Men prefer women with long hair.

Men prefer women with long hair.
Do you think men prefer women with long hair? I personally think the vast majority of men prefer feminine women and long hair is one of the most feminine traits women can obtain. I personally think women should have whatever hair style they like, short or long it doesn't matter as long as you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Either way, I find long hair very sexy in women and it doesn't really matter the hair color or the fact that the hair is straight or curly. I won't deny the fact that some women are incredibly hot with short hair, I guess you must have the face for it, finding the best fit for you should be essential, not every woman can pull off having short hair. I'm also conscious of how much work you need to put into maintaining long hair.

I also can't figure out why older women often get short hair styles to make them look "younger". Trust me, in my opinion, you are not fooling anyone regarding your age, keep your femininity and let your hair grow.

What do you guys think about women with long hair, is it more desirable to men?
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Women don't care about a man's opinion on her

Newsflash!! Women don't do things to please what men want, we do it for ourselves. We couldn't care less what y'all think lmao
Posted by Anonymous on 01-10-2017
Totally agree with you on this. This is 2017, not 1517. Women simply don't care about the opinions of men. Women and men will do whatever they want to themselves to make themselves feel better. Long hair, or not.
I think that's true of some women, in some cases, but we can't just speak for all women.

For the most part, I don't care. I choose a hairstyle that I like. On the other hand, I do care about my husband's opinion, just like he cares about mine.

He likes my hair long. I do too. I feel more attractive, and I like the fact that he finds it attractive.

Some people look cute with short hair, some don't. I like that the OP said that older women don't need to follow the short hair trend. Once I hit 40, every stylist wanted to cut off all my hair. No thanks.

At least in my case

I personally like long hairs, short hairs just look plain weird to me. Its so good that my fiancee has long hairs not short, haha. tho its natural, everyone has separate taste in everything, i like long hairs by the way!
Posted by Anonymous on 05-05-2017

Lovely girls

I love such chicks...they look hot
Posted by Anonymous on 05-23-2017

Yes I think so

Yes I really think that most men prefer women with long hair. It makes a woman look more feminine, sensual and attractive in my opinion. Sometimes though certain women look better with short hair, and in that case I think that such women might be at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to attracting males to them.
Posted by sspi on 12-30-2016

My husband does

My husband loves my hair when it is long. He thinks that it is very pretty and just has a thing for long hair (his hair is also long). I have cut it off several times since we have been together, and donated it to charity for wigs to be made for those with cancer. While he thought that was very sweet of me, he could never wait for my hair to grow back. I never cut it too short, it always stayed about shoulder length. Lucky for me, my hair grows fast, so my hair has never been short for too long.
Posted by angie828 on 12-31-2016

Long hair!

I definitely prefer long hair on women. Sure, short hair could obviously look nice, cute or wonderful too, but long hair is way better in my opinion. It looks feminine, attractive and wonderful. Brunettes or blondes doesn't really matter, but I do prefer blondes, even though it's not important. What's important is the person, not the color of their hair or the lenght of it.
Posted by hitmeasap on 01-13-2017

For real

The girl I admired during my high school days wears a long hair, her hair makes her charming. Anyone that comes across her find her irresistible. Now I took my time to observe what made her so outstanding and i realize that not only did her long her make her attractive but it also made her presentable.

As for me women with long hair is a sure delight and I can't just resist falling in love.

Posted by Jeshurun on 01-11-2017


Long hair indicates reproductive strength especially if it is shiny and nice. This is simple biology, men are attracted to it just so they can create babies. It looks nice and feminine.
Posted by screechingbat on 12-30-2016

Longer hair but it doesn't really matter that much

I don't think longer or shorter is a deal-breaker either way. I'd rather someone be personable and have a great smile. That being said, long (but not too long) is nice as my preference. If my partner cut her hair and went bald, that'd be fine too.
Posted by shane"theman" on 01-22-2017

Not always

I have to agree that I do find women with long hair more attractive but I also don't mind short hair that is slightly above their shoulder. I actually quite like that hairstyle. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of women with most of their hair shaved where there is no length at all other than a bit of hair on the top of their head. But that's just my personal preference. I'm sure there are people out there that like that type of hair and obviously it's up to the woman to choose her own hairstyle, they don't have to listen to us :D
Posted by kingcool52 on 05-02-2017

Personal preference

I personally like longer hair as I'm not a huge fan of pixie cuts, or bowl cuts, as they look ridiculous in my opinion. I hate to bear that sort of hate but I just naturally react in that way.
Posted by Atropia on 05-02-2017
Jonathan Solomon

Long hair, but it also doesn't matter

I've never really thought about this before. However, after racking my brain of women I've gone for, found attractive, and/or fond of. I generally go for women with longer hair. But to be honest, I'm more attracted to the smell of a woman's hair rather than length (strangely enough). A woman who keeps her hair clean has good smelling hair. Also, the touch and feel of her hair is a turn on for me more than length. I don't want her hair to feel dry and brittle. This is just my preference. I don't want to speak for all men, but genuinely I don't think men really care and women could care less if we like their hair long or not.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 05-13-2017

Women with long hair just look better IMO

Women with long hair are simply more feminine and thus more attractive in my opinion. There are some women who look great with short hair but it doesn't work for everybody.
Posted by kingrichez on 05-17-2017

I prefer women with long hair!

I personally prefer women with long hair. It just makes them look more feminine, and it's what I'm used to seeing. With that being, it's not like I hate short hair. If you're a woman with short hair, but it looks good on you, you're cute and have a cool personality, I would totally be fine with dating you. Long story short, I personally prefer women with long hair, but it's not that big of a factor.
Posted by FatManX on 05-16-2017

Long hair all the way

Personally, women with longer hair easily call my attention because I think they get sexier than those with short hair. Long hair provide an extra charm for women.

Please, don't get me wrong ladies... I'm not saying that women with short hair are not sexy, it's just a personal taste.

Posted by WildSpirit on 05-22-2017

Think so

I'm not gonna lie here. I'm a big fan of bob and pixie haircuts, I find them very sexy and practical at the same time, but I have to admit that most men prefer long hairstyles. Every time I tell my boyfriend I'm going to the hairdressers' he says: "please, don't cut your hair, just trim it a little bit".
Posted by Chiari on 05-27-2017

Woamn here!

I know this says men, but I am bi. I definitely prefer a woman with long hair. It makes her look more feminine and I understand the dedication it takes to keep up with it. It is not a make it or break it type thing, and some woman look wonderful with short hair, but not everyone can pull it off. For majority of the time I'd have to say long hair, but personality really trumps it all anyway. (:
Posted by PB&Chelsey on 06-06-2017

Generally? Yes.

I believe than if you asked all men in the world, more than half would say yes.

I personally love both and know several women with short hair. Ideally though, long curly brown hair is the best (my opinion ofc) :)

Posted by Nemanja on 06-07-2017

Hubby prefers long hair

I had just asked my hubby, he said long hair is feminine, sexy and alluring. I noticed that men in shopping mall are easily waver when long hair sales girls attract them , able to close sales or deals faster than shorter hair girls.

My hubby said that ladies with short hair are tomboyish, not related to age or facial appearance. I guess that when Eve was created, she had long hair. If she had short hair, everyone would follow suit too.

Posted by peachpurple on 06-18-2017

I think so

Both personally and based on people around me, men do prefer women with long hair. It is one of those feminine qualities that men would like to find in their potential mates. I think it is ingrained in our gene and I now am curious whether it is evolutionary related.
Posted by lordrenly on 06-09-2017

Long hair has more pros

Long hair, because I believe that if a woman is pretty, any type of hair would suit her. BUT, this is where the advantages of having long hair comes in... what if the woman was ugly? Now, at least she has a long hair to cover her face! You know how sometimes you thought you just saw a hot chick and then suddenly you take another good look and realize that it's a man? See? If it works on men, it'll work on women!
Posted by arachnophobik on 06-16-2017

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I love long hair on women

It is just more attractive in my opinion.
Posted by Anonymous on 01-02-2017

Who cares!

I do not care if a woman has short or long hair. There are many beautiful women with short hair and long hair. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You can not come to the conclusion that woman are more beautiful with long hair than a woman with short hair.

There is many hair styles to choose from, both long and short. Sure, some may prefer woman with long hair, but I'm certain most guys would not care as long as the woman has beautiful characteristics. Furthermore, the same can go for men.

Posted by Everett on 01-10-2017

Each to their own

I have met many men who prefer women with long hair however I also know men who prefer women with short hair, so I personally believe it is a personal preference and what the guy prefers more when it comes to a woman. My boyfriend loves the fact I have long hair and whenever I say I am going to get it cut he always tells me not to get it cut too short because he prefers to see me with long hair but in the past I have been with guys who would have rather seen me with shorter hair.
Posted by Shortie on 03-17-2017

Its not important

If the woman wants to cut her hair , have short or long its up to her . I would never judge and it doesn't matter if women have short hair. I been out with a few people who had short hair its what ever they feel comfortable with. If they comfortable then that is all that matters. No man should judge even tell women what to do that is like us saying does women like men with long hair .... Shouldn't matter what the hair styles are ..
Posted by reviews4you on 04-14-2017

I don't think so

I don’t know so, my girlfriend had medium length hair and she was already the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen and recently she cop off her medium length to short, so now then it’s short, she is the most sexiest women I’ve ever seen and had.

Look at Scarlett Johansson or Katy Perry they inspire and influence millions of people, now then they have short hair also, they look hell sexy and millions of men desire them, if you know what I mean.

In my opinion, everywoman has the right to appeal any styles they like to do with their hair, it’s their choice and if some men don’t like it, who care about some number of people. Any person appears such sexier, when she is comfortable with the way she looks, and if she is comfortable with short hair, nothing else matters.

I don’t think long or short hair really got anything to do with a men’s desire. Just make that men happy and he will desire you forever.

Nowadays short hair is the trend, that doesn’t mean men want like women with short hair.

Posted by optimistic on 03-29-2017

It's really subjective.

That's like saying that all men prefer hot dogs over hamburgers. It's a really huge assumption to make. I myself prefer long hair but I know at least 2 of my closest male friends prefer short hair. It differs from person to person.
Posted by hampus94 on 05-14-2017

Short hair is not a bad idea

I don't think long hair puts them off and women look sexier. I have short hair on request of my SO and it goes well with my personality.
Posted by mesush on 05-03-2017

They don't!

I think that if a man likes a woman, he won't care about her hair at all. Trust me. He won't even care what she's wearing or any other silly thing.

But if we're just talking about initial attraction, I still don't think men prefer women with long hair. Maybe twenty years ago, yes, they did but right now the trends are changing rapidly. Just look how popular the short haircuts are on women? All the celebrities are doing it as well. And the women that I personally know that have short hair all have boyfriends.

Of course, it will always depend on each individual since everybody has their own taste but there are more important factors than the length of hair.

Posted by Mehano on 06-05-2017

Every head is different

Physical attraction is practically speaking, arbitrary. There are a lot of dependencies - genetics, maintenance, style choices, the current trends - and I think the current most meaningful difference here is in maintenance. Short hair will, all else being equal, be easier to keep looking good - and I speak from experience as a man with shoulder length+ hair. Of course, long hair has the benefit of being able to wear it differently for variety.

In the aggregate, I don't think there's a meaningful difference - short hair frees up effort for other aspects of your appearance, while long hair gives you something to work with at the cost of more maintenance. Any given person will be more or less attracted based on their own foibles, which probably even out unless you live in a particularly strict society.

Posted by gkillian on 05-13-2017

Short hair

While it probably shouldn't matter what length hair someone has, I do find it a bit more attractive when they have short hair. For me, I see short hair as her being confident and not caring what is normal and widely accepted. Of course, in the end, it all boils down to what kind of person they are rather than what is on their hair. Some people find that woman having short hair makes them to masculine but I couldn't disagree more. Having long hair isn't everything and the sexiest women are the women who believe it themselves despite of what other think.
Posted by AlexHarris on 06-09-2017

It's in the heart, not in the hair

What can I say? I used to think long hair was so much sexier than short hair - until the day I fell in love with a short-haired girl! She was pretty, but I liked her most of all because she was extremely intelligent and fun to be around. Long or short hair wouldn't have made any difference. So I guess when you go just a little deeper than pure physical attraction, hair lenght, as with any other physical trait, has no importance at all!
Posted by kovacs on 05-15-2017

Not For Me

To be very personal on this topic No I don't think women with long hair or short hairs really matters. Between men and women the only thing matters is heart, love and affection towards each other. Yes for men being with the sexiest women is always a dream and if it comes true he is the lucky guy. Wherein there is no point to be with such a girl whom you cannot trust. Just for an example a women may look sexy by her longs hairs but you cannot trust her however on the other hand a women with short hairs whom you know is trust worthy she can be made sexy as the other. I personally don't go by Face and Body Structure but I look for a good heart which is hard to find.
Posted by Rutpan on 05-17-2017

There are also beautiful women with short hair!

Some year ago I would have answered yes to this question. But while growing up and maturing I've been attracted to many women with short hair: there are many many cute hairstyles that don't involve at all long hairs! Hair are just a small part of all the woman, there are many other thing that make her attractive. Have you seen Emma Watson with short hairs? Why to not like in her?
Posted by Xilkozuf on 05-25-2017

Confidence is sexy!

I think it doesn't matter if you're rocking a short do', curly do', or have so many extensions you're tripping over them. If you don't feel confident and love the way you look, that will reflect in how men feel about you.
Posted by Lizzyib on 06-08-2017
EJ Burg

actually any hair

deferent hairstyle and hair lengths fits deferent women so I think that it doesn't really matter.
Posted by EJ Burg on 06-10-2017

Don't change yourself for a partner!

Firstly, don't change your hair length (or any part of yourself) to attract a partner. Find someone who likes you for you. Not someone who likes you for your long or short hair. Everyone has different taste.
Posted by Madelyn on 06-10-2017


I'm gonna have to disagree because of the whole intention of the question. I know it's just a personal preference, but content like this is what makes women afraid to be themselves. When I cut my hair short it was a (literal) weight off my shoulders and I finally saw beauty within myself. Having the freedom to express yourself through your hair regardless of what men prioritize is what makes modern times so wonderful.
Posted by necrotic on 06-11-2017

not all women look good with short hair

It depends on the shape of your head, and what short haircut are you trying.
Posted by StolenKid on 06-21-2017

It doesn't matter

For me there's no difference, women look beautiful with everything. But I have to say that I rather the long hair on them because they look more independent and secure of themselves.
Posted by luispas on 06-23-2017


When in heaven Adam(A.S) liked and appreciated the long hair of Eve(A.S).Allah Almighty gave Adam the gift of beard.without long hair female is incomplete.
Posted by Anonymous on 01-10-2017
Just because a female has short hair doesn't make her incomplete.
Posted by Everett on 01-10-2017
There's no doubt that long well kept hair will turn a man's head and make any woman envious but is it really a dealbreaker? Long hair doesn't suit everyone especially as they begin to age and I personally think that a woman should have her hair cut in a style that suits the shape of her face. Plenty of men like short hair on a woman .. I can honestly say I was never short of boyfriends after I cut my long hair.
Posted by littlewitch66 on 04-30-2017
Is that so but what is the big deal with long hair and men? I mean what is the connection in between two of them anyways. I had long hair before marriage but I had them bobbed cut. I must admit that I was pretty nervous about my looks but once I got them cut and looked at my husbands face (yes he was with me) and his admiring looks... oh yeah, I felt entirely different as I was not used to see myself that way. Light headed (literally) and I absolutely loved it and the admiring look on my husband's face said it all. No I don't think long hair is what all men prefer for their women and even if they do, it's your hair... isn't it?
Posted by mesush on 05-03-2017
I've always had long hair... sometimes extremely long, and sometimes just to my shoulders. Yes, I've been told by more than one male that they love long hair. I've never chosen the length of my hair because of that, though... any time I wanted to cut it, I cut it, but I haven't had really short hair since I was about 10. :-)

I do like the feel of the lightness after it's been halfway down my back and I have it cut off to my shoulders, though. I think I probably started to want my hair long out of rebellion. When I was a kid, my mom made me keep it short at all times and I hated it so much because my friends had long hair. My one friend's hair kept growing and growing and got to her waist while mine kept getting chopped off, so that's probably the reason I've not let it get above my shoulders since then. :-)
Posted by Destiny on 05-08-2017
I personally love women with long hair and its not being chauvinistic or something, its just I find women more appealing with long hair.. We may argue that its not her appearance will show you her true beauty but its just the way it is with me, I love women with long hair.
Posted by Kerronbillouin36 on 05-08-2017
I do not think hair length should be a determining factor when it comes to a woman. For me, this aspect is irrelevant, because it is not enough for a woman to be beautiful, she must have other qualities such as intelligence, a good dose of humor and an open mind. Of course, every man has his own "types" of women he finds appealing, but not defining.
Posted by birlaandrei on 05-14-2017
In my experience, men have always preferred me with long hair. They might not exactly care if I had short hair, but long hair just seems to drive them into a tizzy. I do think the majority of men prefer women with long hair though, it is definitely seen as a more feminine trait.
Posted by JanicePlatt on 05-14-2017
hpro hamed
sure that woman are much prettier with long hairs it is a fact. It shows them like a goddess from the heaven and yeah every time my girl opens her hair she really turns me on and I will do the job right after that move and that sneaky mouse release that very well and she never cut her hairs. and I have advice for you womans out there just let your hairs to be long and see what it will do to poor men...
Posted by hpro hamed on 05-16-2017
I don't believe that it's necessarily true that women with long hair will always look better. It may depend on the physical feature of the woman. What about women who don't have long hair can't they be equally attractive as those with long hair? Some women will definitely be more attractive when their hair is short and others will be at their best when if they have tall hair. Tall or short doesn't really matter to me as long as the style suits her appearance.
Posted by explorerx7 on 05-17-2017
I find it very interesting that most of the men prefer women with long hair. Most of the men believe that one of the criteria for beauty in women is long hair. It is interesting to note that in every cultures and countries majority of men prefer women with long hair. Long hair is also associated with feminine quality. hair alone does not make a woman beautiful, but if a woman has a good lenght hair it is very likely that she will be looking beautiful. It is true that women who keep short hair are also liked by men, but in most cases long hair is a symbol of beauty.
Posted by vinaya on 05-19-2017
Please women, let your hair grow... You are absolutely incredible with them! Of course the hair won't define the beauty of any of you (it takes a lot more than a long hair to be a beautiful person), but it sure will help.
Posted by WildSpirit on 05-22-2017
Give me a warm, kind and intelligent woman with short hair over one with long hair and lacking those traits any day of the week. It is not the hair that makes the woman, it is her heart and mind.
Posted by Mark.c on 05-23-2017
My partner has told me that he prefers long hair on women and although all o his girlfriends have been from different parts of the world, the one thing they all had in common is long hair. When I met him my hair was almost to my waist. After he told me all his girlfriends had long hair I immediately got all my hair cut off in a pixie cut. We've been together going on 13 years now.
Posted by DeeFree on 05-30-2017
It's probably a biological thing? Long hair means you are more fertile. Or something like. Or maybe it just makes them look more feminine. Anyway, short hair looks great too. Long hair does get in the way of everything after a certain length point. And having a new look brings a fresh perspective from everyone. :)
Posted by eva.ling on 06-05-2017
I can't say one way or the other. It is different for different women, I have seen and know beautiful women with both long and short hair and I think it depends on how it looks on them! The opposite can be said for many women as well, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
Posted by thedadinomicon on 06-06-2017
Oh man, I love women... I really do not mind if she has short or long hair. To be honest with you guys every woman is beautiful, no matter how her hair looks. You can see that a woman is beautiful if she actually feels comfortable with the way she is. You see her smile, talk with confidence, her beautiful voice when she talks. I believe those things matter when it comes to actually finding beauty in a woman. So tecnically what I am trying to say is that, if she has short hair, it is pretty much because she wanted to have it short, if she has a long hair, well, it is pretty much the same factor, wich is beautiful to see in every woman on this planet.
Posted by AntwanCeja on 06-07-2017
I guess majority guys prefer girls with long hair. My point of view is based on my personal experience.Recently I cut my long hair and noticed that my husband doesnt look at me the way the looked when I had longer hair.Its all about personal likings, but long hair adds more femininity to any woman, it is a fact.
Posted by RosieCheeks on 06-08-2017
I do what I please. I like medium length hair. It depends on the guy, but that is pretty shallow to prefer such length.
Posted by simplym on 06-08-2017
I think it's really outdated people still want to simply a woman's attractiveness to one feature. It's like saying men prefer women with blonde hair. So are all the women with brown hair second best? It's such a ridiculous topic and it's crazy how many people actually had an opinion on the topic.
Posted by megaanmaarie on 06-15-2017
It depends on the guy, but overall I think they prefer medium length hair. In my own experience my husband was not too impressed when I cut my hair really short, he prefers it medium/long.
Posted by lyudmilka78 on 06-11-2017
I think it is not only long hair that men prefer. A short haired girl with charming looks and attractive personality wins the show equally.

Though long hair might be a preference but they should be coupled with other personality traits as well.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 06-16-2017
Long hairs look beautiful but it's not only hairs that make you look good, it is the way you carry them along.
Posted by lifeasitis on 06-22-2017
Most men prefer women with long hair to those with short hair because it is generally believed that the long hair on a woman's head is the natural beauty of that woman, not the cosmetics used on the body. Men also believe that when a woman's hair is short, she must be getting older already and they are not that appreciated at these old ages.
Posted by pioneerauthor on 06-23-2017
I think most men would say that they prefer long hair. I believe a woman should wear her hair the way that it makes her feel good not someone else. There are lots of short hair styles that look good and are sexy if you have the right face for it. I would hope a man would not choose a woman depending on the length of her hair, it sounds very shallow. If that's the case there are lots of wigs to choose from that they could personally wear. Seriously though, I have long hair and that is because I like it. I have had short hair, but prefer it long because there are more ways that I can style it and I am proud of my long hair because it's the longest It has ever been and it just makes me feel a little better about myself. Some women grow their hair long to please their husband or boyfriend, some keep their hair long for spiritual reasons. At the end of the day it should only matter to the one whose head it is on not to anyone else.
Posted by freebird37 on 06-24-2017
Honestly I think women should just have hair however THEY want. The right man will want to be with them for the right reasons, not their hair style. That said, I'm a guy and I'd much prefer a girl with long hair, but that doesn't mean girls can't pull of that longish - shortish hair style that some of them have. I wouldn't go anywhere near a girl with a buzzcut though, that says enough about her personality and I wouldn't be attracted to her, though I totally get why other guys would be. Oh and yeah, definitely head here. No hair anywhere else please.
Posted by SashaS on 06-25-2017

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[@SuperiorThan] Yes. But only on the head.
Posted on Twitter by Germandia on 12-30-2016
[@Germandia] @SuperiorThan 😂😂😂
Posted on Twitter by gwennzula on 01-10-2017
[@SuperiorThan] long hair but in duputa only in home.
Posted on Twitter by riazuddin75 on 12-30-2016
Rebecca Rosenberg
[@SuperiorThan] who cares.
Posted on Twitter by rmarosen on 12-30-2016
[@rmarosen] @SuperiorThan so long as you feel beautiful :)
Posted on Twitter by HeartBudda on 01-02-2017
Posted on Twitter by stevvid on 12-30-2016
[@SuperiorThan] Why should I care?
Posted on Twitter by AlissaPax on 12-30-2016
Mutebi Deo
[@SuperiorThan] yes they do, hair is a woman's source of beauty.
Posted on Twitter by DeoMutebi on 12-30-2016
[@SuperiorThan] nah they prefer to have sex , as long as u can provide that , then yeah
Posted on Twitter by zahiadaoudi on 12-30-2016
Rubeena Sheikh
Posted on Twitter by Mahnoorcandy on 01-01-2017
[@Mahnoorcandy] @SuperiorThan xD what's this , i'm a BIG fan of GoT but i don't get the relation anyways , it was nice to watch
Posted on Twitter by zahiadaoudi on 01-01-2017
[@SuperiorThan] yes i do
Posted on Twitter by i_H45H on 12-30-2016
[@SuperiorThan] check out those eyes
Posted on Twitter by BeenAround3 on 12-30-2016
jan oskar hansen
[@SuperiorThan] that is not true men prefer kind women not easy to find in the time of likeness
Posted on Twitter by benafim on 12-30-2016
[@benafim] @SuperiorThan a pleasing personality is easier to live with even if she is only ok looking :D
Posted on Twitter by HeartBudda on 01-02-2017
Chase Foster
Posted on Twitter by chafos on 12-30-2016
[@SuperiorThan] yes I prefer with long hair
Posted on Twitter by PTI_zindabaad on 12-31-2016
Naveed Anjum PK39810
[@SuperiorThan] always...
Posted on Twitter by styrus_anjum on 12-31-2016
Samson rono
[@SuperiorThan]. Yes. ..esp me
Posted on Twitter by Samsonrono4 on 12-31-2016
[@Samsonrono4] Long hair is beautiful! But it is time consuming to maintain. Thanks for taking time to share your opinion with us. :)
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 01-01-2017
leila alleyne
Posted on Twitter by AlleyneLeila on 12-31-2016
[@AlleyneLeila] Beautiful selfie! Not every woman can rock the short hair and look amazing like you!
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 12-31-2016
leila alleyne
[@SuperiorThan] Happy New Year!!!
Posted on Twitter by AlleyneLeila on 12-31-2016
Arda †
[@AlleyneLeila] @SuperiorThan tipini sikim
Posted on Twitter by Burasinekar on 01-12-2017
Ursula BOOO-wen
[@SuperiorThan] and, if I may, a follow-up: who gives a shit?
Posted on Twitter by ueowen on 12-31-2016
[@SuperiorThan] Real men don't care. The beauty of women is in their diversity.
Posted on Twitter by JacksInkyArm on 01-01-2017
[@JacksInkyArm] Nicely said :)
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 01-01-2017
[@SuperiorThan] almost men prefer, natural, hair as,she born, wt,, if few openly ask for, post marriage/for marriage,must change,,else never,,
Posted on Twitter by ShameemSail on 01-01-2017
[@SuperiorThan] Depends on mood
Posted on Twitter by wajislife on 01-01-2017
[@SuperiorThan] no matter what emancipation says: yes, they do
Posted on Twitter by StellinaAmarena on 01-01-2017
[@StellinaAmarena] Men will always think like men, whatever century they are living in.
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 01-01-2017
[@SuperiorThan] and that's one of the reasons I like them for😁
Posted on Twitter by StellinaAmarena on 01-02-2017
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 01-02-2017
[@StellinaAmarena] @SuperiorThan me too
Posted on Twitter by gwennzula on 01-10-2017
[@SuperiorThan] I'm a fan of clean shaved yoni
Posted on Twitter by smashicedevice on 01-01-2017
Kenneth-Ian Flor
Posted on Twitter by kennyflorlan on 01-01-2017
[@SuperiorThan] @krannoot Eindelijk een #denktweet gevonden...
Posted on Twitter by TrumanBFlanders on 01-02-2017
Annoot kristien
[@TrumanBFlanders] @SuperiorThan En???? Is dat zó?
Posted on Twitter by krannoot on 01-02-2017
Shakeel Hyder
[@SuperiorThan] enchanting & captivating a massive beauty
Posted on Twitter by ShakielHyder on 01-02-2017
Mark Gullick
[@SuperiorThan] No. They prefer women with no clothes on.
Posted on Twitter by MarkGullick2 on 01-02-2017
Behram Warraich
[@SuperiorThan] I can "prefer" her with no hair at all .. 😂😂
Posted on Twitter by BehruGunner on 01-02-2017
Stephannie Kalonji
[@SuperiorThan] My husband loves my long hair abd wouldnt let me even trim it hehe.
Posted on Twitter by SteKalonji on 01-03-2017
[@SteKalonji] How fortunate he is to have such a strong, beautiful woman :)
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 01-03-2017
Stephannie Kalonji
[@SuperiorThan] Well,thank you...i am indeed flattered.
Posted on Twitter by SteKalonji on 01-04-2017
[@SteKalonji] @SuperiorThan that seems like an abusive and controlling relationship
Posted on Twitter by jadaneri on 01-10-2017
Stephannie Kalonji
[@jadaneri] @SuperiorThan No way he just loves my hair long and cant imagine it any shorter.
Posted on Twitter by SteKalonji on 01-11-2017
[@SteKalonji] @SuperiorThan he wouldn't let you cut your hair? Even if you'd like to? That's a controlling relationship
Posted on Twitter by jadaneri on 01-12-2017
Zahid Hasan
Posted on Twitter by zahid_tanvir on 01-03-2017
Babasultan Deringuru
Long hair, short hair, No hair. BUT WITHOUT THE PHOTOSHOP CRAP [@SuperiorThan]
Posted on Twitter by deringuru on 01-04-2017
[@deringuru] Naturally pretty is always best. :)
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 01-04-2017
Babasultan Deringuru
[@SuperiorThan] yeah :)
Posted on Twitter by deringuru on 01-04-2017
Mamba Kozel
[@SuperiorThan] yep they do
Posted on Twitter by toddenhippies on 01-04-2017
[@SuperiorThan] Not this one!
Posted on Twitter by tantalotoo on 01-04-2017
Muhammad Anwar
[@SuperiorThan] a graceful pic
Posted on Twitter by AnwarManwar004 on 01-04-2017
AwAis JavEd
[@SuperiorThan] yes coz women luks grt in long hairs
Posted on Twitter by awaisjaved423 on 01-04-2017
AwAis JavEd
[@SuperiorThan] and specially this girl luks stunning ðŸ'šðŸ˜˜ðŸ'
Posted on Twitter by awaisjaved423 on 01-04-2017
Yousuf Ahmad
[@SuperiorThan] With this face - long or short both will be preferable 😇
Posted on Twitter by yousuf1307 on 01-04-2017
Dan Jacob
[@SuperiorThan] This depends on the individual. I actually like women with short hair.
Posted on Twitter by Jacobb_Dann on 01-04-2017
[@SuperiorThan] doesn't matter ,its all about eyes to me
Posted on Twitter by effifani on 01-04-2017
Hiking in Nepal
Posted on Twitter by hikingsinnepal on 01-05-2017
[@SuperiorThan] what a big dilemma
Posted on Twitter by yoyodaan on 01-05-2017
The Romanian Reaver
[@SuperiorThan] Matter of tastes to be honest. It's like asking if they prefer big breasts or not, some do some don't.
Posted on Twitter by RomanianReaver on 01-05-2017
[@SuperiorThan] i prefer nude
Posted on Twitter by dumbweirdocreep on 01-05-2017
[@SuperiorThan] yes, I do :)
Posted on Twitter by Heartvoice on 01-06-2017
Usman Maqsood
[@SuperiorThan] Does it matter?
Posted on Twitter by Usmanmaqsoodca on 01-06-2017
Kosmiskais lauÄ·is
[@SuperiorThan] White woman with long hair. universally preferable.
Posted on Twitter by Piramiida on 01-06-2017
[@SuperiorThan] nice
Posted on Twitter by paturelngambou2 on 01-06-2017
[@SuperiorThan] - Yes...
Posted on Twitter by JonnyValleyBoy on 01-06-2017

Posted on Twitter by mynameisbenjie on 01-07-2017
Ferdy Nugraha
[@SuperiorThan] I love long hair, not problem with me
Posted on Twitter by ferdyspot on 01-07-2017
[@ferdyspot] Do you have a favorite hair color for a woman?
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 01-08-2017
Posted on Twitter by pzlanuk on 01-07-2017
arshad mahmood dar
[@SuperiorThan] A view point!
Posted on Twitter by drarshadmahmoo1 on 01-08-2017
Payam Aujizy
[@SuperiorThan] to me just a woman is enough, can't risk d choices
Posted on Twitter by Bawoo63 on 01-09-2017
[@Bawoo63] I like your thought process :)
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 01-12-2017
ABELL 1689
Posted on Twitter by ABELL_1689 on 01-09-2017
[@ABELL_1689] Nothing compares to a woman who is comfortable in her own skin :)
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 01-12-2017
ABELL 1689
[@SuperiorThan] ... Truth, Indeed ... :)))) ... :)))) ... :))))
Posted on Twitter by ABELL_1689 on 01-12-2017
я🅰ⓝ🅰 รɦɑɦʐɑıც
[@SuperiorThan] yeah! Of course
Posted on Twitter by BeingRana1 on 01-09-2017
alia khalid
[@SuperiorThan] everyone like in the end long hairs
Posted on Twitter by kisanakee on 01-10-2017
✌Ali Adel✌
[@SuperiorThan] of course :p
Posted on Twitter by AlokaTiger on 01-10-2017
[@SuperiorThan] I would like to think so
Posted on Twitter by gwennzula on 01-10-2017
Waste Of Space🌌✌🏻
[@SuperiorThan] If a woman is comfortable with herself and the she is with a person who cares for her then looks/hair shouldn't matter.
Posted on Twitter by Alex_4424 on 01-10-2017
Yeah. You're right. Not everyone has the face for short hair. How unfortunate for men. Women prefer long hair on men 2k17.

Posted on Twitter by lovelygould on 01-10-2017
kai🌵| feminist
[@SuperiorThan] do woman give a fuck? no
Posted on Twitter by sebcastic on 01-10-2017
[@sebcastic] Some women do, yes. Just like some men care what women think.
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 01-12-2017
[@SuperiorThan] @sebcastic hm let me guess, your a man? I can tell bc you think women care about a mans opinion on them?
Posted on Twitter by jadaneri on 01-15-2017
Oz Katerji
[@SuperiorThan] who cares? What bullshit is this?
Posted on Twitter by OzKaterji on 01-11-2017
Major Styles
[@SuperiorThan] Yes...that is all.
Posted on Twitter by 1MajorStyles on 01-11-2017
[@SuperiorThan] yes ^_^
Posted on Twitter by Abdulrtareen on 01-12-2017
hassan khan
[@SuperiorThan] beautiful eyes swetie,what do you do today?
Posted on Twitter by roserise144 on 01-12-2017
Abdullah Qasim
Posted on Twitter by Qasimfg on 01-12-2017
[@SuperiorThan] depends
Posted on Twitter by Sanzr7 on 01-13-2017
festus Chepchieng
[@SuperiorThan] what mattets is love not hairs
Posted on Twitter by Logs_Dah_Legend on 01-13-2017
[@Logs_Dah_Legend] A woman's beauty is not defined by one single attribute. However, some people find longer hair more attractive.
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 01-18-2017
Posted on Twitter by tangomundial on 01-13-2017
idrees ahmed nizami
[@SuperiorThan] As long as they don't have a to take care....
Posted on Twitter by idreesnizami on 01-14-2017
Emmanuel Olt Olato
Posted on Twitter by emmaolt on 01-14-2017
Emmanuel Olt Olato
[@SuperiorThan] yeah beautiful
Posted on Twitter by emmaolt on 01-14-2017
[@SuperiorThan] We are as hell don't prefer them bald.
Posted on Twitter by hollowman777 on 01-14-2017
Sheridan Jobbins
[@SuperiorThan] Do men prefer dolls made of latex with wigs of human on their head?
Posted on Twitter by 5oh19 on 01-14-2017
blank 🌙
[@SuperiorThan] who gives a shit lmao. and btw pixie cuts are the shit thx
Posted on Twitter by asham183 on 01-14-2017
[@asham183] Pixie cuts are also very low maintenance. Sometimes, I think men are so lucky to have no pressure to have long hair.
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 01-18-2017
Madeeha Akram 💫
[@SuperiorThan] dnt know
Posted on Twitter by Ajeeeb_Tweet on 01-15-2017
[@SuperiorThan] that's easy to handle her 😉
Posted on Twitter by delidoctoru on 01-15-2017
shahzada farrukh Jav
[@SuperiorThan] hairs does not matter long or short but existence....
Posted on Twitter by kon_farrukh on 01-15-2017
iRock doU
[@SuperiorThan] "keep your femininity and let your hair grow" wow, really?
Posted on Twitter by lgrieff1 on 01-16-2017
[@SuperiorThan] Ofcourse
Posted on Twitter by ASIF_MEHMOOD201 on 01-16-2017
[@SuperiorThan] who cares
Posted on Twitter by acklesverse on 01-16-2017
ruben alan
[@SuperiorThan] yes I do
Posted on Twitter by rubenalan77 on 01-17-2017
Amar Kamal
[@SuperiorThan] i think so women hair are been associated with beauty so men do prefer more of beauty in the shape of long hair
Posted on Twitter by amarkamal7321 on 01-17-2017
Ayobola Lawal
Posted on Twitter by lawal_ayobola on 01-17-2017
nikki (i/a)
[@SuperiorThan] no. women prefer men with long hair
Posted on Twitter by burgerbeanie on 01-19-2017
Levail Naik
[@burgerbeanie] @SuperiorThan is that Leda?
Posted on Twitter by LevailNaikAOMH on 02-19-2017
[@SuperiorThan] Now build your fashion blog

fashion #HairstyIe #summerstyle #blog #fashionblogger #shopping #womanstyle #Magazine #blogger

Posted on Twitter by KemooFahmey on 01-19-2017
Posted on Twitter by fireondemand1 on 01-20-2017
[@SuperiorThan] depends if they comb and wash it.
Posted on Twitter by hollowman777 on 01-21-2017
[@hollowman777] Good hygiene is a beautiful thing :)
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 01-22-2017
Sana Gul
[@SuperiorThan] Paindoo men, yes
Posted on Twitter by SanaGul19334642 on 01-21-2017
Mazari Brahim
[@SuperiorThan] jolie
Posted on Twitter by mazarihamzay on 01-22-2017
[@SuperiorThan] It depends
Posted on Twitter by alydhen22 on 01-22-2017
Chris S.Dixon-writer
[@SuperiorThan] In this man's personal opinion, yes :-)
Posted on Twitter by CrickChris on 01-23-2017
Bee Sting
[@SuperiorThan] Who gives a shit?
Posted on Twitter by real_bee_sting on 01-23-2017
Muhammad Anwar
[@SuperiorThan] lovely hairs
Posted on Twitter by AnwarManwar004 on 01-24-2017
не мой предатель
[@SuperiorThan] I don't know, but the woman in this picture has a very pleasing look about her.
Posted on Twitter by landolfi on 01-27-2017
[@SuperiorThan] WHO CARES ?
Posted on Twitter by DemiftMugs on 01-27-2017
Shahid N
Posted on Twitter by skniazi2008 on 01-28-2017
robbie the robot
[@SuperiorThan] who cares?
Posted on Twitter by stillicides on 01-28-2017
idrees ahmed nizami
[@SuperiorThan] it's the looks what matters hair may be a contributor....
Posted on Twitter by idreesnizami on 01-28-2017
[@idreesnizami] Good heart and pleasing personality also plays a part in real attraction. Don't you think so too?
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 01-28-2017
idrees ahmed nizami
[@SuperiorThan] always
Posted on Twitter by idreesnizami on 01-28-2017
Yega Govender
[@SuperiorThan] Yes!
Posted on Twitter by yegagovender20 on 01-29-2017
ѕ н e ĸ e n a
[@SuperiorThan] who the hell cares what they prefer?? lmao
Posted on Twitter by skaikrasha on 01-29-2017
Majbrit Høyrup
[@SuperiorThan] and do we care? (hint: NO!)
Posted on Twitter by majbrit_hoeyrup on 01-30-2017
Zahid Hasan
Posted on Twitter by zahid_tanvir on 01-31-2017
[@SuperiorThan] those eyesss tho 😍😍
Posted on Twitter by isikcelaal on 01-31-2017
[@isikcelaal] Pretty/amazing, right!? :)
Posted on Twitter by SuperiorThan on 01-31-2017
[@SuperiorThan] absolutely !
Posted on Twitter by isikcelaal on 01-31-2017
[@SuperiorThan] @fayevvillanueva
Posted on Twitter by rcafrtrjoy on 02-01-2017
Sashii bbyy
Posted on Twitter by BbyySashii on 03-10-2017
Jaxon Weru
Posted on Twitter by weru_jaxon on 03-13-2017
Naime Hossain
[@SuperiorThan] #webapplication #PHPDeveloper #Laravel #CustomManagementSystem #PHP #BugFix contact here:
Posted on Twitter by NaimeH_B on 05-25-2017
[@SuperiorThan] Yah, it makes romance better ?
Posted on Twitter by CerizDin on 06-05-2017

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Tambangee Menijembie
Very good question: The answer is, yes.. Because women with long hair are beautiful women and wise women ...
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Posted on Facebook by Al-Amin Islam on 12-31-2016
Edward Sevara
Good question? Study the guy's inner being you're falling for.
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Mahabubur Rahman
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Pamela Ngodoo
no. they prefer women with good character.
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Why you are so cute!
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Very nice keep it up
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Yeah i really like
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Morine Fofe
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Très charment
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Oui c'est vrai bon année
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How Sweet
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Nonsense question keep it up
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Yes...I mean I do.
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Une fille aux yeux revolver
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Md Mostak
So good
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Peace Ndlovu
Some do prefer with long hair so as to play wif it
Posted on Facebook by Peace Ndlovu on 12-31-2016
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Nc pc cute
Posted on Facebook by Sabrine Lneza on 12-31-2016
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But short on beebee
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Excellent friend link Ranagulzar
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Beautiful look
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Happy new year
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These eyes 👀
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Tamangnii Fucchee
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Davina clair
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Nice one
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Md Raju
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Your eyes is very beuty full
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So nice Sobhanallah
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Yeasin Rahman
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yes maybe....😊😊😊😍😍😘
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Jojo Andy
Best pic,,
Posted on Facebook by Jojo Andy on 12-31-2016
Jamshad Iqbal
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Chilion Vukici
Yes!I prefer women with long hair,that's her beauty and don't let the scissors or razor touch her hair
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Jose Custodio Mendez
Se ve bonita con el pelo largo
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Happy new year 2017
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wow so sexy
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happy new year
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yes they do but to an extend
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Rakesh Raj Rakesh
Sali dayan
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Odinaka Solomon
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Amos Victoria
Posted on Facebook by Amos Victoria on 01-01-2017
Lightness Remen Meena
Not all of them. But some do.
Posted on Facebook by Lightness Remen Meena on 01-01-2017
Ali Rezaiee
Very good
Posted on Facebook by Ali Rezaiee on 01-01-2017
MD Salah Uddin Cox's
Posted on Facebook by MD Salah Uddin Cox's on 01-01-2017