North Korea doesn't have a real nuclear program!

North Korea doesn't have a real nuclear program!
I believe that North Korea doesn't really have a solid nuclear program. For years now they are trying to develop a nuclear weapon but we only hear about underground tests and a lot of failed tests. Why would they go to the trouble to do the test underground? I mean, everybody already knows they want to develop nuclear weapons, why hide the explosions since everything can still be detected?

I personally believe that Kim Jong Un as his father before him are just bluffing with the west. I don't disagree, they may have nuclear weapons. But I find it hard to believe they developed everything by themselves without any external help. Maybe it was the Russians or maybe it was the Chinese, somebody helped them with this technology but overall North Korea doesn't have much and I don't think they are a real threat to anyone except South Korea who will probably get the worst backlash if any war starts again in the region.

What do you think? Does North Korea have a real nuclear program that can threaten the US or is just all a bluff, looking to intimidate the west for a few more humanitarian aids?



I think they do not have such as this weapons

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They have already tested 5 nuclear weapon- every body is saying that. But at the final day of sixth nuclear weapon test they got failed. Moreover he had been started fight against the English community. English community is the big powerful of this world. Like All American and All European countries will start work together if North Korea does not follow the world rules. Moreover NATO Attack can make dangerous also. There nuclear weapon can be destroyable and international war policy will be excellent that what Donald J Trump has been showing by giving off oil to North Korea. If war come I believe USA will be winner as like as previously Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria now.

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Posted by centurion on 04-23-2017



I have to disagree.

I have to disagree with this, I really do believe that they do have a real nuclear program however they are playing it safe and not letting too much go which would make sense with them being the kind of Country they are and how Kim Jong Un is. Is there a possibility that they may not have one, yes there is always a possibility however can we say that and expect their not to be? No, it's not worth the risk. I don't believe we fully know how North Korea are and how they work and it could be possible they really do have the men to be able to create nuclear weapons.
Posted by Shortie on 04-21-2017


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