Ocean Drop Mom Quote Chalkboard

Ocean Drop Mom Quote Chalkboard
A mom is a woman that's always ready to give you some sound advice, or just give you a shoulder to cry on or an ear to lend and listen. And nobody deserves a greater gift than your mom does!

So the Mom Quote Chalkboard takes what is a beautiful and heartfelt quote and places it permanently on the board as a beautiful and long lasting piece of art that she can cherish for years to come.

And whether you gift it to your mom on her birthday, or on Mother's Day, or you just want something that can say thank you in a special way, the Ocean Drop Mom Quote Chalkboard will do that for you.

With a meaningful and loving poem that will surely put a great big smile on her face when she reads it and that will be something she'll fondly remember for many years to come too.

Such an easy and effortless way to add some decorative style to any room, from bedrooms to dining rooms to kitchens and even offices with its stylish typography and meaningful words.

And this Ocean Drop Mom Quote Chalkboard can be rested against something so it's free standing or it can be hung up on the wall in seconds. Adding a touch of class, style and sophistication to any room.

And just know that the Ocean Drop Mom Quote Chalkboard was made with a love for all things typography and messages that are as thoughtful as they are meaningful and loving to show your gratitude and love for your mom.

Since it's very important to tell those whom you do have love and gratitude for that you love them, it will serve as a purposeful reminder of that every time they see it for bringing warmth and smiles.

The message on the chalkboard reads "Mom I am so blessed with all you do. Your love & kindness will guide me through. Forever thankful to have you as a mom. You are the most wonderful one."

I actually really like this myself and might even get it for my old dear as she loves these kinds of things and has them hung up around her house here and there. I might wait until next Mother's Day or perhaps for her birthday or Christmas even.

  • The Ocean Drop Mom Quote Chalkboard looks very stylish with its unique typography and packs a real punch with the message that's printed on it that would make it a truly nice Mother's Day gift or a gift for any occasion for the most deserving of mom's.

  • Some reviews by people say that it's quite overpriced and not made to the best quality but it is just a basic PVC chalkboard and at $26.99 with free shipping you can't really go that wrong.



Would have to go for the Mom chalkboard

I always find that anything like this type of gift is better received by the Mum over the Dad. As much as the Dad does have a good relationship with his son's or daughter they would probably look at getting their Dad something in which he would use. With a Mom a gift like this would be suitable as she could place it around the home somewhere and it would suit the home. This just isn't a gift I could see myself getting for my Dad but definitely something my Mom would appreciate.
Posted by Shortie on 04-23-2017

So sweet!

This is a really nice gift. I like that it's so simple with the black/white and yet so deep and impactful. A really nice and lovely message. My mother would adore this. I once gave her one of those posters with meaningful quotes about what a great mother she is and she cried.

You gave me a wonderful idea for next year's Mother's day, thank you. Great gift and art wrapped in one product.

Posted by Mehano on 05-23-2017


Ocean Drop Dad Poem Chalkboard

Ocean Drop Dad Poem Chalkboard
Now a dad is also always ready to dish out some sound advice or just lend you an ear to chew on for 5 minutes. And because of that, and because they made you what you are, they deserve a gift that reminds them.

A gift that reminds them of the love and gratitude you have for them for a job well done! But dads aren't the easiest of people to shop for right? Not since he probably has more tools than he'll ever need already!

Not to mention ties and socks and other stuff he'll never really need. So the Ocean Drop Dad Poem Chalkboard is one of those artful gifts that takes a beautiful, meaningful message and puts it on a chalkboard.

That way he only needs to look at it to be reminded of your love and gratitude for what he's done for you over the years. Or just for when you just can't find anything else for his birthday or on Father's Day!

And whether you are buying it and giving it to him for his birthday or as a Father's Day present, or just because you want to say thank you to him for all the love and sound advice he's given you over the years.

This is a chalkboard that has a message on it that will surely give him something to smile about every time he sees it. Whether it's hung in the living room bedroom, kitchen or even in his man cave!

And with it's stylish and trendy typography it would add some class, style and sophistication into just about any room in the house (or man cave) as well.

And that applies whether it's placed leaned up against something like a wall, or even hung on a wall too and with the hanger that's included with it, it can be hung up and looking good in mere seconds.

Made by Ocean Drop who have a mission to take ordinary items and turn them into unique artworks that can be kept as keep sake items and cherished by people for many years to come too.

This 8 "x 10" Dad Poem Chalkboard is made in the USA and is made using the finest mounting methods on durable PVC. And it can be framed or just kept as it is and hung up somewhere suitable.

The message on the chalkboard reads "Dad how blessed we are with all you do. Your love & strength will guide us through. Forever thankful to have you around to keep us happy, safe & sound."

  • The Ocean Drop Dad Poem Chalkboard would make a very nice Father's Day gift, or even a birthday gift, or just to say and express something to your dad for everything they've done for you over the years.

  • It is quite "lovey dovey" and not all sons or daughters have a relationship like that with their father so it might not be taken in the best way for some son/daughter/father relationships.



Time to buy gifts!

What a difficult question because they both look alike! I know if I buy the mom one and not get anything for dad (as usual), nothing much would happen. But if i get the dad one, mom would be jealous. Laughs. However i still choose the dad chalkboard because I can get something nicer for mom (like a cup with beautiful quote or a necklace and other girly things) whereas I really do not know how to buy gifts for dad (and that's why he hardly gets any) and this would be perfect to show him some love and appreciation. He is a good dad. Smiles.
Posted by Mabel on 05-02-2017

I like this

With me having daughters my self and love them dearly then getting something like this of my children would be so good and make me feel so loved up inside. As every other guy who as children will know what I mean about us guys sometimes like to look tough but deep down we can be emotional specially around the ones we love like are children. So do think this would be perfect and such a loving gift to receive.
Posted by moneybags82 on 04-24-2017


I'm a dad so I'm bound to support the Ocean Drop Dad Poem Chalkboard it does have a great rhyme to it. The Mom quote is just fine but the rhyme is a bit off at the end. This is a good gift for dads coming from their kids.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 04-13-2018


At this moment I need Dad Poem Chalkboard because dad is not happy with me. I refused to finance on my dad's project because I thought it was not profitable and he is not happy with my decision. I need something to make him happy.
Posted by vinaya on 12-29-2017
When a parent receives something from the child, it wouldn’t matter much about the value and what the item is. For me, the act of giving is more than enough to show the love of a child to the parents. Maybe that is the idea of the makers of the products that are listed above because the poem and the quotation are heart-rending, so to speak, that they are cultivating the emotions. For sure, the mother would shed a tear upon receiving that chalkboard with the heartfelt quotation.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-19-2018
I would love to get both of these chalkboards. Both my mom and dad are equally important to me and whatever I am today is only because of them. Moreover, I always buy gifts for both parents and it will be awkward for me to gift only one of these to my parents. The wording on both chalkboards are actually touching and I am sure my parents will appreciate them.
Posted by Pixie on 03-25-2018
Both of them are good and it is going to be pretty difficult to make a special selection between one and leave the other. The reality of life is that both our dad and our mom have contributed so much to our lives and it is going to be unfair to buy a gift for one of them while the other doesn't get any. So, I am looking forward to getting a gift for both on a special day that is best known to me and I'm hopeful that it is going to be a memorable day for them.
Posted by Barida on 03-25-2018
I will get the ocean drop poem chalkboard for my dad,it will be a great gift for a dad I think dads will appreciate this gift better than moms to show him how much I care about him and generally thank him for all he has done and even yet to do. it will be a very interesting gift to any dad.
Posted by lovely on 04-02-2018