Nike elite championship 8- Panel

Nike elite championship 8- Panel
Nike products are superb, this basketball is highly rated by over 250 standard colleges, and is always recommended for programs within the college. Basketball is played by millions worldwide, many has made a career by constantly perfecting their skills on basketball.

Nike elite championship 8- Panel is produced with a well refined composite leather, the number of processes involved in refining the leather makes it highly rugged, the leather provides firm grip of the ball. The grip is an important skill in basketball, playing the game with Nike Elite makes it very easy to conform with standards and produce amazing results.

Aim the rim with precision when you play with Nike Elite basketball, the ball has correct designs that enable it sweep through the air without being diverted, it adds to the level of precision. Most professional players engage Nike Elite while mastering new skills in basketball. Perfect control of the ball can make things really easy, when you play the game with Nike Elite, you have perfect control of the ball. You can easily avoid and manoeuvre defence lines with the help of the Nike Elite Championship Basketball.

The composite leather used helps in keeping sweat away, it acts as a sweat repellant giving the players perfect control of the game, every touch is just unique and makes a definite impact on the game.

. High precision. . Great ball control. . Attractive design . Sweat repelling, provides firm grip of the ball.

. sold for $60 . Indoor use. . Requires inflation to use.




This basketball is one of the best I've ever seen, game play is something to look up to when you have this great basketball. Working for accuracy is entirely fun when you practice with the Nike elite, most people who are deep in the game has great passion for the Nike elite. The leather body gives it much strength making it an attractive ball.

The ball bounces off the ground in good time and responds to the moves of the game in a timely fashion. I see the ball as one of the best assistance any game lover would love to have, the ball retains air, so once inflated it remains like that for a while.

Posted by Jeshurun on 04-14-2017

Nike is better

I have used both the Nike and the Adidas basketball balls before but I sort of prefer the Nike ones. The grip is absolutely amazing even when you have sweaty palms - the ball won't slip when throwing.

Also, the dribbling and the way ball bounces from the floor is right on point. You don't need much force for it to bounce back which is quite important.

I just always enjoyed using Nike balls because they felt "right" in my hands.

Posted by Mehano on 11-15-2017


ADIDAS NEW Pro Basketball

ADIDAS  NEW  Pro Basketball
The New Pro Basketball is designed to provide long hours of play, this is the goal behind the production of such a superb basketball, so much effort was put together to give the ball a lasting finishing.

Vulcanized rubber was used in giving the perfect touch, the rubber helps in keeping the ball in shape. After long hours of play, sweat start interrupting the flow and ball control, the vulcanized rubber helps in putting the sweat under control.

100% polyurethane is a material known for providing elastic effect, the material also contributes greatly to the waterproof nature of the ball, that's one of the strong basis of calling the ball the perfect choice for prolonged practice.

The ball bounces smoothly and deflects properly depending on the direction in which it is fired, it also provides good accuracy and sustains the game appreciably.

. Perfect for prolonged practice. . Bounces amazingly. . Great grip on the ball. . Vulcanized rubber. . 100% polyurethane. . really affordable $32.

. Mostly Suitable for long hours of play. . Rubber material.



ADIDAS NEW Pro Basketball gets my vote!

I have to choose the ADIDAS NEW Pro Basketball, the fact it is designed for prolonged practice really caught my eye. When you are practicing basketball you want to be able to practice for hours without worrying whether or not the ball will last. With this ball it seems it has been made with hours of practice in mind. Another thing that caught my eye was the fact that it has sweat control as well, everybody sweats when active and usually them results in you losing grip on the ball, again it seems they had that in mind when designing this ball. I'd put my money on this basketball.
Posted by Shortie on 04-12-2017

The real deal!

I love Adidas products as they are always the type of products that will make you enjoy your sporting experience. I have seen some popular basketball players recommending this pro basketball and I know that it is one that is of high quality to use as well.
Posted by Barida on 11-04-2018


Which ball would you choose for b-ball 2-3 hours a week? Usually 1 hour of b-ball Mon Wed and sometimes Fri?
Posted by Anonymous on 11-14-2017
It’s a toss up with Nike and Adidas as the most popular brand of sneakers here. But I didn’t know that those brands are also producing basketballs. I did not play basketball so I really don’t know which brand is popular here. But basketball is a popular sport here and I think it is the most popular since there is a tv coverage of the professional league. I am not sure if the league is using Nike or Adidas.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-06-2018