Mondly - Language Learning Tool

Mondly - Language Learning Tool
Mondly is one of the most popular languages learning tools out there with millions of worldwide users. I personally prefer the mobile app version although you can also use it directly from your browser. It is simple to use and highly intuitive, but at the same time, it is clearly designed to be a game.

I've tested a few language learning apps, and some are simply too focused on creating a game type atmosphere, getting the user that dopamine effect while sort of lacking in actual language learning substance.

Although Mondly is fun to use, slick in design and has a fun "vibe", I actually felt I got a much closer education related experienced compared with other similar apps.

  • Has a huge range of languages you can learn. 33 languages to be more exact, the possible combinations are huge.
  • Contains somewhat rare languages support like Afrikaans, Hebrew or Persian. For example, you can be an Afrikaans speaker deciding to learn Hebrew, that's insane!
  • Focuses on teaching you the conversational part of a language, providing options conjugation charts as well as daily lessons and new words.
  • Compared with Duolingo for example, it had better speech recognition.
  • Sound quality is top-notch. As I said, used a few language learning apps but Mondly pretty much nails it when it comes to audio quality.
  • Offers features that are currently trending and will probably become the norm in a few years. Stuff like Virtual Reality language learning, Augmented Reality features as well as an app version specially designed for kids.

  • I wish they had more web-based information, like dedicated pages where you could read more about the language you had chosen to learn.
Basically, most language learning companies slightly touch the culture aspect of languages. I want to consume more information like this about the language I'm learning, maybe even some history lessons. Don't really need them to be integrated into the app, just have them available on the website so I won't feel the need to go through doze Wikipedia pages to better understand the language I want to learn.



I also choose Mondly

After using both apps for an extended amount of time, I think it is safe to say that Monldy is the one to choose if you want to learn a new language with the help of a smartphone app or directly in your webpage.

Monldy just looks better, has more languages and the premium version is in every way superior to duolingo which also have ads, which I hate with a passion.

Posted by Cristian on 04-17-2018


I haven't heard of or used either of the sites/tools so I had to go with this, Mondly because of the fact that it had less cons that you mentioned. The fact that Duolingo had a few cons, as mentioned by you in the post means that it must have a few different problems.
Posted by kingcool52 on 04-13-2018



A highly popular tool for learning a new language without the need of a tutor. In fact, Duolingo is the first language learning app I've tried. Some friend told me he started learning Spanish with the help of an app and this is how I got into language learning with the help of apps.

Eventually, I've found Mondly and stuck to it but here is my Duolingo review. It has about 23 languages to choose from, and it lacks the annoying premium push other apps have. But it does have ads if you choose to use the free version, the premium version or Duolingo Plus gets rid of the ads and provides a few additional useful features, such as downloading content for offline use (although I don't see the point of this, most of us are connected 24/7).

  • It's somewhat free, at least you can go through everything regarding content like grammar, vocabulary and actual language use, all at the same time. Duolingo seems to integrated everything in one learning package, without separating anything.
  • It is perfect for leaning a second language if you only know your native tongue. Therefore the name, Duolingo.
  • Highly interactive and game-like, it can become addictive actually.
  • Huge database of users together with a very helpful website full of interesting information and content worth reading.

  • Depending on what you expect from a language learning app Duolingo seems to focus too much on interactivity and gamification. Sometimes you bearly think when solving in-app puzzles. I personally need to digest new information a lot more; I need actually to understand the data before it sticks in my mind. So yes, I conder this a disadvantage, some may like this play and learn approach and might work for them, but although I don't dislike the fun learning experience, I think it is for the better to focus more on actual learning. This is the main reason I switch to Mondly; they seemed to had found a more balanced approach.
  • At one point the learning experience increased in difficulty. It all found a dandy for the first dozen lessons, I seemed to be doing an excellent job, but at one point I was totally blown away by the level of difficulty I was confronted with.




I haven't heard of Mondly, and that doesn't mean that it's not as effective of a software, but I have experience using Duolingo and can attest to it's features. I'm actually more of a fan of Memrise, which is a really cool language learning app, but Duolingo is a good second option for me.

I will, however, definitely give Mondly a look here in a little while. I've been learning Japanese for the past couple of years, so I'd like to see what their teaching style is on the app, if they even offer the language.

Posted by TheArticulate on 03-02-2018

Great app

I have no idea what Mondly is so I will go with Duolingo.

Duolingo is a well-known application for learning languages because it's high-quality and gets the actual job done. Not only do you learn but you also have fun while doing it! I have used it many times before and I love it.

It's nice that they remind you of your daily learning goals as well.

Posted by Mehano on 03-02-2018

Duolingo for sure

I have never heard of Mondly - Language Learning Tool. I have also never tried Duolingo, however, I know about this language learning app. many people have referred me to use Duolingo for learning a new language as well as improving the language I am currently used. When I am ready to learn a new language, I will surely look in to Duolingo .
Posted by vinaya on 03-02-2018

Better for Spanish

I am trying to learn Spanish through the app. And so far the app is going good with the learning plan. And another thing is that it would be something to consider with the competing apps out there. I think Duolingo app should be used for spanish and few other languages if you prefer to learn in small bursts.
Posted by overcast on 03-03-2018


Free to use, easy access and faster learning, and simpler. Duolingo is a really great concept of allowing people to learn languages in an easy manner, which is why it's more popular than any other language learning tool.
Posted by treecko142 on 03-03-2018

Convenient and user friendly

I'm trying to learn a different language right now, and I find duolingo to be fun and efficient. I also like the reminders, so that I'm not forgetting to complete my language practice.
Posted by amelia88 on 07-04-2018

You just reminded me

I had a link to DuoLingo and was brushing up on A level French and learning Spanish when I tried to add Ubuntu to my Chromebook and knocked every link off. I forgot how much I was enjoying it and would not look anywhere else now. It is so easy to learn and use. I like that the learning is in such short sections.
Posted by HappyLady on 10-10-2018


I have never used Mondly and so I don't know if this learning tool is worthwhile. I was previously using Duolingo to learn German and I was able to learn more quickly using this tool. It is very user-friendly and the best learning tool I will say. I highly recommend this one. However, I want to give Mondly a try. If ever I need to learn a language I will definitely try this learning tool.
Posted by Pixie on 03-02-2018
Just like you I've never used Mondly, I just know Duolingo. So far, I've noticed that is teaching just basic things, and is not like a good website to practice talking or culture. It seems to have a notion of a particular language, but is not like is going to teach you how to talk and understand perfectly a native one. That's my personal impression.
Posted by ballyhara on 09-18-2018
I have not heard of Mondly and I am not sure how to rate it. I have heard of Duolingo and I know it is a positive language tools. I think it is just one of the things that we can use to help us learn a second language. This is just one of the options that we might use. It is a truly exciting package as far as I know. However, I would have to hear more about Mondly to rate it.
Posted by kgord on 03-02-2018
I have never of heard of mondly but Duolingo.I believe does the job effectively despite the fact that mondly tend to tutor one many languages but to me,an app teaching one 23 languages isn't that bad.I love the fact that one can learn fast and effectively from Duolingo and it free especially the free version.
Posted by lovely on 03-02-2018
Duolingo is the app that a pal just recommended for me few weeks ago when I was telling him of my plan to learn Spanish as my second language. One thing that many are yet to realize is the need to make use of these apps in learning a new language instead of having to depend on classroom discussion of language which might get boring at a particular stage and one may not even get value for money paid to learn new languages at the school.

So, it's Duolingo that I'm going to give a try since my friend has tried and found out that it is one of the best apps around for anyone thinking of learning a language.
Posted by Barida on 03-03-2018
The Mondly language learning tool is great since the audio quality is very sharp and it offers good speech recognition.
Posted by babyright on 03-03-2018
I have used the duolingo. And my experience is limited with the Mondly alone. You have to understand that Duolingo type of the apps have their own set of the limitations. And you have to make sure to learn in small time per day in order for the tools and apps such as this to make sense long term.
Posted by overcast on 03-03-2018
I agree with you, when you say it's an app with limitations. I've noticed that Duolingo keeps repeating the same lessons once and again, and once you pass a lesson, then you don't use it. Is like they believe you just learn something, and is going to remain in your brain forever. I always start with lots of exciting, but eventually it gets boring.
Posted by ballyhara on 09-18-2018
Yes duolingo is not a good alternative of real class. You have to be really good with the concepts on your own. Because just relying on the apps and the concepts don't work. I'd say on that note it'd be not that bad to make use of the app for learning process. I have tried that and so far it seems like it may work out.
Posted by overcast on 10-13-2018
Maybe in our next travel abroad, I can learn the basic words and phrases of a foreign language. I had been to several Asian countries but I had learned just a trickle of words and phrases, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian and Malaysian and Thai. But this learning app tools that we can download and study using the smart phone. It looks like a very convenient way of learning a language.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-04-2018
The app duolingo can be handy even if you don't travel. For learning spanish and watching spanish content. That type of app can be really handy. I have found out that part to be true while learning some skills through app.
Posted by overcast on 04-22-2018
I see that it is an excellent application that helps to get new words to help in the said conversation, in my opinion should focus more on listening and speaking English in the beginning, duolingo can be implemented to gain new words in the vocabulary when you do not understand a literal translation should not be '' crazy '' so just imagine that English is different and has different grammar from Portuguese and there are sentences that there are no translations to the letter. Thus, the duolingo in certain parts confuses these translations, but assists in the vocabulary as I said. So in summary, I think the duolingo helps a lot, but it should help the duolingo with other practices.
Posted by hermessantos on 03-04-2018
I haven't tried this tools yet. With this information, it helps me to find an accurate and good application in learning language. But what I really like to do to learn other language is to try communicating with some foreigners personally. I still have to find a friend for me to communicate with.
Posted by nekonieden on 03-21-2018
I've been using Duolingo for quite some time. I am currently studying German language. For me, the application is very engaging and addicting. There was even a time when I wasn't able to focus on the training I attended because I was really engaged in playing the app. It's a fun way to learn new language. Plus it's free!
Posted by RhealaineS on 08-10-2018
Both apps are great and easy to use. As I only want to learn Japanese and Spanish at the mean time, I have no qualms for both apps. Both are sleek in design and apt for beginners. The are both user friendly. But if the language that you want to learn is not on Duolingo then better check out Mondly.
Posted by emiaj55 on 12-08-2018
Duolingo is great but I chose Mondly because I got a coupon here and tried it. They have many languages support.
Posted by Anonymous on 01-08-2019