Natural sources of heat

Natural sources of heat
It's winter, and it's freezing! As it's natural, we look for something to warm ourself up, to make us feel more comfortable and to survive this cold and snowy seasons. There are several ways to warm ourselves, and of course not everyone is avalaible all year around. For example, natural sources of heat are pretty much seasonal in many parts of the world and aren't always there to help us, but when they are, well... it's hard to not appreciate them.

The main one, most obvious one, and probably the only thing you are thinking of when reading "natural sources of heat" is the Sun! That big glowing flaming star that give Earth life, in summer shines even more thanks to the heat. I won't go into details about how seasons work, but we all know that in summer it's always nice to stay under the Sun and let it warm ourselves. At the same time, however, unless you live in a particular region during winter the Sun will be there, sure, but without the typical heat of summer. You might move for a short summer vacation in places like Florida, to spend the winter in the sand and not in the snow, but when you'll go back home the Sun will still be there, but you will be also be freezing. Besides the fact that is not always there, the Sun might also become dangerous for our health, since too much time spent under its rays can cause some illness, at times even very serious diseases.

There are also other small sources of natural heat, like natural termal baths. It's a bit unusual taking a bath outside during winter, but if you happen to have one of those close, well.. good for you! And of course there is fire. However, that's a different case: it's something natural, sure, but it's also something that we usually create by our own when we want to heat ourselves. When going camping you might light up a bonfire - the fire will be a gift from nature, but without your help, your artificial help, the bonfire wouldn't even be there. So, it's like half and half.

Let's just say that nature offers us a lot of resources to heat ourselves. Sometime they are there, sometime they aren't. It's just up to us to use them properly.

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  • Free gifts from nature
  • In some places of the world they are always there, never going away
  • The Sun is basically a limitless resource
  • In the right amount, they can be beneficial to our health

  • They aren't always there
  • Some of them might be dangerous
  • In some regions the sun is never warm
  • Might cause some diseases if exposed too much to some of them



Natural is best

If you can afford to put solar panels in or something like that, I think natural sources of heat are defintely better. It saves money and you are not using energy which has waste. I would definitely say natural heat is the way to go. Some things like wood burning though emit too much heat into the atmosphere and isn't too efficient.
Posted by kgord on 02-20-2018

I Live in Texas

I live in Austin, Texas. It doesn't get cold very often here, so we are not used to it. What we call a “cold front”, people from places where the weather really does get cold (like Boston) would laugh at us. Since the slightest chill in the air or temperature drop could cause me to reach for warm socks and a sweater, I break out our little space heater. I am not suffering through the cold weather.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 12-29-2017


You can see that natural is always better. You can do a lot with the natural sources. I'd say that if you are into artificial sources then you are missing out on reality. Most of the people choose real for a reason for organic health elements.
Posted by overcast on 04-01-2018

natural feels better

I like the feeling of the sun on my skin when it's the right temperature. Sometimes when it's too humid or too hot I admit that I kind of hate the sun but I do appreciate it when it's a little cold outside and I want some heat on my skin. I also like the feeling of the heat of a wood burning fire but I don't experience that much.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-30-2017

All that matters.

The natural source of energy is something that we can say that it is pretty okay to use. I have always made use of natural sources of energy since you aren't going to spend a dime to generate them which is pretty fine for me.
Posted by Barida on 11-02-2018


Natural sources of heat like the sun is the best. We can get vitamin D and feel warm too. It also doesn't matter if it is not available all the time because we don't need 24 hours of feeling warm. Just 30 minutes a day is enough.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 12-29-2017

Better for me

Weather conditions over here makes one not worrying about getting artificial heat gadgets because the sun alone would even be too much for one's bearing that one would seek for artificial means of cooling off from the heat. It's only when there is too much rainfall and cold, which makes the sun shine barely that one would look for artificial means of heating up by buying home heater.
Posted by Martinsx on 01-29-2018

Nothing can compare.

Nothing will ever beat the original way of something. One of them is the source of heat. We can say that the unnatural source of heat are so accessible, natural source of hit is still the best for me.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 10-18-2018


Natural sources of heat are the best. The sun rules them all. In fact solar heat. We just convert from the natural sources.
Posted by stbrians on 10-18-2018

Natural ways ofcourse

I think its less expensive. I think its better cause too much heat from a machine or somethjng would cause harm in you.
Posted by Wenkx03 on 12-07-2018


Artificial sources of heat

Artificial sources of heat
Maybe in winter you don't actually want to go outside and freeze. I mean, if it's necessary like you have to go to the grocery store, to work or at school then there is nothing much to do, but even in this case there are plenty of resources that we created to make ourselves warmer.

Let's start with the thing that ended the other side of this versus: fire! Having a fireplace in the house might be dangerous in some cases, since accidents can happen, but it's very atmospheric and the heat that it provides is much unique and very warm. During the years of course we created something more safe, different and modern than fireplace, like radiators.

Those ugly white things, while not very nice looking, can provide a lot of heat in our houses. Sure, they also can be very wet and take some rooms, and besides that the boiler they are attached to is not something cool as well, but a lot of houses have them, and you hear very little complain about their aspects in any case.

Or maybe you prefer electricity, like the heat provided by a electric oven or heater. Sure, like many other things they have pros and cons, since even with them some accidents might happen, and during a blackout (very common in winter in some regions) they will become useless, but they still give us a lot of heat.

And then there are those small things that are warm at touch, or when you are close to them, and that can give us a small amount of heat for a short period of time, giving us a satisfied feeling. For example, ever tried to touch (probably with your feet) the charger of your laptop? It's usually pretty hot, and it's nice to have something warm when your feet are cold. Or lightbulbs, some of them can be pretty hot without danger, and staying near them (while you are studying or reading) can feels good. And baths and showers, of course! Let's not forget about that: they might be even longer than an hour - after all relaxing during a bath is a supreme experience - and hot water is a relief during very cold days.

Of course all of this come with a cost, and none of those stuff are cheap. During winter they might become very expensive, expecially if we use them too much, everyday, and like I said some of them might prove some illness. After all artificial sources of natural stuff can just provide a substitution without all the properties of the original... but after all, they feels good so it might be worth it.

Image source https://cdn.images.exp...ater-in-winter-534964.jpg

  • Some of them like fireplaces can be very atmospheric
  • They all feel very good
  • Plenty of resources avalaible to warm ourselves
  • They can also be relaxing

    • They might might not as warm as the Sun or other natural sources
  • They can be expensive
  • Might cause some minor illness
  • Some of them won't have the properties of natural sources



I just use the thermostat

I'd never use a personal space heater because they are a known fire hazard but I rely on the heating system in my apartment to ensure a warm home in the winter. Maybe it's a little privileged of me but I have never considered using a natural heating source instead. I mean I do tend to keep the temperature lower than my roommates would like it in an ideal world but that's mostly to be budget friendly.
Posted by anna on 01-01-2018

not harmful

I think its just the same to use natural or artificial heat because what we need is to increase the temperature during winter to heat up our body its not harmful the same as the heat of an engine or any machine and vehicles we use daily. For me it is easy to use artificial than to find natural heat, and the advantage is you can still heat up your body during night time unlike heat form the sun it is only available in day so how about during the night? Most of us is using freezer or refrigerator it is also artificial machine that produce coldness but we still use it to preserve our food and chill out our drinks is it harmful? I think not because most of us is using it and its just the same as the artificial heater.
Posted by albino on 05-07-2018


Oops! Took the wrong side. Meant to go for the artificial heat. I put my response in the wrong box. Sorry. I NEED my space heater. LOL.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 12-29-2017
Not sure why you choose artificial energy. Because it seems like artificial has it's set of the limitations. And also there seems to be lot of issues with it. I don't know why would anyone want to choose that.
Posted by overcast on 04-13-2018
I had experienced my first winter 2 years ago in Beijing, China. It was nearing the end of January and there was still snow when we arrived. I was already shivering when we took the shuttle from the airport to the hotel. But I was greatly relieved when I entered the hotel room that has a heater. I don’t think I would have survived without that heater because the temperature was freezing. In fact, I tested the cold weather by placing a glass of water outside the window and in the morning, I found it to have ice. I still go for the heater instead of the fire place.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-30-2017
Yes some of the time climate can be serious in many places. You can see that a lot of people don't make sense for the same reason when they demand weather to be manipulated. And the thin is artificial manipulation at some time can get out of control. So not all the time such heat or cold is a good option.
Posted by overcast on 04-13-2018
The pictures have been placed wrongly. The post with the title Natural sources of heat has a picture of man in front of an electric heater and in the post with the title Artificial sources of heat has a picture of sun. I like natural source of heat, however, it is impossible to get natural heat when ever you want. For instance, in the night time, you always have to light an electric heater (artificial source of heat).
Posted by vinaya on 12-30-2017
I agree the pictures were wrongly placed. But things are properly explain in that context for the source of the energy. That being said, I think natural source of heat is always better than the artificial source of heat.
Posted by overcast on 05-03-2018
As much as I love the natural sources of heat we would freeze to death without the artifical sources in my country.

We get some extreme cold weather during the winter time and if we didn't use things such as the radiators and heaters I am not sure how we would survive.

Sometimes we don't even get any sun for weeks when it is freezing.
Posted by Mehano on 01-01-2018
Natural is better if you can afford it. It is quite expensive to put in solar panels for instance. Also, wood stoves take a lot of work to keep a house warm and is polluting if that is your main source of heat. It is just one of the things that you need to do a cost benefit analysis on.
Posted by kgord on 01-07-2018
Natural heat is great but there is no way I'm lighting a fire in my house! The sun is not always warm enough to make me feel snug so I prefer artificial heat. I used to live in Egypt where it was lovely and hot most of the time, but now I'm living in the UK there is not much heat from the sun at all. Sure the summer months are not too bad but I still have to have the heating on when it is sunny sometimes.
Posted by JMS on 01-15-2018
Although ones environmental and climatic nature goes a long way in determining the option such individual chooses in getting heat. Those people who reside in cold regions with too much cold and snow are likely to choose artificial source for heat because they hardly have access to sunlight. The same thing is applicable to those living in hot climate region. Sun and heat is already like a family relation to them, they have no need for any artificial source of heat because the natural one they have is even too much for them to bear.
Posted by Martinsx on 01-29-2018
I'd say artificial. When it's cold, you could use your stove top with a pot of boiling water or your oven to heat your home. The problem with the oven method, is ovens give off fumes that over time can become toxic when nothing is inside the oven and the door isn't fully shut and closed. As for the stove top method, falling asleep with a pot of boiling water on the stove where the water has fully dissipated can result in a fire if the pot starts to burn. Heaters are safer, even though when handled irresponsibly (i.e. plugged into an overloaded socket, left to run non-stop for too many hours), come with their own set of risks.
Posted by NickJ on 02-15-2018
Natural heat is preferable especially when it not really hot it can be beneficial to the human's body in a very cold region,it helps keep the body warm and from cold-related ailments.Natural heat cost no money and it always available for doesn't go into extinct it readily available for use,it helps us dry our clothes and it quite beneficial to the earth and for human's use.
Posted by lovely on 02-16-2018
I live in a tropical country and the temperature rarely drops below 15 degrees Celsius in winter over here. It never snows over here and winter is bearable. There is absolutely no need for us to use any heaters. Moreover, I don't live far from the beach and I can see go to the beach in winter and enjoy the sun. However, I once went on Holidays to France during winter and it was a nightmare. It was such a herculean task to go out. I had to look for the proper clothes to wear and was usually wearing layers of clothing which were not comfortable. Furthermore, it was imperative to have the heater on all the times. Unfortunately, in certain countries, it is vital for people to use heaters and they can't rely solely on the sun to warm themselves up.
Posted by Pixie on 02-20-2018
Natural sources of heat is definitely better than the artificial ones. Artificially made heat come from electricity. We use a coil of copper or some other metals who have almost the same properties as copper which are capable of creating heat and provide them electrons therefore producing a flow of current where heat is created. The fact that we use electricity to produce heat here, it will only add up to our problems with regards to the environment. We all know that heat producing appliances consume more power and may as well add to our electricity bills. For winter seasons, I recommend wood burning. Personally I love the sound of woods being burned in a firebox. I think it brings you closer with the nature.
Posted by Vinsanity on 03-25-2018
Artificial sources are only useful if you are trying to make the most out of it. You can see that most of the time natural is lot better. And there seems to be understanding on things that make sense. You have to understand that natural sources means you get more than just energy but other things that comes with it including more sustainable nature of it.
Posted by overcast on 04-01-2018
I think everyone would agree that the natural source is better. This is not always possible depending on what country you live in.If you live in a country where there is snow, very rarely is there natural heat coming from the sun. The sun is the source of Vitamin D which you can get very ill without. In my country it's hot almost throughout the year and I really enoy my life especially when I'm out and about or on the beach. Off course its best when it's not that hot.
Posted by jaymish on 04-12-2018
I agree that the best for heating is natural source. But as you said it, natural source depends on the country because in some places like Canada and the northernmost part of the globe like Greenland, the sun is not the friendly which means heat from the sun cannot be depended on. Artificial sources of heat is their only recourse otherwise they will freeze to death in that icy place.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-23-2018
People living in some places don't have much choice but to use artificial sources of heat. I live in a tropical country and I always wait eagerly for the cold breeze. I don't need extra protective clothing during the cold months nor do I use artificial heating sources. It would be funny to see a home with a fireplace in my country. The older folks would simply wear layers of clothing and socks to warm themselves and that's it.
Posted by chatbox on 04-28-2018
It is always good to go for natural sources but I believe both sources of heat are necessary because it depends on the situation. Winter season needs artificial heat since the natural heat isn't as strong as summer season, right? However, some artificial heat needs electricity and can be very expensive.
Posted by NesMarcos on 08-01-2018
It is always good to go for natural sources but I believe both sources of heat are necessary because it depends on the situation. Winter season needs artificial heat since the natural heat isn't as strong as summer season, right? However, some artificial heat needs electricity and can be very expensive.
Posted by NesMarcos on 08-01-2018
When there is not way to get heat from natural sources then we have no choice but to use the artificial source. I understand that the winter in cold countries can kill by hypothermia so that the heater is very important not only for the comfort but also for the survival especially those living in the rural and mountainous areas. When there is no heating facilities they just try to get heat from the fire and that is not convenient.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-16-2018
I think that this is kind of a weird question to ask. I mean of course I would go all natural if I could, but what am I supposed to do during the wintertime? No matter how brightly the sun shines on my house, it won’t change the fact that my room will stay at 10 degrees unless I turn on my storage heater. But then at the same time, during the summer the sun does its job too well and now I have to find artificial ways of cooling. If it’s cold enough to the point where you need heating, it means the sun isn’t able to do its job anymore, and it’s time for alternatives. That or freeze.
Posted by Denis_P on 08-08-2018
Yeah i agree, it's wise to go the natural way but the problem is sustainability and efficiency. This is where you need technology specially when the weather is not complementary with the natural means of getting heat or cold.
Posted by fishbate on 08-09-2018