Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat is a video game from Warner bros in the fighting genre. It is actually a long series that began as far back as 1992. These games include attacking styles which may be weapon based or unarmed styles. The options include punches, blocks, kicks, etc. Some of these styles are realistic and based on martial arts, while others are not. Different sequels of this game have a different number of fighting styles allowed for players. The game is played in a 2D plane, whereas the characters are in a 3D plane. There is considerable gore, and fictitious fighting in this game. Such fantasy includes magic as well as fireballs. There are single player versions as well as multi game versions of this game. In addition, there are strategy plus action based games as well as puzzle games. There are interesting finishing moves, called, fatality, that lets the victor kill the defeated opponent in a gruesome way, even though the opponent is defenseless.

? It is basically a video game, intended to improve hand and eye co-ordination, and aligning it with thinking; ? It indirectly fulfills adrenaline addiction in children and even some adults without getting them into problems.

? Games such as these may badly influence children in an impressionable age because of the brutality in them. ? Enabler apps are needed to use the game on PC, or android devices. Compatibility can affect the usage of this game.



Mortal KOmbat

I like Mortal Kombat better than Street Fighter. I have always preferred it actually, especially because the characters in Mortal Kombat are well varied and can do some really awesome moves.
Posted by sspi on 07-30-2017

Love Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is the best fighting game. This game brings back many great memories for me. I used to play this in high school with my sisters and brother in law. We would have tournaments and it was so much fun. Even though I am not very good at video games, this one was easy for me to play.
Posted by angie828 on 07-29-2017


dundundudnudnudnudnu (yes it's the theme from the movie, you should read it like that). Well... I like them both, even if fighting games are not exactly my top pick, but between the two I'll go with Mortal Kombat! I'm not expert enough to compare the gameplays, I just prefer its violent style and its character, that's all. And that's enough for me to like it more that Street Fighter.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 07-29-2017

Mortal Combat for me

I remember this playing when I was a child. I was so addicted on this game, even my peers during that time since the fighting is quite awesome as well. It was on nintendo when I first played its version.
Posted by rage35 on 07-29-2017

Flip of a Coin

There's only one way to solve this debate. Flip a coin. Mortal Kombat. To me both games are about equal.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 10-12-2018

Mortal Kombat X

The new game is awesome. You can see that it has plenty of good effects. And it offers many things that previous games had no option of. So it all comes down to what you like. Compared to street fighter, you'd find that mortal kombat X has much more drama and fun. I'd go for that in case.
Posted by overcast on 07-30-2017

Mortal Kombat!

I prefer Mortal Kombat in spite of Street Fighters because the Mortal combat is a brutal game, and seems to be logical in spite of the violence and the sense of reality. This game keeps my mind alert and always thinking to what move is best, it just gives me adrenaline!
Posted by wallet on 08-02-2017

This video game is awesome

I remember playing this one many times when I was a kid on the Super Nintendo console I had, it was fun and sometimes for me it was frustrating to lose. I wish I could have the time again to play it. I remember as well playing Street Fighter and I liked it too, it was fun but my favorite was always Mortal Kombat.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-29-2017

I love it

I love the Mortal Kombat games, they are the best, I remember that the first Mortal Kombat that I have played was the Mortal Kombat 3 for the PlayStation 1 and it was when I was very young, like 6 years old, that was a very, very good game, I love to play those games with my friends sometimes and bet.
Posted by BatmanWayne on 07-29-2017

MK Baby!!

Hello all, I played Mortal Kombat a lot as a kid I didn't play so much of Street fighter my first console was a Sega Genesis drive 2 and It was compulsory you have mortal kombat as a matter of fact I had a book where I write moves and Brutality combinations when you hear the phrase ' Finish Him' Mortal Kombat was like on every console I did play it too when I got my Nintendo Nes I made sure i bought the cartridge because it was very important. Personally I think Mortal Kombat is more interesting in game play compared to Street fighter this is why they continued making it, it was even on PC and Xbox I remember playing Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance on Xbox made so much sense the graphics quality was top notch street fighter has this cartoon look and it feels like you reading a comic book but Mortal Kombat has a more matured interface.
Posted by Westbay on 07-30-2017

Adult themes!

I have been a mortal combat fan every since i was a kid. It's not that i don't like street fighter it's just that mortal combat portrays best what a real combat would be like and that's why i prefer it.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-02-2017

So good.

This game is so iconic and so timeless that I wouldn't have to vote for the other option. I mean, I like "Street Fighter" but "Mortal Kombat" is so much better!

The characters, the story of the game, the movies, the toys... Anyway, everything is better. It's something that will always bring me a lot of nostalgia (and I love that!).

Posted by wiseagent on 08-18-2017

Finish Street fighter !

Well to be an honest Street fighter was one of the first games I played on my Sega Genesis and absolutely love it but as the time passed and Sega went out of ideas with SF V and produced more Naked fighters , my love for the game diminished.On the other hand Mortal combat developers really set some standards for the fighting game genre which is hard for Namco to compete as well
Posted by muaaz.93 on 08-17-2017

Mortal Kombat

A difficult choice, I love them both but Mortal Kombat was one of the first games I played. I always used Sub Zero, and I like the stages, the characters and the fights... and the Fatality. Finish him!
Posted by Dkaraly on 08-19-2017

Flawless victory

Mortal Kombat has always been my favorite. Street Fighter has its good moments but Mortal Kombat has Scorpion, SubZero, and fatalities. What more could you wish for?
Posted by Vatroslav on 08-17-2017

Mortal Kombat

I always been a Mortal Kombat fan, but I can respect Street Fighter. I just like Mortal Kombat more, my favorite character is Sub-Zero. I love the story plot behind the game, and the specials attack from each character are amazing.
Posted by tmccoy on 08-24-2017


Street Fighter

Street Fighter
Street fighter is a realistic and sophisticated video game, from Capcom. Like Mortal Kombat, this game also started almost 3 decades ago and the series continued the saga with different story lines. Combinations of buttons are used for executing moves such as punch, and kick. Speed plays a crucial role in martial arts, and in this game too. Street fighter cannot be played on Microsoft’s Xbox One. It can however be played on PC, and PlayStation. Compatibility issues need to be considered. The advantage of Street Fighter is that it facilitates a second player joining a single player even when the game is in progress. Many fighting moves are included in different versions of these games, and some of the moves are special moves as well. Moreover, two players may chose to be the same character in this game. Story-line is mostly from Japanese stories. There are also characters from Marvel comics.

? It is meant to improve hand eye and brain coordination and in general reflexes; ? Story-lines are something that people have learned to accept and become familiar with thanks to Marvel comics.

The game is exclusively for PlayStation versions.
? Compatibility with different devices needs to be confirmed.




Hi there, just a clarification, this versus deals with the entire series of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat right?

If so, then I'm going for Street Fighter. This fighting game holds a special place in my heart because I've been playing this since I was a child.

Mortal Kombat is also a great game, it's bloody and gory (which made it attract a lot of mature gamers), the moves are awesome too... But there's something about the Street Fighter series that makes me come back for more.

The characters of Street Fighter have aged well and have become household names. You've got Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile... It's also pretty balanced with no fighter having an unfair advantage over the other. The combat is also more satisfying and fun for me as compared to Mortal Kombat.

P.S. Street fighter is the reason why I got a callous on my thumb for spamming Hadoukens. Lol.

Posted by limberg on 07-29-2017

Way better!

I have always loved to play Street Fighter. I remember when I played Street Fighter on my PlayStation 1 with my friends. We'd always try to compete and beat each other.

I have tried playing Mortal Kombat in the past but it was just never really my style... it's very different than Street Fighter even though that they're both, in essence, fighting games. Mortal Combat feels very clunky. I also love the iconic Street Fighter characters like Ryu.

Overall, this is my second favorite fighting game since Tekken is my first. Really an amazing game!

Posted by Mehano on 07-29-2017
Jonathan Solomon

Street Fighter for me!

Well, when it comes to fighting games, the Tekken series is the best, in my opinion. But if I had to choose between the two given, Street Fighter wins for me. I would say I grew up playing both equally on consoles and at arcades. Generally speaking, I feel parents would agree that Street Fighter was more age appropriate for children compared to Mortal Kombat. Though both have their respective fan base for the young and mature Gamer. I first played Street Fighter at a gaming arcade. Then on my PlayStation 2 later on. I just loved everything behind it, from the physics itself to the characters. Awesome game!
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 07-30-2017


I'm more familiar with Street Fighter and spent a hours of my childhood playing this game on the arcade. I'm not really familiar with Mortal Kombat and had only played it a few times on my friends house. I like the characters on Street Fighter, Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Blanka and etc.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 08-01-2017

Street Fighter

I was (and believe still I'm) a fight game fan, this is my favorite game genre ever, because it can entertain me the most. Street Fighter was a game from my childhood, I used to play it a lot with my friends, or I just play on my own and it was still very fun.
Posted by luispas on 07-29-2017

Street Fighter!

Used to be my favorite among these two, and it still is a classic I love and appreciate. Used to play it a lot in the PS1, always played as Ken or Chun Li!

My favorite fighting game has always been Tekken, though. Shame it wasn't included in the discussion

Posted by VintageRose on 07-29-2017

Street Fighter

Mortal Kombat is a great franchise with ridiculous, over the top entertainment. You can't really call yourself a gamer if you haven't at least tried it. Having said that, there is no fighting game that even compares to Street Fighter. It is the gold standard because of its frame-precise input which removes artificial outcomes and allows maximum skill to triumph. It is the public face of professional gaming for a reason.
Posted by JaiGuru on 07-30-2017

Street Fighter rules!

This is the best for game for me. Street fighter is a good game for me. The characters I just watched in movies, now I can play with them and fight with them. Until now, I play this game and I'm amazed even though I'm not a kid now.
Posted by blank629 on 09-20-2017

Street Fighter!

I've been playing this game when I was a kid on Family Computer. They even got some of the names of the characters wrong. I do also play this when I was in High School. I even cut classes just to go to the mall and play video games. We always play the Marvel vs. Street Fighter. My classmate is the real master of this game. He even knows the technique on how to corner it and glitch it so the opponent can't fight anymore. Those were the days that's memorable to me. I'm not actually a fan of Mortal Kombat. Yes, I've played and watched even the movie of it but that's just it. Street Fighter is way better than Mortal Kombat.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 10-22-2017


These were my two favorite action games of all times! I can't choose here, probably because I don't really see them competing against each other but rather complimenting. Street Fighter presents a more standard and somewhat naturalistic scenery even though the characters are mystically endowed with their martial arts skillset and magical powers. The back drops and virtual audience and colorful platform gives a feeling of a unique hyped up fighting scene commended by exotic locations and surreal sound cast along with excellent character play. Mortal Kombat presents more like an under ground, and I meant waaayyy underground sensation fighting with characters which you can easily say it's like a battle of the souls matchup! These are both great action games that helped to balance the gaming intensity and just thinking about them now unearth's that nostalgic fervor that I can relate to many moons ago when I was glued to the console all engrossed in the gaming action.
Posted by Joteque on 07-29-2017
Both were part of my childhood and I remember very enjoying watching cartoons, playing games and watching the movies of both. For me, it really is difficult to choose one of the options, because in both there are characters that I like very much.
Posted by hermessantos on 07-29-2017
I can't decide. I love them and I have played them both before. :) They have their own way of providing it's users countless of hours of fun playtime. When I was a kid, I used to play Mortal Kombat on arcade together with my cousins. We would be camping the arcade stations just to play mortal kombat. And when I finally had my first PlayStation, that was when I started playing Street Figher as well.
Posted by galegatling on 07-29-2017
I simply LOVE these two franchises: "Mortal Kombat" and "Street Fighter" are part of my childhood (I was completely addicted to them and I still really like them a lot). So, I think it would be very unfair if I have to chose only one side. :-(
Posted by WildSpirit on 07-29-2017
I really could not make a choice between the two of these games. I think they both have their pros and cons. As long as you enjoy it, and feel like you are getting someting out of the game is all that should really matter.
Posted by kgord on 07-29-2017
It's really hard to choose between those two because they are actually both fun to play in their own ways. Both games were part of my childhood. I have to say though that I had spent more time playing the Mortal Kombat game series from PS1 to PS2. My favorite Mortal Kombat games were Shaolin Monks and Deception. What I loved from the first one is that it allows a second player for the campaign. For Street Fighter though I do not remember the particular name of the title but it was 3D and on PS1.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 07-30-2017
rose thornes
I will choose street fighter. I grow up playing this game. I used to fight with my brothers and cousins. I always choose chul li because she is my favorite character in its movies. This will always remind me of my childhood and the way we will fight if who will be next to play this game next.
Posted by rose thornes on 07-30-2017
I'm into both. From the arcade to Nintendo, I've played them. This is one of the game that I I anticipate for new releases. What I love about Mortal Combat is it's brutality. It has blood. It's also life like. Street Fighter is appealing because it is raw. It was the first of it's kind which led to a new type if game.

Those games are truly iconic.
Posted by Neiltarquin on 07-30-2017
I checked the mortal kombat X recently. And it seems to have the Aliens and Predators into it. That's something one has to see. That demo of the predator gameplay made me fan of the series. I'd say for anyone who is looking to play the mortal kombat series should check out that X version. They are going to love it due to the brutal gameplay that is going on out there. I'd suggest people to play that game.
Posted by overcast on 08-13-2017
Mortal Kombat's creaters' goal was basically to make badass characters, and as a result, the background story of the game is weak. Street fighter has consistently created exciting and deep characters with each release of a new game.
Posted by yaorice on 08-21-2017
Actually, I haven't played Street Fighter yet but I must say that Mortal Kombat it's a game that you have to play it once in your live. Mortal Kombat has a lot of awesome moves that you can use with a variety of characters. I don't know a person who doesn't love Mortal Kombat. It brings so many memories for us the players who when we were young loved to play video games.
Posted by pizzalover on 08-23-2017
Yes, I like street fighter especially because it reminds me of a part of my youth as a street brawler. The gangs, the clothes and all that. Still, I agree with you Mortal Combat is way more epic and a lot more intense, it depicts how deadly a real combat could be
Posted by Marvadaum on 09-20-2017
I really love Mortal Kombat rather than Street Fighter ever since I started playing video games. Mortal Kombat's unique feature is the Fatality movesets (Fatality, Brutality, Babality, Friendship and Harakiri) and that's what makes MK very cool. We all know that MK is full of violence, and not so appropriate for young kids. But for me, every single fatalities in MK is a masterpiece and a good form of art. The evolution of fatalities in MK are quite fascinating, and developers always give their players a big surprise.
Posted by Anonymous on 09-19-2017
I think I’ve heard Mortal Kombat which was popular years ago but Street Fighter was the favorite of my nephew during its heyday. When he would be playing, he didn’t want to be bothered otherwise he may either get angry or cry. Yeah, he was already a teenager at that time and he was addicted to Street Fighter that he played so seriously as if it was his career. I really thought that he would be playing that game all his life. Fortunately he is now working and has a good job with race horses.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-23-2018