Men are afraid of strong women

Men are afraid of strong women
Most men would never admit this, but they are afraid of smart, strong women. They all say that they love a woman who earns money and can take care of herself but when they are faced with this reality they choose the helpless young girl who needs someone to take care of her. Deep down, men just want to be the bread winners. Even if their women work, secretly they love it when they can earn more money. As soon as the roles revert, the relationship starts to suffer.



Yeah I am agree with your opinion

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From the long time of this world people have a dominating mentality to women. When women do huge prosper in this world than men basically think how that women got prosper in this world. The great creator said half of this world for man and half of this world for woman. So they are equal of us. From this mentality we have been learnt to honor woman and now woman is available at the same position in this world. They are doing great and its showing the huge gender equality also.

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Posted by centurion on 05-18-2017

Women are Strong

Yeah i agree, most men go against a woman working, this is because they are afraid that the women might overtake them, We live in century where men and women are treated equally, so its only natural for men to be afraid of smart women because women are gaining on at an accelerated rate with men. A study conducted by researchers the University of Buffalo concluded that men find the propect of dating intelligent women intimidating.
Posted by wikifarmer on 05-19-2017

Men avoid strong women

I think it is the nature. Men are naturally designed to subdue women, they will always marry a woman who is shorter, less educated, earns less. It is very uncommon to see a couple where the woman is taller, more educated and earns better. We eat animals that do not other eat animals. This is the fact. We don't eat tigers, however, we do eat chickens.
Posted by vinaya on 03-12-2018

Men fear they could stifled

Most men are happy with docile women. They would rather live a simple life than have a wife who earns good but holds superiority over the husband. Not all women are cautious about flaunting their strength. No man would like to be called 'hen pecked'.
Posted by iamawriter on 05-19-2017

I have to agree.

If you are 40 years and older, we were raise in a culture where men are dominant and are leaders. Women are to do and not ask questions. Let alone challenge a male in leadership. I'm not say this is correct. This is what was taught to generations past.

If a woman asserts herself with equal or more authority, I don't think the male would know how to handle it. Plus, most men don't like conflict, so I believe he would either walk away or try to act tough and get louder to give off intimidation. Both are not healthy.

Posted by JeffHart on 05-18-2017
Rhomhie Morelh Campo

Because a real man knows what's Strong!

As a man i have to agree because women in our society are becoming someone we don't expect to be, unlike before some countries maltreat women because they are weak but as time goes by, women eventually evolved their selves becoming independent and strong willed.
Posted by Rhomhie Morelh Campo on 05-18-2017
john franklin

Women are really very strong and i do admit it.

I have an experience with it. I noticed that women are much motivated, active, determined and smart than a man. Realities should never be denied. This is true and I do agree with it. If a woman wants to do something then nothing in this world can stop her from doing that.

Women have a strong personality and they handle the responsibilities of their kids to brought up them well.

So I agree that women are so strong and I am really afraid of them.

Posted by john franklin on 05-22-2017

Women Are No Joking Matter

Strong women are a great threat to men. They are also stingy with their money. No, I do not like women who are financially stable. They become bossy.
Posted by stbrians on 11-25-2018




This whole subject was meant to root out the feminist and the masculinist from the woodwork. On the contrary, I'm fairly sure men would like a strong woman who can take their place when they aren't present. No one likes a woman that breaks down when something gets hard or is not to their liking.
Posted by AlexHarris on 05-18-2017
Most men I know want to be taken care of. or to have an equal partner. I think there are very few that are "afraid of strong women." Personally, I think the roles have reversed a bit too much. Women are expected to do it all!! This is cheerfully without complaint.
I personally love that my wife is strong. I was raised in the old-school to be the "head of house" and work hard so that my wife doesn't have to worry or want for anything, but it is good to know that she has my back. Thats love to me.

I have to disagree.

I do have to disagree on this. Whilst some men may be afraid of a woman who is strong and independent and likes to earn their own money, sometimes it's only a small few that feel that way.

I know guys who's wives and girlfriends work whilst they stay at home and look after the home and the kids and prefer it that way. I personally feel that it depends on the individual as to how they look at it.

Some men prefer to look like heroes by heading out and earning a living whereas others would like to see their wives do that whilst they take over other duties.

Posted by Shortie on 05-18-2017

No I don't think so

I have a stronger personality than my partner and he likes that. He does put his foot down sometimes if he thinks I'm being too annoying but I respect him for that as we all need boundaries.

Women have definitely become as strong as men when it comes to the work place. Many women are no longer content to stay at home and look after the kids .. it does seem an old fashioned concept now but we should at least have the choice. I would think a man would be happy that the woman is contributing towards their income, not scared.

Lots of men find strong women attractive and if they don't I guess there are still those that just want to stay at home and bring up the kids.

Posted by littlewitch66 on 05-19-2017

Isn't that a bit... sexist?

That sounds a bit sexist to me, or is it okay when woman stereotype men? I can't keep up.

I don't think it's a fair assessment. While it's true of "some" men, many men admire a strong woman. Some find smart, successful women to be the most attractive.

I can't offer any data (but neither did the OP), but anecdotally speaking, I don't see it. Plenty of men know how to be happy for the successful women in their lives.

While the hunt/gather/provide/protect instincts might still be there, it doesn't mean they are 'afraid' of strong women.

Posted by Zyni on 05-18-2017

What did I just read?

I'm a man, and I can tell you that I admire strong, intelligent women. Why would I desire to be the breadwinner in a relationship? I think both individuals in a relationship should contribute equally to said relationship, hence why I would hope that my significant other and I would be equally considered breadwinners.

I'd like somebody who keeps me on my toes intellectually and is able to keep things interesting.

Posted by TheArticulate on 05-18-2017

SOME Men are Afraid of Strong Women

I think that it's true that some men are afraid of strong women. But only some because I believe the majority of men want a woman with a backbone. A woman who brings something to the table, if only common sense and the ability to express it.
Posted by DeeFree on 05-20-2017

I disagree

The times are changing and there are many men who are now stay at home Dads while their wives go to work. I don't think it matters who makes the most money in the relationship or who is the stronger.

Some men are attracted to strong women. They find that to be a good quality because the woman is confident and knows what he wants in life.

Posted by Sue on 05-18-2017

I don't agree!

As a man, I don't agree. I personally like to see a strong independent woman who can take care of herself. Actually, I would refuse to support financially some low life woman who didn't work. With that being said, I've got to admit I like to be with a woman who makes me feel necessary. But I think that's what all of us want. No matter what our gender is we just like to be an important part of our lover's life.
Posted by FatManX on 05-18-2017

That is a 100% No

I personally think ''No'' that most men are not afraid of strong women. If a woman is stronger than a man then all that men has to do is become stronger. It is as simple as that. Instead, I think that having a strong woman as a girlfriend would either bring joy to that person depending on his preferences/taste on them or become inspired to become someone even better than her in order to stay by that someone side. Having strong ladies would only open every males eye to stop slacking and do something or else they could lose to a bunch of girls.
Posted by AWPEK on 05-18-2017

Not all men are the same

We live in a modern age where women fought and still fight for equality with men. No man in his right mind should be afraid of a strong woman. He should show the respect deserved by all women. I learned from my parents as a kid and my Dad taught me to respect all people equally and to appreciate what it means to be a woman in a male dominated world. To qualify my position, I say this... I am a man, 46 YO and I am not afraid of a strong woman. I actually appreciate and respect a strong woman more than I would a strong man.
Posted by Mark.c on 05-24-2017

I Don't Think Afraid is the Right Word

They are people who want to be able to CONTROL the other person in a relationship. It's gotten nothing to do with being afraid of the person's strong character. It's just that they know they can't handle them because the mate has a mind of their own. It's just men who are that way. Some women like men they can lead around and tell what to do.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 11-15-2018

Strong Woman doesn't exist

Strong woman doesn't exist. Women these days need special seat in education, job, alimony, child support and also need special preference. So strong woman concept is only on paper. In reality lot of other people are being sacrificed for the womens welfare. So there is no such things as strong women. Just delusion about the same.
Posted by overcast on 11-18-2018

Hasty generalization.

I think that we shouldn't use what happened to a few persons to judge millions of people. There are men that are looking out for strong women since they believe that it is those type of ladies that will push them higher in the things that they want to do.
Posted by Barida on 11-29-2018


I don't think there is that issue as per my observation of men's behavior towards strong women. In the recent Olympics where our country's woman weightlifter had won the silver, she became an instant celebrity. But I didn't notice any changes in the men in my circle when they talk about Hidylin Diaz. But with smart women, I have to agree that some men are intimidated. I can see this in the office with some women executives. The staff are more scared of the woman executive than the male executive maybe because the woman is more demanding.
Posted by Corzhens on 05-18-2017
The problem that men may have with some women that are deemed to be strong and Independent, especially those who have advanced up the corporate ladder is that they may tend to be overbearing. The are always, sometimes involuntarily, displaying "I am the boss attitude." These same women would not relish a situation in which a man would seek to be bossy and the men would not want it the other way around either. These women find it difficult to shed the corporate demeanor even when they are outside the office. No relationship will be a good one if either party may want to maintain superiority.
Posted by explorerx7 on 05-18-2017
I think this is true. Men are afraid of strong women. A man will never marry a woman who is taller than him, a woman who earns more money than him. A man will never marry a woman who is physically stronger than him, who is more intelligent than him, who has greater academic qualification than him. Even though men say they want women to stand on equal footing, he will never accept women to become equal.
Posted by vinaya on 05-19-2017
I am half and half on this. Coming from Asia... yes, a lot of Asian men are afraid of strong women! But not all!

Most of the time, it is due to ego?

You don't even have to be strong physically, if you are just mentally smarter or stronger than them, sometimes they take it the wrong way and they take offence.

Not all men are like that though, some of the best men I know are strong enough on their own to handle strong women!
Posted by eva.ling on 06-01-2017
When a man loves a woman he loves her. Smart? Strong? Maybe those are the traits he was looking for in the woman he chose to love. He didn't fall in love with her against his will. Surely he knew what he wanted.

Also, if he knew he had that “problem”, then he also knew that he would love himself and his “manly ego and pride” more than he would ever love her. She may be smart and strong but she can't think for him!

What a shame he didn't tell her BEFORE she got into the relationship with him; instead of hooking up with her and then making her miserable. She could have been miserable all by herself. She didn't need him in her life to make her unhappy just because she makes more money! That's DUMB!! And SELFISH!! Shame on you, Mr. Whoever You Are!!
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 06-23-2017
I have never encountered someone who has discribed themseleves as strong male or female that wasn't a douchebag and insecure. Besides, when describing people strength is an abstract concept, you can only know very little about someone's strength without knowing their challenges the content of their character reasonably well.
Posted by Widad00 on 07-03-2017
This generalized is wrong most men are not afraid or threatened by strong, smart and successful women. Only the few insecure men fear successful women. As a matter of fact I don't fall for beauty as much as I fall for smartness. The kind of woman I want to settle with is the kind that I can reason with. Someone that I will be proud when she speak outside. Beauty will wear off, but smartness will be hers forever and that's what I want. Something that will forever intoxicate me about my woman.
Posted by Laiportal on 07-14-2017
Being afraid to a strong women or with your partner doesn't mean you are dominated and considered weak. It is one way of showing respect and love to your partner not as an afraid husband, Yet a husband who really care about his family.
Posted by rogel on 08-25-2017
Men being afraid to either strong or not strong women show's men's respect and high regards to women. Men being afraid doesn't signify that there are weak or whatsoever, this is even a very good point for a man and I believed a very good character.
Posted by DanoCath on 09-06-2017
I do not agree with your opinion that men are scared of strong women for I have seen marriages where strong women are living in harmony with their husbands without any issue arising from those unions. I think the issue we have today is many women who are ill-advised trying to take advantage of some men and dragging power with the men in a way that I don't understand. When a lady thinks that she is not supposed to do one thing or the other in a home and blaming the man in if some issues arise, then I think that there is a need for men to stay clear of those type of ladies.
Posted by Barida on 09-07-2017
I think most men about 85% are afraid of strong women since most men want to be bread winners for their family, it is so because most strong women that are richer than their husband do not usually respect or like to even submit to their husband, that is the major reason why most men are afraid of them.
Posted by babyright on 12-09-2017
I believe that most men are afraid of strong, dominant women who earn better wages than they do. So what I can say is: Every woman, regardless of her type, is definitely looking for a mate she can trust. Fear will never make you approach or conquer this type of woman, even if you are really interested in such a woman. So always trust yourself!
Posted by hermessantos on 01-31-2018
I totally agrees to this assertion, a man feels intimidated when a woman is bigger and better than he is even if the woman should be his wife they believe the person wouldn't be submissive because of her wealth prowess or attainments. So I can totally relate to this discussion which I believe it a very wrong assertions. A woman can be in a better place and still be submissive.
Posted by lovely on 03-09-2018
On the contrary, not all big women are intimidating. It also depends on the demeanor and attitude. There are big women who look very friendly and tame that you will not be a bit intimidated especially when she would approach you in a nice way. But some men always give meaning to the size of the woman and I cannot blame them. I am a woman so I couldn’t say why the men act like that when they encounter a big and stronger woman.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-15-2018
I agree with this statement. In my country, the majority of men prefer to get married to those women who have the same social statuses as them or who hail from a lower social class. Only a few of them will ever get married to someone from the upper-class or someone who is in a high position or simply a strong woman. Many prefer not to marry strong women as they are strong-willed and independent and are not afraid to take any decisions. They are also afraid that their wives will rule over them.
Posted by Pixie on 03-16-2018
Afraid is not the proper word for me. Les us consider the word pride, if we talking about going in relationship with strong woman. Men don't want to depends on to any strong woman or let me say successful woman. Because we don't want to feel the feeling of being useless while talking to that kind of woman because of the pride. We consider our status in life because it's hard to disagree to the situation if you know that the woman earn more money than to you.
Posted by ion on 03-16-2018
There is no such thing as a strong women. Women are given extra access to the funds in govt schemes. Schools, college, jobs are being given reservation. And also even things go wrong women get softer treatment. And even crime is discounted for women in terms of the punishment. How exactly strong women concept comes out in the society is a funny to me. I don't see much difference in that case.
Posted by overcast on 11-18-2018
I think it depends on each couple. There are some men or husbands who are afraid of strong women and there are some who are not. I think both man and woman should help each other and contribute each other as one whole family. I do believe men should be the one to work outside or both but women should also take care of their children so its just a fair deal. Women can work at home thru online jobs so I guess they can both work in different phase tho.
Posted by nekonieden on 12-06-2018
I think if a man really felt that way it’s just his own insecurity shining through. I’ve never really encountered anyone with that kind of attitude or perception thankfully - strong women should be encouraged!
Posted by amelia88 on 12-16-2018