Old Cartoon Network

Old Cartoon Network
Ah yes, the good old days. From Code Name Kids Next Door, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Dexters Laboratory, and more. These are the cartoons I grew up watching that made my childhood what it was. I feel like growing up, I could relate to these cartoons much better than this "new generation" of Cartoon Network.

-Awesome childhood memories -Classic episodes -Classic storylines

-Getting old -Outdated



Old school.

The old school line up had kids rushing home to watch TV theses days kids rush home and play games or jump on their lil phones or tablets. Back when they had 2 stupid dogs or Johnny Bravo kids would binge watch. Now these kids can take it or leave it they don't really need it how we did growing up.
Posted by Anonymous on 05-15-2017

Good ol' days

I enjoyed shows like Dexter's laboratory, Johnny Bravo, and the Power Puff Girls. These were enjoyable cartoons because we could relate to them. The new cartoons are void of the same type of content, such as a simplistic calm plot. The older cartoons had an enjoyable plot that never got old. I believe us older folks will always miss the good ol' days.
Posted by JET on 05-15-2017

Old Cartoon

I think the old cartoons keep something from the innocence of the children, while the modern ones are just modern. Also, the new ones are a little too evolved for thinking of a child, at least from my point of view.
Posted by Anonymous on 05-15-2017

Old Over New

I used to live for Cartoon Network when I was a kid. I would come home everyday from school and turn on the tv immediately. The shows were funny and made me laugh and smile nonstop. Now all they show is overrated shows, but the classics are the all time best. The shows that Cartoon Network has does not even compare to the classics that they used to put on. Those were the best of days, but now I can't stand Cartoon Network and what they have become.
Posted by Anonymous on 05-15-2017

Good Old Days

I loved the old generation. Superman , batman , casper, underdog. Now I think they are to violent. I remember playing pacman, and asteroids,
Posted by Anonymous on 05-15-2017

Love the Old Cartoons

I grew up with Tom and Jerry and I am in my 60s. My granddaughter still watches and enjoys them so I have to go with the old ones.

Todays cartoons are very sophisticated, there's nothing wrong with them but they don't remind me of my childhood like the old cartoons did.

Posted by littlewitch66 on 05-15-2017

This is what I grew up with

My vote has to go to old Cartoon Network because that's what I grew up watching! Just seeing the photo brings back memories of Dexter's Laboratory and The Grim Adventure of Billy and Mandy. I used to come home from gradeschool and turn on CN to catch the next episode of Dragonball Z.

I don't have as much experience with newer CN, but from what I've seen, the stuff isn't bad or unentertaining, it's just that I know the older shows better and they bring back a sense of nostalgia for me.

Posted by TheArticulate on 05-15-2017

Old is Much Better

First of all, I don't think I will ever outgrow a good cartoon and my enjoyment in watching. :-) We just all need a good chuckle sometimes and I'm usually able to find that in a good cartoon

I think the old cartoons are much better... even the really old ones that are totally retro now. It's just like not as much care is given into the making of TV content now.

One thing that bothers me is that too many of the cartoon creators are throwing adult humor in them thinking the kids won't catch it, and maybe most of them don't, but I think there should be a line... if you want to create that kind, then bill it as an animated ADULT cartoon.

Posted by Destiny on 05-15-2017

Old but the best

I learnt English with the help of old Cartoon Network. I spent hours and hours glued to the TV watching their cartoons.

My favourite ones were Dexter's Laboratory, Powerpuff girls, Ed, Ed and Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog and many more. I loved how they were drawn, the easy humour and really entertaining.

I checked the new Cartoon Network and it is sad what it is turned into. Weird cartoons that I doubt any child can properly relate to. I don't understand these robots and creepy animals.

I do miss it sometimes but guess I am too old for watching cartoons now.

Posted by Mehano on 05-15-2017

Oldies but goodies

I remember getting out of school rushing to get home to watch Dragon ball, Dragon ball Z and Gundum Wing. Rushing to do my homework so I can play outside a lil bit before Dexter's lab came on and Johnny bravo. I remember falling asleep watching space ghost coast to coast.
Posted by Zyphir on 05-15-2017

Old is gold

I remember as a kid when I used to watch Courage the Cowardly dog I used to get this uneasy scared feeling as if it were happening or was going to happen to me. Dexter's Laboratory was also the reason that for the longest time as a kid I wanted to be a scientist until reality hit me in the face. The new Cartoon Network is great and all but the older one tells the story of a generation of one's childhood which can't be replaced by any number of new shows.
Posted by AlexHarris on 05-15-2017

Old for me

I prefer the older Cartoon Network over the newer one for many reasons. I loves all of the shows on Cartoon Network and now it's all kind of boring. The old Cartoon Network would make me laugh and I always wanted to watch it no math rn the time of day. It was the highlight of my childhood me and my brother laughing together and watching the tv. Now the shows they play are serious and not that funny and that's what I grew up watching so to see where it is now saddens me.
Posted by Evaa.H on 05-15-2017

You just can't beat some of the classics they had.

This is such an easy decision to make because really all I can say about the old ones compared to the new ones, was that I can actually remember laughing and truly enjoying almost all of the old cartoon network shows. When I go to watch the new ones they just aren't like the old ones at all and its kind of sad to know its like that now.
Posted by tjkozlowski20 on 05-15-2017

The adventures of an old society

Before electronics and cell phones became a big thing, life was far different. I.E. communicating with your neighbor or friend. Many of these cartoons show the joy of the process of being able to communicate in a way without the electronic aids we have today. Further there's always a story and memory made of how that is done. Plus what happened to the shows that inspired the young children to "take over the world"?
Posted by jeremy-k on 05-15-2017

Old Cartoon Network Needs to come back

In my opinion there is no debate. The old cartoon network had exciting cartoons and the images made sense. The cartoons they show now are deliberately drawn abstract and weird, and that does not help kids relate to the real world.
Posted by kingrichez on 05-15-2017


The old cartoon network has classics like: ed edd and eddy Courage the cowardly dog The adventures of billy and Mandy Power puff girls Dragon ball z Dexter's laboratory Megas xlr Samaria jack Fosters home for imaginary friends Code name kids next door, and many more

The old cartoon network is the definition of the "Good 'ol' days". I remember when I use to run home from school so I wouldn't miss an episode of dragon ball z or Dexter's laboratory! The new cartoon network hasn't met the standard which the old left behind (though to admit,it IS a pretty high one ). My sincere opinion : The old OUT CLASSES the new

Posted by Anonymous on 05-16-2017

Old cartoon network is great

Because it has the classic cartoons
Posted by Anonymous on 06-18-2018

2 words

Powerpuff Girls. Looking at just his example shows that new cartoon network is too invested in trying to stay hip and edgy, as opposed to just making a good and funny cartoon
Posted by Knightmanx on 06-01-2017

Old Cartoon Network is The one and only CN

I am a 1999 baby , so I was exposed to the Old Cartoon Network and yes it was a problem, because I couldn't leave the TV screen. I would sit there for hours and watch CN I'd even watch reruns to jog my memory. There was nothing better than getting home , putting on the TV and seeing a new episode of Ben 10. My parents knew how much I loved it and used to leave me let me watch it and when it was finished, then they'd kick me off the TV.

We used to play Ben 10 at school and act like we had the watch and could transform and we used to have battles. Which ,by the way , never ended well.

Old Cartoon Network also used to scare the pants off me if I woke up in the early mornings and saw Courage The Cowardly Dog was on. It was like a horror to me , I hated it, but I couldn't look away ,because I was hooked.

The NEW CN has got Nothing on the OLD CN!

Posted by Bugsbunny2604 on 05-15-2017

Better Quality/Entertainment

I enjoyed the old cartoon network a lot more than the current one airing right now as of today. I remember the amazing shows such as Dexter's Laboratory, Camp Lazlo, Codename Kids Next Door, Chowder, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Billy and Mandy, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and many others. The variety of each show was truly an amazing experience, unlike the current Cartoon Network that practically shows the rip off version of Teen Titans all day. In the past, every Cartoon Network show had a plot, characterization progress, well thought out humour, and life lesson theme. However, the new Cartoon Network is a mere hollow of the past which provides way too many life lessons themes in their shows with unsatisfying plotlines to the new generation of kids. The humour also continues to repeat periodically over and over again. Not only that, but I've also noticed large budget cuts occurring a lot of the times in their new shows such as Powerpuff girls, Teen Titan Go, Regular Show(before it ended), We bare bears, and a few more. I personally think that if Cartoon Network wants to last a few more years on Television than they can start by adding reruns of the old shows, so the New generations can at least be provided with amazing original qualities and entertainment the old Cartoon Network had to offer when it was good.
Posted by AWPEK on 05-15-2017
Paras Tiwari

Old School...

It seems like to me we currently live in a politically correct culture. I remember the cartoons use to push the boundaries on what was allowed to be shown on t.v. Nowadays all the shows seem the same to me. I miss the old days of Cartoon Network.
Posted by Paras Tiwari on 05-15-2017

I miss the old cartoon network

The new cartoon network just has too much new cartoons. Like when I check to see what's on I see this new cartoon that I've never seen before... Like I miss the old cartoons like Road Runner, classic Tom and Jerry, MGMs, and Dexter's Laboratory. There's a lot more but I don't want to drag this out too much. But yeah I miss the old cartoon network.. would be nice if was airing on a separate channel.
Posted by camshaq23 on 05-15-2017

An unattainable nostalgia

There is no way to compare the cartoons from a few decades ago with the current ones.

Although some of the new cartoons have a certain quality... The old cartoons, beyond the superior quality, have a special essence that until today couldn't be replicated (even with so many technological resources available).

Posted by WildSpirit on 05-23-2017

Old School Rules!

Although I gotta admit, I enjoy watching The Amazing World of Gumball, but I don't like the rest. Cartoon Network's arsenal of cartoons back then were amazing. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, classic Powerpuff Girls, Ed Edd and Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and those are just to name a few. Plus, I sincerely hate Oggy and the Cockroaches because I feel like it's a big rip off of Tom and Jerry, but that's just me.
Posted by arachnophobik on 06-14-2017

Good gold times

I love old Cartoon Network; the cartoons were just great. I had checked a few times what the channel has in these days, and the shows aren't that good. What a shame.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-03-2017

Old Cartoons

Some people say I getting old when I tell them that I don't get the new cartoons of Cartoon Network. To me, some are too bizarre, too weird or unrelatable and I don't like the drawing style. Maybe it's just nostalgia but I'll always prefer my old school cartoons: Power Puff Girls, Grim Adventure of Billy and Mandy, Courage the cowardly dog, Dragon Ball Z and many others.
Posted by Dkaraly on 08-20-2017

more familiar to me

I don't recognize much of the new cartoons so I would prefer the old one. I don' t think I could say it is better because I don't have a point of comparison since I don't watch the new cartoons anymore. I did enjoy the previous ones though and I would still probably enjoy watching them today and because of that I'm voting for the old era.
Posted by Wubwub on 06-18-2018


The thing with being a kid back in those days is that we rarely miss the period of watching the cartoon network to enjoy some exciting series such as the Tom and Jerry series. The time when we can miss meals to be part of the group that will sneak out to watch the video and one thing is that you won't even feel the need to enjoy any food.
Posted by Barida on 03-28-2018

Old class is better

I have watched both the old cartoons network and the current one and I must confess that the old ones is more better to me than what we have been getting now. My favorite cartoon in the old network was Sumari Jack.
Posted by Martinsx on 03-23-2018

No brainer question guys

of course the old one. I am a fan of Cartoon Network but I do love the old ones rather that the new ones. I am a billy and mandy fan. :D
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 07-01-2018


I choose the Old Cartoon Network because these shows made my childhood. Even right now, I still want to watch these old shows because they are good. Their animations are also cleaner compared to today's Cartoon Network shows. Maybe because older shows are more on the hand-drawn graphics compared to today where the majority of the animations are made using computers.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 09-26-2018

Kinda Missing these

I miss those days in which I will seat in front of our television and watch some cartoons. I like the old cartoom network instead of the new. I enjoy more the cartoons before than today. It helped me grow my imagination. They've been a part of my chilhood. I hope there could be a way for them to cope up with our advancing thread.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 10-13-2018

Old cartoon network

I vote for old cartoon network. I cannot relate with new cartoon network. I have not watch new cartoon network yet.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 11-13-2018

Old cartoons

I've grown up watching old cartoon networks, so I prefer this one over the new one, tho I've seen the new ones like Loud House, but the old one is still the best.
Posted by nrnlss on 10-31-2018


New Cartoon Network

New Cartoon Network
The Amazing World of Gumball, Clarence, Total Drama Island, and more. I can't quite relate to this new generation of Cartoon Network characters. Maybe it is because I'm older and have outgrown cartoons in general...

-New cartoons -New characters -New storylines

-Weird cartoons -Unrelatable cartoons



Going to side with the New CN

While like most I grew up watching the Grim Adventures of Billy andMandy, Foster's home for imaginary kids, and Courage the Cowardly Dog, I feel the new Cartoon Network can appeal to a comedy that you can appreciate even being older when the older Cartoon Network brings a sense of nostalgia and a bit of cringe.
Posted by Anonymous on 05-15-2017

I guess

While there are some bad shows today you have to admit some of the newer stuff like SU,AT and TAWOG is pretty good
Posted by Gabe-Greninja on 05-15-2017

The new CW it's not as bad as it seems

I know the old CW had a lot of amazing cartoons, I loved most of them and when I can I watch old episodes of some of my favourites. But the new Cartoon Network is not bad at all, actually! It offers some of the best cartoons of recent years. Adventure Time, Steven Universe, The Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show... I find those shows to be pure genius. Also, if we count also Adult Swim as part of the new Cartoon Network I can say that Rick & Morty alone is worth of the vote.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 05-18-2017


I cannot relate to new cartoon network because I don't recognize any these shows. Likewise, I also cannot remember the cartoon shows aired in the old cartoon network. When I was growing up we did not have cable TV, and I did not get opportunity to watch any cartoon shows on cartoon network. I did of course watch cartoon shows aired in other channels. I watched spiderman, batman, heman as a child.
Posted by vinaya on 05-15-2017
The so called "old" Cartoon Network has timeless appeal. The list of legendary cartoon shows on this network is virtually endless. As opposed to the new network strategy of going commercial by airing cartoon shows exclusively to certain areas like South Asia, the yesteryear Cartoon Network had universal appeal.
Posted by Anonymous on 05-15-2017
Wow!!!! this forum brings good old cartoon memories, taking me down memory lane. I could remember not taking my school uniform off because it was time for code name kids next door, Mega XLR. Kids nowadays are missing out of the fun that comes with watching cartoons. I tried to watch cartoon network recently and I dozed off. It was never so, not when Samurai Jack or Power puff girls was up on screen. I still prefer the old cartoons. I just hope they can bring some of these old cartoons back on air.
Posted by mayorsunky on 05-15-2017
I always watched my school day shows on FOX such as Batman the animated series, X-men, Conan, Duck Tales, captain planet, Ninja Turtles, etc. For kids shows it was the original Power Rangers every morning. Cartoon Network was gold with Dexter's laboratory and Johnny Bravo. You could never get enough of those two shows.
Posted by JET on 05-15-2017
I really enjoyed the old cartoon network as a kid... Back then Ed Edd N Eddy and Tom and Jerry use to be my favorite. The new cartoon network is just unrecognizable to me cause it's just loaded with new cartoons. Like every time I make a glimpse of whats happening on the new cartoon network it's a new cartoon series I've never seen before. Like their always making so much new cartoons at once I just cannot deal. P.S. I miss MGMs..
Posted by camshaq23 on 05-15-2017
I loved Ed, ed and eddy as a child, ninja turtle and Tom and Jerry are classics and will always be one of my favourite cartoons ever. Still I dont think I can post a thought on "new cartoon" as I honeslty have no idea what is going on during this time. I believe the kids today will have the same thought´s as me, and so on. We all have our favourites as childrens!
Posted by jmhouse on 05-15-2017
I love the old cartoons... They were so amazing and catchy! I still watch them nowadays and I feel the same pleasure that I felt when I was just a child beginning to like them. Definitely, it was a great time of my life... A time of which I keep great memories (sometimes I wish I could go back in time and relive it all).
Posted by WildSpirit on 05-23-2017
I had my childhood in the 90's and today I see that the current cartoons are not as cool as the drawings that were shown on TV in the 90's.

So that basically answers my opinion. I prefer Old Cartoon Network simply because it can accompany a lot of cool cartoons than the current ones.
Posted by hermessantos on 01-20-2018
The new cartoon network station is now a mess compared to what we had in our early childhood days. There lots of cool cartoon characters to choose from such as Ed, Edd and Eddie, Dexter, Powerpuf girls, etc. But now, I can even begin to understand what they are acting anymore.
Posted by Martinsx on 03-23-2018
I don’t know the difference of the cartoon network from the old to the new. Of course, they are not the same although we really cannot tell what the differences are. Children in our home were so fond of cartoon network in the olden times that they would hide the remote of our tv so we cannot change the channel. It seemed like our tv was permanently set on the cartoon network.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-23-2018
I still like the old cartoon network, not what we have these days, old cartoons were very interesting, educative and age appropriate not with sexual appeal cartoons we have now that are corrupting the children, it quite appalling.
Posted by lovely on 03-24-2018
The old cartoon network are still the best since there story lines are of good quality and it will always bring back memories of the good old days.
Posted by babyright on 03-28-2018
I miss the old Cartoon Network shows and Characters like Billy and Mandy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Dexter's Lab and others. I do think that the old Cartoon Network was better, simpler and more entertaining than the new one.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 10-10-2018
Before I continue, I have to say that while both have their merits, old Cartoon Network is clearly the better choice. I’m an open-minded dude, and I’m not really one of those people that likes to go “today’s generation doesn’t know what’s good.” But the fact is that a lot of the recent content on Cartoon Network seems to just lack depth. I’m not saying that there aren’t any good shows now, but it’s pretty clearly that the concentration of quality content is far lower than it was during the older days of Cartoon Network. Nearly every show was a hit back in the day, but now there are just a couple of gems here and there.
Posted by Denis_P on 11-13-2018
I prefer the old cartoon network. I have watched some of its cartoon. I have never watched the new cartoon network.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 11-13-2018