Money can't buy happiness, but..

Money can't buy happiness, but..
They say that it doesn't matter how little or how much money we have, though we need it to buy things that we need or or pay bills. Even if money allows us to do all the thing that we want, and that it gives us more than what we already have, but still doesn't bring happiness and joy to our lives. They say that we should cherish every little thing and all the happy moments and memories in our lives - that is true happiness. Money can't really buy happiness.. or, can it?

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy you nutella or a beach resort which is basically the same thing.

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Money may not necessarily equate to happiness, but

I agree that money does not equate to happiness. However, all these statements (very adorable statements, if I may add) saying that "Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you..." just prove that money can buy you things that will make you happy. Whether we deny this or not, material things can make us, humans, happy, and there's nothing wrong with that as long as our materialistic desires don't rule us.

So I may not completely agree with the first statement, but I can't say anything against the second one. Penguins are so cuddly and adorable! :)

Posted by Anonymous on 08-05-2017
This howevers and buts really keeps me hilariously giggling. :D It's basically the same thing but the material things can only give us temporary happiness, right? So what really makes a person happy? Do we need master Shifu's wise words when it comes to this? :D

How I wish I have lots of money to buy a pet penguin and have a zoom for them but I guess I can't find happiness.. :D

Money can't buy happiness, but money can ease some

Struggles of the majority I've seen throughout my life has not been so much happiness. I've seen the struggle of financial lack destroy happiness. I believe happiness is a lifestyle and has to be apart of you. Money itself is a necessity of life and cause great stress if you can't provide the necessities of life. When you can't provide the stress does build leading to alternative ways of coping. So, having money will help with a part of stress. However, Money does nothing if you can't be happy without it.
Posted by Anonymous on 08-05-2017

Yes. Happiness can not be buy by any thing except

Hello Have a wonderful day.

Money can not be buy except happiness. It only can be buy by honesty method. Honestly love, honestly friendship, honestly business or any thing can be perform by honesty can bring happiness.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 08-07-2017

Money is a necessary evil

You do need some money to survive, but it doesn't make you happy. It can ease worries, but I have seen rich people miserable and searching for happiness. They can take selfies all the time, but it's to show off and not because they are happy.

Happiness stems from being contented and if you keep wanting more than you need, then you won't be happy. Often we find what we need most such as friendship and kindness is not something you can buy or bribe people into.

Posted by Alexa on 08-06-2017

Money Can't Buy Happiness

Money can't buy you happiness. Cars, big houses, a private plane are merely material things. And things do not equals happiness. Things cannot bring fulfillment in your life. Thus money cannot buy happiness, but it will solve all of your problems.
Posted by missionreport on 08-05-2017


I agree with everybody that said that money doesn't necessarily equate to happiness as in if you are rich you aren't instantly happy. It doesn't work like that. However, money can AID you to come closer to finding happiness because happiness can be in many things. Some people are happy if they have enough money to survive each day. Some are happy when they're able to spend money and so on.

Whether we like it or not, money is necessary to survive. Without money, you would die from hunger or thirst so saying that money isn't needed is delusional.

I do care about money and it does bring me a certain degree of happiness - through material things.

Posted by Mehano on 08-06-2017
rose thornes
Its true, we need money to survive. Maybe before we can live without money because we can grow our foods and make our own things. Now, every move you make you'll need money to spend even water are not free need to buy it unlike before.
Jonathan Solomon

Money is a resource

Currency (what we call money) is an important resource to have in life. The buying/selling of goods and services (commerce) within different markets all surround the transaction of money. Simply put, money satisfies physical obligations and the purchasing of material objects. In a sense, these things do present a moment of joy and satisfaction, what you may call "happiness". However, to sustain this happiness, it can't be backed simply by money. Happiness stems from true, genuine feelings about life in general. Emotions that you truly can't put a price tag on. Because of this, I would say money can buy temporary happiness. But, those that seek long-term satisfaction should look for happiness in other places, besides money.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 08-06-2017

Money can't buy happiness, but..

If money buys happiness, surely we would not often see famous people committing suicide or depressing. Money can help many things, but if you're not happy without the money, you will not be happy with it.
Posted by hermessantos on 08-05-2017

But can make you happy for a short while

Yes, it is true that money cannot buy happiness but it can make one happy for a short while. Generally, money buy happiness means to buy over a person happiness discarding the rest of the problems. However, it will not last long.

Money can help victims to slowly recover or hang on to dear life for a short time. Money can help little kids to feel happy for a short time by purchasing ice-creams, candy or pizza! Money can make housewife happy by giving her a spa, massage, shopping spree for a day.

However, money will not last long, it will become nil as you spend. Therefore your happiness is short lived too.

Posted by peachpurple on 08-05-2017

It can't, however...

I certainly do believe that money cannot buy true happiness. That is obviously evident in the fact that there are people out there killing themselves, meanwhile they have bank accounts with the kind of numbers I probably won't see in my lifetime. However, I do believe that money can buy a degree of happiness. How do you expect to be happy if you have no clothes to wear, no roof to cover your head, and no food to eat? I mean sure there are people who are extremely poor yet happy, but there are not many of them, and especially not in Western culture. You need a foundation to built your happiness upon, and money helps build that foundation. On the other hand, once you have that foundation, money isn't going to help much further.
Posted by Denis_P on 08-09-2017


That's really true, I agree with you. I've heard that the human being is naturally discontent, that means that we will never be satisfied with the things we have, instead we need to look and appreciate the good moments in our lives, that's exactly what really give us happiness, a good action, give gifts to others, help each other, those are the most beautiful things that really fill us.
Posted by luispas on 08-06-2017


Rich people have their problems too, they get sick or divorced like others do, but living with a lot of money means having less stressful life (and stress is a big factor in many sicknesses), opportunity to get better education, better health care, more vacation and the possibility to risk more money in their businesses so in that way their lives are easier.
Posted by reginafalange on 08-05-2017

It Can Facilitate Happiness

Money can't buy happiness because the things that make us truly happy are more elusive than materialistic things. However, money can provide the security that allows more happiness to occur in our lives because, if our finances are secure, we spend less energy killing ourselves trying to make a living and more energy on enjoying one another's company. This is such a paradox--we have to work and be away from those who make us happy in order to make money so that we can spend more quality time with those who make us happy. It seems to make no sense. Overall, money is a necessary evil and requirement of survival, but it can but what truly fulfills us. It just maybe buys us more time to enjoy what truly fulfills us.
Posted by JoeMilford on 08-15-2017

Money buys you stability

A lot of stress is related to paying bills and financial planning. Having money ultimately gives one the ability to pay bills, buy or rent a home, and meet all their financial needs (as well as some financial wants). That stability will reduce stress and lead to an overall happier life. You may not be able to literally buy happiness but having money gives you more control in life which will make you happier and healthier than someone desperately living paycheck to paycheck.
Posted by anna on 08-07-2017

Money can get you fake women and friends!

I have read countless times, a guy wins the lotto and all of a sudden he has a million friends and relatives coming out of the woodwork to greet him and tell him how much they missed him. And all of a sudden models are intrested in him and he has a model girlfriend or wife. But as soon as the money dries up they become nobody's again and they end up killing themselves. So having said that money can buy a whole lot of misery in the end!
Posted by Soulwatcher on 08-26-2017

It helps

If money can't buy happiness and it's all the same whether you're rich or poor then I'd rather be miserable while being rich because then at least I'd be a bit more comfortable while being sad. I do believe that money can help find happiness just like having more tools can help you achieve your goal a bit easier. It's just that some people might not know how to use those tools or are incapable of understanding it.
Posted by Wubwub on 07-25-2018



Nobody is selling happiness

This "money can't buy happiness" adage is so silly. Nobody is selling "happiness" in the first place so you can't buy it. Money is very useful to us. We survive because we have money. Without it, who knows where we would be right now... Would we be sharing our thoughts here? Maybe not.

The thing is, some people keep on demonizing money. Why would they demonize money if money is needed in our everyday lives?

Money does not equate to happiness? That depends on the person. It's like saying that chocolate is not delicious. That depends from person to person right?

If you receive $100 from your parents, won't you be happy? If you get a salary increase of $2,000 per month won't you be happy? If you win 100 million dollars in the lottery, would you be sad??? I don't want to sound too materialistic, but the reality is this - Money brings happiness.

Posted by limberg on 08-05-2017
Judging from the number of Yay's, seems like you are all alone here buddy. Probably they might think that you are rich. Haha. Kidding aside, yes you are correct. It is basically the same thing. As what I've mentioned, you can buy the things that you want which makes you happy.

It's a little abstract...

While money cannot literally buy you happiness in a can from a street vendor selling happiness, I think that money does have an influence on how happy an individual is. On average, I think money stresses people out, especially if they cannot afford their rent, bills, etc., which can have a profound effect on how happy someone is. So on some level, I think it effects happiness.

However, in my opinion, you don't need copious amount of money to be happy. In my case, I need just enough money to live and afford the few hobbies I have (music and filmmaking) to make me happy. If I can keep taking part in my hobbies with my friends, that's what really keeps me going.

Posted by TheArticulate on 08-06-2017
Indeed. Money isn't really the main measure when it comes to happiness. However, money can give us temporary happiness - those material things and things you always wanted.

Yes it can

Money maybe can't bring you happines, but the things you buy with money will! And it might be anything, from "serious" stuff like food, houses, cars, or even starting a business, to more silly stuff like games, books, movies, etc... Lives are short and we must enjoy it: some people less materialistic might not care at all about money, but many of us like to entertain themselves in other ways! And money help a lot in the wheel of happiness
Posted by Xilkozuf on 08-07-2017

It buys stuff that makes you happy

Money can not buy physical happiness but it buys stuff that makes you happy. You can be poor and happy but you'd be happier with lots of money!
Posted by BigDreamer on 08-07-2017

Money can buy happiness

It really depends on the person what makes him/her happy. All people want money in order to survive in this world. You will not be happy if you don't have money to buy foods you eat. How can you be happy if you can't eat? Don't have the money to buy foods? Shelter? Clothing?

Realistically speaking, I am happy if I have money. I can do whatever I want. Buy all the things I want in life and that would make me happy. It depends.

Posted by rage35 on 08-06-2017

It gives you everything

If money can't bring you family, friends and better life then something is wrong with you. People get married for money. They can have family only with money. You can see that better life is only possible with money. So it's one of the thing that design the life. Money does buy happiness. You just have to look where to buy it.
Posted by overcast on 08-07-2017
Hmm. How would you explain the olden times where they don't have money? They don't have currency and all they do is trading stuffs but they haven't got any money because money wasn't invented during those days. They have lived peacefully and full of love and happiness. :D

Money can buy happiness

Money can buy happiness, you can buy almost anything with money. Only one thing is what you cannot buy and that is the health. If we got sick of an incurable disease no money can cure us, but I do think that we can find happiness in spending money.
Posted by wallet on 08-07-2017

There ain't no money in the next life

I think that while money is a necessary evil it's all that it is. We should be much more worried about forging a meaningful bond with the people we love and care about because at the end of the day nobody can carry a bag of money once we're dead.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-06-2017
Good point. However evil you think money is, it is still necessary in order for us to get the things we want, which basically gives us happiness. Sure you would say money can't give us happiness but would you be happy if you are homeless? Just my thought.

Money can buy experiences

There are experiences that you can only have if you pay for them. For example, most likely you won't be able to travel abroad if you don't have enough money to do that. Even when someone else invites you to do something specific like eating ice cream, that person is using their money to give you that particular experience. I do believe there are experiences a person can have without using money at all, but there aren't many, to be honest.
Posted by MadeInEsca on 08-18-2017

Money is a tool

Money is a resource that can buy someone's source of happiness so that for me is like just the same thing. You can't buy happiness cause happiness isn't a concrete thing that could be bought if we're speaking technicality here.
Posted by Vastor122 on 08-24-2017

It depends on what sort of thing makes you happy

It really depends on the person and what makes him happy. If buying stuff like gadgets, gaming consoles, computers or clothing make you happy, then in that sense money has bought you happiness. There are a lot of intangible things that money can't buy, definitely. But money really is a necessity in our lives and it would be extremely hard to live without it. There's nothing free in this world. Everything requires money. Money may not guarantee that you will live a completely happy and fulfilled life but it can make your life happier and more comfortable.
Posted by Xyruz13 on 08-27-2017

Money can buy what will make you happy, thereby it

There is only one thing that I can possibly agree that money can't buy, and it's life for someone who is already dead. To me, this is the only thing above money's reach, any other thing is definitely under its whims and caprices. When people say money can't buy you happiness, I wonder in what context are they defining or grading happiness?

When the money to have everything that would give you the best comfortable life anyone could ever imagine, what then is the happiness they refer to that money can't buy? Without a doubt, money is the root of one's joy and happiness as everything anyone does in this life is just to make money at all cost. Some take even worse and crooked means simply just to get this money and for what reason that is other than to be happy and successful in life.

If having a private jet makes you happy and you go to your, withdraw from it and went straight and bought a private jet, what happens? Practically, you are already a happy person because of the private jet and in all sense it was your money through private jet that brought about you being happy.

Posted by Heatman on 09-15-2017

Money is everything

That's not true that money can't buy happiness. You can buy any material things that you desire to have that is within your reach if you have the money in you. These days, women are being practical so they're marrying the people who will give them the life that they desire to have. If you want someone to marry with, just make them feel that they're secure if they chose you and most of the time, that works.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-09-2017


Struggles of the majority I've seen throughout my life has not been so much happiness. I've seen the struggle of financial lack destroy happiness. I believe happiness is a lifestyle and has to be apart of you. Money itself is a necessity of life and cause great stress if you can't provide the necessities of life. When you can't provide the stress does build leading to alternative ways of coping. So, having money will help with a part of stress. However, Money does nothing if you can't be happy without it.
Posted by Anonymous on 08-05-2017
Whoever you are, well said! I am neutral when it comes to this money-can't-buy-happiness thing. But you have made some good points and some good thoughts to ponder as well. Rich people who has a lot of money and has all the things that they want and need, still aren't really happy at all. Thus, they haven't achieve the pure happiness thing. Like they say, there isn't a perfect person who lives in pure happiness without sadness.
Posted by galegatling on 08-06-2017
I don't think money can buy you happiness. Happiness is something that comes from within us and all the money in the world won't be able to create it. Sure it is nice to own material things, but are they what really makes us happy. I think it is the people that we surround ourselves with that makes happiness obtainable. I don't have very much money and I can't buy many of the things that would like to, but we have what we need to survive. Even though I can't buy everything I want, I am still happy because I have the people around me that are important to me.
Posted by morgoodie on 08-05-2017
Happiness can’t be bought but it can be used as a leverage to be happy. Especially today when almost everything has monetary equivalence, there will still be a few that we can call as priceless.
Posted by Neiltarquin on 08-05-2017
Right. That's why I said that it's a 'temporary happiness'. But we can't do anything about it. It's subjective and people tend to do whatever they want to do with their lives so, yeah, there's that.
Posted by galegatling on 08-11-2017
Money can't buy happiness because happiness comes from within. Money can make things easier and you wouldn't have the street of making sure everything got paid on time. You would always have something other eat and a place to stay. Money is needed to survive in life for the necessities. You can have lots of money and still not be happy. Happiness is appreciating all the little things to life. Having a family who loves or and who you love is better then anything that money could ever buy.
Posted by Sue on 08-05-2017
Money is what you make of it. Money cannot buy me happiness but it can buy me comfort. Having my own place paying my bills ON TIME is what it is. If a person is actually always depressed, money will make them more depressed. People of this nature will find all kinds of reasons why money has created their unhappiness. The complaining will never end. That is not the way I see it; money makes me happy; happy because I can keep my head above water on a monthly basis.
Posted by Anonymous on 08-05-2017
Inner contentment and satisfaction is more important than money. Even the richest who can easily avail each and every amenity of life cannot be happy until they have inner satisfaction and peace. People always crave for things they don't have . They might have money but may lack many other important aspects like love,peace, family etc.

I agree that money is mandatory for survival but it is not the sole means of happiness. Everyday I pray to God to grant me inner satisfaction so that I can be happy with everything I have. I might not have a lot of money but I'm blessed with a loving husband, caring kid and wonderful parents. My family is just near perfect and I'm surrounded by many good friends. I eat good food and go for one holiday every year. All these things are sufficient for me to stay happy and live my life to the fullest.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 08-05-2017
My take on money is the way people see it - a pecuniary measure to denote the value of almost everything. I don't subscribe to the adage that money can't buy happiness. Think about it, we are living in a material world where the basic need is food. And if we don't have food then we go hungry. And if we are hungry and we are given money to buy food then we become happy. So there, money had bought the happiness of the hungry. But I don't want to be a slave of money. Having an amount of money that would give us the basic needs would be enough for me. And for the luxuries? I thank God for the luxuries that we are having.
Posted by Corzhens on 08-06-2017
Happiness is a feeling. You may have all the money and still feel happy. The thing is how we manage ourselves to be happy. It depends on each single person's expectations. Celebrities earn a lot of money but you cannot say that all celebrities are happy to be in the limelight. Money can contribute to making us happy but this is not the only factor. A simple man can be happy just to live a calm and frugal life.
Posted by fishmonk on 08-06-2017
The thing is that both side seem to be fixated on something. In reality we know that money has it's place. You have to understand that money is required. And happiness is more or less a state. We do things and get closer to the happiness. That's how the life is all about. You have to go closer to the happiness. You have to take more risk and find out what are some of the possible things. So happiness is often done through actions. And not always through the money.
Posted by overcast on 08-06-2017
I believe that people take money for granted and even though they have financial freedom to purchase whatever they like, it will not be long that they seek real happiness. Happiness is temporary and the joys granted by money is not for long, unlike the joys of being loved by someone or to be compassionate about others. It is rather the feeling of satisfaction and contentment that leads to 'real' happiness in my point of view.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 08-06-2017
While money may not buy happiness, I would rather cry in a new sports car than on a bicycle. Money provides a certain confidence and power. With money you can achieve your dreams, provide for your family, study and see the world. If I was wealthy I would make a lot of people very happy indeed. Money buys happiness but it can't buy class or compassion.
Posted by Rhombus on 08-06-2017
rose thornes
Money can buy happiness that is true. When someone give you money, won't you be happy? Of course you will be happy you can buy anything you want. Give a kid a cent and she will be jumping with joy going to a store to buy some candies. Money can buy happiness it might be temporary but the point is it can give you happiness. But if you want a long lasting happiness, find love, its free but not everyone has the privilege to feel love.
Posted by rose thornes on 08-06-2017
Even those who are rich are not fully happy. We just have to be content with our lives no matter the circumstance (hard to say), but we need to find happiness, it could be free like visiting a local beach to relief stress enjoy the breeze. Happiness does not always need to cost money.
Posted by simplym on 08-06-2017
I think money can actually buy happiness. First of all you should explain what is happiness. Are you happy to watch a good money, buy a pair of jeans, get the car you always wanted, In that case, if you have money you will happily ever after. However, if you associate happiness with the inner satisfaction, try donating money to the poor people and watch them thank you. You see you bought happiness with money.
Posted by vinaya on 08-06-2017
If money can buy happiness, it can foster sadness as well and that doesn't necessarily mean that if there is no money then ultimately a person will be sad. People with lots of money also have issues that make them unhappy while folks with little or no more have ways that make them happy and sometimes are even admired by a rich unhappy person. It's a very diverse and dynamic entity, the relationship between money and happiness. Truly if money is available in abundant supply, it is easier to escape certain instances that would otherwise make someone sad. There is some adequate reasoning in assessing the fact that someone can ease their burden with money. Perhaps it's also important to note that happiness can be achieved through many ways and it depends on a person's circumstances and maybe even how the person thinks or handles unique situations that will determine their success and happiness in life.
Posted by Joteque on 08-06-2017
Everything in fair measure works. Money can buy happiness in the sense where lack of money can cause suffering: If your sadness is caused by lack of money to carry yourself to the end of the month, or lack of money to fulfill your dreams, then certainly money can buy you happiness in this regard.

However, there are certain problems that money cannot fix and that is indisputable; money cannot save a marriage doomed to fail, and money cannot keep a family happy, for example.

Even worse, excess of money can cause several problems that otherwise the person wouldn't have to experience, and that can bring its own batch of happiness.
Posted by VintageRose on 08-06-2017
Money cannot buy happiness that is for sure, but it can certainly make life a bit easier. We all have our own crosses to bear throughout our lives and if we have money or don't have money we will still have problems. Having money means that you have at least been somewhat successful and having an excess means at least that you can have a better quality of life.
Posted by JMS on 08-07-2017
While I agree money (in isolation) can't buy you happiness, I feel that all too often the expression is taken way too literally. I strongly feel money unburdens us of the stresses that come with being hard up, not being to pay your rent and bills, not knowing where your next meal will come from, the desperation of not being able to give your kids basic necessities. Being in that place can plunge you into the very depths of depression. Therefore never having to worry about all of that and more besides, means you can focus on quality family life and with that, more often than not, comes happiness.
Posted by lushlala on 08-07-2017
Money alone can't buy complete happiness but it sure does help. Money provides stability and takes stress off about finances. I'd take a excess of money over a shortage of money any day.
Posted by fireball916 on 08-07-2017
Money does help with happiness to a certain point. There have been studies done on this. However, after your basic needs have been met, more money is just that, more money. Look at Donald Trump, he is a Billonaire, but you rarely see the man smile. He seems like a miserable person. Obviously, his money is not making him happy.
Posted by kgord on 08-07-2017
Money cannot buy happiness if we say about peace of mind, love, friendship and spiritual well-being. But it can give you financial freedom, therefore better social position, respect, high-grade education, good food, nice clothes, a better mood in terms that you don`t get freak out on every single dollar you spend. You have access to best restaurants and hotels, hospitals and everywhere You are treated like a God. You have the power to invest your money and make a good business to double your fortune. You are master of your life, not a slave to your boss. You can give your children whatever they want and provide your family members with better conditions of life.That is a great advantage of having money.
Posted by RosieCheeks on 08-11-2017
Money cant buy happiness but at some point we used our money to enjoy our life. We go out and spend our time together with our family and friends. We buy those things to our love ones to make them happy and in return we have the same feeling of happiness, we travel and hangout with our friends to enjoy the beauty of nature, we go to some restaurants and eat the food that we don't even taste yet. These are some examples that money can do with our lives if we use it the way we want to be happy. If we use it wisely and properly we could enjoy our life but not at that point that we depend too much on it. As we all know what money can do for us!!
Posted by rogel07 on 08-17-2017
No buts, Money can never buy us happiness. If someone thinks that having money is the happiest because he can buy all he want , that's never the point . You buy what you want but you will eventually lose interest one day. True happiness is being together, when you have to work to survive, facing problems together and altogether you solved it . You laugh to simple things and contented to what you have , that a longer way for happiness. It depends on ourselves how we have our happiness, For me happiness is losing my insecurities, without that i enjoy my life more. I don't care what people are, what they have . I co-exist with them and I'm living my very happy life.
Posted by PLScloni on 08-26-2017
When I saw the headlines I wanted screaming Emphatic No because truly money can't buy happiness but in the context you've used okay to a point but do we term it happiness, I think the right word is enjoyment. One can still be enjoying life but not happy,I don't think happiness can be bought with money.
Posted by lovely on 09-20-2017
You are right in differentiating happiness and enjoyment. You can enjoy some things in life but you cannot claim to be happy, right? But if money can give you a series or perhaps a continuous enjoyment then can we consider that happiness? I am thinking if you won a big lotto jackpot then your hands will be full of activities and your mind will continue grinding on how to enjoy life with that big money. Do you still not consider that happiness brought about by money?
Posted by Corzhens on 10-13-2018
Money can't really buy us happiness, on the contrary, money can give us a lot of troubles if we can't handle it well. Of course, we can buy a lot of stuff with money but I think happiness comes from knowing that God loves us and He gave us his son's life to forget our sins.
Posted by cubo on 03-28-2018
Maybe that's the reason why some of the homeless people in our country are always happy, the simple solvent are enough for them. But sometimes well you know, they also need money to buy solvent, or else they will get angry and do some trouble. So I found out that, we really need money to make us happy.
Posted by ion on 07-25-2018
Maybe that's the reason why some of the homeless people in our country are always happy, the simple solvent are enough for them. But sometimes well you know, they also need money to buy solvent, or else they will get angry and do some trouble. So I found out that, we really need money to make us happy.
Posted by ion on 07-25-2018
Money can't buy happiness but you can buy things that will make you happy or you can do something that will also make you happy. For me having lots of money really matters. I could provide decent home for my family, I could send my kids to great schools, I could provide for their daily needs. And I could extend help for those people that are in need. If you really want to help many people, one of your goal should be having lots of money. Imagine if you have lots of money to give to foundations or charity, how much happiness it could give to you.
Posted by vhinz on 10-20-2018
It does make sense somehow. Money itself can't give us happiness but there are things that requires money for us to have and that might give us happiness. But genuine happiness can never be bought by money just like love and kindness.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 11-19-2018