Netflix is known as the binge-watching streaming platform. It has all the seasons of your old favorite shows, original content uploaded seasons at a time, and movie classics you forgot you loved!

  • full back seasons
  • original content

  • no newly released episodes
  • not as many new releases



If you live in Romania, Netflix for sure

This is a simple fact, in Romania we have only Netflix. Even Netflix it's around for a short amont of time and it isn't good enough, at least for the moment. The prices are a bit high for the market, and volume of movie with romanian subtitle si low. Still, it's growing every day and I hope in short time it will become a reliable service. It's interesting that they let you test the services for month, so you have plenty of time to decide if it's worth the price. From my opinion, at this moment I think that it's a good product but not so well implemented in our country. Hope for the best in short future.
Posted by birlaandrei on 05-14-2017


Netflix is running harder and faster than Hulu. Hulu will always be attempting to play catch up to Netflix and will continue to be the "inferior brand" in this market. Netflix has an edge. It has better brand recognition and more viewing options. It is also showing ingenuity with launching its own series and exclusive content. They have done an excellent job with marketing. Netflix is the future of television. Sometimes I am a little disappointed with their selection, but overall I have been pleased as a customer of theirs for many years.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 05-17-2017

As a non-american

Since Hulu isn't offered outside of the US I've often used Netflix and got most of the series and movies I wanted to watch.
Posted by Atropia on 05-10-2017

Netflix for sure.

Netflix and Hulu are the two streaming apps I use for tv other than my cable provider, and I like them both. Overall though netflix has a wider selection of series you can't find anywhere else, and way more movies than Hulu. Hulu has its perks as well too and I think they have a great selection of tv shows that I watch all the time, but where they fall short is defiantly there movie selection which is no where near as good as netflixes selection.
Posted by tjkozlowski20 on 05-14-2017
Fluffy Panda


I think that HULU sucks for a couple reasons. HULU is the worst, they don't have all the episodes in a series, this pisses me off! They also have commercials and this kills me! If you spend money on a program that gives you Tv, it should be commercial free!
Posted by Fluffy Panda on 05-14-2017

Netflix FTW

I've used both Netflix and Hulu and I have to say that Netflix is better. There's more selection for me and I like that I can use my Netflix account anywhere. I signed up for Netflix in the U.S., and when I moved to Japan, I could used the same subscription. Hulu tried to make me subscribe again even though I already had a subscription in America. That's why I cancelled them.

Furthermore, Hulu isn't ad-free even when you're subscribe to them. The completely ad-free subscription costs more than a Netflix subscription. I personally don't think it's worth it.

Posted by kataomoi on 05-15-2017


Netflix is a streaming service popular for its wide variety of new and classic movie and television titles, as well as it has lot of self-funded content which is awesome. No concept of ads and never had any issue with the service and quality , what else you looks for from a streaming service.
Posted by BRC814 on 05-15-2017

Has to be Netflix!

As much as Hulu does look good unfortunately where I live it's not available therefore it's not a service I can use. That does not bother me too much though as with Netflix I can watch almost all the movies and TV shows I want to watch without the need for anything such as Hulu. Netflix is also cheap as well making it an affordable way to be able to watch the TV shows I love and also the movies. It's definitely value for money. I only wish sometimes that Hulu was available for me as I would love to try it out.
Posted by Shortie on 05-06-2017

Exclusive Shows and more movies!

Netflix by far takes my vote. They have full seasons, exclusive shows, and a wide assortment of movies. Plus, they have great recommendations. It almost seems like they have an enormous movie supply that competitors can't compete with, that's how it comes off to me!
Posted by jeremy-k on 05-15-2017

Team Netflix

Netflix and chill
Posted by Anonymous on 05-21-2017

Netflix takes the prize

Netflix is a much better streaming service than Hulu, the Netflix originals are one of a kind, and that's what keeps me paying for Netflix. I will say that Netflix do have times when there is nothing on worth watching, but then out of nowhere comes a new series or an original movie that is really good. Hulu just doesn't have the same budget as Netflix and the Hulu originals are a bit lame, but Hulu does have live streaming now, but I'm not sure if it's worth the $35 a month for the live streaming service. Netflix is the official king of internet streaming!
Posted by kamar19 on 05-18-2017
Paras Tiwari

Netflix all the way!!

The simple problem with Hulu is that is a horrible movie selection. Even though it is better for t.v. shows, the lack of movies especially documentaries (which are my favorite) really hurts the Hulu experience.
Posted by Paras Tiwari on 05-15-2017

Like both, but choose Netflix over Hulu

Since I do not have a DVR, and haven't paid high cable/satellite TV prices in a couple of years, I would vote for Netflix. That's mostly because you get more movies and full seasons of TV series, plus an easier browsing experience; or at least that's been my experience. Although sometimes, I do enjoy seeing shows right after airing, I am fine with binging on multiple seasons of shows Netflix has. Some of their original programs s are pretty good, too.
Posted by kvkennedy on 05-22-2017

The revolution in the world of streaming platforms

If there is a streaming service in this world that has an incredible quality in programming (especially regarding the productions of movies and original series) and that has a very effective customer service team, this streaming service is called Netflix.

I'm a Netflix subscriber and I don't intend to stop using it until they release something better.

Posted by WildSpirit on 05-22-2017


Hulu isn't available for me in the UK and I know Netflix really well. I don't currently have a subscription to it although I used to. And the selection of programs and that which was available on it was quite good. Although a lot of it is a lot of fluff! But generally, it's better than just having terrestrial TV like freeview or something. I have Sky now so I don't really need Netflix anymore. I don't really watch a lot of TV these days. I refuse to watch mind numbing soaps! Some shows are okay. I like some documentaries. But the rest of it is just fluff if you ask me!
Posted by idealmikey on 05-12-2017

Netflix, if you're American

I don't know how Hulu compares for international users, but as an Australian we can get Netflix, but we miss out on a heap of content that users from America, and probably other countries have access to. I'm not entirely sure what the reason is, but I believe it's due to licensing here in Australia.

Whatever the reason, Netflix is definitely more popular for a reason, even if that reason doesn't scale well into other countries.

Posted by Krimzen on 05-07-2017

Netflix to the end

I have been with Netflix since the very start almost, at least 13 years. I was with Netflix before they had streaming options! I won't give them up no matter what! Also, I really love Hulu but liked it a lot more when all the content was free, which was back in 2010 or 2011. Later, they charged for even older shows like Buffy/Angel and I stopped watching that for awhile. I am a subscribing Hulu customer now, but only because it can be watched on TV, rather than computer - which is where my family watches it most.
Posted by Beverly on 05-12-2017

Netflix wins

Netflix is a lot better, in my opinion, from multiple standpoints. I like the interface way better than Hulu and the continuous play is great for background noise. Not to mention the Netflix original shows are pretty great to watch.
Posted by CubeJ on 05-07-2017

Definitely Netflix

I personally would chose Netflix over Hulu for multiple reasons. Netflix has a wider selection of movies, documentaries, and television series. If I'm paying for a streaming subscription, I would want the best of the best and all the amazing perks to go along with it. I'm very happy with choosing Netflix because they provide an ad free experience for the viewers. Hulu has continuous pop up ads that are very distracting and defeats the purpose of paying for the subscription. Netflix gives me the opportunity to binge watch full seasons of shows which I enjoy very much. Lastly, its just a huge growing company that has millions of subscribers so they are definitely doing something right.
Posted by dejah0987 on 05-19-2017

Netflix forever!

Nothing will beat the fact that Netflix has great original content that HULU just does not carry. Netflix has gathered the rights to so many shows, including the Marvel Defenders series, Riverdale, Dirk Gently's (at least in Canada), and House of Cards. When HULU starts to do the same, maybe this discussion can delve deeper into who is better, but at the time being, it is definitely Netflix!
Posted by nataliarom on 05-08-2017

I Like Them Both But I Use Netflix More

It would have definitely been Hulu, say 8 years ago, or so. Then you got all the current shows the next day! Now Hulu seems to only have last year's episodes of everything. Netflix, on the other hand, just gets better and better with their original programming! Plus, it seems every documentary I read about I can find on Netflix. Love it a lot!!!!!
Posted by DeeFree on 05-08-2017

Netflix for me and my family!

I've tried Hulu and have found it limiting even though it has more "current" episodes. We don't have cable, but Netflix has everything we need. If we want a new movie we simply purchase or rent it online.
Posted by JohnnyScribe on 05-08-2017

netflix and chill

seem to be more popular to me. it gets better advertisement
Posted by tinkerlove on 05-16-2017

Netflix all the way

I would pick Netflix over Hulu any day! Hulu has tv shows available the day after they are aired, but so does the On demand feature of my cable box. Netflix offers a lot more variety and a lot more shows that I am interested in watching.
Posted by BigDreamer on 05-19-2017

Not perfect, but I still prefer Netflix

I can always find something to watch on Netflix, and it's a good value. The layout is user friendly and stuff is easy to find (unlike Amazon). Even though they don't always get the recommendations quite right, they hit the nail sometimes. I do wish they would quit removing some seasons of various shows though.

Hulu was frustrating for me when I tried it out, because I recall them recommending something to me that sounded good. Yet, when I clicked to watch it, they didn't have it. What? Why recommend it then?

Posted by Zyni on 05-09-2017

Netflix All the way!

I have to support Netflix. Even though they load full seasons at a time and it can take a while before they are loaded, I can always watch something else of interest. Netflix has really become the place to watch original movies and TV shows that it has created. I read recently that some top named actors are playing in Netflix movies that will not make it to the big screen. This I like a lot!
Posted by Anonymous on 05-09-2017

Netflix- All the way

We have yet to get Hulu officially so Netflix for us. I can use Hulu but I will have to use an American IPN, which I do not want to do.
Posted by mesush on 05-14-2017

Gotta go with Netflix

I gotta go with Netflix here because it's so comfortable, it has a good monthly cost and the quality on the movies and series are amazing. Now there​ is one negative thing though​, and that is that they remove movies and series, and I don't get why they do that. But when they make a good Netflix original movie or series, that's when Netflix scores.
Posted by Ludwigwigren on 05-14-2017

Netflix and their series, love it!

Tough one but i have to go with Netflix.

I am a big fan of all their series like: The House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, The Strangers Things, and so on.

I hate waiting for an episode once per week so I love the fact that Netflix uploads the whole season at once and I can binge-watch it.

My smart TV doesn't have a Hulu app but it does have a Netflix one which is extremely convenient.

Overall, Netflix has a far better selection than Hulu and it works smoother. I am very happy with it.

Posted by Mehano on 05-10-2017

HuluPlus helps you stay updated on your currently airing shows, it is beginning to have original content and movies too!

  • can stream new episodes of airing tv shows
  • vast variety of television shows

  • commercials
  • only 5 episodes of available current season



Tv shows.

I love Hulu because they have more up to date tv shows. And Hulu seems to refresh their movie library more often than Netflix.
Posted by Zyphir on 05-14-2017

Modern shows

This was a tough one. I love both of these and watch both often. The first one I had was Netflix and soon after Hulu. I had to think this one through. The only reason I chose Hulu is because they more, often than any other streaming tv site, have the newest shows that are still on prime time. This is excluding the originals.

I prefer modern day shows to older ones and I mostly watch shows which is why I chose Hulu. If I mostly watched movies, it would have been Netflix.

The original shows on both Netflix and Hulu are awesome!

Posted by FindingJay on 05-06-2017

I support Hulu

Hello Have a wonderful day.

Hulu has been mentioned now a days as a best internet TV sites. Hulu have a value with an impressive selection of up to date shows and complete series. Hulu have contacts with several major media networks. Its monthly price with ad $9 and without ad $12. You have to choice Hulu plus without ad service to check the live streaming of this world. Ads will annoy you. Hulu added more ways to watch the tv streaming and Hulu have a content library so that you can check any time. This is an internet tv services but have the movie choices option. Hulu awards top ten bronze for movie and TV streaming sites.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 05-07-2017


I am in the UK and we can't get Hulu although I'm sure there is some way of getting round it. I have a Netflix subscription which I'm quite happy with and also Amazon Prime but I've heard good things about Hulu and would love to get the opportunity to watch some of the movies.
Posted by littlewitch66 on 05-07-2017
I am in Australia so I can't get it officially. I know I can use it indirectly but that is not worth so Netflix for me. I have been using Netflix for a long time and it's giving wonderful experience. As I understand Hulu is specifically for Americans but we can use it if we use it on ps3 but as I said if I tried it it will give me a speed problem. And finally not all credit cards will work for getting a subscription of Hulu in Australia.
Posted by mesush on 05-14-2017
I cannot be one sided with either one of them. I really use both of them for specific reasons. I don't do Netflix for t.v series unless they are older and remember the name of some that don't air at all anymore because it's good for that. For the most part I use Netflix for movies and the fact they don't have any commercials. Hulu, I don't use for movies at all because they are pretty much of an older variety and have commercials. As far as t.v series I believe it is the best because even though it does have commercials you get the latest shows and series available and keeps you updated and in the know. If you are watching certain shows you can be sure to be updated and kept in her know how many new ones have come that you have not seen yet and you can watch them.
Posted by MsDivine on 05-19-2017
I love Netflix (it's much better than I could imagine... I usually spend hours using it and I don't regret) and whenever I find it appropriate, I indicate this streaming service to my friends who don't know it yet.

So far, none of them who signed Netflix ever complained about the services.
Posted by WildSpirit on 05-22-2017