Nutter Butter Ghosts

Nutter Butter Ghosts
Nutter Butters are cookies that are shaped like a peanut and filled with a creamy peanut butter filling. They are manufactured by Nabisco and have been a family favorite for years. They are made with real peanut butter and are a kosher food. They are cholesterol free and low in saturated fat.

These cookies were a treat for us growing up. My mom bought them on rare occasions for us to snack on, but typically bought them at Halloween time to make Nutter Butter Ghosts. These treats were perfect as an afternoon snack. They were easy to make and we often got to help mom. To make these spooky ghosts, you will need the following:

  • one package of Nabisco Nutter Butter Cookes
  • one package of white almond bark
  • mini chocolate chips
  • parchment paper and a baking sheet To make these, you will first want to melt your almond bark. You can do this over the stove or in the microwave. Stir often to prevent the almond bark from scorching. Once the almond bark is melted, you will want to pick the entire Nutter Butter into the bark, coating the entire cookie. Take the cookie out of the almond bark with a fork and allow the excess to drip off. Place on the baking sheet that has been lined with parchment paper. You will then immediately want to place two mini chocolate chips on for the eyes, while the almond bark is still wet. Let the cookies set, and they they are ready to eat.

  • tasty
  • easy to make
  • kids can help
  • fun
  • perfect for Halloween
  • cute
  • great for bake sales
  • amazing for Halloween parties
  • makes a great snack
  • goes great with a glass of milk
  • no bake
  • simple
  • kids love them *brings back memories for adults

  • not for those who suffer from peanut allergies
  • do not last long
  • Nutter Butters are a more expensive cookie
  • eyes will not stick if almond bark is dry


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Oreo Spiders

Oreo Spiders
Oreos have been a family favorite cookie for many years. The original Oreo cookie was two chocolate cookies filled with a white filling. They now come in a variety of kinds and flavors, such as the double stuffed, chocolate filled cookies, blueberry pie Oreos, apple pie Oreos, orange filled Oreos (at Halloween time), Oreos that have a golden cookie instead of the chocolate cookie, and more.

My sister started making these Spider Cookies after she moved out on her own. They are a simple and delicious treat that is perfect for sharing at a Halloween party. It is best to use a cookie that goes well with chocolate/almond bark, such as the Original ones, the golden ones, or the orange filling Oreos. But feel free to get creative.

For these spider cookies, you will need the following:

  • one package of Oreos
  • one package of chocolate almond bark
  • edible candy eyes (can be found with baking stuff)
  • black licorice pull and peel
  • parchment paper and baking sheet Begin by melting the almond chocolate bark as described in the Nutter Butter Ghost side. Once fully melted, you will dip the Oreos into the melted bark, covering the cookie completely. Shake off the excess almond bark, then place on parchment paper. Immediately place two candy eyeballs on the top of the spider, and three or four pieces of black licorice pull and peel on each side of the cookie to make legs. The Pull and Peel pieces should only be an inch or two long. Allow to set and then enjoy!

  • easy to make
  • great way to use Oreos
  • entire family will love them
  • can make them ahead of time and freeze if desired
  • tasty
  • perfect for parties
  • kids can help
  • no bake
  • variety of kinds to make (white filling, chocolate filling, orange filling, etc)
  • can use either stove or microwave
  • little mess

  • not everyone likes black licorice
  • it can be time consuming separating the legs( black licorice)



Oreo spiders

These are really cute, and since practically everybody loves Oreo, they will surely be a hit!
Posted by sspi on 10-13-2017

oreo spiders

I would vote for oreo spiders because my kids love oreos. I think it would had scared them off their chairs when they see the black round spiders on the plate in the morning!

It is easier to make oreo spiders too. Maybe my kids could bring them to school in the lunch box and scare the wits off their friends too! A fun time to scare each other with food !

Posted by peachpurple on 10-13-2017

Love me some Oreos.

Honestly I didn't even have to give this a second glance or a moment of thought to decide. If it has Oreos in it, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm diving into it first a foremost. I love me some Nutter Butter cookies since I'm a self diagnosed peanut butter addict, but for me Oreos are like the hard drugs of the snack world. There is no having one or two cookies once I've started. It's either none or the whole pack goes.
Posted by Denis_P on 10-14-2017

Oreo Spiders

Oreo Spiders are nice and at the same time is a bit scary as well. I also like them because it tastes very well, and looks nice for Haloween!
Posted by wallet on 10-14-2017


It looks cool, although I have no liking for spiders, but this just caught my attention, the concept looks fantastic and since it is easy to make, it will probably get the kids busy and they will love it as well as the family.
Posted by Authord on 10-24-2017

Itsy bitsy oreo spider.

I'll go for oreo spider for snacks. I am a certified fan of oreo since I was a kid. So putting some additional twist in it is sounds cool to me. I am looking forward that they will do other oreo animals someday.
Posted by blank629 on 10-15-2017

I don't like peanut butter

I don't like peanut butter that much so even though I like the designs of the nutter butter ghosts a little more I'd just go with the Oreo spiders since I know I could at least eat and enjoy them. If I were just serving them and I knew my guests would enjoy peanut butter snacks I'd go with Nutter Butter but I think Oreo is a much safer choice and more people like it.
Posted by Wubwub on 03-18-2018

Oreo Spiders

I do love Oreo. This is one of my favorite cookies because of the taste and it's really delicious. I do love the idea of making an Oreo Spiders and I'm sure that the kids will love this. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Hope to make this as soon as possible.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 01-30-2018


Well, to be absolutely honest, I really wouldn't pass up the opportunity of having both the Nutter Butter Ghosts and Oreo Spiders cookies. They both look yummy and tasty enough that should I eat just one of it, I would definitely not feel complete until I eat the other remaining one.

Why pass up the opportunity to enjoy both the Nutter Butter Ghosts and Oreo Spiders cookies to just eating just one of them? It's not an economic wise decision to me, so therefore, I would definitely be aiming for the two and not one.
Posted by Heatman on 10-12-2017
Both are pure win in my books. I love the taste of them and both look really awesome on a plate for a party. These are pretty awesome to be honest. There's no way I can choose one over the other when they compliment each other so well. Plus variety is the spice of life at a party or social setting. Although, I'd be sure to warn people about the Nutter Butter ones so that allergies can be avoided.
Posted by Rhodolite on 10-12-2017
Ores spider is delicious and nice cookies for parties and Halloween parties has a very simple recipe and can easily be put together.It not time consuming and can be used to entertain guests.
Posted by lovely on 10-13-2017
I am more familiar with Oreo than Nutter Butter. Therefore, my ideal choice is oreo spiders. However, I have never tried oreo iun spicder shape. I am interested in trying this and find out how does it feel to eat spider that I dislike so much.
Posted by vinaya on 10-14-2017
We love Oreo cookies here but I wonder if they will eat Oreos that are designed like spiders. Here at home, it is our policy to hold the food sacred so we don’t play with it. When I was younger, playing with the food will cause a spanking and that’s for sure. But now, why do we have that Oreo with the spider design? And that butter cookies that look like a ghost? I wonder what’s in the minds of those businessmen whose only purpose in life is to earn a profit and not mind the culture anymore.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-26-2018