Online Shopping

Online Shopping
Ever since the birth of the Internet, one specific thing had a continue to increase year by year: online shopping.

Online shopping is easy, reliable and has quickly become the norm for much of the western world. People had become very much depended on this form of shopping, excluding the need to actually see the product in a physical form before buying it. A detail description along with some pictures and maybe a video is enough to convince people to place an order.

I personally remember being one of the first people in my family ordering products online. 15 years ago people were pretty relucting and didn't trust online shops as they do now. The supermarket and the electronic stores where still in their middle of the shopping experience, as well as the need to actually see the product in a psychical form before buying it.

  • Very comfortable to order from an online shop. You can do it from the comfort of your own home while you wear your favorite PJs. Nobody is going to rush you and you can spend as much time as you want reading the product description as well as comparing prices between competing for online stores.
  • With the help of today's technology, you can order products online by using a desktop, a tablet or even a smartphone. Online stores adapted to all of these devices giving us the ability of permanent connectivity and portability with the option of ordering anytime anywhere.
  • The price for products in online stores can be much better compared to the ones displayed in traditional shops and even if you don't find a smaller price in one online store you most certainly search for another online shop that sells the same product but with a better price.
  • The delivery part if great! As I said you don't have to move a finger. You can order the products right on your door step and you can choose if you will pay by credit card directly in the online shop or if you want you can pay the courier directly.

  • Online shops that deal with scams are still a thing even in 2017. I know most people are capable of staying away from scammy websites but apparently, some people still fall for them. Fake web stores and fake products are still a thing though it is much harder for them to scam people now in comparison with how easy it was 10 years ago.
  • Sometimes couriers will mess up your order resulting in a very late delivery. This happened to me numerous times to the point I didn't want to order products online anymore. Maybe I just order a lot of online products and these things happen or maybe I had bad luck. But yeah, you need to take this into consideration, if you need a certain product in a very specific time frame, things can go wrong and the delivery can be late.
  • Sometimes not seeing and not interacting with the product directly before buying it online can mean all the difference. I bought a lot of low-quality electronics that looked good as online pictures but the product itself was very disappointing in actual quality.



online shopping is easier

I enjoy shopping online, which has come a long way over the past 10 years or so. It's so many more options for shopping online, you can get everything from food to clothing, and you don't have to worry about driving to the store, or the long lines. Brick and Mortar businesses are starting to fade away, but some ppl still enjoy going out to shop especially for cloths, as you can try your cloths on before buying, but for gadgets, online shopping is much better to me.
Posted by Anonymous on 07-12-2017

It is convenient and better in many cases

I love shopping online. Sometimes you find lower prices and the convenience of free delivery in the comfort of your own home. Other than groceries and clothes i buy pretty much everything online.
Posted by sspi on 07-12-2017

I love the convenience...

of shopping online, especially with Prime shipping. It makes my life easier, especially considering that I have some physical issues, which can make going out shopping difficult at times. Being able to shop from the comfort of home is great.

On the other hand, it depends on what I'm shopping for. I prefer to go into the store to select my own groceries and to try on clothes before purchasing them. For most things though, shopping online is a fantastic resource and convenience.

Posted by Zyni on 07-12-2017

It depends, but online for now

It really depends on what I need or want. If it's something I can wait a couple days for shipping, then I'll order online (even though Prime can get me my stuff in 2 days) whereas if I need something immediately, I'll go to the store and get what I need. I guess one of the key aspects of online shopping is that you have multiple outlets to shop from all from your web browser, so it's easier to find the and obtain the best deal possible for what you're looking for.
Posted by TheArticulate on 07-12-2017


I sort of do both of these shoppings. For my grocery shopping, I still prefer the old traditional way of going to the store, checking the items, products, and food and then buying it. But for everything else I have been using the online shopping.

That is why I voted for online shopping - I use it more often than the traditional and I guess in a few years time, I will completely switch over to online.

Online kind is just superior in every way. You save plenty of time, you can save money with special discounts and the fact that you can only buy things you truly need and you don't have to go anywhere. You can do it all from your home. I hate when I go look for an item to five different shops and still can't find it. The Internet literally has everything. All you have to do is type in the search engine and buy. I love online shopping.

Posted by Mehano on 07-12-2017


Online is better in almost every way. You can buy what you need from different vendors at the same time with less time wasted. You can find things at different prices and find products you otherwise wouldn't know you had the choice to choose from online. Also, if you aren't in the same country as the vendor's store, you can just as easily still receive the product.
Posted by AlexHarris on 07-12-2017

I love the waiting

Yes you read that right! I love ordering something on Internet and wait for the package to arrive! It can give you more emotions than simply go out and buying what you need (of course this is the way to go with grocery and food...). Online is faster, there are a lot of things to buy and lot of offers, and it's like a drug at this time... I order something, I wait, and I taste that insane feeling of waiting until the magical moment when my stuff arrives! It's weird, maybe, but I like it.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 07-12-2017

Online Shopping

I like the convenience of buying online, because I hate to go to the physical stores and face boring sellers and queues when paying for my purchase. Besides, I like the expectation of receiving my purchase by mail. Online products tend to be cheaper than in physical stores, so that's also a big reason for me.
Posted by hermessantos on 07-12-2017

Online and Offline

Actually, I love to shop both online and offline because I might not be able to buy fresh food such as seafood, poultry and veggies online. I prefer to shop at hypermarket for fresh food. I trust what I see and what I touched.

As for the rest of the groceries, I choose to buy online because I do not have to carry all those bags on the way home ( I take a public bus home ). When I buy online, I make sure to use up the vouchers and promotion codes in order to have discounts plus free shipping fee.

Most of the groceries, clothes, computer and laptop gadgets and household items that I had bought online are usable, reliable and the expiry date are at least 1-2 years ahead. I had been buying online for years, only a handful of items had been return for default problems. So, no problem with online purchases.

Posted by peachpurple on 07-12-2017

Online, all the time.

If I could buy absolutely everything that I need online, then I would never even bother leaving the house. For starters I live in an area where I have to travel quite a bit in order to get to the shopping centers. Not only does this cost time but it also costs money. Then there is just the fact, and I will admit to this, that I am just not a social person. Online shopping frees me of interacting with people that I simply don't want to interact with. There are no lines, no rude cashiers, just you and what you need.
Posted by Denis_P on 07-12-2017

Discount and Options

I have found the online shopping is lot better. The reason being you get more discounts. And you can reach more people where you can have options which are lacked in the shopping mall. So you end up spending the money wisely. And in case options, you have to see offline options don't have much there. I guess for this reason online shopping is better.
Posted by overcast on 07-12-2017


I like online shopping better because it's more convenient for me. I won't have to get dressed and commute to the nearest mall just to see if there's something I'd like to buy, my specific preferences are just a search query away. The only con there is to online shopping is that it may take a while to deliver and once you're not satisfied with the product, it could take a while to get it refunded.
Posted by arachnophobik on 07-12-2017

Online Movement

Online shopping had made it easier to get what you need delivered right at your door step without you having to go through all the stress of shopping around looking for what you need. Its particularly useful for bulky buys too.
Posted by zeedollar on 07-11-2017

online shoppings is more fast

I prefer online shopping because of its speed and the way I can find the products I'm looking for and it's not that hard to get a good bargain because companies like amazon try to give us the best prices when it can be done.
Posted by Deathisue on 07-12-2017
I also agree. Buying online simply gives me a great option to compare prices and models. For me it is definitely the best option.

Less Hassle

Shopping online is obviously less hassle and more convenient to do shopping. With our reach through the internet, we can get into different shops online by just staying at home.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 11-22-2018


Traditional shopping

 Traditional shopping
There isn;t much to say about traditional shopping. You go in a shop or store, look around, find a product you are interested in, look at it for a while and decide if it is worth paying the price for it or not.

I was pretty shocked to find out that some of the today's kids have no idea electronic shops are actually a thing. Except for food supermarkets, they aren't used with anything else. A lof of parents will buy everything online, especially house items, electronics and even clothing.

I personally love going to the mall or supermarketing when I need to buy certain things. I prefer evaluating them myself and even if the price is a little bit higher than what I can find online I prefer paying for the product because I can just take it with me, I don't have to wait for the delivery.

Depending on the country and region of the world you are living in, more and more people are abandoning the mall and the supermarket when it comes to their shopping.

  • Simple and traditional. You go in, find or ask for what you are looking for, decide if you want to buy it and that's it.
  • You don't need to wait for the delivery. Classical shopping involves instant gratification.
  • Even if online stores claim to have the smaller prices you can still find incredible good deals at malls and supermarkets! They are all in direct competition with the online store and they need to make sure they can attract some customers, therefore don't ignore the traditional forms for shopping, you may get better deals! In fact, I personally got better deals lately off-line than on-line. The monopoly certain web stores got recently has ensured total control over the prices without the need to lowering them, people are still going to flock to popular web stores.
  • Sometimes it is cool to help the little guy. I'm not talking about malls or supermarkets, I'm talking about local shops that barely survive today! Buying from such small shops will ensure an alive and healthy local economy.
  • A lot of online stores also have physical locations so you can find the same items at the same price in a real store so you can decide if the quality is good enough for you to purchase that specific item.

  • You need to physically go and search for products, you won't have the comfort of ordering it from anywhere you like.
  • Most physical stores won't deliver the products at your doorstep unless we are talking about big items that you can put inside your car.
  • The internet allows you to implement the most extream research on any product out there. You can find anything from written reviews, videos reviews, images, users photos, multiple product descriptions, user manuals and anything in between.
You won't have that luxury when you are out shopping in a `traditional shop and most certainly you won't have that for an extended research.



I prefer brick and mortar

I do prefer to shop in person as it's fun plus you can see what you are getting. I do shop online but often I hesitate if it is expensive or something that is fragile.

I also like to shop in goodwill stores, plus you can see some store only bargains, so a real store is preferable. Online is good for items that you know and trust such as toiletries, but browsing is part of the fun.

Posted by Alexa on 07-11-2017

Shopping in stores

Part of the fun of shopping for me at least is going into a store and walking around, which is why I prefer to buy things from a physical store. I already spend so many hours a day on my computer that I don't feel like spending even more time shopping online. Plus, I like seeing things for myself before buying them, especially clothes and shoes. I like to make sure that I am actually receiving the product that I am paying for, which doesn't always happen if you're ordering online as sometimes the delivery can get messed up and you might end up having to wait an extremely long time or you might receive the wrong items. Speaking of waiting a long time, I like having something as soon as I buy it and I hate having to wait for it to be delivered, which is why I am not such a big fan of online shopping.
Posted by lilac123 on 07-13-2017

It's better

We live in an increasingly modernized world, there is no denying it. I love all this technology, but in some ways I still like to act the old fashion, for example: shopping.

I do online shopping, but what I choose to buy is from a nicely low niche.

Posted by WildSpirit on 07-11-2017

A family activity

Though I think it's really convenient to shop online, I still go for traditional shopping if possible. Though there are some products I don't mind buying from online stores especially for those I don't need to touch and feel whether I like it, there are still many products I still prefer to physically search and pick, such as clothes. Moreover, traditional shopping seems like a family activity to us. I don't really involve my kids when I do online shopping as I don't want them to look at the screen so often, but I enjoy hanging out with my kids when we go shopping. We can talk about the products we see in the store, I show them how I choose among a few products, and chit chatting with them while walking in the store is fun as well. Though there are some products I'll choose to purchase online, such as books, there are still some items, especially groceries I'd like to shop and buy together with my kids.
Posted by kaka135 on 11-03-2018


I'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to shopping, especially with clothing items. I like to be able to see and hold the item in my hand before I purchase it. Unless it's something I've previously purchased quite a few times, I prefer to make the trip to a brick and mortar store.
Posted by Lizzyib on 07-12-2017

Traditional Shopping for me

I like online shopping but I prefer the traditional shopping that you go to stores to buy products you need. In online shopping, you are not 100% guaranteed that the item you choose will look the same in actual and if it fits you.
Posted by rage35 on 07-12-2017

Traditional shopping

Traditional shopping is the best choice. Why? Because when you go to a shop and buy a thing you may try it to see if it is working, or if it has the right measures. You cannot do that online, and you risk to receive a damaged thing that you must return it and receive a good one the next time but the inconvenience is the time you lose doing this!
Posted by wallet on 07-12-2017

I like the traditional shopping

I prefer the traditional shopping because most of the online website which provides clothing are just a bunch of scams..they show you some fake photos, and once you order your item you get surprised of what you've seen..that is why I prefer the Traditional Shopping because you see everything before buying them.
Posted by Moaz on 07-21-2017

Vintage FTW!

No, thanks. I'd prefer to see what I am about to purchase before checking out. Especially for groceries and clothing. I like a perfect match for what I desire. I can pass for gadgets and electronics but other stuff? No No. I'd prefer to do traditional in that case.
Posted by olaryeankarh on 07-11-2017

I am Oldschool

I walk to get my things I see it just as it is not some website where I see a cool clean picture and receive something different from the item listed online. Another thing is when you go to a store talking to a sales representative you get first hand information and if you are like me I sure know how to ask about a product, I love knowing what the warranty covers some of these online stores are third party sellers who got items from third party sellers so its best to get it first hand you know from an authorized dealer its safer.
Posted by Westbay on 07-11-2017

Call me weird, but. . .

I just really like being able to pick things up and hold them in my hands before I buy them. There's really no reason for that, but there's just something about being able to actually see and inspect things in person before I buy them that I just can't get from shopping online.

That being said, there are times when I'll go to the store to see something before heading back to my apartment and buying it online for less, but usually I'll just get it while I'm there.

Posted by Eggy216 on 07-11-2017

The old way.

In general, it depends a lot on what I'm going to buy. However, generally I still prefer to buy in physical stores because I feel more confident and safe, so... I prefer the traditional way of shopping (it's old but still very efficient).
Posted by wiseagent on 08-27-2017


I only go online to shop for products that's not sold out in stores. I rarely shop online, because I don't want to wait 3-5 business days to receive it. When I can go to the store and get it right then and there. Some stores now are doing price comparisons from online, and will match that price. Online shopping comes with a lot risks.

As far as getting your credit card information stolen, paying for something that's a knock off, etc.

Posted by tmccoy on 08-25-2017

Traditional Shopping

Whenever I want to buy something, I do want to buy it personally so I can have all the time that I want to check the products to make sure that what I'm having doesn't have any defects. It's a good thing to go to a store to buy your stuff, it's more of a stress-reliever for me and a good exercise too. I do sometimes check products online but only for a reference and to check their price to have an idea of what you should buy when you go to the store. I don't want to purchase something online and wait for a few days to arrive, only to be disappointed because of the wrong product or defects. Traditional shopping is also the way to bond with your family.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-14-2017


I prefer traditional shopping for the most part. I also like online shopping. I used online shopping for almost all of last year's Christmas presents, it was more convenient, they all came in a box, which makes them easier to wrap and you don't have to look for boxes. I like to order facial cream, certain vitamin supplements, my eye glasses, I order a lot online but not my every day things I use like toiletries and other household items. Shopping online is fun I will admit, I love getting the packages.
Posted by freebird37 on 07-11-2017
I haven’t tried buying gift items from online stores. Maybe this Christmas I can purchase some items for the neighbors in the hope that they don’t shop in that online store where I will order the gifts. That is one of the disadvantages of online shopping because the receiver of the gift can easily check the cost of the gift. The traditional way of shopping is tiring but it is worth the trouble especially during the holiday season.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-24-2018
These days, am an advocate of the online shops as the quality of their services and products have greatly improved. Online shopping makes it easier to get your hands on products you might not have found in a store around you. So when even i need to but some thing, i just let my phone run the errand for me.
Posted by zeedollar on 07-11-2017
I like shopping in both words - in stores and online. I do find myself online shopping more because I can find better deals, coupons and when they offer me free shipping I cannot resist!
Posted by simplym on 07-11-2017
I shop online as well as offline, however, 80 percent of my shopping is done in a traditional way. My main problem of online shopping is I cannot trust the product that I see on the screen. Before I buy something I need to touch it, feel it. I buy online only when I find the item cheaper than on the front stores.
Posted by vinaya on 07-11-2017
I use both ways of shopping. The online is very useful because sometimes I cannot find what I need in my city so it is easier to check on the internet and find it, of course, has its risk, but so far I haven't got any issues with it. The traditional way, of course, it is the best as you can see and check the product right before purchasing, so this is the biggest advantage and that you don't have to wait to receive it as with the online mode.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-11-2017
My shopping type depends on what I have to shop. I always prefer traditional shopping for clothes and foot wear. I prefer to try them before buying so I always buy them from a shop only.

For everything else I can go for online shopping but only if it is available on discounts. Moreover I should be saving him money even after bearing the additional delivery charges.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 07-12-2017
I always prefer the traditional shopping because I like shopping. I like fitting blouses, pants, and shoes and see if they look well on me. You can't do that with your online purchase. You only get to see if it is nice on you when they arrive. With traditional shopping, you can opt to buy or not after you have fitted it. But with online shopping, you have to return it when it doesn't fit you and wait for the replacement for more than a day or two. But with the traditional shopping, you simply have to go back the store and choose a replacement right away. It's this very reason why I really prefer traditional shopping.
Posted by SimplyD on 07-12-2017
I still prefer the traditional shopping especially when it comes to clothing and shoes. I want the fitting of items that I plan to buy because I had experienced buying some clothing items that were ill-fitting. And when I go shopping, it's a family affair because the mall is now like a park where people enjoy going to. When we get tired, of course, we would eat in any of the restaurants there. Online shopping is convenient but it's not a pleasant endeavor especially now that stores are mostly in malls and malls have restaurants and even theaters not to mention supermarkets.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-12-2017
One of the issues with online shopping is whether the product you are buying fits you or not. Of course, some online store allows you to return the product, however, sending the product back is a problem. Another issue is fabric. The fabric may not be exactly as seen on the screen. Just by watching on the screen you do not know whether the fabric is soft, smooth, hard, rough, thick, thin etc.
Posted by vinaya on 12-11-2017
It depends on what I am shopping for . If I am shopping for clothes then I want to shop at a brick and mortar store so I can try them on. Anything else, I want to shop online for so I cfan do my research before buying.
Posted by BigDreamer on 07-12-2017
I like shopping both online and in traditional stores but it really depends on what I am shopping for. If I have already looked in a store, then I will look online to see if I can get a better deal. I will not order clothing or shoes online unless I have already had the type of shoe or clothing article and know how they fit. It is hard to know if clothes or shoes will fit right and it is a hassle to have to send them back to get an exchange or a refund. I do like the convenience of not having to leave my house to get something if I can get what I need online. As long as I buy from a trusted retailer then I will order it online versus going to the store to get it.
Posted by morgoodie on 07-12-2017
Shopping online is growing more and more, online shipping has come along way in the last 10 years. You can get everything from cloths to food. Brick and Mortar businesses are falling left and right. but I think shopping for clothing well survive, some people like to try on their cloths before buying.
Posted by kamar19 on 07-12-2017
Just like Bigdreamer said. It depends on what I'm shopping for. If for example I want to buy a set of cushion chairs for my home use and I live in an area where they engage in more of timber works and with very good carpenters, there won't be any reason to still go through the stress of shopping for such items online, before going through the hassle of finding a good shipping agent/ freight delivery company to deliver it to my house if it's from a different country. The discounts and bonuses given by most e-commerce sites are a major reason why people shop online. It's a growing area with great potentials in the coming days. Some of the deficiencies of online shopping in its early days are being eliminated gradually. In conclusion I'll advise that people should do the cost analysis before deciding whether to buy a particular item online or through tradition shopping. If I may ask, what is the best online shop to buy electronics items in Europe to Africa at a fairly cheaper rate?
Posted by Xperienced on 07-13-2017
gata montes
Its a mixture of the two for me - mainly because - as how I choose to shop is generally based on which is the most cost effective and convenient method - there are advantages to both.

For example - although I love the convenience of being able to shop at any time of the day or night that I want to when shopping on-line and it is for some items - as I live a considerable distance from any stores - significantly cheaper to shop this way - especially as the savings on fuel and parking usually amount to way more - than the shipping costs.

Its quite the opposite when it comes to purchasing groceries, clothes or in fact any items that I want to check the quality or fit of before buying - as its actually way more cost effective and way less hassle for me to visit brick and mortar stores for groceries, clothing etc - simply because - they still have the advantage that on-line stores don't - in that - you get the opportunity to touch, feel, inspect or try on before parting with your money.
Posted by gata montes on 07-14-2017
I prefer shopping online than shopping traditionally. Online shopping has solve the problem of going to shops to make purchases. Rather, your goods will be delivered to you at your chosen destination. Your goods are more secure with online shopping
Posted by yunken on 07-15-2017
I don't do a whole lot of shopping either way. I am not a shopper. Through out the year I probably do more of the traditional shopping but when it comes to Christmas time I tend to do most of my shopping online. I prefer to do it that way rather then try to fight through all the madness of the holiday shoppers. I just don't have the patience for that. I don't enjoy being pushed around and dealing with big crowds when I can just stay home and do online shopping in the peace and quiet.
Posted by Sue on 07-16-2017
It all depends on what I am buying. When it comes to clothes or shoes I prefer to go to local shops and buy them. I like to try the dresses on before buying them and I also like to touch and feel the material. Shopping is also my hobby. I really like to walk from shop to shop and compare the prices and see if they have anything new. Moreover since I have been buying from some shops since a very long time they always give me a discount whenever I make some purchases. However I do buy some items online too. I found a good website to buy books at discounted prices.
Posted by Pixie on 07-21-2017
I mostly buy things in traditional stores where I can check the items better, when it comes to clothes I can try them on, touch them and see the exact size. Online shopping is easier because you don't have to leave your house but it's a good idea only if you don't have to check the things you buy so thoroughly (like cosmetics, books etc.). The other disadvantage of online shops is that you have to wait for the delivery.
Posted by felabruno on 08-16-2017
I think it depends on what product you are going to buy because if you are going to buy clothes you don't know how it will fit you until it arrives at your house. But, if you are going to buy for example food or even a phone I prefer buy online because you don't need to get out to your house. The same goes when I want to buy products for cleaning or something like that.
Posted by pizzalover on 08-28-2017
Can't choose which, as I rarely do online shopping at all but most of the times, the products that I bought are more convenient to buy online rather than going to particular shop or branch in the mall. More or less, its much advisable to buy the actual goods or products at its physical store as you get to choose the quality of that product the most. And yes its really dangerous to buy products online especially with companies with less to none feedback from its users and no reviews for their products they sell online.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 09-07-2017
I like the traditional shopping more because it has the advantage of giving you the chance to examine the product live with your eyes and other senses but in online shopping you can not be able to even touch or feel the product before buying.
Posted by babyright on 01-06-2018
Online shopping is far more easier and preferable for me over traditional shopping. The ease of online shopping can not be compared with the traditional way of buying products. It can be done at any time, anywhere, even from the comfort of your home.

On the other hand, online shopping has some few backdrops to its process, some of which are delays in delivering purchased items, lack of physical view of product before buying, price is constant and can't be bided and so on. Asides all said, I believe online shopping is the best way to go about buying items be it tangible or not.
Posted by Rumu on 01-11-2018
When it comes to dress. I'm preferably want to buy it traditionally as I am afraid that the clothes I will buy is not fit for me. Other than that I chose online shopping as more convenient as you don't have to go to malls or go out in your house as there will be someone to deliver your products.
Posted by nekonieden on 10-16-2018
There are items that I prefer to buy online and items that I prefer to buy personally in malls/ stores. It is very common nowadays to buy online. This is for the reason that it saves the buyer time and effort to go to shops to buy them. But even if this is the case, there are products that is better to see it in actual prior to purchasing. It is a No for me to buy clothing and food products online (shopping platforms). Accessories and school supplies are the common items that I buy online.
Posted by mdayrit on 11-10-2018