Order & Chaos 2: redemption What do the blue quest dots vs red mean?

Order & Chaos 2: redemption What do the blue quest dots vs red mean?
In Order & Chaos 2 when I click on the quest in the top-center, I get dots. Sometimes these are blue dots and sometimes they are red dots that lead to where I should go to complete the next step. However, they change color. Sometimes they are red and sometimes they are blue. What is the difference in the colors? Why are they blue sometimes and red others?


I'm pretty sure the quest dots are paths taken by other users although I'm not certain about that. The official docs for O&C2 say that red dots are incomplete paths while blue are complete. That means, assuming the dots are the paths that other users have taken, red dots where from a user that didn't make it to the quest end (did not make it to the turn-in point) while blue dots mean they completed the quest at the end of the line.

Either way, if you follow the red quest dots they eventually turn blue and lead you to where you should be. Happy gaming!
Posted by Anonymous on 12-14-2015
Are you sure those are real people quest dots? I saw red dots go up the side of a mountain that was straight up and down. No real user could have scaled that mountain.
Posted by Lop on 12-14-2015
According to this forum post: http://orderandchaos2f...nd-blue-dotted-lines.208/

Red dots indicate the quest is further away while blue dots mean the quest endpoint is close by.
Posted by FindingJay on 12-17-2015
I guess this is the second inquiry you have posted that I guess you need a tutorial for the game you are playing. I haven’t touched on Order and Chaos yet but I have a pretty good idea of how it is played. And I think the player have to understand fully the mechanics of the game so you will enjoy playing. When you are playing and you hit a snag because you don’t know what is happening then it is not entertaining anymore.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-18-2018