Nvidia Titan Xp graphics card

Nvidia Titan Xp graphics card
Nvidia Titan Xp is the world's no one when it comes to graphics card, as of October 2017, this card retains the no. 1 spot, thanks to Nvidia's relentless effort in pulling the strides of graphics processors. The Titan Xp runs on Nvidia CUDA Cores 3840 which is the latest in modern computer graphics, this core is behind the jaw dropping performance of the card. Memory speed determines how fast information can retrieved or stored in the memory, high speed implies hitch free services, excellent multitasking capability and incredible realtime display.

The Titan Xp has a memory speed of 11.4 Gbps, and the bandwidth supports simultaneous execution of complex graphics tasks, it has a bandwidth of 547.7 GB/s. Temperature rating is important since powerful graphics cards produces a lot of heat in it's operations, the GPU has a maximum limit of 94 C, so adequate cooling system is required.

The memory configuration for the Titan Xp is 12 GB GDDR5X, this provides enough storage space to accommodate heavy graphics files while processing, and the availability of memory permits simultaneous execution of heavy files. The clock boost capacity of Titan Xp is 1582 MHz, this feature accelerate 4k display and various artificial intelligence outputs.

8 pins and 6 pins connectors are available for sourcing power, the power rating is 250 watts, but systems on which the card is installed are expected to have a power rating of 600 Watts and above.

• No 1 graphics card in the world. • Maximum digital resolution 7680 × 4320. • Memory bandwidth 547.7GB/s. • Memory speed 11.4 Gbps. • Nvidia CUDA cores 3840. • Standard memory Configuration 12 GB.

• Excessive heat emission. • Very expensive $ 1,900+



The best

Well, this is literally probably the best graphics card you can get. So, if you have the money required, which is A LOT, then go for it.

I personally couldn't afford this GPU but at least I can dream about it! You could do much with this thing... not just gaming but anything you'd want, from video processing and more. Too bad that it's so expensive.

Posted by Mehano on 04-09-2018

Hey if you have the money!

I say Titan all the way if you have the money. Having said that your going to get some major debt unless your rich and can afford to pay cash. And what the worst part about all of this is the graphics card is going to be way outdated in 3 years. So it's not worth it to me but if you have a disposable income go for it!
Posted by Soulwatcher on 11-27-2017

Better performance but costs more

Nvidia's Titan is known to be the current fastest graphics card. It costs a lot but it really has the power to run the latest games and render graphics at a fast speed. I think if you have the money to burn, you could get one of these.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 09-30-2018


Nvidia Gtx 1080 Ti graphics card

Nvidia Gtx 1080 Ti graphics card
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Founder's Edition unleashes unbelievable graphics widths, and and is rated as the most prolific graphics card only behind Titan X. The extreme features of this graphics card gives it an unrivaled edge over other new generation graphic cards, the card is suitable for handling rugged graphics tasks, this graphics card is expensive and sales for about $ 1,000, making it available to specific users, since only those who desire to embark on high end graphics production can afford to go for this model.

Gaming experience has never been better, 4k display presents gaming scenes close to reality, the frame rate of this card is astounding at 60fps in outputting 4K quality. The card houses Nvidia's latest architecture GP102 chip, this chip is the largest die by the company, the design contains billions of transistors higher than the previous GTX 1080, this increases the performance of GTX 1080 Ti.

The power requirement of the card is 250 Watts, this increases the emission of heat by the graphics card, so the DVI connection was eliminated to enable faster cooling.

The card is suitable for VR gaming, the incredible processing power helps in pulling off unbelievable strides. The GTX 1080 Ti has the highest bandwidth memory speed 11Gbps, which is higher than the 10Gps found in both previous GTX 1080 and Titan X.

• Nvidia latest architecture GP102 chip. • 4K display at 60fps. • Supports simultaneous task execution. • Clock at 1,600MHz. • Bandwidth 484GB/s. • Memory capacity 11 GB.

• emits a lot of heat. • Require 250 watts to power the device.


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When I was part of the team that was tasked with the testing of new computers, one user department requested for a graphics card. Our impulse was to ask what the purpose is for. The officer said that he just wanted to have better graphics for his computer. I remember consulting a vendor about it. During that time, the video editor was not popular yet and the vendor said that the graphics card is expensive so if it is not for video editing then we just deny the request. And we did. By the way, the card that was in our home desktop is Nvidia but maybe it is the ordinary graphics card.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-08-2018