together.
Posted by Steve5 on 04-07-2018
Meghan has a class. She does not look cheap. The way she carry herself is something that might Harry liked her.
Posted by mark86 on 10-26-2018
Everyone is saying Meghan, but people have to realise that Cortney has a certain look that she pulls off and it can be weird, however it has a bit more character than just generic pulling off a certain type of cloth.
Posted by manmad on 04-17-2018
No doubt about it Meghan Markle looks way more stylish than Courtney. Courtney never looks stylish to me. Not trying to be mean or insulting, but no matter how much she dresses up, she always gives off that trashy girl look! It's like she can't look classy, elegant and refined if the dress cost 10 million dollars and was made out of gold!
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 07-01-2018
Meghan has style - I like the way that she dresses and feels like it's more aligned with my own personal style than Courtney Love. For that reason, Meghan wins hands down for me.
Posted by amelia88 on 07-06-2018
I would prefer Meghan. Meghan is really stylish and fashionistas. People look up here as a successful actress and now a new member of Royal family. Meghan Markle has the charisma, that is why people love her.
Posted by mark86 on 08-14-2018
I picked Meghan only because she's an absolutely gorgeous human being and can make anything look fashionable; it's nothing against Courtney, but Meghan is a least a few points higher if we're using the common (1-10) scale. Yes, I know we're looking at the jacket, but she too wonderful not to talk about.
Posted by EffectSix on 11-06-2018
Not that much of a Meghan fan but I think she looked better in this dress this time. I am sure that there are also dresses that might look better on Courtney over Meghan but this time it's not the case. They both still look lovely though and I think the style of the dress is great too.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-06-2018
I've always love Meghan, even before he marries that royal blooded guy.
Posted by nrnlss on 11-08-2018
My vote goes for the Meghan Markle. She has hot figure. And she seems to be more confident than anyone. I have also noticed that some of the other of her age looks really dull. But she is changing that statement. And she looks more attractive for her age.
Posted by overcast on 11-13-2018
Meghan Markle by far. This isn't even a contest really.
Posted by NickJ on 11-14-2018
Meghan Markle is more good looking compared to Courtney.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 12-15-2018