Men should be paid more then women in sport.

Men should be paid more then women in sport.
I personally believe male athletes should be paid more than female athletes due to the fact that they tend to get a much higher view rate. An example of what i mean is the fact that if you were given the option of tickets to Nadal play or Serena Williams the majority of people will go and watch Nadal. It is not only this fact that backs up my point but what Serena Williams also said herself. She once said that she could beat anybody around the 200 mark in mens singles tennis, she then went on to play the number 204 and lost badly! After the loss she corrected he statement for the press to around 500 in the world!




Women win more gold medals, are accepted into more tournaments, and the women's soccer national team is number one in the nation, men's are 27
Posted by Anonymous on 02-17-2017

It's all about revenue.

I could have voted any way in this debate but I think what the question really means is whether sportswomen should automatically be paid what men are whether or not they would bring in the same revenue for those holding the event. If for example a mens tennis match drew in an audience of 30,000 to a game and a ladies match drew in the same then yes of course the pay should be the same however this should not be an automatic. Indeed if the women drew in more why shouldn't indeed they be paid more? Unfortunately market forces do play a part in this debate whether we like it or not.
Posted by firswood on 08-20-2016

I Agree If It Is For Demand

I don't think equal pay for people in sports really matters...In my opinion it is a completely different argument than women making the same as a man in a normal workplace. The circumstances are different here... I don't find much enjoyment in watching the athletic feats of mostly stupid people who can do some cool tricks with balls. Our worship over people with these things is ridiculous, and I don't think forcing people to be paid a certain amount to perform should be done if it isn't natural. I have nothing against athletes making the ridiculous amounts they do, if the market dictates them. But what are we going to do, guarantee everyone gets a certain amount if they become a professional in their respective sport? This is only a problem to female athletes in the first world, sorry but no one else wants to watch women's basketball even if that is a bit harsh. The reality is, only the best of the best are going to be watched, regardless of gender. I remember hearing that the U.S women's soccer team lost to a bunch of 15 year olds 8-2 in a scrimmage. These are the same women who get on t.v and subtly suggest they could hang with the men's team and outperform them. They cherry-picked the numbers in their claims that they didn't make enough and were the ones who set the demands in the last negotiations for their salaries!
Posted by GeneralScruffles on 08-13-2016

Should be based on the sport

The pay that an athlete receives should be based on the amount of income they generate. If the male version of a sport is generating more money, they should earn more of that. The truth is that most men sports make a lot more money than the women versions of those sports. Therefore, there is more money to spread around to the men. If a woman's dominated sport made more money than the men's version, the woman should be paid more in that situation.
Posted by flc735 on 08-19-2016

Men's sports attract a bigger audience

Men should be paid more in sports because, men's sports attract bigger audiences and create a larger revenue. Its not about sexism its about what makes business sense.
Posted by kingrichez on 05-15-2017



I don't think so!

I do not believe that men should be paid more regardless if it is sport, or business. There is something called "equality". If one group is being paid more than the other group then it is inequality or could even been seen as discrimination. Men, and woman should be paid the same amount.

Surely, men may get more views, but who cares about views if we are talking sports! Sports is about being on the top of your game, to compete, and to have fun. Why should one group be paid more than another just because they were born with different genitalia? That makes absolutely no sense to me. Woman work as hard as men do, and sometimes harder because they have to show men that they are capable of doing exactly what they do.

Posted by Anonymous on 08-13-2016
Views equal everything in sports, that's what drives prices and the salaries of players... Can you tell me how many sports where the women are on par with the men. I agree, whoever is the best of the best should make the most entirely. Theoretically, a women could be. The reality is many semi-professional men in their respective fields would dominate the top of women's level. I'm not a big time sports fan, don't really care that much but this is pretty plain to see...


I do not agree with this as it is discriminatory. A player, or a worker, for that matter should always be paid according to what he/she is doing in terms of performance, skills and responsibilities. It does not matter at all whether one is a man or a woman. Gender based payment or opportunities are simply banal and they should be discouraged.
Posted by EliteWriter on 09-04-2016

No way!

I am sorry but woman deserve to be paid just as well as men, no matter if it is sports or any other career. We are in 2016 for goodness sake! Woman are just as capable of playing sports and doing just as good of a job as a male!

Sure, woman might not be able to do certain sports as well as a man. But you know are not as good at some sports as woman are either.

I feel that equal pay is needed today in every career.

Posted by angie828 on 08-14-2016

No that is racist.

I can't believe you think men should be paid more in sport because they rack up more views? More views where exactly? Where are the studies conducted with white papers that show this that a statement as bold as this usually needs to back it up with? This flies in the face of equality and this is 2016 not 1916 mate! That is a narrow minded view that was prevalent that men in the early 19th century would adopt for their wives and woman in that they shouldn't be allowed to vote and should be seen and not heard. But that is just an old way of thinking and was not fair. Are not woman equal to men? Are they not able to do the same thing as us and more? In that respect, woman are above men because they can actually do something useful like give birth and feed a child. Have you ever tried giving birth as a man? Or milking your baby with your breasts? Okay fair enough they need a man as well to make a baby. So men and women are two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that need each other and all the other pieces that are connected to it (their sons and daughters and their sons and daughters and so) to make up the complete picture of the puzzle. But anyway, it is up there with racism IMHO to say that women should get paid less in sport. Women are just as able to perform the action any sport performs whether it's playing football or running or swimming or decathlon or rock climbing or archery or anything! And just because women might not get as much views as men's tennis does doesn't mean they should get paid less. That's just arrogant! And I'm a man LOL

Come on brother! Where's the fairness and equality? Unity and harmony? Where's the love!? This is 2016 and we need to abandon those old naive and daft ways of thinking! We need to break down the barriers people in the past have put up and undo all the damage they've done to people like yourself without you even knowing it. You are thinking in a "herd mentality" and not even realizing it! How would you feel if you was a woman and someone said, you shouldn't earn as much money doing the same job or same sporting event as men can? That's exactly why woman DO get paid equally today and ARE allowed to vote and speak in public. If it was only up to people like you to run the country we'd all still be living in the stone age!

Posted by idealmikey on 08-14-2016

Paid in accordance with demand yes..but gender? NO

I can see your reasoning. If something is popular then it generates more money and therefore more money can be spent there... yes sure that makes sense. I am all for that.

However your statement was not "sports people should be paid in accordance with demand", your statement said sports people should be paid in accordance with gender".

You have made a truly sexist and insulting statement.

Imagine in a country like mine saying that black people should be paid less than white people and my reasoning being that white people are better educated? No this is wrong and shocking!

No people must be paid according to their qualifications and experience, NOT according to their color.

There will be some very qualified black people to do certain jobs just as there will be some very popular sports women.

Making generalizations and popping all people of one race or gender into one basket is discriminatory and just plain wrong.

No wonder there is so much chaos in the world.

Posted by LynneHuysamen on 08-14-2016
I am truly sorry if I offended you. If I could I would change my statement now but unfortunately I can't. I do however believe that men are generally better than women at sport due to the fact that they are usually stronger. Yes of course there will be some sports that women will be better at such as floor routines in gymnastics etc but as a whole men tend to be better at sport due to there build and physicality.
The reply was op by the way. I was logged out when I wrote it.


I do not believe men receive same pay as women in professional sports to begin with. Let's look at how teams (soccer for instance )make money to pay the players. The money comes from different sources like ticket sales, concessions, stadium parking, licensed merchandise sales, money from the networks to show the games on TV, etc. And players get paid by those teams and sponsors, who choose someone influential or with a lot of fans to go with. As you can see, most of the money is paid by the followers directly or indirectly , so the more followers you got, the more money you make and between men's and women's sport, which has more followers? You tell me. If a woman is paid more than a man, it's because she deserves to be paid more than a man IMHO
Posted by abkr08 on 08-13-2016


IF we talk of different pays depending on the sport,then it is a good point. I see no reason why a man doing the same sport as a woman should be paid more. Forget the views my dear, both the man and woman have worked so hard and should be paid for their hardwork ; which is the sport not the views.
Posted by promiseemeh on 08-16-2016

Sport is sport.

It is known that Foootball is football no matter who plays it. Therefore we should be impartial on how we compensate our athletes on their efforts in the arena.. All should be treated the same.
Posted by Mambombaya on 08-15-2016

Doesn't seem right

I will not support this role because it does not treat humans as equal. Men do more difficult level of sports because nature has made it to be that they are the stronger sex. Also looking it from this view that female train as much as male which means they also put in their best and as well try to be the best of their kind so I don't see the reason why two people will under go the same type and quality of training, spend the same time, use relatively the same energy and then one will be paid higher. They work as hard as men and should receive as much. Sport should not be sex biased and this should seriously be looked into in other for justice to be put to order. This will also help encourage them work even harder because they are now seen as equal and they will more appreciate their effort as been seen as a human being not an animal.
Posted by prosperevergreen on 08-13-2016

Of course not!

The amount that an athlete earns should not be defined as the sex of the athlete, but the results he / she obtains! Of course, there is a tendency for men, but that is more due to the sport they play. We all know that football and basketball are the best sports at the moment, and for example men are active there.
Posted by birlaandrei on 05-15-2017

NO, NO and NO!

I'm sorry to say this, but... Agreeing with this is something very nonsense in my point of view. The amounts paid have to be paid equally. This is a very simple question and I still can't understand so much controversy in valuing the qualities of women.
Posted by WildSpirit on 07-26-2017

Let Me Explain My Thought Process

I'm not really into sports but I'll have a go at this. I sort of agree but I don't.

OK. I won't go off on a rant and start going on and on about how much I think people in sports are ALL OVERPAID!! That's a different discussion.

But if you just want to pay a woman less just because she's a woman? That's jacked up thinking. Think about this. There used to be women who wrote books using a man's name and got paid well. There should not have been any need to use a man's name, but there was. That's just plain ignorant!

On the other hand … Anybody who does ANY JOB should be adequately compensated for doing that job, whether male or female. So I would agree with you if you can prove that the compensation agreed upon is directly linked to the view rates. Why? Hey! It was written into the contract. For example, entertainers like Mariah Carey sign a contract with a record label for a ridiculous amount of money. The record label assumes she'll be able to sell her music. But if she can't sell her music, that contract will be canceled. It's just business.

So if the contract says you get so many dollars for so many views, then that's what was agreed.

Posted by cmoneyspinner on 12-17-2018

No its Not Correct

Pay cannot be different for sexes and should be equal. Though i agree that male teams and athletes have more followers but still it would be unfair to say that females should be paid less. I personally prefer to watch the more of ladies lawn tennis as compare to Men lawn tennis and even squash as well.
Posted by HARPREETSINGH on 06-16-2017

Should depend on view rate then

By your own argument, I think then it should depend on view rate instead of the gender, which it already is, as much as I know. In MMA, whoever draws the most people in live events and pay per view numbers is the one who gets the highest pay, regardless of whether they are men or women. I think this is even the case for Hollywood movies which is why I find it ludicrous that some actresses are complaining they aren't getting paid equally when it's clear that their actor counterparts are who the people are paying to see in the first place. It should depend on draw not gender.
Posted by Wubwub on 01-24-2018

That's absurd

There is no point justifying that women should be paid less in sports when compared to their men counterpart. That they are women doesn't make them less of professional to be treated with contempt when it comes to earning. What's the point of someone saying that women should be paid less? Is it that men are more important or that female sports are not worth viewing?

Personally, I don't think any woman should be treated in such manner, I believe the best way to go about knowing what to pay and sportsman is from his or contributions to the sport and not based on sex.

If payment of sportsman be decided by sex and not by worth and contributions to the sports, I am quite certain it would cause a lot of harm than good. It would bring about a huge gap between the male and female professionals in the world of sports and also it would deter women participation and involvement in most sports. So it's not a wise decision to base sports payment on sex differences.

Posted by Heatman on 09-13-2017


It should be based on a lot of factors, mostly the audience draw and the ability and talent of the player. Everyone should be held to the same standards and not just men being paid more because they're men.
Posted by treecko142 on 07-08-2018


I am not agreeing to that. They should pay equal because what they are doing in sports are equal hard of time and perseverance too.
Posted by mark86 on 11-23-2018


The way I see sports vis-a-vis earnings of the athlete, it is not really dictated by the gender but the popularity. In tennis, it looks like the women players are paid more because they are more popular. Unlike some decades ago when the likes of Bjorn Borg dominated the whole sport of tennis, now it is Serena Williams on top of everything. In mixed martial arts, Ronda Rousey had her heyday of earning tenfold of what male fighters were earning mainly because she is popular. Now that Ronda had lost her championship belt, the popularity is back to the men.
Posted by Corzhens on 05-12-2017
I disagree, if a woman can play a professional sport she should be payed the same amount as the man who is playing the same professional sport. I don't even understand why this is a debate because just because the player is a woman doesn't mean she should get robbed of her talents.
Posted by Sino989 on 05-17-2017
I don't believe men should automatically be paid more than women. The best example I can think of is the USA National Soccer team. The US Women's National team has won the Olympics in 2004, 2008, 2012, and even won the World Cup in 2015! However, they get paid FAR less than the US Men's National team who lose in the early stages of every tournament they play in. It is absolutely incredible how disrespected these women are, in terms of pay, compared to their male counterparts. I would far rather watch the US women's team than the men's team.
Posted by gambino1 on 06-23-2017
I am not of the view that male athletes should be paid or earn higher that the female athletes. There is absolutely no justification for these. A female athlete who has worked very hard deserves whatever reward she can get. We have seen top performing athletes who rose to stardom after so much hard work, consistency and dedication. Should we now say that they should not be well paid over their male counterparts?

The reward for hard work should never be 'Gender-Sensitive'. Same is applicable to other professions different from athletics. Everyone should be given a platform to prove their worth and capabilities (male or female). This mentality has denied a good number of women a chance to prove that they also have something to deliver. So, in my opinion, let everyone be rewarded for their dedication and hard work, be it a man or women, in athletics or other profession.
Posted by Dparagon on 07-11-2017
men and women should be equally paid for the same game. For inatance a woman tennis player should receive same money as a male tennis player. However, this does not happen. How much a player receives depends on how much money the advertisers have put. Advertisers put mor emoney in men's sports compared to women's sports.
Posted by vinaya on 08-15-2017
Sports pay should be based on performance, not gender. Gender should not be a factor. However, though, since guys tend to attract bigger crowds, a consequence might be that certain men will always be paid more. Is this right? Well, I don't think much can be done about it.
Posted by jyy on 09-24-2017
That's right and I agree that pay depends on once performance and the popularity of the sport his playing. The more popular the sport the more pay a good athlete gets. It's just so that the most popular sports are played by men.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 11-29-2018
No way, I wouldn't buy into thus discrimination, why do we like discriminating Everyone should be paid same despite the gender,the same way a male prepare for a sporting event is the same way a female does so why should there be difference in payments. I don't agree with your assertion.
Posted by lovely on 11-14-2017
I agree that there should be equality in pay for athletes. But we cannot discount the fact that it is not really the gender is the reason why a male athlete earns more than a woman athlete. We have to remember that sport is entertainment and entertainment means business. A popular player will get more audience and more sponsors for the game hence he is paid more. If the woman athlete becomes more popular than her male counterpart then I’m sure she will be paid more.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-24-2018
I don't think that gender is the one dictating how much an athlete should receive or be paid. It's the athletes skill and popularity which dictates how much pay he or she gets.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 11-29-2018
I advocate gender equality. I think women are as empowered as men, so there is no reason for them to earn less than men.
Posted by hermessantos on 02-15-2018
Equality should be always prevail. I believe that everyone has an equal rights and in this matter it should be paid equal too.
Posted by mark86 on 11-23-2018
Popularity usually dictates the pay. And that means gender is not an issue he or ahe must be skilled and good enough to become popular to get a high pay.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 11-29-2018
It is not the gender who will decide which one who is going to be paid higher. It is competency and skill of a person regardless of the gender. Which should be the basis on who's going to be paid higher.
Posted by bee.rthooyah on 12-10-2018
I think that thinking like this is endorsing discrimination. I think that the problem is that men do not want to watch women play sports. Why should we make women suffer for this kind of discrimination? Its hard to find men going to watch womens football Women also don't play less harder because they are fewer people watching them. Its a shame but we need to advocate for men to support women in sports and lets be honest in other things to.
Posted by jaymish on 12-16-2018
I believe it's the viewership that determines the pay. I am a passionate football fan (the real football not American football) and I watch most of the tournaments (as my job permits) but as much as i love it, I watch only male football tournaments. I've never thought of the reason why it is that way, it just is. As a result of males having more viewers, they tend to be more popular and to have more of a following which in turn results in higher pay. If female sports tournaments were more televised and able to get more viewership then i could argue for equal pay but as of right now, males should get more.
Posted by Tehilah27 on 12-17-2018