Opera mini

Opera mini
Opera mini is known for it's peerless ability to save data, surfing the internet becomes faster when you make opera mini your favourite browser. Free downloads of opera mini is highly available, this has fueled it's spread, making it favourite for many smartphone users. The browser do not require large space for installation, and most phones have it pre-installed, the manufacturers install it initially before distribution, this makes browsing seamless.

Most initial browsing phones, uses opera mini and internet browser as their major means of surfing the internet, this is due to the ability of opera mini to adapt to various operating systems. Opera has high profile in compression, some opera mini applications, can compress internet files strikingly, this reduces data consumption, and increases browsing speed. After compression, the effect is not too obvious for some versions of opera mini.

Too much ads can ruin browsing experience, because they consume data and advertise products that are not of interest to the user, opera blocks unnecessary ads, thereby increasing browsing efficiency.

Opera has an impressive display, such that a lot of activities can be captured simultaneously, special pop-up features are included, which makes Facebook notifications and notifications from other apps display with ease. Opera is a wise choice for an inviting browsing experience.

• Saves data. • Increases browsing speed. • Efficient compression. • Free download. • Easy installation. • Compatible with most mobile phones.

• You might issues while uploading large files. • Some plugins find it difficult displaying on opera.



My first choice.

I have been using Opera Mini since I began using anything like a mobile device and I must confess that I have had a wonderful experience by using this great browser to surf the internet on a daily basis. One thing I enjoy about using the Opera mini is the ease with which it open web pages for me while saving me lots of data which could have wasted if I used UC browser to browse.

Even when I got Android phone a few years back, I still had to download Opera Mini and use it for most of my internet operations. The reason is that not only is Opera mini fast, but it also compresses the web pages you always open and by that way saves you data while you browse. So, Opera mini is always my first choice anytime any day.

Posted by Barida on 09-12-2017

Opera Mini is the Best

Opera Mini is undoubtedly the best. Super fast, speedy, smooth, offered many more features, now support accelerated (fast) downloading, nice UI & day by day its improving..

On the other hand UC is bloated, its very slow (but on some website it’s blazing fast), buggy, has less features, ugly retro look UI, Not smooth, ugly font, memory & resource hungry, showing annoying adult ads & day by day it becomes worst.. Both UC Browser & UC Mini has many security faults. Moreover, UC authority company steals users personal data and sell them to 3rd party company. UC isn’t secured. Take a look at UC’s Wikipedia page’s ‘Privacy and Security’ section. Link

So, my vote goes to Opera Mini. It’s better than crappy UC. Opera Mini has mainly two different modes to browse. The 2 modes works alike two different web browser. So, undoubtedly Opera Mini is the ulimate winner over UC Browser.

Posted by Anonymous on 09-15-2017

Always Opera Mini

Opera Mini is best More features than UC Mini

Features are: 1.Ad Blocker 2.Save Pages 3.Extreme Data Saver 4.Cloud Boost 5.Text Wrap 6.Single Column View 7.App layout Changer 8.Color Changer 9.New tabs customization 10.Better and Improved Night Mode 11.Full Screen feature 12.Easy and Useful UI 13.Super Fast speed

Lots more!its the best! Latest version adds built in video player! and nice UI.

Posted by Anonymous on 09-15-2017

Definitely Opera Mini

Opera Mini is too good. I don’t like the UC Browser. It’s bloated & shows annoying adult news by default. Opera Mini is so fast, offered more features than UC.
Posted by Anonymous on 09-15-2017

Opera Mini is Best

Opera Mini is fast, smooth, nice UI, has powerful download manager, powerful ad blocker, saves internet data a lot & reliable. On the other hand, UC is damn slow, its not smooth, laggy, has bugs & security flaws. Opera Mini is my choice.
Posted by Anonymous on 09-17-2017

Opera Mini is the best

Opera Mini is the best browser for mobile devices. UC Browser is a poor chinese shit which steals user data.
Posted by Anonymous on 11-12-2018


I no longer use any of these browsers because Google Chrome trumps both of them. However, I am more acquainted with Opera Mini than UC browser. I remember that Opera Mini is the very first mobile web browser that I have used and I was very satisfied with it back in the day.

Opera Mini is a very reliable web browser. It's fast and lightweight. I no longer like its interface though. That's why I switched to Chrome.

Posted by limberg on 09-27-2017

Opera Mini

Though I standardly use GC on my android, I do have Opera Mini and I have had UC browser and comparing the two I would say Opera Mini feels a lot more like GC so it is a bit more to my liking. There isn't really anything wrong with UC since all you actually need to do is connect to the internet and it does that job just fine. I think it is more of a preference things because they both are fairly similar in a way, but they are different in others. I haven't used UC long enough to specify exactly in which ways they're different since I deleted UC after using it for 3 days.
Posted by AlexHarris on 09-13-2017

Opera Mini

I have used Opera Mini for a while and all was great, but as you said there the only problem with it was the slow speed on uploading files, this made me give up on it.
Posted by wallet on 09-12-2017


Since I got my very first smarthphone I've been using the Opera mini browser because it saves a lot of data and works really fast even if you have a bad internet connection at the moment. It's very easy to use and is not a heavy application as Google chrome is. I have never tried other browsers because Opera fulfills my needs. I can recommend it.
Posted by felabruno on 09-13-2017

Opera Mini!

I've been able to install and use the two browsers and find Opera Mini more manageable and easy to navigate than UC Browser. So whenever I'm searching, I always opted to do it with Opera Mini browser than UC Browser and resulted for UC Browser to be uninstalled because of not using it anymore.
Posted by DanoCath on 09-13-2017

Opera mini for phone.

I prefer to choose opera mini browser than UC browser. It is because for me, opera mini is way faster than uc browser. And there are some features that I like in opera mini. It is my browser since high school and it is useful for me until now.
Posted by blank629 on 09-13-2017


I used to have both of this browser . At first i use Uc browser more. I usually download things so i use either of the two. Uc browser seemed faster but it usually cuts the connection so i like the opera mini more i can download things conveniently with opera .
Posted by PLScloni on 09-13-2017


OperaMini will always be my favorite browser on mobile. We've been buddies ever since my early teens.

OperaMini is the right browser to use if you're on a low data budget. It gets the work done in real time with it powerful compression speed and helps to consume less data.

The downsides of OperaMini is that It doesn't have a reliable download manager and it's inability to play flash contents / java scripts.

Posted by jeiss on 09-12-2017

Always Opera Mini

I used to use Opera Mini as my browser way back in the android ICS and Jelly bean days and I don't have any major issues with it. UC Browser on the other hand is something I have never tried and don't intend to. I have read a lot of reviews how UC Browser is not completely safe and how it can gather and steal your personal information while browsing. Better safe than sorry.
Posted by johnrajiv123 on 09-16-2017

Better for downloads

I have used several browser for several reasons but when it comes to the use of Opera mini, it's my favorite for downloading a myth that I wish to get online be it movies, songs, pictures, games raw files etc. The main reason why it serves my downloading needs more than other browsers is its ability to cue several tasks without cutting it off.
Posted by Martinsx on 03-21-2018


I vote for opera mini. I have downloaded this app. I know this app.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 11-21-2018


UC browser

UC browser
The emergent need for better browsers, has led to the applaudable development of UC browser, the browser is a preferable option for many, owing to it's diversified nature. The interface of an application influences flexibility and friendliness of it's usage, UC browser has a friendly user interface, which is built constructively to strike a balance between simplistic and highly complex interface. The ease of operation, has seen UC browser make an indelible mark among smartphone browsers. Quality is something to reckon with when it comes to browsing experience, UC browser ensures maximum quality is available to it's users.

When you opt for UC browser for your smartphone, it could be one of the most rewarding browsing decisions, as it tries to deliver similar functionalities with desktop and laptop browsers. The space allocation available in UC browser, makes uploading and downloading of various file sizes and formats a possibility, this may not be obtainable when you use other phone browsers.

UC browser is highly compatible, this makes it functional on most modern smartphone. When an application is highly compatible, installation process is less tedious, and barriers associated with compatibility is eliminated, UC browser is among the most installed mobile phone browsers.

The speed of operation is impressive, it has an edge in switching of tabs, you can easily switch between tabs. special night mode feature is available, this reduces eye issues while browsing at night.

• User friendly interface. • It's operation on smartphone is similar to desktop and laptop browsers. • Switching between tabs can be done seamlessly. • Compatible with modern mobile operating systems. • Efficient uploading and downloading of large files.

• Consumes data. • High loading time.



You don't know the power of UC browser. ;)

I have been using this browser (UC and the mini version) for a very long time now and I can tell you, this one really is the bomb when it comes to surfing. The best thing that I like about this browser is the feature to save offline pages and the best feature that I think is, it has network speed boost.
Posted by galegatling on 09-12-2017


Neither of these would be my first choice, really, but between the two, I think I'd just go with Opera just for the reason that I've used it more. Maybe I just have to give UC Browser more of a chance and I probably will after this because now I'm curious, but for now I just find Opera to be stable and dependable enough. My only problem with Opera is that it loads too slow at the start especially when you already have tabs opened, and also loading links in tabs is very slow too, even when the data saver is turned off. Another thing I hate about Opera is that when you are playing a Youtube video on one of the tabs and decide to switch, the video stops. That could be something that others might consider an advantage, but for my browsing habits, I just find that annoying.
Posted by Wubwub on 09-11-2017
I have tried Opera Mini in my old phone and I'd say it's okay. However, when I bought a new phone, someone recommended UC Browser. At first, I was having difficulty but now I am used to the UC Browser as if I am using a browser in the desktop. The tab is also available in the UC Browser such that you can have many windows open at the same time. That means you can flip flop to other sites without closing the other webpages you are viewing. What more? UC Browser has a notification system so you are informed if you have an incoming email or a Facebook post or message. I go for UC Browser all the time.
Posted by Corzhens on 09-11-2017
Never heard of UC browser before but I will surely give it a try. I've used Opera Mini several times and it's been great. I like the speed and simplicity that opera mini poses in browsing and the content exhibits with ease on the platform. I also like the free vpn feature that Opera distributor version offers. I'm an Opera Mini browser fan but I'll surely give UC browser a try as a result of all the great reviews that I am reading about.
Posted by Joteque on 09-11-2017
I actually prefer chrome, I don't really like either of those. I tried them both, opera mini wasn't my cup of tea and uc browser was kind of slow. It is very efficient if you have to download something big though.
Posted by Tania997 on 09-12-2017
I tried both of the browser available in my gadgets which appears as recommended apps. I tried the opera mini and it is god to use for browsing at first, after a couple of weeks I experience slow browsing and receiving error every time I used the said browser. Then the UC browser appears in my app recommended where I instantly downloaded to see if it will work differently from other browsers. So I find it easy and smooth browsing process yet at times I experience error as well. This browser is only good for devices like phones and tablets. But now I am using the tested and trusted internet explorer browser for my daily web transactions.
Posted by rogel on 09-12-2017
I prefer opera mini,I think it one browser that is quite easy to use, just download and install it and you just start enjoying it immediately,It saves data and I enjoy the browsing experience with opera mini,it is a folder for saving pages,you don't just book mark,you can save a page for future and if you want to save data more you could just off your images and you conserve more data.I highly recommend opera mini browser.
Posted by lovely on 09-12-2017
Jonathan Solomon
Preferably, I wouldn't choose either. Though if I had to, it would probably be UC Browser over Opera Mini. I've used both in the past, but I've had fewer issues with UC overall. The download system within internet browsing itself is very reliable. With Opera, it was problem after problem. The pages could never full load, downloads would stop halfway, etc. However, I do suggest these browsers for older model phones that may be a bit slower.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 09-12-2017
Neither i would choose google chrome as my browser it is much faster and it is user friendly...
Posted by Flipppy on 09-12-2017
I do not use either of these. They have both presented problems and I was not blessed with them. I only use Google Chrome, it is reliable and faster and it has never given me a problem. I see no reason to use any other browser.
Posted by Sue on 09-12-2017
I have never tried opera mini on my smartphone but I have heard lots of good things about the Opera browser. Many people will use this browser to do their interneting. I think that it is just one of the things that you can find when you are looking for browsers, and one that seems to have a good reputation so why not go with it if it is available to you?
Posted by kgord on 09-12-2017
Honestly i never tried Uc browser so i cannot comment negative or positive to them but i tried opera mini and i found it useful specially on mobile if you want to download something you can easily download it and very fast. i hope they can add more design on the browser to look more lively and improve the GUI of some toolbar but overall the opera mini browser is great.
Posted by tophew on 09-12-2017
Well, I have used both of them but won't vote for either of them. As both of these have shown me quite many problems in them. I have been using chrome for the last 9 years and am quite satisfied with it. In between these two, however, Uc browser is way better. Opera mini could have been used in the 2G era but now it doesn't have any use left in it.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 09-12-2017
I didn't even know that the UC browser existed. I have never heard or used it before. I tried using the Opera Mini on my smartphone but I returned back to Chrome. It's far better in every single way. It works extremely fast on my phone, it has amazing integration with other Google services such as Gmail and it consumes less RAM. Also, Opera was a bit buggy the last time I've used it so I wouldn't choose either of these two options - I'd stick with Chrome.
Posted by Mehano on 09-12-2017
I use opera mini on my Nokia express music phone. The opera mini browser is very good. it has so many features but the Uc web browser is also good, but i prefer opera mini because of their good user interface.
Posted by babyright on 09-12-2017
UC Browser is a proxy browser. Since it is a proxy browser some sites will not open in a proxy browser, however, UC browser is my favorite browser. It is fast and has an inbuilt ad blocker. I use UC browser on my hand held devices. I have tried opera mini, however, I never liked it.
Posted by vinaya on 09-13-2017
Opera Mini is best. UC is totally shit
Posted by Anonymous on 09-17-2017
The strength of Opera Mini, without a doubt, is usability. All functions are present in well-located shortcuts, which are accessible with few taps. Using the app, the feeling is that the experience seems to be the main concern of the developers. This is also reflected in another useful tool, especially for Brazilians, the "Opera Turbo", which optimizes navigation to consume less of the user data package. Once triggered, the app actually opens pages faster than ordinary browsers. The application, even in the quick access menu, tells you how much the user has saved in MB.
Posted by hermessantos on 03-02-2018
UC browser for me. I really like to use the UC browser. It's really fast and smooth when it comes in downloading. I'm just using the UC browser to download songs, videos or movies or any kind of applications. The only thing I like about the Opera mini is the tricks, because by using the Opera mini, I'm able to browse the web even I don't have internet connection or I don't have enough data, just tricks from Opera mini. It's really easy to configure the the Opera mini to browse free. However instead of using the Opera mini, I will choose the Chrome if I have data or internet connection.
Posted by ion on 03-03-2018
I prefer Google Chrome over UC browser, if I only use UC browser for test trail when I'm asked to open a site using a particular browser, it would be only UC browser that I would give such task because I don't want just any task distorting my other work on the other browsers that I'm making use of for important tasks. UC browser is just a back up browser for me and nothing more.
Posted by Martinsx on 03-21-2018
Opera Mini is the best browser as it loads more quickly and consumes fewer data. I previously tried UC Browser and had several issues. Firstly, some sites kept on loading and my mobile data was getting used up too quickly. Furthermore, each time that I was logging on my Gmail and facebook account using this browser I was getting security messages telling me someone from another country has accessed my accounts. I couldn't really understand this and for security reasons I stopped using it.
Posted by Pixie on 03-21-2018
It doesn't make sense, why would anyone use these browsers nowadays? I'm using Google and I bet most are using it too. UC browser and opera mini are half-baked browsers of the past I think noone would use it now.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 03-23-2018
Pardon me but are you referring to Google or Google Chrome? My understanding of Google is the search engine so maybe you are referring to another product of Google. Anyway, UC Browser is made in China but it seems to be getting popular because of the speed and features like notification about news and other categories. I have tried Opera Mini and it pales compared to UC Browser.
Posted by Corzhens on 09-21-2018
I vote for opera mini. It is easily downloaded in my smartphone. It is easy to use also.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 11-21-2018