Michael Myers Halloween Character

Michael Myers Halloween Character
The character Michael Myers is the main character from the famous Halloween Movies. He wears the White mask with hair on top you can't even see his eyes he may not seem that scary but if you bumped into him for real you may think otherwise. Michael Myers character made his first appearance in the original 1978 film "Halloween". In the start, Michael escapes a mental hospital and returns to the Haddonfield town and starts to kill again.

He as much strength but we still not seen him come up against anyone with the same amount of strength that he has. He is similar to Jason he has is also, one of the strongest horror villains you can come up against.

So who do you think will win?

  • Strength, able to lift cars
  • Speedy can be there one minute somewhere else the next
  • Invincible. He can be stabbed, shot, hanged and still survive

  • Not versatile in choice of weapons. His ideal weapon a Kitchen knife
  • Weakness being tried to be reasoned with shows in one of the movies other than that - - There are not many cons with Michael



Myers is Horrible

The Michael Myers character has always been way scarier to me than the Jason one. I am not quite sure why, but as you understand both of their back stories, it becomes quite evident that Jason is a bit "pathetic"; whereas, Myers is more sadistic and psychotic. It's funny to type this because both of them are equally evil, but, for some reason, I am more afraid of the psychosis of Myers than the psychosis of Jason. i realize, also, the role of his murderous mother; still, though, Myers is more compelling to my psychologically.
Posted by JoeMilford on 10-29-2017


First of all, I have to make it clear how much I like the essence of Jason Voorhees, but the whole Michael Myers mythology strikes me as something more relevant and more believable (it's easier for me to connect with his story because the his arch of events is better built).
Posted by wiseagent on 10-16-2017

face mask

I haven't watched either of these movies but I am familiar with both these characters and I always thought that Michael Myers design was a bit scarier because of the face mask. I think the human element in the face makes him more familiar and therefore scarier whereas the Jason mask kind of just makes him look more robotic which in my opinion works against him in being scarier.
Posted by Wubwub on 10-15-2017

This one

I will choose this one because its a good character. He's really scary. I like its character and the story. Even though I dont like killings and blood he made his characyer boom.
Posted by jayken on 10-16-2017

Michael Myers still has some FRIGHT left in him!

The character of Michael Myers (aka The Shape), still has a lot of dark mystery and intrigue left in him. Which blends perfectly with his theme music. Which is why I like him over Jason. Jason's story has been told and is really done with for the most part. The only small bit of intrigue left surrounding Jason Voorhees is his father Elias Voorhees. Who was supposed to appear in a few earlier sequels but never actually materialized.
Posted by NickJ on 10-29-2017

Thinking man's killer

Not to take anything away from Jason but he's far more intelligent than Jason. Michael is more cunning than Jason and that's how he would beat him IMHO. Jason is all rage and fury. Michael (in the original continuity) was PATIENT. He was able to, almost supernaturally, control every ounce of his being. Plus he's somewhat of a prankster and we all know Jason is susceptible to pranks. Jason doesn't stand a chance! He's the poor man's Michael Myers anyway.
Posted by Digicashceo on 01-05-2018


Jason Voorhees Famous Horror Slasher

Jason Voorhees Famous Horror Slasher
Jason Voorhees former resident of the camp crystal lake, Jason Voorhees famous for the Friday the 13th movies and now the game. He has been killed many times he just keeps coming back. Jason is very strong and above all very fast indeed. Many people know Jason and they know he is more or less much invincible. He has been through a lot from being burned to drowned with iron chains which with his strength broke free. Is famously known for the Ice Hockey mask, he as come heads with Freddy Krueger and he won. Many think he didn't but the proof was there in the end of Freddy Vs Jason when he walked off carrying Freddy's severed head.

Now the theory is down to you vote who you think will be the one still standing?

  • He has a lot of strength in him
  • Well known for the Hockey mask
  • Also, very fast blink of an eye he can be behind you within a split second
  • Morphing and speed

  • Fear of water but in some cases you see him travel through water which can be confusing.
  • His weakness is his mother



Friday the 13th!

Have you watched the movie a Freddy vs Jason? It's where Jason goes toe to toe with the infamous nightmare on Elm Street villain Freddie.

In the movie, Jason shows his strength and might. He is a one man wrecking machine. He has evolved from a mere serial killer to a supernatural villain.

His trademark hockey mask makes him a lot creepier. His ability to be behind you adds a lot to superior jumpscares.

Just imagine a huge guy with a bloody hockey mask holding a machete standing in front of your doorstep. What would you do?

Posted by limberg on 11-02-2017

Jason can move fast and is better

Jason Voorhees, made in 1980, was born deformed and his father left him as a child, so his mother was taking care for him, she decided to take Jason to where she could work, Camp Crystal Lake, while he was there, he was bullied becuase of his appearance and he couldn't swim, so he went into the lake and drowned, out of anger that no one was watching him, she went on a killing spree and killed most of the counselors, but one, the last one killed Pamela Voorhees. The winner would be Jason, he's been seen to sustain more damage then Michael has and has came back, he's also stopped people more powerful than Michael, such as Freddy in the Dream realm,
Posted by muaaz.93 on 10-15-2017


It's very difficult to decide who will win, I can't really vote here. They both possess superhuman strength and are pretty much immortal. We have seen them survive everything and who knows if they'll be able to kill each other. Maybe Jason could incapacitate Michael Myers by being faster but he can't kill him. Maybe Myers would be able to destroy Jason momentarily with his strength, but he can't kill him. I think it's a tie.
Posted by Tania997 on 10-15-2017
I think I am going to go with Michael Myers. He is so scary in that white make up. I think that his immortality, and his focus on being a one man killing machine makes him a bit superior to Jason, but as the above poster stated it seems like it is pretty much a tie between this two super natural villians.
Posted by kgord on 10-15-2017
I was going to vote for Jason because he is the only supernatural murderer I know until I read the Michael Myers description. I haven't watched any Michael Myers movies so, I'm basing on his description. It's impossible for me to vote for one because they are invincible, they can't be killed, they don't have any weakness and they can be in anywhere. It's a tie.
Posted by cubo on 10-15-2017
I have not watched movies featuring Michael Myers. However, I have watched many Jason movies. Since I have not watched Michael Myers I cannot do any comparisons with Jason Jason wears a mask therefore, we cannot see that he is thinking. Jason acts are very evil. However, I think we can see what Michael Myers is thinking because we can see his face.
Posted by vinaya on 10-15-2017
Personally, I really think that Jason Voorhees Famous Horror Slasher is way better and fun, Jason is likely to outlast Michael Mayer when it comes to getting involved in a battle. Jason Voorhees is truly exceptional when it comes handling supernatural beings and as such he is definitely going to come on top Michael Myers in any battle.
Posted by Heatman on 10-15-2017
From the description above I predict Jason killing Michael though Michael is not a push over but I think Jason is more powerful couple with strength and superpowers he could easily pin with Michael.Jason is more of a swift murderer than Michael so with that speed he would sure take Michael out permanently..
Posted by lovely on 10-15-2017
I must say that this is a pretty darn difficult decision for me to make. Both of them are such iconic horror characters and have their own unique characteristics that make them awesome and terrifying. As a personal preference I would have to say that I prefer Jason Voorhees simply because I watched Friday the 13th before I watched Halloween, and I always loved Jason's mask. I even dressed up as him one time for Halloween. On the other hand, Michael Myers kills people in some really terrifying ways compared to Jason, which I'm pretty sure left me mentally scarred until this day.
Posted by Denis_P on 10-16-2017
Have to be honest. Neither one floats my boat. Never been a fan. Wouldn't even make an exception for the Halloween holiday when I watch horror movies.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 10-20-2017
I have watched both Jason and that of Myer's, Michael Myers is way more scarier than Jason, Jason isn't much of a character like Michael though they are both horrible. They were gotten from the real adaptation of real life killings that happened, I guess it was Myers that we haven't discovered till today, the Jason guy was caught that's according to talks and arguments I have had with people on this topic.

As far as I can remember the characters Michael Myers is more of a sadistic Psycho and an antisocial person, while Jason had a bit of awareness about being around people before going all Jason, while Michael Myers was being put at the mental ward before going all psycho but I relate to Michael Myers story more. Jason has this pity me character, while Michael's was just too challenging, also I like the way Michael handles his victims he truly is a character lol. I was always scared as a kid watching that movie as a kid but Jason's own was not as horrific as Michael Myers own, but now am grown up I can watch Michael Myers movie over and over again it is just the best psychotic killing movie that I have ever watched.
Posted by Adesuwa08 on 12-14-2017
Am headsrong right now. I just don't know which one to vote on. Both movies and featured characters are just too mad and crazy to pick one over another.

Myers is stiff, smart and very frightening while jason on the other hand is strong, not too smart and also frightening. What one character lacks the other has. So its really hard to draw a parallel between both. I think i'll just go with both.
Posted by Rumu on 12-16-2017