Netflix is a video streaming platform that can stream documentaries, movies and TV shows, the only difference is that it dose the over the internet and you have full control of what you want to watch, at any given time.

The company was founded in 1997 and in 2013 started producing its own TV shows with the first TV show named House of Cards. 2013 was the year Netflix got hugely popular and a lot of people made the transition from cable TV to the more convenient online streaming services.

  • The subscription price is actually pretty affordable
  • You can watch everything Netflix has to offer any time anywhere as long as you log into your Netflix account
  • You can stream these videos over multiple devices, including your smartphone or tablet
  • The quality of the stream videos can be very high and is actually adaptable, depending on your device and streaming speed

  • Depending on what contracts Netflix makes and haves the number of movies and TV shows you can watch is limited. To be fair, no stream company offers a complete archive of every movie, but it would still be very nice to have more movie and TV show options.
  • If you don't have a Smart TV you can't really watch Netflix on your TV. You can be limited to your laptop or smart device.



Netflix is not a Bargain. It's a Steal!

In comparison to cable TV, some people say Netflix is a bargain. I say: "It's a steal!" Now that they have expanded their database to include more international TV series and films; plus they have their own original works ... you can't beat it! Family entertainment at a bargain price! Why go out to the movies? Also, why pay for cable TV when all they do is show practically the same stuff on different channels and make you pay a king's ransom for the service!
Posted by Anonymous on 06-19-2017


We just got Netflix a week ago and I love it. I never thought that it was such a big deal. My sisters always talked about it but I just did not get it. I never watch much TV. We have satellite, so I watch just a few things. Since getting Netflix, I have finished the first and second season of Fuller House (really cheesy but it brings back good memories of my childhood) and have watched 8 episodes of Pretty Little Liars ( I read a few of the books and really like this series). I am glad that I decided to get Netflix as there are a lot of shows that really peak my interest on there and now I can watch them at my leisure.
Posted by angie828 on 03-15-2017

Netflix all the way!

I remember when I had cable TV there were times I would flick through the channels continuously and not find anything I wanted to watch and even though we had on demand with movies and TV shows at our finger tips it seemed pointless for me to pay as much as I was just for a select few television shows and movies that I wanted to watch that were on the on demand. Netflix is so much cheaper and there is a such a range of movies and TV shows on there that it seems like a more clever idea than paying 100's and barely using it because there really isn't anything available.
Posted by Shortie on 03-17-2017


Netflix is very cool in selecting the movie and videos that is of interest to me, Netflix is very flexible in selecting specific films and music, the ability of Netflix to work compactly with the internet makes it very special to the movie world.

Subscribing is pretty cool so their wouldn't be need to worry about favourite series because I can always watch it at my leisure hours, Netflix presently has many people patronizing its services and it has been awesome.

Posted by Jeshurun on 03-16-2017


Their are quite a number of things to put to consideration when deciding on how best to manege your TV life. Netflix keeps me in charge of what videos I wish to watch. Nothing can be so boring as being stocked to a particular video just because you don't have a handy substitute. Netflix widens the horizon of videos that are available for any one who wish to subscribe for their services. The operators of Netflix employs state of the art technologies in delivering applaudable services to their customers. Using Netflix makes world wide happenings available at your finger tips, this is one of the developments that plays a great role in evolving the world.
Posted by Trisha on 03-10-2017

the future is Netflix!

Platforms such as Netflix are the future of Television. We use Netflix almost daily. It continues to improve with it's programming options. It's recent launch of it's own in-house tv shows, movies, and documentaries has been great. The variety just gets better and better. Choosing when you want to watch something, rather than being confined to the Cable TV's airtime is so much more convenient. Netflix is definitely the better option! And it's much cheaper! The only drawback I can see is if you are a huge sports fan there are not any options for watching sports.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 03-11-2017

Streaming is the Way of the Future

Netflix hands down. Like many others, I have a very busy schedule that doesn't always line up with the broadcast times of cable TV. Netflix is convenient because I can watch TV shows I enjoy back to back without commercials! Netflix also has a variety of different shows, movies, documentaries, and original content that isn't always available on cable TV.
Posted by krystyltbh on 05-06-2017


If you saw what our TV channels have on you'd all vote for Netflix! We only get ten-year-old movies that have been replayed for a hundred times.

Netflix is just simply amazing. True, it has some fees but so does the cable TV. On Netflix, you can choose what you want to watch. Do you want a romantic movie? A funny series? It doesn't matter, they got it all.

Posted by Mehano on 03-25-2018
Jonathan Solomon

Netflix For Me!

Nowadays, you really don't need a cable bill. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu provide you television internet through your wifi and electronic device. I think there's still a market for cable tv. However, I see it declining in the future.

I have no cable bill in my household as we all receive our entertainment and news from online. In the long run, it saves me money, and I don't miss out on any of the action I love enjoying. I have also been steered away from my cable company after being double-billed several times, and continuous increase in monthly packages.

To sum it up, Netflix is the way for me!

Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 05-29-2017

But Netflix Doesn't have the News. LOL.

But Netflix doesn't have any news channels. LOL. LOL. LOL. Please! Please! My side is hurting from laughing so hard. Netflix is the best invention since the napkin! Cable TV is a total RIPOFF!! They sell it by saying “You get hundreds of channels!” Yeah right. Hundreds of channels showing the same thing. And if you want HBO, Showtime, etc. and foreign channels you have to pay extra.

I have Netflix and we can watch US movies and shows plus all kinds of films and series from other countries. With English subtitles? Of course! But who cares? It's great entertainment! Not only that but I can binge watch! Love it! Did I mention the Netflix subscription price is beyond the word “bargain”? One of the other commenters already described it. It's a steal!

Netflix versus Cable TV? What's to compare?

Posted by cmoneyspinner on 06-04-2018

Netflix all the way

When it comes to watch series, Netflix wins over the regular TV. You can set your schedule according to your needs. You don't have to depend on a certain time to sit and watch something that you like. This is what matters the most to me in regarding watching series. You are free to watch as much as you want and can, the TV schedule sets your limits on this, so that's the worst part for me.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-10-2017

Netflix Is Better For Me

Personally, I prefer the control I have over the programming with Netflix versus Cable. I like being able to browse categories and watch whatever I choose rather than being subject to the regular schedule of cable and its barrage of commercials. Also, Netfix has archived entire series, and you can go there and binge on old favorites and new discoveries in a way that you just can't do on cable.
Posted by JoeMilford on 08-25-2017

My preference

One thing that I enjoy most about Netflix is that there is no limit to the varieties of movies one could have access to once the individual subscribe to Netflix and they offer current movies unlike what one gets from cable television. Sometimes, service and network problems affects how good the cable television movies are played but it's not the same with Netflix.
Posted by Martinsx on 04-21-2018

Netflix equals better services

I have used both cable networks and Netflix, so from my experience with both of them, I would easily attest that what is obtained on Netflix is more better. You get the opportunity to choose the movies you want to stream and watch online once you have paid your subscription fee just like you pay for cable services. But that user freedom to choose what to watch is what makes it a lot more better.
Posted by Emmaz on 03-25-2018


Cable TV

Cable TV
Cable TV reach is zenith in the 90s developing into a Global phenomenon although it was already hugely popular in North America.

There isn't much to say about Cable TV, we all have it or seen it. Sure some of the new generations had started to drop Cable TV from their lives, young people nowadays don't even own a TV, all they need it a smartphone or a laptop and usually consume huge amounts of online based video content.

I personally own a TV but don't really watch cable TV for more than a few hours per year. Seriously, I can't remember when I last watch at least 30 minutes straight of cable TV.

  • Easy to use and to access. Once you have everything connected to your TV just turn the thing on and there you have it. Easy as pie.
  • Can be used by anybody and you don't have to be a technology nut.
  • Simple and reliable. You don't need a wifi connections to watch the news or you favorite TV shows.
  • You have access to a wide amount of TV channels and TV shows. Depending on your subscription you can have a huge amount of channels to choose from.

  • Not are channels are high definition
  • You need an more expensive / new TV if you want to watch Full HD channels
  • TV are on their way out. This much is clear, cable TV has to transform or perish as more and more people rely on the internet for their video needs.
  • You can pause a live channel as you can on Netflix for example. And you can choose to see certain shows or movies at your convenient time, unless you tape them.



Cable tv

I tried to subscribe for Netflix for a couple of months last year and I was very let down. After all the hype about how good it is especially for movie lovers I was expecting to find thousands of movies to choose from. Sadly there were not that much, mainly since they do not offer the same options to all countries, and that is downright unfair considering that we all pay a price for this. Also the movies available were not updated that often. I ended up scrolling and scrolling for ages without finding something I really wanted to watch. So I unsubscribed as it was not worthwhile. For this reason I am voting for cable TV even though my current package is a very limited one for pricing reasons.
Posted by sspi on 03-15-2017

Cable guy

I'd probably go with cable TV over Netflix simply because I've tried Netflix before and was a bit disappointed with the mild selection of films and programs to watch. Also, you have to keep paying for it every month whether you use it or not. The same can apply with cable TV but generally there is a lot more channels and therefore more programs and films to watch although not as many blockbuster films but I've seen most of them anyway! I haven't actually had cable TV for many years. I remember having it back in the early 90's but since then I've always had Sky TV and I don't have the full package with Sky but still have some of the movie channels and all the other stuff.
Posted by idealmikey on 03-16-2017


I'm also good with Cable. Even if I don't really watch TV more than a couple of hours per month, I still think it's simpler and better compared with Netflix.

I will get into video streaming services when somebody comes along that can offer me everything and anything I want to watch, sure I can pay for it, but I want to have everything available not just "some" movies and "some" TV shows.

Posted by Cristian on 03-21-2017

Cable TV

I watch a cable Tv a lot. So, Netflix is not for me because Netflix is much more narrower concept with only documentaries, movies and TV shows where as Cable is much more broader with hundreds of channels to watch including sports channels, news channels and many more. Also, because it’s cheaper than Netflix, and most Netflix series you can watch for free in stream sites.
Posted by optimistic on 03-31-2017

Despite Commercials, I Like Cable More

I appreciate Netflix, but for someone like me that doesn't really watch movies or TV shows to completion all that much anymore, I find cable more and more suited to my taste. I just find a certain type of comfort in just changing channels and finding a show that's already playing instead of actively choosing to play a series or movie and deciding to sit there for an hour or so. There may be times when I feel like doing that, but most of the time I just want to sit down for five minutes, channel surf and find some obscure show that isn't the type to be offered in streaming services, and just sit for as long as I want then leave if I want or change channels easily.
Posted by Wubwub on 08-24-2017


I use cable TV and Netflix and I like both. For example, on Netflix I like to watch movies and some series, on cable TV I like watching TV channels and TV shows. But if I were to choose between one or the other I would certainly choose cable TV because it has more options to entertain than Netflix. Cable TV has what Netflix has and a whole bunch of other things.
Posted by Cauohashi on 06-15-2017
This is a difficult choice for me because I particularly like both. Both Netflix and cable TV have their advantages and disadvantages, so I simply prefer to choose both.
Posted by hermessantos on 07-09-2017
I pay $5 for cable TV, however, I am paying $17 for the internet. If I start streaming videos, I will have to pay subscription fees as well. Since Cable TV is cheaper than Netflix, I am more of a Cable guy. I can watch varieties of programs on cable TV, that's why I prefer cable TV instead of expensive service such as Netflix.
Posted by vinaya on 09-12-2017
I guess Netflix is for those who have extra cash to spend on it. Anyway, it's not that amazing. Youtube is practically the same except for the way it's used. Netflix just has content that TV viewers expect to get.
Posted by Steve5 on 06-16-2018
We have a cable tv subscription that provides us with plenty of cable channels, from sports to movies. It is actually my husband who wants to have a cable tv connection because of his love for mixed martial arts. My nephew has a Netflix subscription. From what I understand, the downloading is the issue because the internet here is not that fast. So what happens during peak hours, the download will be crawling. So for now, it is the cable tv that is still dominant here.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-29-2018
Pablo Carvalho
I personally never liked cable TV, so it's a content you don't choose, you just follow it! Cable TV is kind of anti-democratic, so it takes from you the freedom to choose whatever you want to watch and whenever you want. With Netflix, I have a great feeling of freedom, so I can watch my series whenever I want. The only thing that gets in the way is the long time I spend to choose the content I'm going to watch!
Posted by Pablo Carvalho on 02-01-2018
I'm going with cable tv. It's cheaper and has a wider selection of channels for the whole family. Netflix is good, im watching a lot of good series there but I feel that it's not that complete.

Cable Television has been a part of my life ever since the mid 90's. I probably won't switch to anything else anytime soon.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 02-13-2018
I love Netflix more since it easy to stream movies especially new releases which I love and one can actually achieved this with device and anywhere as well.Netflix services are great and affordable too
Posted by lovely on 04-19-2018
Some cable television are very good with airing old movies and repeating it over and over again. This bores me to the skull and it's actually the reason why I stopped making use of cable television service. I practically had to disconnect mine and take up using Netflix services with both hands.
Posted by Martinsx on 04-21-2018
I know what you mean. I also found it hard to watch TV due to the constant reruns of old shows and past movies. Well, it's kind of their thing. It's probably why Netflix is thriving right now.
Posted by Steve5 on 06-11-2018
One of the reasons why I am not using Netflix is because do not have a smart tv. I am watching the same v for 8 years and I am not thinking to change my tv set anytime soon. I will not buy a new one unless my tv is beyond repair. The reason why I am not upgrading my TV is I do not watch TV a lot. I use my laptop more than YV for entertainment. I watch videos and movies on my laptop, I also play games on my laptop.
Posted by vinaya on 06-05-2018
I know what you mean. Rich people just have a convenient means of watching entertainment. They have the luxury of 4K Full HD TV. And since you can practically stream Netflix and stuff, it's kind of the new generation's television.
Posted by Steve5 on 06-08-2018
I also can't remember the last time, I sat down to watch TV. The world is surely changing. I have cable but the most I watch is the news.I definitely prefer Netflix because I can watch it on my laptop, desktop or smart TV. I think the era of programmed Tv is over. People are prefer to watch programmes on demand, that is why apps like kodi are doing well and are selling better then cable TV. Times are changing and we need to change with them. I hope traditional broadcasters can learn their lesson.
Posted by jaymish on 06-05-2018
Yes, it's kind of weird watching TV right now. How the times have changed! It's more "normal" to watch your favorite shows and movies on your gadgets. Tablets and cellphones are the new TV of this generation.
Posted by Steve5 on 06-07-2018
I prefer Cable TV for channel surfing. Most people watch TV out of boredom. Not really for specific show unlike before the age of the internet. But now online services are more prevalent.
Posted by Steve5 on 06-06-2018
I have purchased the subscription for Amazon prime and netflix and it seems to be working out for me. Though there is more money spend per month for netflix. But the collection is not that bad if you ask me. It's decent. And also it may be more option on entertainment side.
Posted by overcast on 06-06-2018
The issue with Netflix, or at least where I live, is that it relies on Internet connection. If you live in a country where Internet connection is terrible like mine, then you will suffer days and nights trying to watch Netflix as I do. So, cable TV has became the more reliable option, specially for those who live in an area where Internet is not available. Also, not everybody can afford a Smart TV or full HD one, so over here we are still on cable TV.
Posted by ballyhara on 06-12-2018